Sunday, October 28, 2012

Somalis? Yes! Swedes? No!


The following summary of an article from Länstidningen Östersund, a local paper in west-central Sweden, was sent in by our Swedish correspondent LN. It concerns Gammalsvenskby (roughly “Old Swedeville” in American English), an ethnic Swedish enclave that was stranded in Ukraine after the dissolution of the Russian and Soviet Empires.

It turns out that Modern Multicultural Sweden, which is so eager to absorb cultural enrichment from Somalia and Iraq, is not so keen to take in refugees who happen to be, well, Swedish:

Länstidningen Östersund
Published October 28, 2012 at 01:01


In 1781, 1,159 Swedish farmers from Dagö in today’s Estonia were displaced to Ukraine. Several years ago a few descendants of these — still Swedes — applied to take up residence in Sweden. But they were rejected immediately.

A few years ago a Swedish family from Gammalsvenskby, Ukraine, applied for a permit in old age to be allowed to settle in Sweden. The family was descended from the Estonian-Swedish population in the village, which still speaks Swedish as their mother tongue.

However, the Migration Board rejected their application, writes the journalist Kjell Albin Abrahamson in Länstidningen Östersund. He recently visited Ukraine and the Swedish village, where grinding poverty still prevails.

“Maybe the Swedish villagers should have instead been illiterates from Somalia,” says Kjell Albin Abrahamson, which for someone in the leftish Swedish press is a very unusual reflection.


bewick said...

Nothing new here. The UK routinely declines asylum requests from ethnic, and threatened, Brit descendants from Zimbabwe. Black asylum seekers from Zimbabwe are routinely accepted.

One could of course reasonably argue that the whites lived high on the hog for generations and just seek the home country - to which they have paid nothing - when the chickens come home to roost. THEIR risk.
I almost have sympathy for that stance.

The same cannot be said of black Zimabweans and many other nationalities. It is their country and if they leave in droves, and the west asccomodates that, then there is no-one left to fight for justice. Many asylum seekers of course are total liars and manage to return to the country which "oppressed them and threatened them with death" without problem. How DO they afford that and why aren't they killed in the dangerous home country?

Should become a western rule that visiting the country which you claimed "dangerous to you" immediately cancels citizenship for you and your whole extended family.

Won't help the UK. Seems that being Pakistani or Indian gives automatic right of entry - even for elderly grandparents who become an immediate burden on the taxpayer (I have proof). At least the Poles work (mainly)

Ooops - just woke up. Was that a dream? Did I really say that?

Anonymous said...

Similarly, there is a pocket in Sweden of a few thousand people who have retained Old Swedish as their native tongue. This is an archaic form of Swedish as it was spoken in the time of the Vikings, similar to Icelandic today. Naturally, Sweden's tolerant, inclusive, multicultural government has shown little interest in supporting and preserving this unique linguistic culture, even as the number of speakers drops and it is threatened with extinction. This apathy is presumably a result of the distaste Sweden's elite have for Swedes and Swedishness, and by extension anything rooted in and reflective of indigenous Swedish culture.

Yet more evidence that multiculturalism isn't about equal respect for cultures: it's about destroying native Western culture and replacing it with foreign cultures, preferably those as alien and incompatible as possible.

Eliane said...

It happened to me! My mother and my grandparents were Swedish, my great-uncle was a renowned painter, and yet they do not even give me an extension of my visa which had expired so I could complete the sale of a house that I had! They almost kicked me out, which makes no sense since the time I lived there I fulfilled all responsibilities, paid all the bills and taxes and had enough money to live comfortably. Besides I loved Sweden and Swedes. I explained all this in the immigration center but I was treated with contempt and they strongly denied me the visa extension - for only a month or two, according for the completion of the sale of the house which already had a buyer. My feelings towards Sweden have changed since then.

Sorry for my english google translator.

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that a government that hates Swedes as much as Fredhammad Reinfeldt and his cronies do would be uninterested in the rights of ethnic Swedes elsewhere in the world.

Most of the Swedish lefties believe that there isn't even such a thing as ethnic Swedes.

Unknown said...

I've often wondered why Norway and Sweden didn't recruit among the Swedish American and Norwegian American communities for people to make up their loss of population because of their low birth rates. This concept would have been a sort of "right of return" policy to their ethnic homelands by Scandinavians of their diaspora.

Balkaner said...

In Bulgaria we have demographic decline (at least we are proof that being from poor nation doesn't mean that we are breeding alot... on the contrary)

Our government soon will start importing Bulgarians living abroad for generations.

What the scandinavians are doing is suicidal, importing pakistanis/arabs instead of (willing to come) ethnic scandinavians living in ex-soviet republics or USA

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that these stories of Britain and Sweden denying immigration status to ethnic Brits and Swedes illustrate a principle taught by the economist P.T. Bauer decades ago: that in a third world country, onerous laws meant to control criminality will be selectively enforced by the police against businesses and productive citizens.

The reason for this is that it is far safer (career-wise, and often physically) for police to harass law-abiding citizens than real criminals.

Britain and Sweden has extensive immigration bureaucracies. The slugs in British government are unwilling to actually take any action which might cause a protest, so they display their power by denying entry to people who are productive and law-abiding.

This assumes that Britain and Sweden are now displaying characteristics of third-world countries. In light of the fact they are importing enough unassimilated,uneducated third-worlders to significantly affect the political process, this is not so amazing.