Friday, October 12, 2012

Fjordman: Islamic Terrorism Caused by Poverty?


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. He includes this note with excerpts from the article:

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The prominent journalist Sven Egil Omdal, a former leader of the Norwegian Union of Journalists, has warned in the regional daily Stavanger Aftenblad against my dangerous critical views on Islam.. At the same time, he thinks we should look into economic factors and social exclusion of Muslim immigrants in order to explain radicalization in ghettos, and not focus on Islamic ideas or culture. According to such socialist thinking, jihad is seen as caused by European and Western xenophobia, oppression and racism rather than the Islamic mentality.

For some strange reason, this theory has never been able to explain why Islamic expansionist aggression started about a thousand years before European colonialism, and long before the USA or Israel existed as countries.

Symptomatically, Mr. Omdal criticized the supposedly inhumane acts of American special forces who in 2011 killed the Islamic terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, after his terror network had murdered thousands of American civilians. At the same time, Omdal does not hesitate in defining society’s “enemies” as Islamophobes on the political Right, who in his view held “responsibility” for creating the basis for Breivik’s massacre.


Omdal has previously compared Israel to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. No, not Israel’s jihadist enemies in Iran or elsewhere who openly advocate genocide, nor Hamas which does the same, but rather Israelis who might conceivably defend themselves against those who publicly brag about their nation’s coming annihilation.

Serious studies have time and again documented that Islamic jihadist terrorists often have above average education and income. In 2011, a secret MI5 file was leaked which indicated that two-thirds of terror suspects in Britain are from middle-class backgrounds. Those who become suicide bombers are often highly educated. The security service stated that most Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers have a large number of friends.

Marc Sageman, a forensic psychiatrist, had conducted an earlier analysis of 500 members of the Islamic terror organization al-Qaida which revealed that the majority of them were well-educated, upwardly mobile men in their twenties from a middle-class background. The recruits also tended to come from the wealthier Arab countries. The common stereotype of Islamic terrorism as a product of poor men is clearly wrong, Sageman indicated.

Read the rest at FrontPage Mag.

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Anonymous said...

I'll go back and read the article as I always enjoy Fjordman's writings, but after a glance at the headline the 1st thought that crossed my mind was "OBL was a wealthy man"
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

What is the point in trying to find some rational basis for the point of view of Omdal and people like him? Only today, it was announced that the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the peace prize to the European Union. Is there something strange in the drinking water in Norway? Have the long, dull, dark winters driven them crazy? Maybe a nice dose of real global warming would help. There seems to be no end to the nonsense that comes out of Norway these days.

Anonymous said...

Marxist totalitarian states police states are always peaceful. After all look what happened in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Better knuckle down than have a tank roll over the top of you I suppose.

However, as regards Norway, have those Norwegians no sense of irony?
They award the noble peace price to the European Union for being a peaceful utopia and yet Norwegians have voted twice to stay out of this paradise.

I very much doubt, however, whether the Nobel Committee ever thought to ask ordinary Norwegians what they thought, even if those same Norwegians dare utter an opinion as so few of us do these days. Criticism of the European Union is nationalistic xenophobia - i.e. neo-nazi and fascist in the eyes or the New World Order, just as criticism of multiculturalism is deemed by those same people to be racist, xenophobic, fascistic and the rest. So we just keep silent hoping that one day these lunatics in charge of the asylum will suddenly be felled by a giant meteorite and rendered extinct like the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating to watch a country
destroy itself. It is as if almost all Norwegians are blind. We must try to learn from this sad
situation so that other European
countries can avoid the kind of
madness that has clearly entrapped

Sol Ta Triane said...

Leftist non-violent power-grabbing is all achieved by confidently guaranteeing a false solution, one that offers to take up all life's pains. Sing it: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows but Leftists!

If you want an easy answer to life, Leftism is your game. Your IQ can be 50 or 150. It works great if you are five years old or senile. All you need to know is:

1. We know the answer.
2. It's their fault.

Now you're in! It's fun, ain't it?

The passive suckers line up to hear it from the pro-agressive media and their harsh heros, together screeching a cocophony of the two-line creed.

And it works.


People with no serious philosophy/religion have a hole in them exactly the size of infinity. Hungry ghosts they are, easily reeled in by the pro-aggressive menu-reading leaders.

Creed #2, Blaming: Why not blame the traditionalists, whether sane or nutty as a fruitcake. A degenerate traditionalist is every so often is held up as some sort of proof to keep the faith, just in case someone has a moment of conscience and is thinking of leaving the two-line cult.

I guess we shouldn't be expecting them to be taking any responsibility for their hundred million corpse tsunami, and for soul of Europe being sucked out in it's wake; they are much too busy saving the world.

Saving the world, yes, amazing. They really, really dream and must dream they are saving a world.

Columnist said...

We can play Robin Hood, too. Take the stuff of oil sheiks and give it to Christian Africa.

Anonymous said...

Leftism is a disease(much like it's intellectual ancestor - Communism and utopianism ) which turns people clinically insane and buggered hypocrites to boot. Treat them accordingly when you encounter them.