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Asylum Emergency in Berlin

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As reported on Thursday, the German city of Dortmund is in the midst of a refugee emergency, as asylum seekers overwhelm the capacity of shelters and reception centers in the area. A similar crisis is underway in Berlin, as reported in the article below.

Many thanks to Hermes for this translation from Der Tagesspiegel:

Too few shelters — There have not been so many asylum seekers for years

Berlin immigrants

[Photo Caption: “Nobody is an illegal!”, “Right to settle anyywhere!”]

Almost 4000 asylum seekers live in Berlin — and they must share 3600 shelter accommodations. Brandenburg is in no better situation.

More refugees are coming to Berlin and Brandenburg. As the regional office for health and social affairs of Berlin communicated, there will soon be 4000 asylum seekers living in the city. During this year 3000 of them have filed a new application — more than at any time in the last ten years, as many Afghans came after war broke out in their land. The shelters available in Berlin can receive only 3600 individuals, so they are already overcrowded. “We ask religious organizations, districts and welfare associations whether they have free buildings,” said the spokesperson for the regional office, which is leaded by the senator for health Mario Czaja.

Many of the newly arrived come from war-ridden Syria, and there are also gypsies from Serbia, Romania and Macedonia. In their Balkan homelands they lived in shacks with no permanent electricity and heat, being this a major reason why many of them flee to German cities. Welfare workers report that many also come due to the decision of the constitutional court from July of this year which states that refugees can rely on social help.

In recent days there have again been complaints from residents living near Görlitzer Park. Many families there live in their cars and around them. The bulk of them are Romanian gypsies, and they camped with gas kitchens on the walkway. However, being citizens of the EU, these refugees have almost no chances to get political asylum.

There is no lack of out-of-use buildings in Berlin, but not all districts seem to open their doors to refugees. While 1000 men and women were sheltered in Lichtenberg, and more than 500 in Spandau and Tempelhof-Schöneberg, there is a lack of shelters in Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Reinickendorf. Neither district is of small extension nor in a financially bad situation. But welfare experts have at their disposal the engaged secretary of state Michael Büge (CDU party). The senate health administration said that intensive talks are taking place with the districts in order to make adequate accommodations available.

There are similar problems in Brandenburg. Asylum applicants were brought to Eisenhüttenstadt for the initial admission procedures before being distributed to other places. 489 immigrants live now in Eisenhüttenstadt, the spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said. They come from Russia, Syria, Serbia and Afghanistan. It was the first time in years that the shelter reached its limit capacity. In 2007, there were there between 50 and 130 immigrants, in 2008 between 62 and 116, and in 2009 between 95 and 150. The ministry corroborated that the distribution of the immigrants was difficult, because accommodation capacities had been reduced during recent years.

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Green Infidel said...

Seems this is something new... In Dortmund, the amount of asylum seekers doubled in an extremely short space of time... Why is it happening? And is it being replicated in other European countries?!

I know there was recently an amnesty on illegal immigrants here in Poland, resulting in many Pakistanis and the like coming from places such as France in the hope of getting a right to stay in the EU. However most were frauds (unable to prove they were living in Poland for several years, as required). I have it on good authority that only around 10% were accepted and the rest sent back (and none accepted since August). However I'm not sure how many "asylum seekers" and others may have also come in during this period.

Anonymous said...

It's the same story in the rest of Europe, beaurocrats higher up the food chain make decisions which won't effect them but will put local people under pressure. They are selfish and/or indifferent to
conditions on the ground. There is no national unity about their decisions. It's quite obvious that if foreigners cross into your country and cause problems, the correct thing to do is to repatriate them,and if they come back, 10 years in a work camp will clarify their thought processes while benefiting the host country.

Anonymous said...

The asylum seekers may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but you can count on word having reached them in their respective countries that even more money is available to them now in ‘rich’ Germany, due to the recent Constitutional Court ruling.
Economic migrants know enough to make all sorts of colourful claims, ranging from victimization as a recent Christian convert to being gay, etc. They probably have their own ‘asylum consultants’
I have no doubt that your average German feels taken advantage of by this unbearable influx. However, speaking out against this situation, when even politicians won’t, results in being branded a fascist, racist, or Nazi. Of course, no one wants to be made to feel as if they have a certain outlook in common with their parents and grandparents generation. Therefore, the public silence continues and the migrants keep coming…

Kloutlichter said...

Here in Glasgow, I was talking to a plumber I know and he told me that his friend had been in a 'lock in' ( this is when a pub lock its door past closing time so customers can stay and drink) in the Govan area. When he came out at 4 in the morning he noticed a coach full of blacks being directed to flats by an official with council I.D. When he asked what was going on he was told to 'go home,and mind his own business'.
This did not surprise me as a few months ago I drove an hour through the north of the city and saw more west africans in that time,than i had in 20 yrs of being in scotland.
I believe the authorities are now beginning to spread immigrants out to the four corners of the uk in order to alleviate the south east of england., and that this is due to the recently introduced cap on housing benefit.Rents are higher in london so the immigrant will be forced out to the sticks.
I am no longer bothered by being called a nazi or racist.I believe my actions to others of the human race speak louder than those that brand me.It is hard to get the message over that I am concerned for public order,justice, womans rights and democracy,but I will keep plodding away. Events are more than proving us right,the trouble is the authorities seem to be cramming more and more in order to stop an eventual back lash.

Green Infidel said...

While we're on the topic, this is a comment on old thread at AlasShrugs, from a passenger on flights from Brussels to the US, on two separate occasions seeing something similar to Kloutlichter:

"I have personally seen on two different occassions, a year apart, large groups of Somali Muslims being loaded onto planes in Brussels being transported into the U.S. I travel to Brussels every year during September and the first time, I did notice, thought it was a bit strange (this was after Sept. 11th!) and I was perturbed that the U.S. would be importing A LOT of third world, bedraggled, hard core Muslims (the women were in full face covered brown burkas). This was a group of about 30 to 40. Then the next year again, on the same flight as from a year before, ANOTHER load of Somali Muslims. Now I was pissed!!! I thought, is this happening EVERY single day?????? Being the snoopy person that I am and being constantly vigilant, I noticed that they kept the Somalis in a separate area from the other people on the plane....they didn't want anyone to notice. Then when we were picking up our baggage, the Somali's luggage just went round and round. Again, they had kept them separate from the rest of us as to not 'alarm' anyone or bring any undue attention to them. I did see them on the back of the plane when I went the bathroom....hadn't seen them board with the rest of us though....hmmmm??? It just blows my mind why on earth the U.S. would allow these people to enter!!! The group bringing them in was called OIM...or something like that. I looked them up later on and they are some religious group who resettles refugees.. Gee, just what we need!.... we are truly doomed unless we can get some common sense in Washington!"

Green Infidel said...

And here in Poland, a few minutes ago - a group of North African culture-enrichers in my relatively-affluent part of Warsaw. Something which a few years ago would have been unthinkable!

Anonymous said...

It seems that they are setting areas on fire, so as to make it "necessary" for mohammedans to "seek asylum" in the West.

How many Christian Syrians have filed for asylum yet, btw?

Anonymous said...

They keep filling up the West with muslims, to speed up the demographic changes so as to sooner establish the caliphate.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Scotland is being swamped, the suspicion is that there is a clandestine welfare system (benefits, housing and public service jobs) for immigrants, a system that is closed to indigenous people and is not open to public scrutiny.

A shadow welfare system that is possibly funded through the U.K. Home Office and the Scottish Executive.

Jolie Rouge