Monday, September 24, 2012

South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape

The grim news today from South Yorkshire about the latest “grooming and pimping” case ignored by the police prompted this response from Paul Weston.

The Rochdale case

South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape

by Paul Weston

The Times has a three page spread today (Sep 24, 2012) about the thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area.

To say it is shocking is an understatement. The “Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board” appears to have known about this monstrosity since 1996 but in the interests of “Community Cohesion” set out to wilfully cover up the details. In one report they stated:

Such crimes had cultural characteristics… there are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community-relations. Great care will be taken in drafting this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided.

This racial cover-up means that thousands of children were raped and abused directly because of the actions of the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board. In 2000-2001 the Muslim gang-rape of children was so bad it forced a Rotherham headmaster to write to his pupils’ parents, warning them of the situation. It would appear that no action was taken.

The British police seem to have lost all sense of morality, not to mention their duty of upholding the law. The Times has some horrifying examples of what surely amounts to criminal inaction in their multicultural response to adult Muslim men gang-raping under-age and vulnerable white girls:

Police went to a house outside which a father was demanding the release of his daughter, who was inside with a group of British Pakistani adults. Officers found the girl, 14, who had been drugged, under a bed. The father and his daughter were arrested for racial harassment and assault respectively. Police left, leaving three men at the house with two more girls.

Two terrified girls who were dragged into a car and driven to Bristol to be used for sex as part of a drugs deal phoned support workers to seek help… officers rescued them and returned them to Sheffield… South Yorkshire Police did not question them about the incident.

In two cases, police officers responded to missing persons reports but left the young women with the suspected abuser, concluding she was safe. When the parents attempted to intervene they were threatened with arrest and charged with breach of the peace.

A girl’s mother copied the names, addresses and text messages of 177 Asian men, including a police officer, from her daughter’s mobile phone after the 13-year-old went missing for five days. Police said that using the information would infringe on the girl’s and the men’s human rights.

In 2002, the confidential report of a Home-Office funded research project considered a series of Rotherham case studies. It criticised police for in all cases treating young victims as deviant and promiscuous while the men they were found with were never questioned or investigated.

Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham, said he was appalled that in several meetings with senior South Yorkshire police officers to discuss internal trafficking ‘no one has ever revealed or even hinted at the important allegations made by The Times’…

Throughout this period, Rotherham council has failed to accept the role of ethnicity and culture in such group offending. Earlier this year, this newspaper revealed how the town’s safeguarding children board censored a report into the murder of a 17-year-old girl to conceal the ethnicity of the British Pakistani men suspected of using her for sex from the age of 11.

What the hell is going on in Britain?

I’ve got into trouble for saying this before, but I really don’t blame the Muslims for this, they are simply following the example of their “perfect man” Mohammed who raped, pillaged and murdered in the name of the religion of peace. This is something they are encouraged to do today, in Britain, under the guise of state-promoted multiculturalism which elevates the savage and barbaric “religion” of Islam to a higher level than our own culture.

No, the people I really blame here are the Multicultural, PC, cowardly and shameful British Police and the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board. The entire board should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the rape and murder of English children, as should each and every police officer involved in this decade-long cover-up.

I simply cannot believe that multicultural Britain has sunk to such a level. I know it is true, I know it is really happening, but a part of me cannot comprehend the sheer evil involved in all this — from the Muslim rapists through to the British police and the Council officials, right up to the British government itself, which is headed by a Prime Minister who supports the UAF, and by definition therefore supports the muzzling of people who raise the issues outlined above.

I realise that writing letters to these people is unlikely to shame them into resigning, but I attach contact details anyway, and encourage readers to drop them a line:

[Update: The specific email addresses for Hazell and Crompton have been found and added.]

British Freedom will shortly be raising an online petition calling for the resignation of the two individuals named above.

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Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Fortress said...

This will probably get me into trouble, but what is being described here is a police force no longer acting as law enforcement, but as mercenaries in the employ of a group of individuals who have declared war on the British people.

Let me be clear, they have, through their actions, DECLARED OPEN WAR on the British people.

There is only one response to this, and the longer the British people put it off, the harder and more bloody it will be when the inevitable correcting action comes. Though by that point it may be that they've chosen to die on their feet than live on their knees. seems far too many are willing to live like that. Not that they'll live very long either way.

Anonymous said...

Nothing should suprise us in Britain any more I suppose. But I am glad that the Times has had the courage to publish this. Perhaps people at the Times have finally had enough. The fact that the father and his daughter were arrested for racial harassment is not surprising but does beggar belief. When I saw the front page of the Times I assumed it was down to cultural enrichment but now I have confirmation of the same.

But there is worse today. On the front page of one of the tabloids I read that "British" muslims are now being signed up at mosques to join the Taliban and be the first to take out Prince Harry either by the bullet or the bomb.

My immediate reaction was where are the police, the security forces, the army storming these mosques, closing them down, arresting all and sundry for being a threat to national security. What is going on? And sorry to mention her again but where is the condemnation from our minister for faith(Islam)/faiths and community (Islamic)/communities, Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury and Pakistan?

If these people succeed then will that be the moment when the lethargic English finally find the courage to switch off the X factor and take to the streets and will that be the start of Enoch Powell's rivers of blood?

Incidentally, I have just discovered that we have had frightening muslim riots in this country in response to the video in America but there has been a total news black-out. That sounds like police state, Marxist Britain.

john in cheshire said...

I wonder if it is just a coincidence that the British Freedom website can't currentlhy be accessed?

mriggs said...

Now we finally know.

Multiculturalism is impossible without state-sanctioned gang rape of underage girls.

All irony aside, I felt physically ill reading this article.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot get redress through the authorities, I would recommend a massive class-action lawsuit against the Rotherham Child Safety board.

This is what would happen in America.

Sue them blind. There will always be ambulance chasing lawyers out there smelling fat fees, and they won't be intimidated by screams of "racism".

JohnX said...

Yet we are the "extremists" and not those who support multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

So we witness the end of Christianity in the West, and the rise of multicultural secularism in its stead. The multicultural antichristian/atheist secularists then support, implicitly and explicitly, a malign monocultural theist hegemony. You think - surely this is the end of crazy. But no - multicultural secularism has sacrificed its girls to embrace cultural diversity. The multicultural secularists have finally out crazied Islam's crazy and there's no more crazy to be had anywhere.

There's a portent here if anyone can close their gaping mouth long enough to admit it.

George Pal

Anonymous said...


I ( from Denmark ) knew it was bad in England but this bad!

I really, really hope those people will be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

As I have stated before, Islam and Marxism have much in common as do their supporters. They are both totalitarian demanding blind obedience and they both are wholly irrational and devoid of logic and compassion. They require the suspension of in depth thinking and are governed by a kind of frenzy. What is the difference between the Muslims chanting Allah Akhbar and Unite Against Facism chanting Neo-nazi scum in a mindless suspension of reason.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ("nothing should surprise"), great post. Both funny and deadly serious at the same time, with some interesting news too.

I post as the person who runs Our users tend to have a lot of respect for Dalrymple's essays (which are not all about Islam, of course, but also about the problem of western decline in general). I like to keep up with GoV too, as many of us share your concern about the spread of Islam...

londoner said...

This is a deep shame on the British nation and the British Police.

Meanwhile the MSM is obsessed with a British Cabinent Minister calling the police "plebs". I can think of a lot worse names to call the Police who let these crimes go unchecked.

Anonymous said...

Its got nothing to do with multi-culturism. The Police especially,
the Social Services and to a certain extent councillors and politicians are trapped in the system and naturally seek to safeguard their jobs and pensions meanwhile sacrificing the young lives of members of society they should be fighting hard to protect. Of course it is appaling and of course it is still going on actually to a greater extent but more secretly. Heads should roll but I doubt if they will. These Pakistani retards should be rounded up and executed for trans-racial multi-rape.I am deadly serious about this.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that this report seems incredible, some kind of very dark satire on the dysfunctions of Multiculturalism. Some of the UK's "authorities" seem to be staffed by complete moral imbeciles,or, are they just scared?
Once the human mind is obsessed with "The One Big Idea", in this case multiculturalism, common decency is sacrificed.

Here in Australia, some years ago, we had a very serious problem with a gang of Moslem pack rapists--they were eventually apprehended and faced the courts. The ring leader was sentenced to 30 years in jail (reduced from 40 on appeal), the Islamic community seems to have understood the message-"Don't treat us as Kuffars, or you will live to regret it".

Old Man

mriggs said...

You are right, George Pal.

This is a case of modern day human sacrifice - this time at the altar of multiculturalism.

mriggs said...

Anon said:

"Its got nothing to do with multi-culturism."

It has everything to do with it!!!

These crimes were covered up so as not to threaten "the harmony of community-relations" - a key watchword of multiculturalism!

Nemesis said...

I wonder if David Cameron, his advisors, the Cabinet, the Government, the Opposition or anyone else in positions of authority ever read the Times?

To actively enforce a system that upholds an alien religion over and above that of the native Christian religion that the majority still adhere to, is an act of treachery that is evil in its imposition and so cancerous in its upholding, that those who still hide their cowardice and hatred of their fellow Britons behind the malevolence that is Multiculturalism, must be publicly called out for the Traitors that they are!

Anonymous said...

l can understand why you would delete the comments - l imagine its already too hot in your kitchen however at some point we need to start telling the whole story, we need to get the message out, people can sense theres more going on than we are told via the mainstream media - if we dont tell the whole truth then the masses will still be feeling uneasy like theyre being conned. l'm not sure how we should approach this!
flabbo m

Baron Bodissey said...

flabbo --

You're right; it is hot already in our kitchen, and likely to get hotter. I'm glad you noticed.

I delete comments for the reasons mentioned in the guidelines. I also delete them if I have to think too long about whether they might cause trouble for us -- thinking too long is a sign that they may be harmful.

In other words, I practice "when in doubt, leave it out."

I want people to be able to discuss things freely, but not at the expense of having our blog taken down by Google Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Yes, multiculturalism is the modern-day Baal, and everything we hold dear must be sacrificed to appease it. Human sacrifice isn't occurring just in Britain. I would remind people that here in the U.S., in the wake of the massacre of 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood by a jihadist, a general said that this mass-murder should not lessen the military's commitment to diversity.

Anonymous said...

Expecting the system that caused this mess to help mete out justice for the victims is stupid.

The police are useless. Overpaid clerks in lime green jackets.

Look, this is ethnic cleansing - Bosnia/Albania style. Rape the White kuffar girls and they pump out Muzzie babies. The Police and authorities get all misty eyed over the births and rapes. The father gets more money and a free house.

If the Brit males don't man up, it's over in a 10 years. You guys might want to take a page from the Muslims and learn to stand up for yourselves and work together. Take a page from the French Resistance playbook. Because it's clear that anything less than total obedience to the state will land White Britishers in jail. It means normal channels aren't open to you natives.

You're at war folks and you don't even see it.

bilbo said...

the police now exist solely to protect the elite from the growing rage within the ordinary citisens.
other than TV "reality" cop shows, they have no further use.
all this at the behest of the most corrupt company in europe; the ACPO, who use the police and DVLA as a sourse of income.

Anonymous said...


"This will probably get me into trouble, but what is being described here is a police force no longer acting as law enforcement, but as mercenaries in the employ of a group of individuals who have declared war on the British people.

Let me be clear, they have, through their actions, DECLARED OPEN WAR on the British people."

The politicisation of the police came to (modern) prominence during the nineteen eighties miners strike and the Hillsborough disaster.

The British people have never given their unconditional support to the Army or the Police. All the dangerous fawning of both services as political institutions is not in the true nature of the British people. The caution being we police and defend ourselves.

Across the U.K. the police are a self serving political force, sadly the Army is being manipulated in the same direction.

What Andrew Mitchell MP did not fully appreciate in his altercation with the police is that he is now the Pleb and that the police hold considerable political power.

Jolie Rouge

Red Rose said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the fathers, the brothers, uncles, even the mothers and sisters of these pitiful abused young girls are not exacting revenge on the evil perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who persecute Emma West the so called tram rant women - google up Frances Lockhart prosecuting.

Evil enemies of England

Anonymous said...

To read more about the police and the 'race relations industry' in Yorkshire try 'The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury' (ISBN 978-0-9570964-0-0) by Danny Lockwood, a newspaper owner from Dewsbury West Yorks. The book covers Dewsbury but I know what it reports applies to many town & cities in the North of England.

Ivan Winters
West Yorks

Anonymous said...

Red Rose

The more I think about it, the lack of response by the British men is a result of decades of socialism run amok that turns even a simple act of self-preservation a crime in the eyes of the state.

If these men were to pursue these Muslim pimps, they would be seen as criminals by the police and punished accordingly. Worse since the Brits went after the special people - Muzzies, it makes it a worse crime.

Perhaps the British men should go after to socialist loudmouths in local government who promote this filth. They're the real evil. The Muzzies are just their foot soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Here I go again. The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury!? but is that not the place from which hails our new minister for faith and communities, the terroristically-linked Baroness Warsi?

So the woman in charge of all Christians and Jews in Britain - let alone Sikhs and Hindus ( who love muslims ) and every priest and rabbi comes from an Islamic Republic. Makes you wonder how long it will be before Dave - this is a Christian country trust me I'm a politician - Cameron has Samanfa Cameron waddling around the kitchen in a burkha?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the British men should go after to socialist loudmouths in local government who promote this filth. They're the real evil. The Muzzies are just their foot soldiers."

Some guy in Norway tried that.


Red Rose said...

Anonymous 1:40 PM

Of course, you are correct. Perhaps an anti-Islam resistance movement similar to the one in Europe is needed.

Anonymous said...

why are we civilsed people allowing these islam filth to rape and murder us.. we know from two world wars that appeasement does not work.. why are we standing by while they grow strong enough to start the third and final world war..

Anonymous said...

I suppose the victims have no way to sue the authorities or there may be a statute of limitations as to the time needed to bring charges.

And even if there were a way to sue the NINCOMPOOPS for not taking action to help them... the victims and their families may feel too afraid or they may be so demoralised that fighting the "forces that be" is way too much for them. I do feel so bad for the families affected by this abuse.

I know I just sit here in the USA and feel bad for the victims... wish there was something CONCRETE to do to help them get the justice they need.

Anonymous said...

Exhortations to hatred and murder — from the K*ran

Infidel or Unbeliever = Jew, Christian, Sabean, Idolator, Polytheist, Atheist or Pagan.

This is just a sample of K*ranic hatred, because I missed out all the general threats and hatreds, and got bored by chapter 22.

1. … a grievous punishment awaits them. 2:5, 2:104, 2:174, 3:176, 3:177, 3:178, 3:189, 4:56, 4:138, 5:36, 9:79, 9:90, 9:96, 9:101, 9:114, 10:9, 10:69, 10:95, 10:101, 13:34, 14:2, 14:29, 16.63
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Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed in the history of I s lam. This is a comment from the 8th century, as Is lam spread across Syria.

“This nation are very lascivious* and in need of sexual gratification. Every law instituted for them, be it by M* hummad or by any other god-fearing person, is despised and dismissed if it is not instituted according to their sexual pleasure. But a law that fulfills their desires, even if it is instituted by a nobody among them, they accept; and they say to each other: “this has been instituted by the prophet and messenger of god”. (Chronicle of Zuqnin, year 621.)


Anonymous said...

Jolly Olde England went awry and the rest of my Europe follows. Lunatic Libertards and their Multicultural experiment will eventually incinerate self-explainable reaction, but it will take some time. Breivik, despite being too radical and possibly slightly insane was actually just an early bird, early sign of inevitable. Every living organism, including plants, comprises some self-defense mechanisms. I wonder when these mechanisms will finally trigger our survival instincts. EU rulers and legislators should be hold responsible for an unprecedented treason, of proportions, which have never been recorded in our common history. Our ancestors are probably turning over angrily in their graves.

Anonymous said...

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