Sunday, October 21, 2012

Understanding Islam, Understanding the West

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been interviewed as part of a series that will appear next month at the World Truth Summit site. She sends this note about it:

I recently had the good fortune to be interviewed by Elsa Schieder for her interview series “Understanding Islam, Understanding the West”. The interview will be published in the first week of November, during what Elsa calls “The International Week”.

Suffice it to say that she and I had a very interesting talk, one that took us back to my childhood in Iran and how my thinking about Islam was influenced by the Islamic revolution of 1979. We also discussed the my discovery of Aisha’s “marriage” to Mohammed — which did not yet jump-start my quest for knowledge; that had to wait until later — and how it came about that I would devote most of my day to explaining the dangers of Islamic doctrine to those willing to listen.

In addition, I talked about why, in the wake of so many obstacles, I have not given up or stopped.

I am humbled to be part of such a prestigious and brave group of warriors devoted to the protection of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, of women’s rights, of equality, yes, even the freedom to reject Sharia law in our societies.

Below are excerpts from a press release about the October interviews that was sent out by ACT for Canada.

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A Major Interview Series From Elsa Schieder, PhD

Her questions: Who are the people exploring Islam and daring to speak out? What are their major findings? And what do they find are the most effective strategies against Islamism?

To learn more, see her online teleseminar series.

Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths:
Understanding Islam, Understanding the West

Elsa is calling it a truth summit, because among the first truths to be hidden is who we are as people. Instead, we’re often called names — paranoid racist Islamophobic bigot. But who are we? She has met caring, intelligent, courageous people — including, interviewed in September, Bill Warner, Pamela Geller , Raheel Raza , Mark Durie, and Fred Litwin.

  • Monday, Oct 15: Robert Spencer of JihadWatch. I don’t think I need to say anything more in the way of introduction. He’s most likely the most famous person speaking out against Islamism.
  • Tuesday, Oct 16: Valerie Price, an unlikely counter-jihadi — with a long career as an interior decorator — and a breast cancer survivor, who recently became one of the stars of Beauty and the Breast.
  • Wednesday, Oct 17: Gavin Boby, a British lawyer who has been instrumental in helping poor neighbourhoods resist planning applications for mosques. So far they’ve won 14 of the 15 cases.
  • Thursday, Oct 18: Aruna Papp, who has been involved, for over 20 years, in helping women escape from honor-based violence — prevalent in many cultures.
  • Two people on Friday: Vince Lombardi, instrumental in Elsa’s own journey. She began posting pieces on Islam soon after the massive Muslim response to the Danish cartoon. At the time she knew nothing about Islam, except that it claimed to be a religion of peace. What comes next? Listen to the interview.

To learn more about Elsa, visit Citizen Warrior.