Sunday, October 21, 2012

“They Have Chosen to Ignore Us”

This past May, leaders of the Coalition of African American Pastors requested a meeting with President Obama and with Eric Holder, the head of the Justice Department. In August they complained publicly that they’d never received “the courtesy of a reply”.

Did you see any mention of it in the MSM? I didn’t either, though when Bill K sent the link to this YouTube video, I did search the MSM news from August. I found a few mentions in the right-wing media. However, in the main this story seems just to be part of the YouTube ghetto, taken from C-Span. The president ignored these 3,742 black pastors, so the media did too. Why? Because they don’t ever cross Obama — they have neither the courage nor the integrity to act on journalistic principle if it means making The One look bad.

The speakers for the CAAP said:

“He thinks he can ignore us because he has us in his pocket… we take great offense to that…”

“I am shamed that the first black president chose this road… I am not going to stand with you with this foolishness.”

Yep. That’s what my black neighbors call it too: foolishness.

Black Christians in America, as elsewhere, tend to be social conservatives. So when Obama came out against the Defense of Marriage Act for the first time earlier in the current campaign cycle, many saw it for what it was: a cynical move to open the purse strings of the liberal gay voting bloc. Give the devil his due, though — it got Obama the money he needed in the moment.

DOMA was passed by Congress and signed by then-President Clinton in 1996. Like all “progressives”, Clinton has since progressed — regressed — to the newer popular opinion in favor of gay marriage, a “popularity” pushed by the MSM and the dominant gate-keepers. Clinton’s prior agreement with the law was considered a centrist opinion when he signed it. Back then he and his fellow-liberals agreed that putting homosexual unions on an equal footing with heterosexual marriages was a contract too far, even for them. In the intervening years the pressure from the leftist homosexual community has become increasingly aggressive — witness the ugly attacks against Chick-Fil-A, some of which were literally in-your-face abusive and bullying.

But that is beside the point of the fact that many black voters were and are offended at Obama’s transparent bowing to pressure. They rightly claim he did it simply to gain access to the purse strings of this bloc of gay voters. They had let him know that their purses were closed until he opened his mouth and came out against DOMA.

The black middle class in this country gets no attention from the press — normal folks are boring. If you don’t live amongst or near these folks, you’ll never learn the reality. Instead, the media’s attention is focused on the smaller number of the black criminal underclass. Our jornolists collude with Race Grievance Mongers like Al Sharpton, who make their living by stoking the fires of resentment. The millions who make no trouble are ignored in favor of an obsessive fascination with criminals and degenerates, especially black criminals. That’s the real root of racism in the media: glorifying the lawbreakers by reporting their transgressions in great gory detail while they ignore the humdrum reality of my law-abiding, productive neighbors.

No, I am not saying that the inner city black underclass is not a threat to our stability. It certainly is. But that threat is solidified and made more of a menace than it might be otherwise by the cacophonous attention of the press. They magnify incidents like the black woman demanding her “Obama phone” while ignoring folks such as these black pastors who spoke out against Obama’s cynical posture.

It is time for an accounting, both by Obama and by his enablers in the press.

Hat tip: Michael Youssef


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Obama does NOT pander to blacks like he panders to Muslims because Obama considers himself to be Muslim rather than abd....


Anonymous said...

Typical treatment of a locked in constituency - treat them like dirt. Instead the pols kiss the rear end of the mega donors and do their bidding - that's how the party bosses roll.

Markos at the Dailykos found out the same thing a decade ago.

The Tea Party has the same issues.

Our power isn't the vote, it's withholding it and voting for the opposition. The problem is most people are too stupid and think party loyalty will be rewarded - it won't. NAFTA, Gramm-Leachly, WTO, PNTR with China show what loyalty gets Joe and Jane Sixpack.

Politicians are inveterate users of people, bottom feeders and cowards. You have to play hard ball with them.

The people need to treat them harshly and remind them whose the boss. And you don't do that by fawning on them and rolling over when they betray you. You do that get worthless POS like Feinstein and Boxer that are totally worthless.

Anonymous said...

Obama isn't black - he's half-black. When he gets beaten this Novemeber, expect to see the blame laid at the white half's door...

Anonymous said...

What CAAP needs to see that their moral positions no longer have a place in the Democratic party. It's now a party of atheists, homosexuals, state union workers, illegals, globalists, etc.

They should just sit out this election and let those millionaire reps of theirs swing in the wind.