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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/22/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/22/2012An independent auditor has advised the German Central Bank to verify the existence and security of the country’s gold bullion, which has been stored abroad since the Cold War. The auditors are requesting a physical examination of German gold assets to make certain they exist in the quantities recorded in financial records.

In other news, a former officer of the Chinese army says that Australia must choose whether it will have China or the United States as its “godfather”.

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Anonymous said...

"Easy Jet" jihadists return to the West
- disappointed that they weren't welcomed with open arms in Syria, according to


Anonymous said...

The "Easy Jet" jihadists are, allegedly, frustrated at the lack of respect(!) from the tougher jihadists on the ground

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The author of the following
censored link says
"In all modesty, Share with as many as order to counterbalance the democratic deficit in this country"

Island, luggage, boat etc

Anonymous said...

Norwegian to English translation:

Our Land closed probably a thread about Eskil Pedersen cowardly escape from Utøya
Posted Wed, 20/08/2012

Can not bear critical questions

Roy Vega's post and the many subsequent debates AUF leader Eskil Pedersen cowardly exit from the Utøya massacre on Utøya July 22 is apparently too much for the editors of Our Country. All three debate threads about the topic have been closed or deleted in the past day and speculate on whether our country is under political pressure to stifle debate. It all started Friday when historian Roy Vega posted a post where he asked questions about AUF leader's speedy exit from Utøya. While children and young people down to 12-13 years of age was left with no means of escape set AUF leader safe and secure in MS Thorvald who surged away from the island. "Why were the former naval vessel used in rescue work and why did AUF leader and protrude from the island without trying to save as many of the young people threw themselves into the sea to try to save your life?" - Are among the issues that have been raised in the three debates Our Country has chosen to remove, block or censor. Our Lands massive censorship does now irrelevant discussion forum and several profiles considering skipping the forum. Check out our coverage here
Posted in censorship after 22 July | 1 Reply
AUF leader Eskil Pedersen speedy exit from Utøya is unclear
Posted Wed, 20/08/2012

Roy Vega's post was too strong for Our Country

We all react differently to traumatic and shocking events. Intense fear, panic and escape does not mean the same thing as cowardice. Still, there are too many ambiguities surrounding AUF leader Eskil Pedersen exit from Utøya.

Unfortunately, as far as many ambiguities surrounding AUF leader Eskil Pedersen's role during the escape boat MS Thorbjørn from Utøya that he should immediately tell and prepare far more clearly their role and responsibility of it all. He was among the first who left the island with five of his friends. Now this should be briefed, discussed and tested also legal in relation tilstraffelovens section 242, to Abandon others in helpless condition. Many others in this country have been duly punished under this law even if they have been under-traumatic stress when they left the dying and injured persons. Equality before the law should probably come as brutal as it may seem, to also apply here?

Pedersen had such his two closest advisers, including medierådgiver, on what was an extremely early flight from Utøya, and as far away as 2.7 miles, before a controlled due execution ended the long journey over Tyrifjorden.

Eskil Pedersen is even a good adult AUF leader, with his 28 years. He has been on the summer events at Utøya through 12 summers, and this dramatic 22 July 2011 - the first time as leader of the AUF. Eskil Pedersen was one of the first that took away from the island in a large motorboat, now also used as a ferry, which was in service between Utøya and development. This is not any vessel, a previously militærbåt which can take many board, including vehicles, if necessary. Originally the boat is also built to land heavy artillery. Not far from the shore, this is considered a bulletproof boat, specially designed for military landings, where those aboard lie down on the deck. And there is room for many on board.

Anonymous said...

These are the facts: MS Thorbjørn is a former military landing craft, L-50, which in its time was used by coastal artillery, Marines and "Urkustjägarna" in the Swedish Armed Forces, until into the 1980s.

Photo shows Landing Craft L-50 as it originally appeared in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Had this sturdy boat remained at Utvika, to Utøya, not been run due to the 2.7 miles away when the police needed boat at Utøya, the story about the Utøya tragedy Been another. Police special unit, D-30, arrived at the area Utvika. 17.52, but lacked fatøy to get over to Breivik and Utøya. The terrorist who at this time was begun with its liquidation would have been taken down earlier and more lives would have been saved. But AUF leader Eskil Pedersen was with and lead precisely this boat very far away from Utøya .. MS Thorbjørn was run ashore in the mud at the farm in Bråtan Tyrifjorden, ca. 2.7 km from Utøya when police arrived and were in urgent need of this particular boat.

The picture shows the MS Thorbjorn aground and abandoned at Bråtan farm, where it subsequently tractor to get the boat off the ground. Ahead of the grounded ship seen a police special units in a smaller civilian boat hit Utøya.Flere of the officers now arrived on the development side had every reason to believe that MS Thorbjorn was in this area., Believing this boat could also be used for further transport. This entire sequence is virtually omitted in the critique made in the media since then, and it's unfortunately not just the only omission in this picture.

Anonymous said...

What Eskil Pedersen ombort role in MS Thorbjørn? Memories of Penal Code § 242:

Whoever hensætter one candidate in hjælpeløs Condition or accessory thereto, shall be Fængsel indtil 3 years.

Media has taken too many parent and page parent regarding AUF leader Eskil Pedersen, who in turn had their own patrons in some Labor tops and consultants in AUF, each in their own way have made individual contact with journalists and editors who have been too close. So the question that should have long since been completed and submitted. This is of course also about politics, but also specifically on the subject of journalism, and not a little journalistic credibility in the face of tough and emotional challenges. It has failed too many up in this, and not least for our journalists. Some in Labour have talked about this sensitive boating as AUF-leader was a key part of. And it has been engaged in active fire in the media afterwards. Again reflected power structures and a media culture that continually gives democratic deficit.

Inconsistent and uncertain Eskil Pedersen's own role and the actual sequence of events creates mentioned unnecessary rumors, now also affects others. Much that is spread on the Internet is clearly incorrect, and likely to stir up old wounds. Eskil Pedersen, who is clearly a main character up in this, can alleviate much by explaining what actually happened in their entirety, when he and a few of his friends left Utøya as the first, just in this big boat. Without having the eye for all those who poured into the water and swam, where many drowned en route. While they might as well took the boat a full mile from Utøya.

Eskil Pedersen's own explanations are diffuse, 'tailored' to create confusion and doubt about the actual course of events. With so many strong emotions in the wake of this tragedy, it is important that the AUF leader now stands both to their own and all of us and telling about their actual function and role, including when it came to influence Captain Jon Olsen on "MS Thorbjørn" to drop the idea of ​​taking them back to Utøya to rescue people. Actually Pedersen should simply tell it like it was!

Anonymous said...

Skipper and Operations at Utøya, Jon Olsen, was first tricked into carrying Breivik to Utøya in MS Thobjørn. A Breivik as we know was cloaked in a self-made police uniform. After this, Olsen witnessed Breivik took up one of their weapons and, among others, shot and killed his girlfriend Monica Bosei. Jon Olsen and BOSEI have two children together, one of the two children were on Utøya this terrible day. Olsen also that Brevik shot and killed the guard Trond Berntsen (51) in the back, on a yards. (Testimony, Oslo District Court, 3 May). Olsen was thus still in a state of panic when he suddenly got told to come to the boat.

It is less clear what condition Eskil Pedersen was in. He called the police emergency call from Ms. Thobjørn at. 17.27, three minutes after skipper Jon Olsen. Olsen took the later return to the island, and was in this round one of the very last to leave the island, at. 4:30 the night of 23 July.

It was not Jon Olsen who took the initiative to leave the island by boat. Who was it? There are still far more questions than answers up in this. Reporters and editors have become too aggressive in terms of Eskil Pedersen has now in turn been approached by peaks in labor and consultants AUF, both real consultants and self-appointed aides. Among those consulted are employees of

MS Thorbjørn as most have been joined by the only available boat on the island that really could have brought many young people, and that endatil had bulletproof hull. Skipper of the boat, Jon Olsen, who co-operating charge of Utøya. I actually think one hundred youngsters could successfully stowed together aboard the MS Thorbjorn, and of course many could have been saved from the water with the same boat, which is also very suitable as operasjonsbåt the police.

During his first post-Utøya tragedy 30 July said AUF leader that "someone called from the boat" and asked him to get there. Eskil Pedersen had a long phase where he consistently refused to answer questions about how he got away from Utøya. Then he repeated that he felt that he did not trust anyone. Eventually, it becomes less clear who called whom, and even more unclear is Eskil Pedersen offensive role, as time goes by. Immediately after Pedersen was on call he police emergency number several times, and was mentioned by Time. 17.27. While he, according to his own statements "could not trust anyone," understood not the police. While he called the police and brought to the police station for further Hønefoss protection, onboard MS Thorbjørn over a distance of one kilometer.

Adrian Pracon from AUF written book that attempted to stop the AUF management and labor. The book is called "Heart to Stone", which it says in the script: "MS Thorbjørn was our only hope to get out and now it had left us." This hope vanished as mentioned early from Utøya, led by people who consistently refuse to show face, and tell the real story.

Trondheim student Eivind Rindal (25) took them down to the pier at Utøya and gradually with all the 12 young people in rowboat "Reiulf" as he rowed away from the island. In comparison, Eskil Pedersen with the captain of the MS Thorbjørn, assistant captain / deckhand, Pedersen's closest adviser, Pedersen medierådgiver and four children.

Several youths were thus taken out of the water by Eivind Rindal and into the small rowboat on Eivinds initiative. Such initiatives lacked mix they get aboard the MS Thobjørn. Let me finally express it this way: it is magnificent! Now, Eskil Pedersen (28) out and tell the story of their role and their alignment with MS Thorbjørn. I am among those who put forth all the fragments present in a mosaic which regularly missing some pieces. But much could have mentioned been cleared out of the way if Eskil Pedersen itself could contribute and finally arrived on the scene with their version, and told what actually happened. Otherwise this will be choppy waters for a long time, and still be the source of new and sometimes painful speculation.

Roy Vega