Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vigil in Berlin

Free Tommy!

There was a vigil this afternoon in front of the UK embassy in Berlin to protest the arrest and incarceration of Tommy Robinson.

Here’s the text for the occasion, as posted at Europe News:

Solemn vigil in front of the British embassy at 5.30pm in Berlin

Stephen Lennon, known popularly as Tommy Robinson, was arrested on Saturday in the latest act of police harrassment against him. “Tommy” has been given numerous warnings by the police that his life is in imminent danger. But instead of arresting the would-be murderers they persecute him for his political views. He has been exposed to arrest after arrest and has been driven into penury because of his outspoken opposition to sharia.

Vigil for Tommy Robinson in Berlin #1

His organisation, the EDL, has been responsible for exposing the sexual ‘grooming’ of girls across the UK. The suffering of these poor children had apparently been ignored due to the British State’s ruling ideology of political correctness. The powers-that-be do not seem to be happy about this. Tommy’s arrest comes at a time when the BBC, that bastion of left wing political power and propaganda in the UK is mired in its own peadophile cover up scandal.

British Freedom Chairman, Paul Weston, concerned about the former Co-Vice-Chairman of his party enquired after him at the prison where he was thought to be held. He too was arrested and taken into custody.

Those that rule the British State are now out of control. All pretense that the British are a free people is ending. How many more dissidents will be rounded up on the flimseyest trumped up charges in the newly emerging British Police State?

Please join me in a moment of silence for the people of that imprisoned island.

There’s also this statement by Kevin Carroll:

A Statement From Kev Carroll
English Defence League 24 October 2012

During my time of temporary detention for allegedly “conspiring to cause a public nuisance” which has caused me much stress and inconvenience, I have to say a massive thank you to all those proud patriots who have stuck by me and Tommy. Through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad we have continued in our struggle to battle against many enemies, be they violent Islamists, the far left and the very real and very present far right, we continue to battle.

We battle because we really do know what is at stake, it’s our children’s futures, their children’s futures, the battle of equality and civil liberties, it’s about pushing back an intolerant and backward ideology that discriminates against non Muslims, an ideology that believes its ok to beat women, murder homosexuals, rape our children, and hate anything about western culture and western values, namely democracy and freedom of speech.

I’m in awe, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support!

There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary that can describe the bravery of genuinely loyal and patriotic EDL members, members who continue to face the systematic destruction of our country and our culture head on. This battle brings a great amount of personal, financial and emotional sacrifice. You make me proud to stand with you, to fight by your side, through thick and thin, you are my family, my brothers and sisters, my inspiration and my source of strength in times of adversity. You are the saviours of our great country, history will show this to be the case.

It is however somewhat tempered with a disturbing reality, I say this with a heavy heart because I feel compelled to, and I wish I didn’t have to but now is the right time to say it. I have not come this far, or fought so hard at much personal cost to allow false patriots to dictate the direction or ethos of the EDL.

Tommy mentioned in his speech at Walsall certain groups and individuals who seem intent on ruining our grass roots street movement, people with alternative agendas, people serving the interests of groups who want to ride on the back of our success, people who want to entice our members to serve a different goal, a different agenda, they spread their poison and their gossip amongst the rank and file of the EDL, they are vermin.

Since Tommy has been remanded these false patriots have decided to escalate their campaigns of divide and rule, they spread disinformation, they call for new leadership, they actively work against everything we have achieved, they know our numbers, our unity and our steadfastness is our strength, it is something they wish for themselves.

I have heard people say “why” another collection for funds to help Tommy fight his extradition to the USA?

I really can’t believe the question was even asked! For gods sake the lad is on his arse on remand with no money, no legal council, no legal aid, his family living in fear on a daily basis, his children threatened, his wife threatened, and yet some idiots are complaining about raising funds for a lad who sticks his fingers up to the establishment, a lad who leads from the front getting up close and personal with violent islamists on a daily basis. The lad has balls bigger than the brains of these false patriots who question his integrity and his hunger for the fights we still have yet to battle.

We have kept a very close eye on these people, we know who they are so here’s the deal you bunch of parasitical vultures.

Some people think they are above the EDL, they think they are bigger and better than the EDL, they think they can lead the EDL but they do it behind a computer playing the big hard man, well that don’t wash with me lads, I don’t care if your from Essex or anywhere else for that matter, the bottom line is you would crumble under the pressures of leadership, as soon as your faces are out there, as soon as your families are threatened, when the establishment screw you left right and centre to shut you up you will fall silent, you will give up the fight. Remember both Tommy and I live in a town with 50,000 Muslims, most of whom would almost certainly love to see us dead or beaten to a pulp. But we walk the walk, we live among them and walk amongst them every single day of our lives, we do it knowing that there may be a day when we become martyrs to our cause, it is something we have learnt to live with.

If you think your head is big enough to wear the EDL leadership hat, if you think your shoulders are broad enough to carry the weight and the responsibility of leadership then please do give me a call, make sure you bring with you your cv and all the documentation required to apply for this job.

You can contact me on this number…

07858 281182

If your not up to the job then I strongly suggest you crawl back under the rock from whence you came.


Findalis said...

We need to do this in front of all British Embassies and Consulates. In every nation. Perhaps schedule a rally to do this in Washington DC?

Anonymous said...

The suffering of these poor children had apparently been ignored due to the British State’s ruling ideology of political correctness.

Good summary. However I would have omitted the word "apparently" and added "and state- enforced multiculturism" after political correctness.
Paris Claims

Tuan Jim said...

Maybe I missed something - but Kevin's statement says that Tommy is being extradited to the US...under what charges? That makes no sense at all.

Henrik R Clausen said...

TuanJim, Tommy potentially could be extradited to the US on charges of entering the country illegally.

That would look severely ironic, though, for he committed no crime there, and left again after having said what he came to say.

Findalis said...

The charges against Tommy is that he entered the US under a fake passport.

BS at best and with Obama's help.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If he did enter under a false passport he has gone down in my estimation. That said, millions enter the USA illegally, end up on welfare and vote democrat.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I am cautious about the EDL and Tommy Robinson. However, the USA actually prosecuting someone for illegally entering the country after they had willingly left would probably be a first.

These arrests just make the British government look tyrannical.

bilbo said...

go to the Britain first site and sign the petition to the high sheriff of London.

Anonymous said...

England is 100% behind the GDL. God bless them!


Anonymous said...

Ref: Britain First - SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs , You will find that Mr Dowson was indeed ordained as a minister (record on film) in 2000 by recognised church leaders. You will also find that the vile nonesense out up by a self confessed informant Mr Simon Bennett leaves this site vulnerable to leagal action. I am Jim Dowson and I request that you remove this tissue of lies forthwith. 10.37 Fri 26/10/2012 It is a shame that some people have not the wit or decency to do the right thing.

GDL BERLIN said...

Nächste Mahnwache für Tommy in Berlin!
Veranstaltungsort: "Unter den Linden" auf der Verkehrsinsel mit Einblick in die Wilhelmsstraße (Auflage der Polizei)

Thursday solemn vigilance in front of the British embassy in Berlin at 5.30 p.m.! With our thoughts and our hearts we are with Tommy! Free Tommy! Never Surrender!

Location of the event: ''Unter den Linden'' on the traffic island in view of Wilhelmstraße (police requirement)