Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweden: Preferred Destination for Ingrates

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“It is families with kids who keep on coming.”

These refugees from Syria, who just recently arrived in Sweden, complain about the living conditions in their temporary accommodations in their adopted country. One of them even says death in Syria would be better than life in Sweden under current circumstances.

Yet he remains in Sweden. Funny about that.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s the accompanying article from Avpixlat, as posted Vlad Tepes (also translated by Michael Laudahn):

Ungrateful asylum seeking Syrians complain about living quarters

From Avpixlat:

ASYLUM SEEKERS: We all know what is happening in Syria. Indiscriminate shootings, bombings, with thousands of victims. Many of them flee the country, and little surprise that not so few find all the way up here. So far, Sweden has welcomed more than 4000 Syrians, which Migrationsverket must accommodate in living quarters all over the country, while the asylum procedure lasts. We should believe the Syrians are thankful for getting a roof over their heads, peaceful days, and that they escape from anything liking a war?

Forget it. Instead, they complain about the living quarters, that there are too many in the quarters. The owner running the quarters is criticised for sub-standard quarters. There was trouble, threats and vandalism at the quarters situated in Askersund, and police were called there 30 times within 2 months. Also police were attacked, and the manager was threatened last summer, when five asylum seekers turned violent.

“We came here to live like human being, but it didn’t come out that way. We live like animals. We escaped from the bombings, but here we can’t live either.” Who says so is construction worker Abdullah Allabdullah, with a tear-filled voice.

“I think about death in Syria would be more honourable than what is life here.”

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Video transcript:

00:00 So far this year,
00:04 more than 4,000 refugees from Syria alone have found their way
00:08 to Sweden. Migrationsverket [the Migration Board] does not have sufficient residential space, so
00:12 it rents temporary group quarters with short-term notice. One of them
00:16 is Gärdshyttan, outside Askersund. —
00:36 The man from Migrationsverket called, he introduces himself and says we are
00:40 planning this thing, and Gärdshyttan is inside your municipality, so we thought we’d give you a call to talk about it,
00:44 and then, well, it was on Monday — after the call had happened on Thursday —
00:48 that the contractor proper came, saying that moving in would start tonight. —
00:53 Right after the private contractor, who runs
00:57 several asylum residences all over the country, received the first busloads
01:01 with some 200 asylum seekers, the problems started to pile up. —
01:13 Trouble starts, fire erupts, there were threats and material damage, and police
01:17 were called there almost 30 times within 2 months.
01:22 Fire safety was bad, and Migrationsverket themselves said that families with kids should not have to
01:26 stay at Gärdshyttan. And a number of Örebro’s aldermen
01:30 wrote a letter to Migrationsverket, to bring order into the situation. —
01:34 Most of all, we need time for such a project. And then
01:38 I think we should be more demanding towards the private contractors, for we don’t have
01:42 any insight into their activities. We want to know that they are doing all right, this is what we
01:46 must have control over. —
01:55 Our nerves are totally shot.
02:03 Kind of a lot of people live in a little hut,
02:07 in an area where there is no
02:11 entertainment at all. They cannot reach a city, they cannot ...
02:15 We don’t want this type of quarters. —
02:19 The residences have been renovated, and now some fewer people
02:23 live here than earlier in Gärdshyttan. But more and more families with children
02:27 keep moving in. — We think things will become calmer on this front now,
02:32 given the growing number of families with kids, a little
02:36 calmer. — Though, in the beginning he didn’t want to have families with children there,
02:40 because of the trouble. But now he wants them here to avoid the trouble. — No, but
02:44 because it is families with kids who keep on coming. —
02:48 Do you think these families with kids get on well? — No. —
02:56 We came here to live like human beings, but it didn’t turn out that way. We live like animals.
03:04 We escaped from the bombings, but we can’t live here either.
03:09 I think death in Syria would be more honourable than life here. —
03:13 This is horrible, I think, this is absolutely
03:17 horrible. And it is not a good acknowledgement on how we have solved this,
03:21 on society’s part, and here I don’t the responsibility on this
03:25 or that party, but say that our common responsibility in this society has not worked,
03:29 if they feel like that, for we can do better.

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Findalis said...

Here is a unique idea:

If you don't like it in Sweden then go back to Syria. Otherwise keep your fat mouth shut and thank G-d that you are living in freedom!

Anonymous said...

Don't Unpack You're Going Back, And Take Your Family With You!

gsw said...

Compared to pictures of homeless living in cardboard boxes, under bridges, etc. Seems to me that these people have it good.

Too many of these people believe in Allah owning everything - and, as his followers, it should belong to them.

These people need to be made to work for what they get - and the children should immediately be put into Kindergarten and taught the local language, culture and responsibilities of the citizens.