Thursday, October 18, 2012

Targeting the Fed

Below is a TV news report about the plot by a young Bangladeshi named Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis to bomb the Federal Reserve Building in Manhattan. The fledging terrorist was foiled in his designs yesterday by an FBI sting:

Not only does this case have a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%, but the named neighbors of the arrested man also have an MC of 100%. Add to that the suspect’s landlord’s surname (“Islam”), and the fact that one of the TV reporters is a Muslim, and it all gets to be a little creepy.

To make matters even creepier, the landlord had a surveillance camera inside Mr. Nafis’ apartment — even though Mr. Islam claimed not to know the would-be bomber.

If I were a New Yorker, I’d be feeling a little paranoid by now. In fact, even though I’m hundreds of miles away from Manhattan in the middle of the Virginia outback, I’m still paranoid.

Below is a report from Fox News on the same topic:

Bangladeshi Man Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Blow Up Fed Building in NYC

Federal authorities arrested a Bangladeshi national Wednesday morning for allegedly plotting to blow up a Federal Reserve Bank in New York City’s lower Manhattan, mere blocks away from the site of the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. The bank is one of 12 branches around the country.

The 21-year-old suspect, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, attempted to detonate what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb in front of the Fed building on Liberty Street, but the device was a fake supplied to him by undercover FBI agents who had been tracking his activity, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force said Wednesday afternoon.

The supposed explosives posed no threat to the public, the FBI said.

A criminal complaint accuses Nafis of having overseas connections to Al Qaeda and travelling to the U.S. in January to recruit individuals to form a terrorist cell and conduct an attack on American soil. But one of Nafis’ potential recruits was an FBI source, who alerted authorities, the FBI said.

A federal law enforcement official told Fox News that there was no evidence Nafis was directed by Al Qaeda to carry out this attack, though he appears to have thought he was working for the terrorist group.

At one point, according to criminal complaint, Nafis told undercover agents: “I don’t want something that’s like, small. I just want something big. Something very big ... that will shake the whole country, that will make America, not one step ahead, change of policy, and make one step ahead, for the Muslims ... that will make us one step closer to run the whole world.”

A U.S. official told Fox News that President Obama was Nafis’ first target, but the criminal complaint only refers to “a high-ranking official.” The complaint also mentions the New York Stock Exchange as a proposed target.

Also, here are excerpts from an article on the WBAP site (more video at the link):

Man Arrested for Alleged Plot to Attack Federal Reserve in NY

Authorities today arrested a “lone actor” who thought he was about to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City’s crowded Financial District on behalf of al Qaeda but instead discovered he was the target of a law enforcement sting.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, a Bangladeshi national, allegedly parked a van filled with what he believed to be 1,000 pounds of explosives outside the building in Lower Manhattan near the New York Stock Exchange, and was arrested after he tried to detonate the “bomb” with a cellphone. Officials say there was never any danger to the public.

Hat tips: For the video, Vlad Tepes; for the articles, Fjordman and sgtredbluered.


Sagunto said...

Sure enough this 100% Moh-patsy fell for it, since (at least at GoV) we're all too familiar with the inherent capacity of this infamous Islamic specimen called Mahometus moderatus to suddenly turn into M. assassinensis at the drop of a hat.

As to the top-down dropping of hats, I'm a bit troubled by the total absence of any critical comment in this article on the role of the FBI in all of this, the point being, that this progressivist US "War on Terror" has already proved itself to be quite the opposite of any genuine struggle against Islam.

As Gregory Bateson would say: "The map is not the territory."

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Anonymous said...

We've been lucky so far that the Muzzies who engage in this terrorism are stupid and motor mouths.

As to the surveillance camera in the the thug's apartment is rather interesting. IMO I think it would be wise to find out ahead of time if one's future landlord is Muslim as they don't seem to recognize laws at all.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Hey, Sag, long time no see!

The Obama campaign is desperate for a big story, and made up ones will do fine. Check out this desperation for O'sympathy:

"A US official told Fox News that President Obama was Nafis' first target.."

Sagunto said...

You New -

Long time indeed. I guess this post-Breivikian "anonymous" thing with so many posters not identifying themselves, slightly put me off at some point. Add to that some second thoughts about an anti-Islam movement that - more often than not - seems to function as a tool in the US (not America) lead "War on Terror" and before I knew it, months passed without any inclination to comment.

To cut a long story short, my distinct feeling is, that unless the USSA would miraculously change into American States (emphasis on the plural) once again (and perhaps try a genuine two-party system for a change), we who are willing to fight the good fight against Islam, will always have another fight on our hands, i.e. resisting its biggest current sponsor and promotor which is the progressivist Fed-funded, US empire.

When a site dedicated to fighting an ancient war, doesn't raise one critical finger when the powers that be are trying to use the designated sorcerer's apprentice in yet another false flag operation, for the sake of "national security", then I must admit to a certain degree of ehm.. sadness really.

On the sunny side, the impending monetary Meltdown2.0 might be of such devastation that the whole proto NWO empire implodes, which would mean no more goodies from the superstate for whatever favoured "minority".
You see, You New, I'm really sick and tired about all of these US (and EU) "War on.." schemes. All about the power of the state, not in the least about the purported goal, be it drugs, global warming (pardon, "climate change"), terror.. and so on.

So in fighting Islam, I'd very much like to not run the risk of becoming a useful idiot for unlimited government.

Just my 2 eurocts, (while they still might carry some value)


As always (and especially to You and Eggy), kind regs from / Amsterdam (clip) /,

Anonymous said...

Is it certain that this fellow isnt a Ron Paul "End the Fed" nutter? Could be the OWS crowd as well.


Anonymous said...

Sagunto: Great to hear from you! :)

I have been unable to post with the tagline of Egghead since comments went under moderation, so I just sign Egghead at the end. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

It isn't that the FBI is so influential, it's that the Imams in the mosques give their blessings to jihadis.

In order to do bad, you must first learn that some "bad" is good - especially when it's for your "prophet".

Sagunto said...

EV -

I'd like to hear some more substantional argument as to why a desire to end the Fed would cause you to use a label like "nutter"?