Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 2

This is the second part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English.

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Sweden and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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The other two parts of this series will be available in due course.


00:02 We say "No more democracy!"
00:05 Democracy to trash.Sharia!
00:08 In Europe nowdays the cultures are clashing.
00:12 On one side - democracy,equality and secularism
00:15 on the other - Islam and noncomromising religious conservatism,
00:18 which comes with the muslim immigrants in the last few decades.
00:25 In almost every country in Europe there is a faction claiming
00:28 that Europeans are unbelievers and have to accept Sharia law.
00:32 In this country at least they do not prevent you to invite people to islam
00:36 More and more mulims are convinced that Sharia,
00:38 rules and laws of the religion of Islam,
00:41 is the right thing not just for them
00:44 but for the whole Europe.
00:46 that... that
00:47 Mohammed... Mohammed
00:49 his slave ... his slave
00:50 and his messenger...and his messenger.
00:52 That's it. You are a Muslim now, praise the God.
00:54 Islam is the fastest growing religion in Britain today.
00:57 We are much too tolerant towards this sort of persons.
01:01 We have to kick them out.
01:02 The debate on a number of burning issues in Europe is getting fierce.
01:07 "Freedom of Islam". "Make a choice".
01:08 Even freedom of speech, a basic value in Europe,
01:11 is not evident anymore.
01:13 This newspaper was a reason for an arson and in fact a terror attack -"Charlie Hebdo"
01:18 I can insult the Catholic church but you can't do that in the moslem community.
01:23 While Islam imports into Europe the religious norms of behavior...
01:26 The way women are treated about half a billion people in the world are treated like slaves.
01:31 The first to suffer from that are women.
01:33 He brought a knife and cut me from here to here ( her chest).
01:37 Honor killings and female circumcision
01:40 are new concepts in the European debate.
01:43 Now we are very very sensitive to when women are falling down from the balcony
01:49 and they teach a lot about the radicalization that Europe is experiencing.
01:52 Where is Europe?
01:53 The Arabs conquered Europe!
01:55 You are invited to to travel to Europe's less classic destinations,
01:58 into the web of confrontation between diffrerent cultures and civilizations.
02:01 We are here today to invite you
02:04 to think of Islam as an alternative.
02:07 Europe is dealing currently with a fact that her most basic
02:10 values are under attack.
02:17 Series by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi
02:22 Producer Yonit Dror
02:25 Editor Rafi Abulafia
02:29 Soundtrack Yonatan Bar Giora
02:31 Scenario and directing David Deryi
02:37 Alla Islam - following Europe's takeover by Islam
02:46 Molenbeek, Belgium
02:50 Camera Shay Fooni
02:54 In the South part of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, there is an immigrants' quarter Molenbeek.
02:58 This neighbourhood, mostly muslim, is like a separate country,
03:02 in the Middle East,
03:04 but it is just one kilometer from the Brussels' center.
03:07 Research Anat Switzki and Lior Zeevi
03:10 Sunday's market, most of the area is populated by the muslims.
03:15 Hello
03:17 In the last few years records were made and broken here
03:21 on unemployment and crime, highest the Belgium had ever known.
03:24 Do native Belgians live here? Yes
03:27 How many approximately? There are 60-70 percent Arabs.
03:31 Tell me, what is the general sentiment here of the young people?
03:34 When you live in ghetto, you feel strangled.
03:37 They are strangling us.
03:39 When the camera arrives, it makes residents uncomfortable,
03:42 since they are sure that the media is against them.
03:44 Would you like to talk to me a little?
03:46 OK, thanks.
03:48 The thing is, you cannot film here without a permit.
03:49 OK, I am sorry. Thanks
03:54 Lately the Belgium authorities
03:55 are dealing more and more with the phenomenon of religious radicalization
03:59 which creates unrest in the suburb and provokes rule of law.
04:03 We live in the land of the infidels.
04:05 One day, God let it be so, our religion will rule here properly.
04:09 I wish evereywhere were muslims,it would be perfect.
04:15 In spite of the wishes of those against it.
04:17 Imams and youth groups of Molenbeek
04:19  call for practice of Sharia.
04:22 This is of course comes at the expense of Belgian democracy laws,
04:26 the same ones which allow, among other things,
04:28 this demonstration of rage.
04:30 "There is no god but Alla and Muhammad is his messenger".
04:34 Praise! alla akbar!
04:39 I am a mayor for 20 years already, I've never experienced such a problem.
04:44 Mayor of Molenbeek distict
04:45 Neighbourhoods in my district are populated by simple people,
04:47 that's why the fabric of our society is delicate,
04:50 one cannot deny that.
04:52 High unemployment, too much unemployment.
04:54 There are young prople who despaired due to lack of employment, bad enviroment
04:58 and they are seduced by the extremists.
05:04 All this comes from outside, from the group "Sharia",
05:09 from all those small groups which try to conquer the territory.
05:14 Disperse and go home! Last warning!
05:17 Molenbeek is seething for a week now,
05:19 real riots are happening in the capital of Europe, far away from the tourists.
05:23 "There is no god but Alla and Muhammad is his messenger".
05:26 It all started when Belgian police tried to enforce the law
05:29 and compel a young muslim women to remove her burka,
05:32 the veil that covered her eyes.
05:34 She said she is not prepared to do that in front of everyone.
05:37 She fell to the groung and they beat her.
05:40 This is a democratic country, everyone can live the way he wants to,
05:44 including the ones who wear headcover and those who do not.
05:47 Hundreds of protesters gathered near Molenbeek's police station.
05:50 Stones, metal rods and Molotov's bottles and the demands to void the law,
05:53 which forbids to wear the veil in public.
05:59 They took her to the police station,
06:02 there was a brawl with the police.
06:04 It was like a war
06:06 "There is no god but Alla and Muhammad is his messenger".
06:10 "There is no god but Alla"
06:12 Democracy is corruption, poverty and pedophilia,
06:17 It is a crime!
06:20 Then something incredible happened,
06:24 those people attacked me, threatened me.
06:27 "There is no god but Alla and Muhammad is his messenger".
06:30 Do you really think that there is still one policemen in this country
06:33 who wants to arrest a burka women?
06:36 Phillip Dewinter, "Freedom" party, Belgium
06:37 He thinks twice before he's doing that
06:39 He says "Why should I take that risk ?"
06:41 "Maybe tomorrow they stab me in the back".
06:43 At that moment radical Islam is winning.
06:46 We are much too tolerant towards that sort of persons.
06:49 They can't say whatever they want. We have to kick them out.
06:53 We say "No more democracy!"
06:55 We do not want it anymore, we do not want democracy,
06:58 Democracy to trash. Sharia!
07:03 Part 2 - God's laws or State's laws
07:09 Stay alert, people.
07:11 Praise. Alla Akbar!
07:13 After the demonstration we manage to meet with the youths who organized it.
07:16 Their group is called "Sharia4Belgium".
07:19 They have an ideology similar to that of Ben Laden
07:22 and fighting spirits for a continuous confrontation with Belgians.
07:27 We are not in democracy, we are in dictatorship.
07:30 This is the most extreme group you'll find in Europe.
07:33 They think that Islam calls them to wage Jihad inside Belgium.
07:36 Hello.
07:37 The "veil" law sprang them into action and they proudly tell
07:40 of their fight with the Belgians.
07:42 Brothers went to police station, knocked on the window and said:
07:46 "We came to protect the rights of our sister, why did you arrest her?"
07:49 Why did you knock her to the ground and put handcuffs on her?
07:52 Why did you cut her veil and even her clothes under the veil?
07:56 They say there's freedom of speech, freedom of religion,
07:58 Abu Fares, "Sharia for Belgium" group
07:59 and veil is a part of religion.
08:01 If so, then all basic rights of democracy,
08:05 we proved them to be just empty words with no content.
08:09 Islamists in Europe
08:11 have discovered very good, very clear very weak point in our societies:
08:17 They've realized we are finding it extremely difficult to know where to draw a line
08:24 Duglas Murray, Journalist
08:25 How to be intolerant
08:27 to those who are intolerant about our tolerance.
08:30 Tell me about the group "Sharia4Belgium"
08:32 We say; "No, we want God's laws".
08:34 We want Sharia to be applied so that the system can function properly.
08:38 Sharia is better for us than democracy.
08:41 Sharia is law of Alla, law of the creator.
08:43 Law of Alla, law of our creator.
08:48 Almost in every country there is this Salafist faction, the loud one,
08:52 claiming that Europeans are unbelievers and have to accept Sharia law.
08:58 It is true that these messages by Abu Fares are despised by most muslims,
09:02 but his voice is heard and most importantly, the young listen to them.
09:06 London, Britain
09:07 Because they are so loud.
09:09 Even in the heart of Europe the Sharia will be implemented.
09:13 Spain, Rodos, Cyprus, Greece
09:17 lived once under the Sharia.
09:20 In almost every capital city of Europe there is a group,
09:22 which demands to implement Sharia.
09:24 In London there are headquarters of this organization.
09:27 We will implement the Koran,inshalla, in Britain and in Europe
09:31 and one day, inshalla,
09:32 a group will raise and they will implement the Sharia
09:35 Anjem Choudary, sheikh "Sharia4UK"
09:37 and fly the Alla's flag from the White House.
09:39 Praise. Alla Akbar.
09:42 Anjem Choudary is a sheikh, who brought this idea to Europe.
09:45 He is a shrewd lawyer,who decided to create Sharia based courts
09:47 in the heart of London.
09:50 Hi, my friends, do you want coffee or anything? There's latte.
09:53 I thought Arabic coffee, you know.
09:57 I saw a lot of interviews of you
09:59 and you're saing that Sharia is supposed to prevail here in Britain.
10:03 So where are we supposed to imlement the Sharia, on the moon?
10:06 I've been studying Sharia, teaching, for 20 years
10:09 with my sheikh Abu Umar Al Bakry.
10:11 He was wanted? Yes
10:12 I brought some files with me to show you
10:17 This is our letter headed paper to serve Islamic services
10:19 These are marriage certificates that I have and as well divorce certificates.
10:23 and here you have some the new muslims certificates.
10:26 Whether we do marriage, divorce, embrace Islam,
10:28 we give advice,we do not charge a penny.
10:31 And everything is Sharia... everything is Sharia.
10:33 You know I saw hundreds of burkas outside.
10:35 So each guy who has a beard with burka would prefer to come to you
10:39 and not to a British court.
10:41 When we say to them, this is the way to live,
10:43 that this is the way you should behave,
10:45 that this is the way you should dress
10:46 and this is the way you should wash and cetera,
10:48 we are bringing them back to a perfect and pure way of life,
10:51 so this is very attractive.
10:52 The Sharia will come one day to Britain.
10:54 Our job is to be part of that struggle,
10:56 to show them islamic way of life.
10:59 God, guide us to a path prefered by you,
11:01 have mercy on us and keep us from evil,
11:04 let us be close to you, Amen.
11:07 Alla, release muslim prisoners, Amen.
11:13 Communism has failed,
11:14 socialism has failed,
11:16 capitalism has failed,
11:17 so Islam will fill this political vacuum, this economic vacuum
11:21 and the Sharia will be implemented.
11:24 These messages are very popular with the young.
11:27 They get them from sheikhs on TV and in mosques.
11:33 This mosque in Pennsbury in the London's center
11:35 is thought to be the stronghold of radical Islam.
11:39 From here, by the way, came two suicide bombers of the "Mike's place"
11:42 in Tel Aviv, Israel during the intifada.
11:45 As part of the activities of the mosque once a week
11:47 in the afternoon there is a meeting for non-muslims
11:52 where they get guidance on how to get closer to Islam.
11:55 Each day in Europe about a 100 people convert to Islam in these centers.
11:59 They are very suspicious of the jornalists,
12:00 they learned that each time media visits them,
12:04 it comes to find evidence to incriminate them.
12:10 Hello,
12:16 We are here today to invite you to think about Islam as an alternative.
12:21 To embrace Islam, what is in Islam,
12:24 and despite the fact that it's demonized,
12:26 more times than any ideology or religion
12:30 yet it's still the fastest growing ideology.
12:33 May God bless you. Thanks, brother. Hello, thanks.
12:37 In the framework of the workshop for the converts in this mosque,
12:40 imams and mosque activists market Islam
12:43 using modern and young language.
12:46 Any questions?
12:48 In many cases the process of converting to Islam
12:49 starts as soon as the first meeting.
12:52 Most of the converts, especially females, whom we meet in the mosque,
12:54 refuse to reveal their identities.
12:57 If you want to declare the "Shahada", I am ready.
13:00 It's the best decision you'll ever make in your life
13:02 Anyone who wants to convert to Islam in the free Europe,
13:04 can do so easily in three minutes,
13:06 with two witnesses and a form.
13:08 The convert moves into a new culture and a new reality.
13:11 You know, for us if one person is guided,
13:14 it's better than everything that the sun rises and sets above.
13:18 Now, Anna, because it's a christian name, you'll have to change it.
13:21 You can call yourself Ayisha. It's a very nice name.
13:24 Fatima is a very nice name as well, it's up to you.
13:27 And after I declared, will you give me...
13:30 I'll give you a certificate, of course.
13:32 You see this is a certificate, it says here:
13:34 "This is to certify that Anna Lof, daughter of Paul Lof,
13:38 has left the darkness of disbelief and entered to the light of Islam"
13:41 All right
13:42 So, brother Isham, can you come here, as a witness? O wow
13:45 So do you want to repeat after me?
13:47 I testify ... I testify ...
13:49 that there is no god ... that there is no god ...
13:51 but Alla ... but Alla ...
13:54 and I testify ... I testify ...
13:56 that Mohammed ... that Mohammed ...
13:58 is his slave and the messenger. is his slave and the messenger.
14:02 Allahu Akbar!
14:04 That's it.So now is a muslima, praise Alla
14:07 and I can fill in your certificate.
14:10 Can you give her the gift package as well? Sure.
14:19 Islam is the fastest growing religion in Britain today.
14:22 The Home Office they say between 50 and 100 everyday become muslim.
14:26 And demograpically, there's 4 times as many women as men,
14:31 you know, embrace Islam, so this is...this is an incredible number.
14:37 As Koran commands, new female converts are requested
14:40 to totally change their ways of life
14:42 and to adopt a new look, dress and behavour
14:45 which are acceptable by muslim tradition.
14:48 I am sure you know, you're coming to something that is a complete way of life
14:51 You know, Islam governs all of our actions in all spheres of life so
14:55 the best thing for you would be really to accompany other muslims,
15:01 other muslim women,
15:02 you spend time with sisters who,like you said,
15:04 will... just by their example, you'll be able to learn on a daily basis.
15:09 The essential things really for you would be to learn to pray
15:12 The there is an issue of covering the face which is something...
15:14 There's a difference of opinions among the scholars on this issue.
15:20 That's the famous burka bikini.
15:23 Who is that in the picture? That's me.
15:27 On the european streets, with the vigorous encouragement of the Right,
15:30 the debate had intensified and led to laws in Belgium and France for example,
15:34 that forbid women to cover their faces in public with veil.
15:39 It is simply the issue of freedom to live, freedom of concience, freedom of religion
15:44 it is a right in Europe.
15:45 "Freedom of Islam"
15:47 "Make a choice" - Make a choice, yes.
15:49 Phillip Dewinter, the leader of popular right-wing movement in Belgium,
15:52 enlisted his daughter to a campaign against the veil.
15:55 He also purchased billboards' space in the muslim quarters.
15:58 I thought it was a good idea, this campain.
16:01 I am behind the message of this campaign,
16:05 That's why I suggested to be the model of this picture.
16:08 It's a provocation,
16:10 of course it is a provocation, but it's a statement also.
16:13 It's a very clear statement.
16:16 We don't accept the burka, we don't accept the hijab,
16:19 we don't accept the veils or headscarves on the head, that's about it.
16:26 In Belgium, the parliament eventually decided
16:29 to approve the law, which forbids wearing veil in public.
16:33 The woman says: I want to be covered in veil,
16:36 I want to cover my body.
16:38 Look at the simple example:
16:40 If I offer you a sweet and then take out two sweets out of the pocket,
16:43 one with a cover and one without,
16:45 you'll pick the one with a cover because it's clean.
16:48 It's the same about our women, they are like diamonds when covered.
16:52 We can't allow muslim women to wear the burka over here
16:55 because this is the most extereme symbol of discrimination of women,
17:01 London, Britain
17:02 It's a textile jail, it's a walking prison.
17:04 Not everyone agrees with this message,
17:06 but still, wearing the headscraf, whether willingly or not,
17:09 is seen as defiance and symbolizes the war of cultures in Europe.
17:13 Were you born here? We were born in Iran.
17:15 Mariam and Safa are students, they live here, in London.
17:19 Hijab is just to do with the actual scarf that people tend to wear.
17:24 It's to do with the whole personality.
17:25 Some think it's opression. A lot of people might see it that way,
17:28 but I do not think it has anything to do with religion,
17:32 it's really not religion at all
17:34 and that's just people's traditional interpretation of
17:40 what they believe to be religion.
17:43 Is there conradiction between the British law and Sharia laws?
17:48 It's a matter of logic.
17:49 In my opinion most of religion is logic anyway.
17:53 If you just follow your logic it'll turn out to be the right choice in my opinion.
17:59 Some people will embrace Islam because they like the way muslims look
18:02 some of them because they see how our women are honored.
18:04 They say you beat your women. There is nothing like this.
18:07 You can see that in this country
18:08 two women die of domestic violence every single week
18:11 and they have the gall to talk to us about women.
18:14 The British? Yes, the British.
18:16 Like many other sheikhs, Anjem too prefers not to speak
18:19 about negative sides of Islam,
18:21 Shtockholm, Sweden
18:22 religion that preserves the tribal customs of a clan in Europe.
18:26 Hello,
18:27 Jihan Subhi Aref,
18:29 Her step father killed her by 47 knife ...
18:35 We have another case.
18:38 This is from England.
18:41 She was just 16 years old.
18:44 Her father killed her by knife.
18:47 Rasalla from Denmark,her brother killed her.
18:54 Dua Halil Aswad,
18:57 she was just 17 years old.
19:00 She was in love with a muslim boy.
19:05 They killed her by stoning.
19:09 Sara Muhamad was born in Kurdistan and immigrated to Sweden,
19:11 there she founded an organization, which supports women,
19:13 who were attacked for "dishonoring" their families.
19:20 This is in highschool, I think. Where are you? Here.
19:25 Behind her devotion to the cause lies a painful family story.
19:29 When I was 6, I was forcefully circumcized.
19:34 When I was 16, I was forced to wear a veil.
19:40 I was close to being murdered, my brother threatened me with a Kalashnikov,
19:45 he pointed the gun to my head and demanded an answer - yes or no
19:52 If I agree to marry a man whom I never met.
19:59 I said no to him, twice,
20:01 he beat me, I was lying on the floor.
20:05 He brought me up and said:
20:07 Now decide if you want to live or die.
20:12 To kill you is like to drink a glass of water.
20:16 You had no option, or die or marry? Yes
20:19 He told me the third time will determine if you live or die.
20:25 In those seconds I was considering suicide.
20:32 Next day I ran from home
20:37 and lived in a hiding place for five months.
20:42 I thought that if I survive this,
20:46 I'll devote my whole life to people in my position.
20:57 Where are we going now?
20:58 We are going to meet one of the victims
21:02 in a safe family home.
21:05 Sometimes I even take the Swedish police with me
21:07 when I help them to run away.
21:11 If her family knows that she is there, they'll come there?
21:14 Yea, absoltely,
21:16 but she can't live in the same area,
21:18 absolutely not.
21:21 She must live in other area.
21:26 Lately, Sara's phone is ringing more and more often.
21:30 Women from islamic states ask for asylum.
21:34 I want to call her first.
21:36 And women who aready in Europe,
21:38 ask to be released from the violence in their muslim homes.
21:45 Hello girlfriend,
21:46 Put something on your head, I do not know what, cover with something...
21:55 Only a dew dozens of honor killings were reported to authorities.
21:59 You are not allowed to film the baby.
22:02 But police and social sevices think that acts
22:05 of vengance against rebellious women are kept secret in the families.
22:17 My father is very strict.
22:19 He used to beat us in the presence of swedish teachers.
22:22 We never dared to complain because we were afraid of my father.
22:25 He had a honorable position, he is here 30 years already,
22:29 he has a high status here in Sweden, everyone knows him.
22:32 Nur, safe house in Shtockholm
22:33 He forced us to leave school,
22:35 and me and my sister had to wear veil.
22:37 The girls in school all tell the same story? It's normal.
22:40 It's considered normal, not something unusual.
22:42 Normal how? It's trivial. Not exceptional.
22:46 There is really nothing special about it.
22:47 When you wake up in the morning, at 6 in the morning,
22:49 the moment you open your eyes, you get a fist in your face
22:52 because you did not make breakfast or get coffee going?
22:56 Always in the morning ...
22:57 I never woke up in the morning without getting beaten.
23:03 We're trying to be aware of crimes
23:05 that can be motivated by the so called honor code.
23:09 Surely we have naive people,
23:11 and we are traditionally open society,
23:15 so we as police officers
23:17 need to be educated,
23:19 so now we are very very very sensitive to when we have for example
23:24 women falling down from a balcony in a house.
23:30 I mean, 20 years ago we might have recorded that as an accident.
23:34 Now we know we need to actively look for a honor killing.
23:39 Same day I was supposed to marry my cousin, I ran away.
23:44 My father brought a knife and cut my chest from here to here.
23:51 When I was in the hospital, after the operation,
23:54 they brought me sweets, flowers and toys, as if they didn't do that to me
23:59 and I had to play along, pretend that there is no problem.
24:03 It was really the question of life and death.
24:05 I always told myself "It's me or you".
24:10 I have no problem to be told how to do things,
24:13 I love learning from people,
24:16 bit in the end, it's me who have to decide whether I want to or not.
24:19 Are you sure that they will get you one day?
24:22 Million percent.
24:24 You know how many arabs live here.
24:26 Anywhere I go, any place I put my foot down, he'd know where I am.
24:29 he'd know where I am.
24:31 Are they armed? My brother and my uncle.
24:35 I am million precent sure I won't die a natural death.
24:39 Sweden is an enlightened and democratic country, I mean ...
24:42 Anything can be bought, no? True
24:44 Even Swedes can be bought
24:47  this is the way my father deals with them.
24:49 Actually, when I turned to the state's social services
24:52 and told them that I'm being beaten, they did not believe me.
24:55 You know we came to make a movie about Islam in Europe.
25:00 I never imagined that I'll hear stories like yours here,
25:03 we are in Europe, aren't we?
25:05 Where is Europe?
25:06 The arabs conquered Europe. I almost don't see Swedes now.
25:10 Anywhere you go, there are foreigners.
25:13 There is no Europe, I do not believe in it.
25:16 Europe is gone.
25:19 I mean, even now I sit here, I do not feel free.
25:23 I'll never feel free. Why?
25:27 After all the bravery and running away to freedom?
25:32 Freedom?
25:34 Yea, it's a great freedom, all right.
25:36 You have a living example, look at the way you live.
25:41 There's thousands of examples which had a good, positive ending, thank god.
26:18 The way women treated, half a billion people in the world are treated like slaves.
26:21 Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Holland's ex-parliament member.
26:23 This is justified in the name of the Koran, I am sorry.
26:26 Ayaan Hirsi Ali, muslim from Somalia,
26:29 immigrated to Holland and became a parliament member.
26:31 She experienced the cultural change, which muslim immigrants,
26:35 who arrive to Europe, are going through.
26:38 I lived a free life.
26:40 So free, fo me it was unimaginable.
26:43 Hirsi Ali was critisized ,
26:45 for saying things against muslim leaders of Europe,
26:48 mainly about FGM, which was done to her in childhood.
26:53 It's such a useless operation.
26:55 It's bloody,
26:57 it affects your health in a horrible way,
27:02 and it does not remove the thoughts of being attracted to the opposite sex,
27:07 having sex and enjoying sex.
27:09 In 2004, she joined with film director Theo Van Gogh,
27:12 descendant of the famous painter,
27:14 to produce the provocative film "Submission",
27:17 which deals with violence against muslim women in Holland.
27:20 From movie "Submission"
27:22 Oh Alla, most high.
27:24 Life with my husband is hard to bear,
27:27 but I submit my will to you.
27:30 But my husband always finds a reason
27:33 to doubt my loyalty to him.
27:36 He starts to beat me.
27:41 The movie highlighted Koran verses,
27:44 which were carved on the naked women's flesh,
27:46 and caused unsurprisingly an uproar in the muslim communities.
27:49 If it is broadcasted, there'll plenty of reasons to shoot Ayaan.
27:53 The Koran is still considered holy and should be removed from this status.
27:59 It could happen in Holland and I do not care if I die for this.
28:02 We do not think so.
28:04 There are 1.2 billion people believing this nonsense.
28:08 The death threats were openly proclaimed with growing frequency.
28:11 Against Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo Van Gogh.
28:14 Three out of four of my guests
28:16 Theo Van Gogh, film director, author.
28:17 told me that Theo Van Gogh will die at most in 5 years.
28:23 It cannot happen, Theo Van Gogh will not die.
28:32 Here, in this place, the first shot was fired in the open confrontation
28:36 between muslims and natives of Holland.
28:37 In 2004, on a quiet Amsterdam's morning,
28:40 Theo Van Gogh is riding his bycicle.
28:42 A Morrocan immigrant is riding his bycicle towards him.
28:45 Just as they pass near each other,
28:47 the Morrocan immigrant shoots Theo Van Gogh,
28:50 stabs him and leaves a note, pinned with a knife to his chest:
28:54 "Islam will win"
28:58 This murder devastated Holland and all of Europe.
29:01 The freedom of speech, a basic right in Eropean democracy,
29:05 is not to be taken for granted anymore.
29:13 First he shot him from the back and Theo tried to escape walking.
29:17 He stabbed him and put a letter against Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
29:21 It was a kind of ritual killing also. Salafist kind of...
29:30 It is a documentary which we made a year after
29:34 about whether the killer could have been stopped.
29:39 Is this the body? Yea.
29:44 The tip? It's the knife.
29:50 Cannot believe
29:52 This being western quiet European country, what could happen?
29:56 You don't believe someone for ideological reasons would start murdering people.
30:04 The aggresion of the muslim minority is hugely
30:06 disproportionate to the Holland's majority.
30:10 He was also seen as a village fool.
30:14 Because we'd say "Ahh, it's Theo again".
30:16 I think there will be a lot of problems with the fanatical factions of Islam
30:22 which are going to refuse to accept the fact that western society
30:26 treats men and women equally.
30:28 I was on the other side by the way.
30:29 I also felt he was overstating it.
30:33 In the last years of his life Theo Van Gogh bacame one of the biggest critics of Islam
30:37 He published articles, books and movies,
30:41 in which he whipped with a typical for him coarseness
30:43 radical Islam, imams and Sharia supporters.
30:48 I was once on a TV show with a veiled woman.
30:51 And I told to some politicians:
30:53 "I am worried she was circumcized. It makes them quiet"
30:57 I know you seek attention but now I want to have it
31:01 In placing stigma on whole community of believers,
31:03 you do not help these women.They have to choose
31:05 whether to go with imam who abuses us in the name of Islam
31:08 or after Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali who harm our religion?
31:13 To our sorrow, they'll choose the first option.
31:15 Is the discussion of women slavery is an attack on religion?
31:19 But to say in the same breath that the prophet was a pervert,
31:24 this message hurts a lot of muslims
31:28 who believe in their prophet and in their religion.
31:31 Understand?
31:39 He killed what's his name ...Theo Van Gogh,
31:44 and since then people say a lot of bad things about us.
31:46 They say: ' Look at what the Morrocans did."
31:48 "Muslims did that"
31:51 He used to say that Islam is bad,
31:54 he cursed Allah, praise his name.
31:57 He likes to provoke so there comes a discussion.
32:01 I can insult the Catholic church,
32:03 I can insult the Jewish community,
32:05 Theodore Hollman, Publisher, friend of Theo Van Gogh
32:07 but you cann't do that in the moslem community.
32:10 In 2005 Europe was stirred up
32:11 after the publishing of cartoons of prophet Mohammad
32:14 in satirical section of the Danish newspaper and some other European ones.
32:18 Demonstrations of rage in the world 2005
32:20 The responses to the caroons included, besides threats to the newspaper employees,
32:25 burning of embassies and violent demonstrations worldwide,
32:29 which took lives of more than a thousand men.
32:36 But more than anything else, the affair ignited discussion in Europe and rest of the world
32:40 about limits on the freedom of speech.
32:46 There is a lot of political correctness
32:48 that is actually censoring me without censuring it.
32:51 I am a writer and I don't dare to write, I don't dare to say everything I'd like to say
32:58 So yes, it's a pity. That's why I am a cinic.
33:01 I can't say what I think.
33:03 Paris, France.
33:07 The issue that made us most worried and put us in danger
33:14 is radical Islam.
33:17 Since the Danish cartoons riots in Denmark
33:19 the arson of the satirical newspapers,
33:21 daring to critisize radical Islam
33:24 do not surprise the police anymore.
33:26 In Paris for example, just lately the building
33:29 which housed a satirical journal was torched.
33:33 Behind the ason is a muslim group
33:35 which promotes Sharia in France.
33:39 Welcome to the new offices of "Charlie Hebdo".
33:42 It was decided not to publish the new address.
33:46 That's what is left of our old place.
33:48 It is an enamelled sign inside our previous offices.
33:53 Why didn't you hang a new sign on the building?
33:56 We do not write a name to prevent...
33:59 We are not paranoic, but would like to prevent another arson,
34:04 or a second attack.
34:05 This is a journal which was the cause of the arson, in fact a terror attack on "Charlie Hebdo".
34:10 What is written here?
34:12 "Sharia Hebdo. A hundred lashes if you don't die laughing"
34:16 We presented a prophet with a smily face, laughing.
34:20 It is nothing like a cartoon of Mohammad,
34:23 which portrayed him with a bomb turban and a severe face.
34:26 Here we are talking about Mohammad who you'd like to go out for a drink,
34:29 if he was allowed ...
34:31 The main piece is written not by the editor, but by Mohammad.
34:36 There is also a double spread of "Soft Sharia".
34:39 Here for example is half-burka,
34:41 so that one can ajust gradually to a new religious order.
34:45 And here a 100 lashes for sodomy,
34:48 let's say the positive side of Sharia.
34:52 Since the fire
34:53 do you think twice before you publish something?
34:56 I think we do not censor ourselves,
35:00 but on the other hand we do not want to provoke needlessly.
35:05 The terrible discovery of Mohammed: "I'm a Jew"
35:17 A lot would need to happen to have a radical islamic majority here,
35:21 Sharia law and cetera and cetera.
35:23 But much more dangerous and already happening
35:26 is politicians taking that into account.
35:28 saying "Well, maybe we should diminish our freedom of speech abit
35:33 because it is not fair to the islamists and cetera"
35:37 There is no god but Alla and Mohammad is his messenger.
35:40 Democracy is two-faced and changes every two minutes.
35:43 Today you have a law, tomorrow it will be different.
35:46 Anyone entering the democratic system like a pure sheep
35:51 has two options:
35:52 or you'll be eaten, or you'll turn to a wolf in sheep's skin.
36:00 We are afraid to say
36:03 that our way of life, our culture
36:04 is superior to the moslem way of life.
36:07 Because of multiculturelism, because of political correctness.
36:11 We saw it with the cartoons in Denmark,
36:14 We saw it with the laws in Brussel,
36:18 and now we see with the burka in France.
36:21 If you look at the places like Lebanon,
36:23 it's prohibited to do dau'wa.(preach Islam)
36:24 Fellow muslims, once more we are standing here,
36:28 is purely for the sake of Alla.
36:30 So in this country at least they do not prevent you to invite people to Islam
36:35 I mean, in fact they believe in dialog, interfaith ,
36:39 while obviously it is a kafir idea.
36:40 If you cannot point your finger at anything
36:44 and say that is wrong,
36:47 then you also take part in your own cultural collapse.
36:52 Whoever carries out these acts, tries to scar the public
36:57 and to make it paranoic, but you mustn't give in to fear
37:01 because fear is the best friend
37:04 of the islamists and other religious extremists.
37:09 The non-muslims I think have a problem.
37:10 Their own race, their own people are dying out,
37:14 people are converting to Islam,
37:15 people don't want to talk about religion or politics,
37:17 people don't want to attend a church or a sinagogue
37:20 but when you look at the muslims,
37:22 In France recently they said that there are not enough mosques
37:25 because people are praying in the streets of Paris.
37:27 They say we need another thousand mosques in France
37:30 to deal with number of muslims who want to attend the prayers over there,
37:32 so we are talking about huge number of muslims.
37:35 In Belgium's demographic situation
37:38 Number of citzen that are in Belgium,
37:39 in 10 years or 20 years the majority will be muslim.
37:45 Is it because of us?
37:50 Here goes a man with a dog.
37:53 Who was that guy? I do not know. Some racist.
37:55 A racist. He's going to praise Alla with his dog.
38:01 On the top of this voulcanoe are Islam on one hand,
38:05 the extreme right on the other.
38:07 We have to be very critical towards Islam and
38:11 send back all those extremists who don't belong here.
38:14 In the middle is a silent majority, watching Europe change before their eyes.
38:33 In the next part
38:34 What we're seeing in so many european countries
38:36 is a process of radicalization.
38:39 All muslims who want to pray, the most religious ones, come here.
38:44 You could say that here are Jihadists.
38:47 Jihadists are here? Yes Salafis? Yea. Al Quaida? Yes
38:50 We promise to clean Belgium
38:53 from this system that worships other gods.
38:55 If they lock me up, I have paradise in my heart.
38:57 If they kill me I become a martyr, so help me God.
38:59 Today young people are looking for a job and cannot find it.
39:03 That's why they find a refuge in religion.
39:07 Now everyone just want to insult the muslims.
39:09 Today they have access to the internet and you can make the bomb in your mother's kitchen.
39:15 The direction is known, and the fight now is tectonic.