Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Low-Level Cultural War

Below is an interview with British Freedom leader Paul Weston. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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bilbo said...

we need more like Mr. Weston.
i think that interviewer came across as distinctly uncomfortable with having to confront Mr. W. :)

Anonymous said...

Why should Western countries accept 'diversity'? Do African or Asian countries accept it? Would they accept so much immigration that their native populations would become minorities in their own countries? I'm guessing not.

Why do only White Western countries lack the moral backbone to stand up for their own people? Why do only Western countries feel the need to re-define who their people are rather than genuinely stand up for something/someone?

Anonymous said...

The cultural war is one of at least 15 different prongs in a far larger war. Important as the cultural aspect is as the beach landing from which the massive assault began, this is only one beach of the Normandy landing. The economic war we can liken to the Sicily landing, also in multiple points. The totality is the largest pincer action with the biggest deployment of men and materiel the world has ever seen. That it's "low level" is another matter, and therein lies its genius. I call it "5th Generation Warfare" and will have more on it soon.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful performance by Mr.Weston!
The interviewer has a completely blinkered anti-british bias which, if his like win the day, will destroy Old England and turn it into another Middle East Spring. Europe has been invaded over the centuries many times by Islam, and it has been ejected by the Hungarians, the Spanish, the French and the Austrians "Once more unto the breach Dear Friends, there is little time left!"

Anonymous said...

This is an elegant, articulate and brilliant defence of his cause and ideology, all of which I support, BUT I sense he is being spoon-fed. Why do we not see the interviewer and more importantly who is the interviewer? One is intended the think he is an authority figure but the questioning is too rote and to a script. Will this not be transparent to the wider audience?

Anonymous said...

Who is this absolute idiot of a numpty interviewer?

I notice he followed the usual "you're saying something that makes too much sense for my tiny brain, so I'll childishly and rudely interrupt you"

Interesting, so pedophilia is what unites the left and islame?

Good job Mr Weston

Robert Marchenoir said...

Who is the interviewer ?

The number of PC stereotypes he spews forth is staggering.

Robert Marchenoir said...

Good point by Paul Weston on his ideas not being extremist at all, but middle-of-the-road conservative.

Robert Marchenoir said...

Also, since the interviewer was always asking Paul Weston to provide "evidence" for his statements, and since Paul Weston rightly turned the table on him a couple of times to ask him what he thought, I would have loved to see him challenged to provide some "evidence" on such preposterous untruths he said, such as "diversity is a good thing" (oh yeah ? what makes you think so ? can you provide any supporting evidence at all ?), or "most Muslims just want to work, raise their kids, and live a quiet life".

Interviewers do this all the time across the West, and it's infuriating.

I remember Jacques Bourdin of RMC radio barking in a menacing tone, to the young representative of Génération Identitaire, after their demonstration atop the Poitiers mosque : "Islam is a religion of peace !".

You'd swear they have a cue card, straight out from the Central Propaganda Bureau, with a list of catch-phrases they are supposed to slip into the conversation whenever they are losing the argument.

I am fed up with those puppets of the PC regime.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the interviewer talk is like listening to someone on the Titanic try to rationalize all the various obtuse reasons for their feet getting wet. Not one point does the retard stop to think that its because the damn ship is sinking.

Its amazing how people can twist themselves into pretzels to believe some nonesense they want to be true.

Nemesis said...

The interviewer sounds like the same guy who interviewed Kevin Carroll in a recent post?

Very articulate replies Mr. Weston. If I had been sitting in that chair and answering those questions, I may have also been articulate, but controlling my composure would have been a different matter!

Nielsen said...

Paul Weston is so right about how dangerous islam is.

Anonymous said...

Very good performance by Paul Weston. My one little criticism is that when the Jimmy Savile BBC paedo thing was thrown at him he should have pointed out that Savile ( a Catholic) did not single out and prey exclusively on non-Catholics whereas these Muslim "groomers" exlusively target only non-Muslims. He could have also pointed out that in one of these grooming/rape cases,(Derby) one of the girls actually said that she had been told that if she converted to Islam the abuse would stop.

Anonymous said...

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

— Voltaire

Anonymous said...

The proper way to proceed is to outlaw islam under putsch attempt charges and with regards to immigration in general, it should be administered like a medicine, under consideration that an overdose would be lethal. The right amount and pace of immigrant intake should be related to the assimilation ability of the host country.

Jonny said...

Weston doesn't go far enough with his platform, as expressed here. And he seems too tepid, too unconvicted of his own beliefs. The VERY FIRST philosophical basis of his policy should be this:

That Muslims cannot expect to be treated with a respect and a defference that they are unwilling to show toward non-Muslims in their countries. In other words, let them live under the rules they impose on other people under Islam. It's fair.

Close the immigration door. Tell the Muslims to either convert or go back where they came from. Make Islam conform to the sort of restrictions that it imposes on non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

A tit-for-tat approach is all that will work. You would see the Muslim world change if we handled them this way. But we won't, because we're gutless cowards in the political world.

We have to destroy the Western Left, before we can defend ourselves against Islam. We've got a big enemy indeed, and most of them are whites who are not Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to see Paul really go after this interviewer and expose him for what he is.

The fellow made bald assertions - no arguments provided in support of anything he said. Point one.

He could not define his own terms - what did he mean by "right wing" - we're still waiting for him to explain what he meant when he employed that term. Paul should not have let him off the hook there.

If someone cannot explain what they mean by terms they choose to employ during a political discussion, then they quite literally don't know what they are talking about.

Et cetera ..

Anonymous said...

As for his attempt to support the assertion that "diversity" (again - define your terms!) was a good idea: that Great Britain was "boring" before that - well is that really his argument?

Hardly dealing with an intellectual giant here, are we?

Premise: Great Britain was "boring".
Conclusion: Therefore unlimited immigration is a good thing.

I mean, come on!

jon said...

Am I the only one who thinks the interviewer is a set up and isn't left wing at all but playing at being so to allow Mr Weston to get BFs ideas across [and maybe some practice for Mr Weston in answering these types of question which he'll no doubt get from real life wing media]? It sounds stilted and false in parts. The tone of the interviewers voice, at times, giving the game away.