Monday, October 15, 2012

“We Do Not Need This European Flag”

EU Skull Dragon

Dr. Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, Professor Emeritus of public and civil law at the University of Nuremberg, gives a grim but realistic prognosis of what lies ahead for the European Union as the euro crisis inevitably worsens.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00 We must start from the fact that this political elite wants to continue
0:04 to the bitter end with this plan to save the euro.
0:07 It must be saved at all costs, says the chancellor. The basis for this is that
0:13 with the euro and the policies to save it, the real goal is to enforce the European State.
0:19 It is correct to think that this can be done only through the political union, that’s why
0:25 this political union will be created against treaties and constitutions. But this union
0:31 means the European State, this must also be made dependent on a people’s referendum,
0:37 but one wants to continue with this policy; this policy
0:43 will lead to the economic downfall of all nations.
0:49 In the south of Europe, the situation is already no longer acceptable. The recession
0:55 and the deflation, which are linked to this, have by no means lead to inflation, but they
1:01 will. France is more affected by this, and it will pull down Germany as well. Now
1:07 France may be downgraded, also Germany, it’s under way, interest rates will not remain at 0 %
1:13 or lower, they will increase and become impossible to finance, Germany’s
1:19 debt will increase enormously, it will be impossible to afford, and one will turn to the
1:25 citizens for everything. Their wealth, which is not low — one talks
1:31 about 9 million (units of) private wealth, and regarding short term deposits,
1:37 about 2 billion (Euros) — will be used by blocking the accounts, and also
1:43 the basic units of wealth will be charged with compulsory loans, we have already seen this,
1:49 the gold will be confiscated, and even a ban will be lifted on gold trade as the
1:55 private savings are finally spent away due to the common debts.
2:01 These must be used, and one can consider them already lost, and it is difficult to
2:07 see any chance to save them. So, people will be hit very hard, and we’ll witness a sharp
2:13 deflation, an economic recession, and this will conjure
2:19 up situations of need, and the bank transactions will also be heavily taxed.
2:25 We still have a truly good infrastructure, which is of course steadily worsening,
2:31 but I see it as being much better than the infrastructure back in 1929, during the truly
2:37 big financial crisis. It will not be that bad, but I fear that it will be so bad that
2:43 a huge political destabilization is to be expected. There are still no counterforces,
2:49 and the people will in certain situations rise up, and these
2:55 uprisings will be systematically suppressed by foreign police forces,
3:01 and the troops are already organized — The Eurogendfor — so it will be a time
3:07 of attempts to lead back through revolution, but these will be of a
3:13 doubtful success, the coup d’état will… has succeeded to the greatest possible extent,
3:19 and we will see a Europe governed in a despotic and dictatorial way.
3:25 The only possibility against this is that people in Germany and other
3:31 countries may form political groups, ponder and vote in a different way, the
3:37 still-functioning parliaments pursue different policies according to new arrangements,
3:43 and simply put an end to this EU path which is to a large extent being
3:49 guided by some countries and the USA, put an end to
3:55 this and turn to a European Europe, a Europe of the People,
4:01 of republics, the best possible collaboration based on treaties, but we do not
4:07 need the bureaucracy of Brussels. I say very clearly that we do not need
4:13 this European flag, this blue (flag) with the 12 stars. Sometime in my life I would
4:19 like to see that it flaps no longer.


Anonymous said...

What the professor said, should be seriously considered. It's clear that Herr Merkel and the banking sector will do anything to keep the EU alive and that includes gutting Germany like a fish economically and reducing it's people to serfs.

This is the new fascism of the West, it comes wrapped in the inviting flag of socialism and cultural Marxism. Little do people know what's in store for them.

Unknown said...

He said exactly what many of us have said for years - not to leftists, the effort's wasted there, but to various innocents on the Right: If and when revolution comes to the West, wherever it comes, it will in every case be systematically and brutally quashed by unsympathetic, merciless foreign troops, not the soldiers of one's own nation.

Given that, there is NO NATION IN EUROPE with a populace currently well-armed enough to successfully revolt, even should they amass the numbers willing to do so.