Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The People’s Candidate

In the midst of the current political crackdown in Britain, it’s important to remember what the crackdown is aimed against.

The authorities don’t show their iron fist so blatantly unless they are afraid, deeply afraid, and the political establishment is very much afraid of the prospect of being unseated by someone outside the current order. The three major parties — Labour, the Lib Dems, and the Tories, often known as “The Triad” — intend to make sure that no one attains any significant office unless they rise through the ranks of one of those three parties in the traditional way.

Anyone who gains any prominence as an open opponent of Politically Correct Multiculturalism risks what is now happening to the English Defence League and British Freedom.

Kevin Carroll — who was arrested over the weekend as part of a nakedly political operation against legitimate dissent in the UK — is currently standing as a British Freedom candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in Bedfordshire. Below is his just-released campaign video.

Our British readers can listen to what he has to say and decide for themselves whether this man deserves being arrested for breach of the peace, creating a public nuisance, racially aggravated such-and-such, or whatever cockamamie charge the authorities invented to bring him down:

For more information, visit the British Freedom website, or Kevin Carroll’s campaign site.


Anonymous said...

Every one has to get their hands dirty helping with British Indigenocide before they can be allowed access to the levers of power.