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The Bee and the Lamb, Part 8

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The essay below is the eighth in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

Left: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, 1876
Right: George Grosz, Metropolis, 1916/17

The Bee and the Lamb
Part 8

By Takuan Seiyo

Madness 1: We Are All Sadeans Now

In 1963, the German writer Peter Ulrich Weiss published the play “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade.” In it, the de Sade character, held in an insane asylum, directs a play about the assassination of one of the most bloodthirsty fathers of the French Revolution, Jean-Paul Marat. In one memorable scene, de Sade is being whipped on his own instructions. A semi-musical, the play contains songs with titles like “Those Fat Monkeys” and “Copulation Round.”

The real Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), one of history’s most notorious nihilist-socialists, did spend 12 years at the asylum of Charenton, where, between his seductions of minors of both sexes, he wrote prodigiously and produced his own plays with a cast of insane inmates. Other than his literary output, with titles like Justine and 120 Days of Sodom, Sade’s CV includes physical abuse and rape of male and female servants, pedophilia, poisoning of prostitutes with dubious aphrodisiacs, 29 years spent in jails and insane asylums, and even a turn as a parliamentarian representing the far socialist left in the French National Assembly.

Just like Norway’s mounting of a vast public production of Ibsen’s “The Enemy of the People” with Fjordman in the leading role, the Western world has mounted a mega-production of Weiss’s “Marat-Sade.” Pain-addicted high-status lunatics are directing the play, lower status lunatics are the cast, and taxpayers underwrite this whipped ecstasy. What exceeds all comprehension is that Mom and Pop, normal white taxpayers with middle class values, are themselves tied to the post, taking the beating alongside the naughty marquis, with nary a protest. And, to add insult to injury, the subsidized inmates refer to their benefactors as Those White Monkeys.

De Sade gets his kicks, but Mom and Pop get only painful welts, and pay through the nose for the whipping. Yet, they are docile, accommodating, and plead — that is, vote — for more. Call it S&M, call it the Stockholm syndrome: as for me, words fail me.

Marquis de Sade with Obamanoid

Andrew Sullivan’s “Daily Beast” Sept. 24 blog entry was titled, “President Obama: The Democrats’ Ronald Reagan”. Sullivan wrote:

“If Obama wins, to put it bluntly, he will become the Democrats’ Reagan. The narrative writes itself. He will emerge as an iconic figure who struggled through a recession and a terrorized world, reshaping the economy within it, passing universal health care, strafing the ranks of al-Qaeda, presiding over a civil-rights revolution, and then enjoying the fruits of the recovery.”

There is much more in this panegyric, dumbfounding because Sullivan has degrees from Oxford and Harvard (PhD in Political Science) and describes himself as a “political conservative.” But let’s skip the dumb and hear what a sharper man, the blogger Richard Fernandez, says about it:

“Sullivan’s paragraphs are destined for greatness. It leaves one slack-jawed, unable to credit the words on the page. You have to read it twice to make sure you weren’t hallucinating. It may be quoted decades from now as a truly astonishing sample of what happens when a writer is either a scoundrel or mad — possibly both — involuntarily perhaps, in the corrosive atmosphere [snip] of the post World War 2 cultural elite which we now inhabit .”

I disagree with Mr. Fernandez’ either-or take. There is nothing I ever read by Dr. Sullivan, or showing in his face, indicating that he might be a scoundrel. He is stark mad. But why?

“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off,” promised Madonna Ciccone during a recent concert for morons who probably rifle through their parents’ pockets to come up with the average $60 ticket price. On this occasion, mercifully, she took off only her outer garments and after some 3rd rate hooker routine on a piano top revealed the name OBAMA painted on her lower back. In her profanity-laced endorsement, Ms. Ciccone cited Obama’s support of “gay rights” and the amazingness of having “an African-American in the White House” as the reason why her audience must vote for Obama.

Now, people interested in questions of IQ and its relation to cognitive and other life skills, know that Ms. Ciccone’s confirmed IQ is 140. That is in the 99.6 percentile for white Americans (Mean: 100, SD: 15). How is that possible?

What does Obama have to do for white and once-Christian Harvard PhDs and 140-IQs to get their first clue? Hand North Africa and much of the Levant to the Muslim Brotherhood? Shower 450 million dollars the U.S. does not have on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in addition to the usual $1.5 billion-a-year windfall? 45 million on the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria? The usual $400 million annual pop on Libya, this time to affiliates of Al Qaeda? Bring to power in Mali (soon to be followed by Burkina Faso and Niger) Mohammedans so savage other Mohammedans consider them savage? Nourish Iran’s excellent nuke adventure to a triumphal denouement? Apologize for the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on Pakistani TV? Bow, vassal-style, to King Saud? Turn NASA into a Muslim aid charity? Greatly boost the prestige of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to better take Turkey back to pre-Atatürk (i.e. pre-1923) if not all the way back to the 7th century? Disable the Keystone Pipeline project that would reduce dependence on Muslim oil?

Been there, done that.

Hire a convicted terrorist and sworn enemy of the United States to write his personal memoir? Put a lunatic lesbian cabal in charge of the security of the United States? Put a subversive black nationalist in the top law enforcement position to better enforce U.S. laws with a clear, anti-white discriminatory intent? Stream battle rifles to Mexican drug cartels so they can shoot more US Border Patrol agents, not to mention Mexican nationals? Forge his birth certificate? Spit, symbolically, on Winston Churchill? Apologize throughout the world for America, and kiss up to her enemies? Cripple the U.S. military by running the (non-nuke) Navy on a 50-50 fuel mixture of seeds, algae and chicken fat (at $26/gallon!) and running soldier manpower on a mixture aspiring to 50-50 of women, lesbian women, homo-men, Muslims, Chicano gangbangers and race-promoted blacks? Put U.S. soldiers in a shooting war, with orders not to shoot? Run the whole military machine ragged on useless missions all over the world complete with a new “Africa Command” and its crooked 4-star black general? Mire the U.S. in more wars simultaneously than any U.S. president, ever?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Double the U.S. national debt? Double the number of long-term unemployed? Double the price of gasoline in a country with the largest oil reserves in the world? Halve the dollar’s value against gold? Waste $5 trillion of borrowed money on vaporous stimulus? Dole out $90 billion of taxpayers’ money to “green” scams operated by political cronies and racial kin? Increase welfare spending by 41% to almost $1 trillion a year, without diminishing poverty?[1] Destroy the best healthcare system in the world? Disable welfare-related work requirements and enable EBT food welfare cards for booze, porn, tattoo and jail bail? Largest tax increase in America’s history? Do all that as a barely disguised form of wealth transfer from white to black America? Generate a tidal wave of black racial hatred, black hate crimes and the worst relations between the races since at least the 1950s? Campaign funded in part, both in 2008 and 2012, by hundreds of millions in small donations either unreportable or via untraceable prepaid credit cards, many from abroad? Success of campaign built, partially, on the vote of the dead, the canine, the foreign and the thrice-registered?

Yup, that too.

So what is it? What generates the holy tingling, patented by MSNBC’s main artillery piece, Chris Matthews, up so many expensively shod white legs? What’s the thrill?

At some higher level, the insanity is so stark that questions are redundant. Consider American Jews. The smartest segment of the population, with a mean IQ almost a full standard deviation above that of non-Jewish whites, chock-full of professors, doctors, lawyers, judges, Nobel prize winners, mathematicians and hedge fund wizards. Voted 78% for Obama in 2008 — the highest of any demographic segment but the Blacks. The Blacks were voting rationally, for their pocketbook and racial pride. But the Jews, what were they voting for?

Repeated polls indicate that 65% of America’s Jews are set to vote for Obama, again. Jewish donors and bundlers have been of such key importance to BHO that if Manhattan’s Westside and the best zip codes in the Los Angeles area suffer a major power failure, the Obama 2012 machine may come to a standstill. Simultaneously, these Jewish supporters feel passionately about Israel, are active in pro-Israeli causes, and are forever on guard against antisemitism. And their messiah (small m) has a few more things on his presidential résumé that ought to be of concern to Jews, above and beyond his record of achievements iterated above. For instance:

Associated in Chicago with known Muslim sponsors of Muslim terrorist organizations? Check. Appointed Susan Rice, a clear and present foe of Israel and a clueless fool otherwise, to the post of US Ambassador to the United Nations? Check. Tight with Center for American Progress — a disseminator of anti-Israel, antisemitic content whose three key officers have held key positions in the BHO administration? Check. Excluded Israel, the world’s premier victim of terrorism, from a counter-terrorism forum in Spain? Check. Sent a Muslim terrorism apologist and Israel-basher to represent the United States at a human rights conference in Warsaw? Check. Presented Saudi Arabia’s ideas for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement as America’s position? Check. Went to see Whoopi Goldberg when Bibi Netanyahu asked to talk about Holocaust II? Check.

The complete list could fill pages. Yet the Jewish Council for Education and Research, having spent a bundle in 2007 on videos urging Jews to vote for Obama, is doing so again. Its website presents a banner picture of Mr. Hussein in a heroic pose in front of the American and Israeli flags, and urges Jews via a provocative video with Samuel Jackson to “wake up” and vote for the greatest enabler of worldwide jihad and Jew hatred that the American presidency has ever known.


Blacks have at least an honest rationality in service to self-interest. The American hip hop plutocrat known as Jay-Z says simply that he supports Obama because Obama is black and has a “vision.” It’s a Black Lootist-Revanchist vision and Mr. Z, a shrewd businessman, should know better — but tribe comes first, except for white fools. At the other end of the economic scale, this black woman says she supports Obama because “He gave us a phone, he gonna do more.”

It’s not what America’s founders had in mind and it does not reflect the Anglo-Saxon concept of civic society. But at least it’s not insane and contemptible.

How about the gathering at the Islamic Center of Southern California, where “leaders from several faith communities” spoke about “shattering stereotypes”? We have here Judith Levy, the female rabbi of the Malibu Jewish Synagogue (serves quite the Who’s Who of “Hollywood”) blowing a ram’s horn with passion, just before a gentleman named Jihad Turk explains the Religion of Peace and a white convert to Sikhism with all the exotic accoutrements asserts that unity in diversity is what makes America great. I haven’t laughed this hard since that earlier multicultural Malibu party, the one with Peter Sellers.

Alas, a disproportionate ratio of people who have been warning for a long time about the self-wrought suicide of white people worldwide also have a Joos-done-it fixation that turns what could have been a salutary effort into another pack of emotion-driven lies, hence a dead end. Things are not so simple.

On October 4, 2012, the Reuters headline read: “Romney’s strong debate showing puts Europe on edge.” It’s difficult to understand why Europe cares so much about a clueless half-breed[2] jive master who can switch from hateful black talk to “United We Stand” for the white fools quicker than Yasser Arafat could with a different subject but a similar white audience. Besides, roughly four-in-ten American Whites voted for Obama in 2008, and poll for him 2012. And not only does his presidential record stand against him now, but it was fully predictable in 2008 for anyone with an ounce of brain and a dash of curiosity before those 43% pulled the lever — disproportionately, white women and the young and stupid.

It remains most curious, however, that the higher the intellectual quotient, the higher the degree of insanity. For space reasons, just three chance cases will support our thesis here, though there are thousands.

At Harvard, meet Vanidy Bailey, recently appointed as that university’s “Director of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Queer (BGLTQ) student life”. Vanidy, who refuses all gender-specific pronouns, self-identifies as “masculine of center Caribbean-American” (photos here). According to the BGLTQ postmodern lexicon, for the study of which, I am certain, grants and PhDs are awarded, “masculine of center” denotes lesbian womyn (sic.) who tilt towards the masculine. This type of academic discipline being neither academic nor discipline they write “masculine of center” when they mean “masculine off center.” A visit to the University of California Santa Cruz Feminist Studies Department will confirm not only the off-center physical types but the off-center, hard core communist politics too.

Of course there have been a thousand Vanidys at Harvard. One Barry Obama was not only accepted and graduated from the Harvard Law School but made president of Harvard Law Review without ever having published a single law review. The aforementioned Homi Bhabha, who holds an endowed professorial chair in American and English Literature and is Director of Harvard’s Humanities Center, writes English prose like this:

“If, for a while, the ruse of desire is calculable for the uses of discipline soon the repetition of guilt, justification, pseudo-scientific theories, superstition, spurious authorities, and classifications can be seen as the desperate effort to “normalize” formally the disturbance of a discourse of splitting that violates the rational, enlightened claims of its enunciatory modality.”[3]

Taking a core sample in a second tier university provides no solace. Vanidy themselves is a prized catch that Harvard poached from University of California, San Diego. To make up for the loss of its black female (sorry, Vanidy) Assistant Director for Education, UCSD, which is a taxpayer-financed institution in a bankrupt state, treated itself to a new and of course black female Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Linda Greene. Ms. Greene, a long-time diversity bureaucrat and professor of diversity-pushing law at the University of Wisconsin (CV here [pdf]), will receive a $250,000 annual salary and a relocation allowance approaching $100,000 in aggregate. To compare, Heather MacDonald relayed that an internationally known expert on cancer nanotechnology at the UCSD Engineering School makes $150,000 a year.

Washington State University, with campuses in the poorer, less Progressive parts of that state, probably could not afford the kind of fees commanded by three-fers like black masculine lesbians or even two-fers like black females, so it had to settle for a black male as Vice President for Equity and Diversity. Last time I checked, there was a full-time staff of fifty-five serving under WSU’s chief diversitoid.

Among WSU’s 59 “Equity and Diversity Initiatives” are such fundamentals of university education as “American Diversity Requirement” — a compulsory module including eleven courses. Then we have “Including Children of Aztlan Sharing Higher Education (CASHE)” — “a student recruitment conference” by MECHA, i.e. a fifth-column of Mexican agitators, glorifiers of mass-murdering, cannibal Aztecs, and open US enemies-in-training committed in writing to a refusal to recognize the US and to “repulsion” of “the brutal gringo invasion of our territories.”

If CASHE does not captivate you, there is CAPTIVATE, i.e. “Community, Activism, Pride Today, Inspiring, Visionary, Action, Tomorrow, Empowerment!” It’s something having to do with “Asian and Pacific Islander women.” Try to tell a woman in Japan or Korea that American Progressives put her in the same drawer with Pacific Islanders.

If CAPTIVATE is not your game either, there is ELLA — “Educated Latinas/Chicanas Leading America” (sic.) and GLBTA, “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Allies Center.” It’s those allies who matter.

There is SHAPING — “Shaping High School Asian and Pacific Islander Students for Next Generation, and VIBES: “Visionaries Inspiring Black Empowered Students.” There is NEW Leadership Program (for women) and there is MOSAIC - Meet Our Students and Investigate College — sounds innocent enough until it gets to the part of “furthering the diversity goals of the campus.”

There is “Semana de la Raza” — try it in German, Woche der Rasse, with the proper raspy consonants. Yawohl, Herr Oberst! And there is “YWCA of WSU Racial Justice Program.” But my favorites are those with poetic names:

“Out in the Middle of Wheatfields Conference” — a regional leadership and educational conference for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered college students and their allies.”

“Pah-Loots-Pu Celebration — a pow wow that “serves as a recruitment event and honors the accomplishments and contributions of Native American students at WSU.”

And the best of them all: “Future Cougars of Color”.

An hour with the coprophagic inmates of Charenton has worn me out. As all this demented, treasonous prating pours out at me from WSU’s diversity centrifuge, I have an epiphany. I have broken the code. Now I know the secret cypher, the ‘Open Sesame,’ the magic formula by which Progressive gnosis will bring down Heaven on Earth:

CASHE MOSAIC to CAPTIVATE ELLA Out in the Middle of Wheatfields at Pah-Loots-Pu for the NEW Leadership SHAPING of the GLBTA VIBES

It bears clarifying that hurtful adjectives like “coprophagic,” i.e. eating feces, or “idiot” apply only to the Whites who initiated this jolly hootenanny 40 years ago and are directing it today. One may have nothing but grudging respect for the “minorities” who see an opening to grab unearned advantages showered on them by mental defectives, and rush to seize them per evolutionary rules of survival. When Whites were still subject to their civilization and its rules of conduct, such behavior was deemed improper. But these are different times, and these are different peoples and cultural standards.

Moreover, words like insanity, madness, idiots that this work is sprinkled with are not to be construed as pejorative hyperbole. To the contrary, I use them according to their strict, diagnostic meaning in psychiatry, jurisprudence and in wisdom-based folklore.

Insanity is uniformly defined in medical dictionaries as a mental illness so severe that the patient cannot distinguish reality from fantasy and therefore cannot conduct his life in a manner safe to himself and to others. At law, insanity has a narrower definition: the defendant’s ability to distinguish right from wrong. By folk wisdom, insanity is known as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” By any of those definitions, the Progressive Left, and all social institutions based on Progressive principles, are insane.

To describe Progressives as idiots seems like gratuitous abuse, but the term “Idiot” has a long taxonomical history going back to the Greeks, and it fits the despoilers of the West like a glove. For the Athenians, Idiotes were citizens who declined taking part in the public process of governing, thus showing bad judgment. By the turn of the 20th century “idiot” acquired a specific meaning in clinical psychology, as the lowest level in a scale of mental retardation above which were the levels of imbecile and moron. Mental retardation in turn is defined as an intellectual disability comprising markedly impaired cognitive functioning and failure in two or more adaptive behaviors.

By any of these criteria, Progressives are idiots. They have chronic bad judgment, always fired by the zeal for social and moral re-engineering schemes that are by definition impossible and have ruinous consequences. Never learning from the experience, they repeat the same schemes as though the previous ones succeeded. Having failed to re-engineer the attitudes to wealth and property, they are now busy re-engineering the attitudes to race and achievement. However, rotten financial capitalism that’s ruining the West may yet deliver to the Left a victory on wealth and property too.

The Cougars of Color business brings to mind one, David Villalobos, who recently jumped into the tiger enclosure at the Bronx Zoo, asserting that he wanted “to be one with the tiger.” Almost two David Villaloboses were dragged out ten minutes later, though still fit to be sewn together.

Reality has patterns, based on which all sentient beings, including homo sapiens, developed rules of conduct that enhance the chance of survival. The “fight or flight” response, the “like likes like” social grouping, the hierarchical structure of such groupings, the in-group, out-group differentiation, the hoarding of vital provision for bad times, male-female role divisions and courtship protocol are all among the basic biological mechanisms of being, for otter and human alike.

You don’t jump into a cage with a tiger. You don’t stoke with invented lies anger and resentment in your indigenous or imported racial minorities disadvantaged in your society for their own biological and cultural reasons. Yes, they were treated badly in the past, but the only salutary remedy is Equal Opportunity, not Equal Outcome.

You don’t let a tiger into your own cage either, which is what the West has done by importing tens of million of Muslims disadvantaged cognitively and culturally in the same way as American Blacks or Mestizos are, and imbued with a creed, tradition and history hateful to Westerners. If you want to be one with the tiger, emigrate to Somalia or Pakistan. But to bring the tiger to your own community and let him loose too, why, that’s criminal mischief.

A serious question weighs on me that I have to pose to the reader: Have you been in touch with your conocimiento lately?

See, there is a problem, the one that everyone from presidents Bush and Obama, to the aforementioned Bill Gates, to the entire millions-strong educational establishment and the entire political class are trying to solve: NAMs, i.e. Non-Asian racial minorities, are vastly underperforming in education, and therefore in all the indices of personal prosperity and stability that depend on good education.

The standard solution is to confiscate billions of dollars more from the taxpayers and throw that treasure at the educational establishment. Strategic support is generated by pounding the brains of the pupils in the system, and their parents, with “white privilege” malarkey, so they accept docilely their transformation into ignorant, guilt-ridden white dhimmis for the sake of “closing the gap.”

The curious thing is that, saddled with the indigenous problem of American blacks’ relative ineducability, America has chosen to import tens of millions of the uneducable from Latin America. Hence anguished cries of the clueless class, with titles like “Hispanic education in crisis”.

Rochelle Gutiérrez, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, has come up with the perfect solution. In her lecture, “Rethinking the Knowledge Needed to Teach Mathematics,” Professor Gutiérrez argues that the “achievement gap” is a “social construction” and “equity in mathematics” demands more than access to a good curriculum. As summarized in the synopsis of her lecture, Gutiérrez argues that “a model of knowledge needed for teaching mathematics and addressing equity involves political knowledge.” That in turn calls for recognizing “multiple realities (Nepantla), developing conocimiento with students, becoming comfortable with uncertainty, and seeing tension as a means to birth new knowledge.” [Note the casual use of Mexspanish gobbledygook and postmodern English grammar, based on the assumption it’ll fly with an American university audience.]

I wonder if high school teachers of tens of millions of math students in China worry much about Nepantla and conocimiento. The students, however, hardly sleep in their senior year, to prepare for their rigorous exit exams, then go on to some of the best math departments in the world at Beijing, Fudan and Hong Kong Universities, and then on to China’s ballistic and space programs. And for PhD-level knowledge, they and Chinese graduate-level science students enroll in the best American universities — where they are often 75% of the class. That’s because American schools teach Nepantla and conocimiento instead of mathematics, and graduate people of a concomitant mental caliber.

More than 600,000 American manufacturing jobs went unfilled in 2011 due to a skills shortage. And as for less demanding skills such as basic English competence, that is increasingly difficult to find too. Ideas, including the ideas animating American education, have consequences.

Consider the rise of China as another tiger cage parable, except the idiot is so retarded that he not only transported the tiger into his own abode on silken pillows, but spent 40 years and untold trillions on pedicure of the tiger’s claws and orthodontic restoration of its fangs.

China has risen solely through the voluntary transfer of American and Japanese technology, pilfering such technology as it could not obtain legally, and co-opting Western and Japanese corporations to outsource their manufacturing to the People’s Republic. China’s weapons systems that increasingly threaten its erstwhile benefactors were built by Chinese scientists who obtained their PhDs in American universities, and by Chinese engineers who worked for American research and technology corporations, until they learned enough.

Nature knows not such self-tripping idiocy and, before they flipped, Western peoples did not either. Bottlenose dolphins that develop a new technology pass on the knowledge only to their children. The possessors of this technology then form a clique within the dolphin society. Japanese macaques teach their children how to wash fruit, and Thai macaques teach their offspring how to floss their teeth. Neither species of monkey teaches its technology to dogs or raccoons, or even to each other.

A Japanese macaque washing a sweet potato, with her baby looking on. © Frans B. M. de Waal, PhD

Goodwill, cooperation and a peaceful demeanor befits the West, and reflect its Christian roots. All within reason. But the rise of China is a story of a West that has lost its head, completely. And now it’s too late: the new Chinese F-60 stealth fighter-bomber, for instance, looks so similar to the U.S. Air Force’s most advanced F-22 Raptor that it’s likely to be a copy of the Raptor’s inner and most secret guts too. All of this was easily predictable a quarter of a century ago. Why go this way?

We are veering into spheres of the rulers’ madness; it’s a pattern that requires more proof of it being, first of all, a pattern. It’s easy to see, for instance, that the confounded Snatchers governing the West have done China redux in all that pertains to the West’s relationship with Islam and Muslims. Had they not jumped into that cage, in the name of peace, tolerance, nondiscrimination, global rapprochement and rent-seeking from oil plutocrats, the West could have remained the West, the East could have remained the East, and the twain, unmixed, could have co-existed with nary a terrorist or insult to Muhammad.

But all that is for a later chapter. Here we are concerned with the folded, stapled, spindled and psychologically mutilated proles: Mom and Pop, who pay for all this. They have not been asked whether they care to have much of their income confiscated annually for a pleating of a noose for their own descendants. Why do they accept all this?

Why are they not marching in the streets, and tarring and feathering their Snatcher overlords?

Next time.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


1. U.S. population poverty rate hovers now around 15%, which is where it was in 1965.
2. For the Thought Police Inspector who will be scouring this text and highlighting “racist” content, the author feels compelled to mention that he refers to himself as “half-breed” too, thought the two breeds are different from BH Obama’s. Another difference is that, unlike Mr. Obama, the author has not cast either of his breeds under the bus, thus foregoing multiple advantages.
3. This paragraph won the 2nd Prize in Dennis Dutton’s Bad Writing Contest for the year 1998. Dutton, who died prematurely in 2010, was a New Zealander professor of philosophy whose briefcase, to this day, Professor Bhabha should not be qualified to carry.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with TS that White,
Christian society is being targeted for serious dismantling. This is inspired and given direction from the top of the very top international banksters operating mainly out of Wall Street and the City of London.
Clearly the real issue is WHY do people not realise that 'something is going down' as they say in the US. There are many ingredients that
make up the zhombied mind-sets of most of the English-Speaking Western World. It is REALLY mind-blowing to watch the US swallow all the Obama garbage. If the US falls into the abyss,the
greatest nuclear arsenal in the World will be in the hands of some
form of nutcase, either globalists
or Mad Moslems. Not a nice thought, but this is on the cards if Obama is re-elected.

Paul Weston said...

Your best yet Mr Seiyo. Three paragraphs in particular were simply devastating in both style and cold reality. The only drawback to such prose is that the article is unlikely to be read by young "intellectual" liberal/leftists - let alone understood by them.

What to do? here is a highly intelligent man writing in a highly intelligent manner about highly important issues, yet the vast majority of people are reading instead the highly un-intelligent Fifty Shades of Grey if they are middle-class, or watching Celebrity Mind Porn on one of their 300 channels if they are lower class.

American (and British) education, coupled with a propagandised and dumbed down media effectively remove the majority from the influence of those such as Mr Seiyo, which is rather unfortunate. When reality finally dawns on them, it will be too late for democratic and peaceful resolution.

In the meantime, we can do little but enjoy his erudition, wit and knowledge as he catalogues the liberal/left murder of the West in his unique and inimitable style.

Anonymous said...

Great piece. I'm a bit of a mediaholic and spend probably too much time reading and listening to what the msm has to say. Increasingly it makes a lot less sense when compared to articles such as this one.

I feel we have the strength of argument but not yet the strength of numbers. It puts me in mind of Copernicus and Galileo...

Anonymous said...

Great article, as always! But in the game of survival, how do we say who is "smart"? We don't live in the abstract, so can we agree that (even if only known after the fact) that "math-smart but dead due to self-inflicted wounds equals not-smart"?

There are plenty of smart liberals. They are the ones that are manipulating the white guilt and hopes for heaven on earth for political power. After bare subsistence, it is about political power.

Check out two books that have great explanatory power:

1. Spoiled Rotten, Arthur Fleisher and Brian Goff
2. Resentment Against Achievement, Robert Scheaffer

Once the standard of living reaches a certain level, all kinds of social pathologies emerge. It started with the industrial revolution, and just keeps getting worse. If I had to guess, I would say it is because there was literally no evolutionary precedent for abundance AND large brains.

As for the "resentment" factor, look at it this way. Even if you hire 100 M.I.T. grads, you will certainly find a bell curve of effort. Those who fail to achieve resent the fact that the "toys" of the successful are a constant reminder of their failure. Thus, even if those lower echelons are still wealthy by any measure, they are ripe for the liberal guilt trip.

The problem is, no one knows what to do about this, except for a complete tear-down and start over.

As the economist Herbert Simon said "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good words, y'all.

To Mr. Weston's comment I can add that it's largely impossible to write this kind of material, because the reasons Mr. Weston elucidates add up to no money in such an endeavor. How many people with writing talent can afford to spend most of their day gathering facts and crafting propose guaranteed not only to bring a small number of readers but also zero income? I am lucky to no longer have to do things for money, but what I am seeing now I saw thirty and twenty years and ten years ago too, except then I could not afford to write about it.

To MJM: the next chapter will explain exactly how they manipulate the guilt on the one side and provide escapist soporifics on the other, and will suggest a way to duck all that.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

I have read this entire series. Excellent content and right on. I live in a large metropolitan neighborhood that is swarming with these brain dead liberals. I am currently surrounded by yard signs advocating gay marriage and opposing voter ID laws. Any attempt to reason with them is met with a deer in the headlights look or just walking away. It has gotten to the point where people I have always liked I can barely stand to talk to anymore when I realize that our worldviews are completely hostile to each other. It is becoming a rather sad world we have here. I do have a solid Christian worldview which helps, but can't let anyone know that I actually believe it.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to have a doctorate in neuropathology or clinical psychology to know the technical term for the lunies of the left; it is: "Rabid criminal psychopaths". This disease is cause by getting shots of infected kool-aid which contain the viruses of political correctness,performance envy,and reality denial.

This produces a zombie-like bunch of fifth columnists who help paint the Trojan horse in rainbow colors and urge that it be brought in through the gates.

The end of this madness will be the end of any society which aids and abets these lunatic enemies, with its active or passive support.

If the madness cannot be cured, at least the criminal psychopaths can be restrained from causing further harm to themselves and to others.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I came across the statistic that people in positions of power are - I think - ten times more likely to be criminal psychopaths than the rest of us. This would explain the hold that international bankers and financiers and the left have over us. By the left I would suggest the likes of Nick Clegg the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Britain who has said that all those opposed to gay marriage are bigots. They will not tolerate any other view even if it is that of the majority of the voters.

They excercise power through terror and guilt. The most recent example is of the racist chanting against black members of the England Under 21 footbal team in Serbia. Commentators noted that this sort of thing used to happen in England 30 to 40 years ago but does not any longer. Why? Firstly, because of laws designed to prevent it and secondly because of the guilt factor which is proving so successful in getting the white race to engage in self-immolation.

We look at the Serbs and a shudder of fear and guilt runs through us. Aren't we whites just terrible? If it were to happen the other way round as it does, Europeans would just ignore it and get on with it for firstly they are strong enough to withstand it but more importantly, strangely enough, it is the whites who would feel guilty for calling blacks racist because only we are racist and have done terrible things to the world. So the psychopaths have us and they knew that by bringing other races, cultures and religions into Europe and elsewhere and making us feel guilty for protesting they would ultimately defeat us.

As for stopping it. I sometimes feel that we are like the Samaritans either on the other end of the 'phone or standing behind a potential suicide on the edge of a building. We may say, do not do it, you don' have to do it and the white man now so heavily brainwashed replies, yes I do because I have been so horrible to everybody.

I remember seeing a programme a couple of years ago about the British broadcaster Alan Whicker and his programmes. They showed a clip of one made in the 1960s in the course of which Whicker asked two women if they would ever marry a black man. The upper class woman was obvious attracted by the thought of a black man's animal magnetism and said yes. The working class woman said, "no I don't believe that the races mix".
That was received wisdom in the 1960s in respect of races, cultures and religions. But to express such an opinion now would almost ensure immediate censure and possibly having the lawbook thrown at you. This shows the progress that the insane Marxists have made and yes they are sadists and masochists, wanting their own destruction and all of their kind.

Perhaps that woman 40 plus years ago was only expressing the common sense opinion of her generation. But the baby boomers who came to the fore in the 1960s and 1970s ensured that common sense should never prevail over their immature and selfish ideology.

Unfortunately, the ordinary people have always had to fight wars to remove criminal psychopaths in the past and I can see no other solution. White Christians are ultimately going to have to fight for survival. And if they lose then the world will be finished with them.

Anonymous said...

The problem, Anon of 2:41 pm is that it is not easy to pick out these psychopathic criminal globalist banksters. A large part of their success has always been their invisibility and ability to be one or two steps ahead of the rest of us.They are not presidents or Prime Ministers or even politicians. As JFK said in 1962, they sit behind and above Western governments and are so well organised, so ruthless and so secretive that getting to them is never going to be easy. They say
power corrupts, and total power corrupts totally; the ' Money Power' that Kennedy spoke about have had hundreds of years to practice their art, the art of transforming huge wealth into huge
political power.

Anonymous said...

We know that the banking elites have effectively bankrupted the world so that nations and individuals everywhere are their credit pawns. But perhaps somebody could explain to me how they think a world that is ultimately bankrupt and third world can benefit them?

As white hegemony recedes and third world hegemony takes its place civilisation is effectively going backwards and European technological and inventive genius is being removed from the world to the point where the world will cease to progress in a way that, led by European Christian Civilisation, it has progressed in the two millennia since the birth of Christ. What is the point? What do they hope to gain? Could somebody please give me an answer?

Anonymous said...

@Paul Weston,

" ... the highly un-intelligent Fifty Shades of Grey if they are middle-class, or watching Celebrity Mind Porn on one of their 300 channels if they are lower class."

Curious how the British notion of class has almost been left unscathed by progressive multiculturism.

Indeed that divisive class structure has been utilised by progressive multikultis and has been significantly reinforced by the addition of an exotic enricher class - beneficiaries of the progressive upper and middle class. A collusion that has relegated the indigenous working class to a dispossessed subcaste.

Jolie Rouge

jeppo said...

Voted 78% for Obama in 2008 — the highest of any demographic segment but the Blacks. The Blacks were voting rationally, for their pocketbook and racial pride. But the Jews, what were they voting for?

It's true that, according to CNN exit polls, Jews voted for Obama over McCain by 78% to 21%, compared to Catholics who voted 54% to 45% for Obama, and Protestants who voted 54% to 45% for McCain.

If we drill down a bit deeper, the political differences between Christians and Jews become even starker. White Protestants voted 65% to 34% for McCain, as did White Catholics by a 52% to 47% margin, 11 and 7 percentage points higher than the overall Protestant and Catholic totals for McCain. This makes sense because the vast majority of Black Protestants and Hispanic Catholics voted for Obama.

But White Jews voted 83% to 16% for Obama, 5 points higher than the overall Jewish vote for Obama. The explanation for this discrepancy must be that Sephardic, Mizrahi and other non-European (i.e. non-White) Jews voted overwhelmingly for McCain, while Ashkenazi (i.e. White) Jews voted just as overwhelmingly for Obama. And because Ashkenazis make up the vast majority of American Jews, the overall numbers are heavily skewed towards Obama.

Why did the non-White Jews, unlike non-White Christians, vote for McCain? Probably because they are mostly originally from Israel or elsewhere in the Middle East, and therefore have a hard-headed and realistic worldview that is more compatible with the Republicans rather than the soft-hearted and idealistic Democrats.

But the more important question is, to paraphrase Takuan, what were the Ashkenazis voting for? As the wealthiest ethnic group in America, they were voting for higher taxes on themselves. They were also voting for increased immigration of Third Worlders who, at best, are indifferent to their interests, and at worst actively hate their guts. And they were also clearly voting against the security interests of Israel.

Why would they do such a thing? The only explanation I can come up with is that they must feel a profound disconnect with the rest of White America, bordering on hatred and/or contempt, and seek to actively undermine the historic American nation at the cost of billions of their dollars in tax hikes, the very future of Israel, and even their own personal security in an increasingly Third Worldish (and Islamic) United States.

It's like the old saw about generals always fighting the last war, for the Ashkenazis it will always be 1939, with White Americans standing in for the Nazi Germans of yore. A Jewish anti-gentilism has evolved in response to the the anti-Semitism that they have faced living as minorities in Europe and elsewhere. Attempting to divide and undermine the Christian majority has historically been a logical and understandable response to help keep Jewish minorities safe and solvent over the centuries.

But the US is undoubtably the most philo-Semitic gentile nation in the history of the world. Jews are hugely over-represented at the commanding heights of the American economy, the media, academia, the judiciary, Hollywood, Wall Street, K Street, Madison Avenue, Capitol Hill, everywhere. So the Democratic policies of creeping socialism, the rapid browning of America, and a pro-Muslim foreign policy can only end in disaster for White Americans in general and Jews in particular. Yet these supposedly brainy Ashkenazis voted 83% for Obama.

The good news is that the majority of Jews in other Western nations, like Canada and France, have switched sides and now support conservative parties rather than liberals or socialists. The bad news is that if and when American Jews get with the program and start voting for the GOP (it definitely won't be this year), by then it will be too late for America and especially for American Jews.

Foregone said...

A long time ago, in the course of military training, and then some, a sergeant instructed us that it takes three things to have a fire, namely, fuel, air, and heat, but you only need to remove one of those things to stop it.

The problem for me today is where is the fire? If I knew that then I would simply stop it.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work TS.


Anonymous said...

@latter Anons
The name of the syndrome in its regular form is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Among politicians, G.W. Bush; among finance people, Greenspan/ Bernanke.
The name of the more extreme psychopatic variation is Malignant Narcissistic Personality disorder. Lots of politicians here, but only one bankster, Soros.
For the great majority of the banksters the psychological warp is of a different kind: boundless greed, often coupled to an outsize ego and an amoral world view.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

One is inspired, I think, when observing yesterday’s mental illness become today’s social/cultural/economic policy, to reference The Book of Revelations to see how it all turns out in the end.

George Pal

Unknown said...

Takuan Seiyo, what are your thoughts on 'Nietzsche the Visionary' at with his answer on "Western elites who actively seek to undermine and destroy their own civilization is the manifestation of the suicidal nihilism of the Last Man".

Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't get, since many American Jews(most seem to be hard Leftists) who arguably the financial engine behind the Democratic party and some of the leading ideologues for open borders, importing tens of millions of Muslims and other minorites. Minorites who don't care one iota about what happened to the Jews 65 years ago - IOW you can't guilt them with stupid labels. Many, especially in the black community don't like them period. Nor do they apparently ever stop and realize that by promoting the agenda that they do, they are signing their own death warrant. They've made sure there will be no rescuers to bail them out or fund their necrotic state.

They flip out when a local mayor does a Christian prayer breakfast, but are okay with public schools teaching Islam and how to practice it to students. They don't care when a Muzzie shoots up a Yeshiva.

Maybe they're smart, but from where I stand they're no different than all the other ideological robots from the GLBT, goose stepping Feminazis and the PC church denominations who think you can cuddle with the Hyena(Islam) and not get eaten.

Anonymous said...

Unknown @7:46
I don't read that website or that author. There are certain mental patterns that solidify into debilitating intellectual and often moral warps. I stay away when I get a whiff of that. The path trod by an organization that calls itself American Revolutionary Vanguard, by Mr. Preston as per his capsule CV and indeed by the people around must perforce repeatedly cross through the territory of early National Socialism -- the one imbued with ersatz Nordic mythology, pseudo-Veddic "Aryan" mysticism (think Savitri Devi, Julius Evola etc.), and outright craziness with Vril powering flying saucers with subterranean Norwegians at the controls. No salutary solutions may possibly come from that, especially after the prototype's spectacular crash.

I'd like to give you my own opinion about Nietzsche and how he relates to our historical crossroads, but obviously this is too narrow a space for it. I agree with him about the failures of democracy and the state that's based on it, and a need for a different ruling class that cannot be bought and sold and is based on virtue. My writing handle alone should give you an indication of that, for I had to travel all the way to Japan to find a wife raised in this kind of value system, not based on reading books but on daily lived experience of hundreds of years.

Where I disagree with Nietzsche is his "Murder of God," and there will be more about that in the concluding chapters of "Bee and Lamb," based on the work of a much greater Nietzsche expert than I am, Eric Voegelin.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...


That is basically how I see it. Jews are driven by historical memory fear and loathing. In other words, they hate and fear European Christians more than they love Jews. It's a pathology that is driving their behavior.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but check out Michael Medved's contribution to the Commentary Magazine Symposium: Why are Jews liberals?

Jewish NeoCons are just as flummoxed as the rest of us...and ponder this endlessly.

Green Infidel said...

"know that Ms. Ciccone’s confirmed IQ is 140. That is in the 99.6 percentile for white Americans (Mean: 100, SD: 15). How is that possible?

What does Obama have to do for white and once-Christian Harvard PhDs and 140-IQs to get their first clue?"

Yet, out of non-Muslims in the "Western" world in their knowledge of Islam, we are probably all in the 99.6 percentile :) Is there any other fact that matters?

Yes, it's indeed ironic that often, the higher up you go in intellectual ability, the less people have an understanding of the world around them. A contradiction, you might think? Or could it have something to do with that "world around them"? In the case of Harvard PhDs, it's often other Harvard PhDs... and nothing else. They are confined to their own spheres of intelligentsia, while their main contact with more earthly beings "down below" is either a visit to the local "exotic food" takeaway, or the News/Comment sections of the New York Times... (the question of WHY they choose the NYT and not, say, this website, is also an important one - but too lengthy to address here)

To give a practical example - during my time at a British university (having a high ranking worldwide in my branch of engineering), most of the people I encountered had exactly the mentality described in this article. After a while, these attitudes also started to permeate through to me. (although, having spent the first years of my life growing up under Communism and hearing a lot about it, I was less inclined to believe the anti-western slogans).

During those first few years studying, I was tolerant to all and even arguing the case for immigration... so when did I start questioning immigration and multiculturalism? It was not through picking-up the Daily Mail, or going to a "hatemongering" blog online - but when I got a job selling inter-city bus tickets to the general public. There, I had a chance to see the scale of what was happening... And when, in order to take down their details (needed for some tickets), recent immigrants speaking hardly any English would flash out their British passports, something felt wrong. Would Brits going to live in the middle East or even Spain be entitled to a passport of that country? It seemed something unimaginable...

(to be continued)

Green Infidel said...


One friend at the same university - with top grades in all his A-levels and a scientific enthusiast, as well as a real expert on history - also thought the same way. Sometimes, he even called me "racist" or "ignorant" if I inadvertently stereotyped someone. However besides his studies, he had an unusual part-time job for a student: driving buses. The contact he had with the general public gave him food for thought as to how the real world looked. Then, after an episode of "cultural enrichment" (in which he was perhaps lucky to come out without more lasting injuries or death), his views changed.

Now, several years later, he is the one sometimes making "racist" comments, very critical of mass immigration and multiculturalism, and regularly reads links to blogs (including this one) I sometimes send.

So, how come - at a university dominated, like all others, by left-wingers, "anti-fascists", and even some Islamic supremacists, (the anti-terrorist police even once raided one of our computer labs) - some people think different? In our case, it was due to having contact with the real impact of what people were discussing: immigration and multiculturalism. In fact, in my work selling tickets - containing Muslims, blacks and a few whites, almost everyone thought similarly about refugees and immigrants.

In short - the reason we think differently is because our experience of multiculturalism is more than just eating exotic foods. My advice to the Harvard PhDs would be to get a temporary job at their local bus station and feel some real cultural enrichment. The value of the "free entertainment" that they'd inevitably get would by itself be worth it!

Green Infidel said...

@Takuan Seiyo,

I am of course in agreement with most of what you say. However I'll take issue with a few brief parts of it:

"Destroy the best healthcare system in the world?"

Would that be the US healthcare system, charging sky-high costs for medication and healthcare? I think Swedes, French or even British may have something to say about that!

Double the price of gasoline in a country with the largest oil reserves in the world?

As far as I know the US does not have the largest oil reserves in the world - unless you're including tar sands, which are difficult to exploit and cause a lot of damage to the environment (and which would, to my best knowledge, still put the US behind the likes of Saudi Arabia or Venezuela, which also has large tar sands reserves in addition to very large conventional oil reserves). In fact, ecologists are trying to get mining tar sands banned (the question of who's funding them is another matter).

Finally -

"Ms. Ciccone cited Obama’s support of “gay rights” and the amazingness of having “an African-American in the White House” as the reason why her audience must vote for Obama."

I believe on that occasion, she also said "we have a black Muslim in the White House"... probably the only thing I can agree with her on :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have nailed it, Anon of 1.03 am, the AshkeNAZI US Jews are so full of hatred and resentment at the seemingly unflappable stoicism and happiness of US Christians [read Whites] that they are obsessed with
pulling down the US, whatever the cost.They probably believe they can escape when the imported Moslems do the job for them.Some of them may believe that they will be an integral part of this New World Order as they were in Russia in 1917, where they were responsible for the murder of millions of Christians.

Anonymous said...

As the pagan and judeo-christian convoluted corpse of Western faith and spirituality rots in the landfill of consumerism, a dead spot (anomie) is created in the human psyche. Where the desire for virtue once resided there is now a moral vacuum that is generating an appetite for social control, in the absence of virtue the human psyche then gorges-out on the imitation of virtue that is totalitarianism.

Dangerously for the West the most convenient and powerful imitator of virtue is islam. The threat to the western psyche is both internal and external.

Jolie Rouge

Martin Konvicka said...

As a fellow who grew up during decaying communism in Eastern Europe, I remember too well all the silly, optimistically-sounding acronyms, written in capital letters and standing for even more silly programs.

Another commie-idea, just adopted by PCMC fascists, is the notion of class-based science. All this equity in mathematics, etc.

One think is for sure: None of this stuff is going to work, and nations embracing such stupidities are condemmed to poverty, starvation and bloodshes.

1389 said...

In case anyone missed the latest scrap of news on the self-destruction of the West...

US consulate in Benghazi was a hub for recruiting jihadis to fight for al Qaeda in Syria

Anonymous said...

@Green Infidel
The inverse correlation between IQ and cultural sophistication on one hand and political/philosophical intelligence and common sense on the other has flummoxed me throughout my entire adult life. There are some linguistic cues to that too; in Polish, for instance, the expression for common sense translates as “peasant’s reckoning,” not as “professor’s reckoning.” My solution to that, for a long time, was advocating for the return of the military draft. That can still work in largely monoethnic countries, but no longer in much of the West. In France, for instance, unofficial reports peg the number of Muslims in the French Army at 12% -15%.

Wealth is another debilitating factor. My student experience parallels yours, in that I studied at two elite American universities known, in those pre-affirmative action days (late 60s to mid-70s), for the social pedigree of their predominantly White student bodies. I had a totally different set of values and outlook on life than my classmates, but then, when weekend came and they got into their MGs and Mustang soft-tops to go home for some lawn croquet and trysts with equally privileged girlfriends, I got on the bus to take me to similarly sumptuous mansions where I worked as a weekend gardener’s helper.
Also, because my budget could not accommodate digs in the better part of town, in the fist instance I lived four blocks away from a black neighborhood, and in the second, ¾ miles equidistant between a black neighborhood and a Mexican one. So I got to know the non-white minorities in a way that simply wasn’t available to the rest of the university crowd.

When Bush was president and Republicans controlled Congress and all were shilling for “Amnesty,” as “conservatives” still do now, I wrote some articles ridiculing their, particularly Bush’s and McCain’s, experience of Mexicans as their nannies, cooks and gardeners and pickers of the grapes for their Chardonnay. But out in flyover country, including in my life, daily experience with Mexicans was something very different, and much more negative.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

@Green Infidel
Re: Health care
Big subject, can’t do it justice here. The American system as it existed had many outrageous flaws. The high costs of medications, for instance, exists because drug companies load the cost of their R & D on the American market, so they can sell the same drugs much cheaper abroad. But quality-wise, it was still the best. The problems can be and could have been fixed, rather than tearing down the whole edifice. I experienced socialized medicine in other countries, and it doesn’t work either quality or accessibility-wise, except in Japan. But the conditions in Japan are unique and non-duplicable.
Re: Oil
Yes, I meant shale oil, and there are considerable engineering/environmental problems with the extraction, but they can be solved with applied ingenuity. FYI, the Green River Formation alone, stretching mostly across Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, contains an estimated three trillion barrels of oil. Current technology allows for extracting half of that. That 1.5 trillion alone equals half of the rest of the world’s proven reserves.
Re: Madonna’s “Black Muslim”
She said it sarcastically. An important part of the higher-IQ Progressives’ modus operandi, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart being a prime example, is to mock all conservative critics and positions contra Liberalism, Obama, MC/PC and so on as comically dumb.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

Paul, there are those who argue that the English class system was a result of the Norman Invasion. The Normans became the monarchy and the aristocracy and the Anglo-Saxons, bereft of their thanes who had mostly fled abroad, became the serfs, the working class.

William the Conqueror is described as an excessively greedy man who together with his croney knights plundered Anglo-Saxon England. A few hundred years later Henry the Eighth did the same to the monasteries and handed the spoils to his cronies.

So basically, the British Establishment are the heirs of the plundering and excessively greedy William the Conqueror. What has now happened is that the British Establishment has gone global. Anybody who wants to plunder or launder money here, bent or straight, is welcome the join William the Conqueror's club. So we have Russian Oligarchs and rich Greeks laundering money through property so that the English middle classes can no longer afford to live in London. The indigenous cockneys were driven out decades ago.

As for the English, we are now serfs to the world and useful idiots for any greedy and plundering Tom, Dick or Harry who chooses to roll up here. Before mass immigration we might have stood a chance of breaking free of the Norman yoke. But now I believe we are just going to be trodden deeper into the earth until we are buried alive.

Anonymous said...

TS asks why don't the whites in America protest. I'll tell you why, because if the political elites thought the protests were in least manner threatening to them, they would unleash the Police, TSA, DHS, Army, Marines and National Guard on them.

Also any protests will automatically be marginalized by the MSM and that includes Fox. The political class will ignore them and try to sabotage and co-opt their movement from the inside like they did to the Tea Party.

TS needs to look at early American history how we treated protestors - it wasn't uncommon to use Pinkerton men, Nation Guard or Army to murder Americans whom the rich thought got too uppity.

Later they got wise and created the New Deal under FDR to keep the masses from going French Revolution on them. Still there is the iron fist waiting for anyone who wants to upset the status quo.

The only way things can change is when the beast - the USG defaults or goes into hyperinflation. They'll be too busy trying to save all the cities that will be going up in flames once their precious minority groups don't get their welfare checks and free food. Here's the kicker they're ain't enough of cops and Fed goons to keep a lid on it once it blows. Many will also take a walk rather than deal with a bunch of out of control savages.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:47

I know all those things you mention, but they do not apply to what I am talking about. Mind you, I am pointedly avoiding any talk of violent methods, and not merely because such talk puts you on the radar of the systems’ spooks and tabulators of resistance, but because such talk is irresponsible and presumptuously foolish too, unless you have led at least a regiment of men in combat and are a publicly revered figure.

What I am talking about is 1000 parents standing in front of their children’s high school, or 5000 in front of the university, with placards. 100, 000 flooding the capital city of their state, and 1,000,000 flooding Washington, just jangling their keys. And doing it repeatedly in ever-swelling numbers, and with proportional adjustment in every Western European country and city too. No Pinkertons or soldiers apply in this scenario. And even if such were deployed, that’s even better. Nothing can stir the people more than the sounds and pictures of peaceful middle aged citizens being wantonly pummeled or shot. And patriots have to be willing to be pummeled and shot, if they ever want to regain their freedom.

Recall the account in an earlier chapter, of how Estonia liberated itself from the Russkis. Better yet, see the film, “The Singing Revolution.” This story, with some variations, repeated everywhere in Eastern Europe in 1988 -89, and the struggle had started decades earlier, against much worse odds, when the Soviets were still ruling with an iron fist. There is no excuse for Western Whites’ highly dissimilar placidity in the face of the oppression and overt destruction of their countries they witness every day.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

Takuan Seiyo’s most recent essay evokes harmonic vibrations in me, particularly in response to the analysis of the guiding intellects of our time: “What makes them think they are different?” and “How do they maintain membership?”

I. For me, the first question has a simplistic answer. I once read that the difference between Popeye and Mickey Mouse is explained by the fact that Max Fleischer grew up on the rough streets of New York and Walt Disney spent his childhood on a farm surrounded by all the “cute” animals of a barnyard. How these two characters approach and solve a problem is emblematic, in a sense, of two different ages of American qua Western history. First the fist-and-elbow expansion into the world and maintenance of one’s own standards, no matter what competing standards there might be -- from the potentates of Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa to the mighty empires of Asia and their various cultures.

This is Stage One: Stay out of my way and you won’t get hurt. Spinach beats sushi any day.

Stage Two is a result of Stage One. Generations protected from privation and tyranny become self-centered, sybaritic and gormlessly rebellious against anything perceived as an attempt to circumscribe their “free will,” i.e., pleasure. Make love not war. Or at least feel free to indulge yourself and move on. And please, no violence. Not cool, unnecessary. In a world of plenty (as far as our eyes can see) we can afford to be generous, not only with material things, but with historical imperatives. The old imperative was fist-and-elbow, and look how many were hurt by that. (Never mind what they may have been doing before we came along. To the victor belongs the guilt.) Now is the time to make up for everything we did, everything we took, everything we illegitimately possess, all our undeserved comfort. Time to lie down in the barnyard and let all the cute little ducks and chicks, and lambs and kids romp all over us. They will be soooo grateful and we will have made a mere down payment on our debt to the world.

(to be continued...)

Anonymous said...

Stage One was tougher. Stage Two is nicer.

“That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more,” must give way to “Whistle while you work,” “When you wish upon a star” and “Bibbety, bobbety boo.” Nicerness is the name of the game.

II. How is the membership held together? It is like any “secret society” -- there must be passwords, secret handshakes, a language of their own. Takuan Seiyo is like a double agent in this regard, because he is a master of that idiom and uses it to assault the fortress that is built on it. Sometimes -- in reading his essays -- I find myself carried along on the tide of his reasoning and then, suddenly, sucked into a whirlpool of esoteric language. The difference between his product and that used in so much of the secret society he assails, is that he is actually saying something, so it is worth the effort.

Having “Roughhoused” my way through a career in academe, I had to learn this language, because there was no other way to be published. I dealt with subjects that interested me, and some had meaning beyond the nit-picking fads of the scholarly moment, which may explain why some of my work was received with mingled approbation and rage. A learning experience occurred when my wife was finally able to accompany me to one of the annual meetings of my professional association, and studied the program ahead of time to find papers she would be most interested in. She went to several, before she decided that her time could be better spent shopping. She summarized the experience by saying that, at first, she had been a little surprised by the profusion of jargon words. After she got used to that, she spent some time being confused about the “content.” Finally, she arrived at the point of asking: “Are any of these people actually saying something?” And the answer was: Of course not; they were speaking in the sacred language of academe to other initiates who could nod wisely and parse it all later over drinks. Meaning? Surely you jest! Everyone knows about publish or perish. There is nothing in there about making sense or being significant.

An ominous development is the recent popularity of agenda-driven science, such as Global Warming. Alongside the willing, politicized believers, are the hacks who are establishing “scientific” credentials by the easiest, sleeziest route available. All in the proper jargon and supported by other experts in the field. When “hard” science follows in the path of the social sciences and the humanities in its derivation of proofs, Truth becomes truly relative.

Best of all for the poseurs in academe -- unlike so many other professions that require extensive education -- the unthinking, incapable-of-common-sense, unhampered-by-moral-strictures members can be protected by the mere presence of the more competent and industrious. And the general public still looks with awe and admiration at a “scholar.” How many barely adequate minds masquerade behind the titles “Professor” and “Doctor?” Do you know hat sort of nonsense they are funneling into your children’s mind? (And by the way, what is Jill Biden a “doctor” of?)

G. E. Lessing

Anonymous said...

Quite like Heather MacDonald, another late-stage dropout from the carousel of madness, I got my dose of semiotics and all the fashionable French "philosophes de merde." I'd not recommend it for someone without your background, but Nikos Salingaros's critique of deconstruction as the "Derrida Virus," injected deliberately to confuse and weaken Western society, puts all the fashionable academic piffle on a stark plane.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...


P.S. There is a great excerpt from Nikos Salingaros's“The Derrida Virus," here (Part 2):

Neither the website nor the context of an article by the greatest contemporary communist thinker, Slavoj Zizek, have anything to do with my own orientation.

Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

While it is certainly fun to make fun of the antics of the PC (perversity correct)crowd, to poke the pretensions of the rationally challenged,and to laugh at their attempts to tie their sandals or to trip over their own tongues when they spit out the latest fashionable acronyms;we must remember that the millions of goosestepping feet pushing people into Auschwitz were not stopped by rhetoric alone. Remember Thermopylae.Remember Tours.Remember the Alamo. Lock and load.

Anonymous said...

@Takuan Seiyo
Thank you for the follow-up. I had just completed a search of networks to which my college's library and my hometown library belong,confirming that there is no reference to that work by Salingaros,and the only works on Derrida are the usual "piffle."
G. E. Lessing

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @7:30

It all must start from ridiculing and delegimitazing the Ruling Class, drawing aside the curtain and showing the Wizard of Oz. We need many more of the undecided to be decided, and of the wilted to be coursing with vitality and purpose.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

It has started. If it is not to finish with the party liners revealing the evil which lurks in their minds by rounding up of all those who ridicule and reveal them,or dis,or insult,or make fun of, or disrespect,etc,etc,etc.;then the start of the beginning must be added to. Lock and load.

Anonymous said...

TS said: "It all must start from ridiculing and delegimitazing the Ruling Class, drawing aside the curtain and showing the Wizard of Oz. We need many more of the undecided to be decided, and of the wilted to be coursing with vitality and purpose."

Sorry to step in here..(and thanks for the reference to the critique of Derida/deconstruction.

I was disussing this need for ridicule as a political strategy/tactic being adopted and used by Conservatives, which has happened perhaps in modern pop culture with Rush Limbaugh, with another US Conservative (an attorney if it matters), and he laments that direction of politics (maybe he is well described as a William F. Buckley stylist). But that is where the Left has taken us already, they have used it successfully, especially as they marched through the institutions. It is in Alinsky's step by step guide for the subversion of the institutions.

It really must be done. There is no reason to debate many of the clowns on the Left. They need to be ridiculed and run out of town with their heads hung low. Ostracized from polite and intelligent political discourse. Shamed in popular culture. So that nobody would ever think them cool or somebody to emulate or listen to.

It may be a coursening of our polity, but that horse already bolted from the barn.

That is why I like Steyn and Coulter so much. They sneer and jeer at the enemy....which is exactly what they deserve.


Anonymous said...

What TS stated at 8:23 makes more sense than protests. White protests will only work in White majority areas.

Now if you apply lots of civil lawsuits against particularly dangerous Leftists in academia and the public schools we can shut down a lot of them. Hurt them in the wallet.

But TS really got it, the best way is to apply Alinsky's tactics back at the Leftist elite. Mock them, ridicule them, laugh at their stupid labels. Nothing hurts a grand panjandrums of the Left than mockery, see these cretins thrive on worship like some psychic vampires. What better way to deflate them than to disregard them with contempt.

Don't be afraid to attack them. That's what talk radio does. Why do you think Limbaugh is so popular - the guy just beats on the Left like a bongo drum.

We can start with pamphlets mocking them and their pet projects and distributing around college campuses. Make some look legit, make some look coming from their pet minorities the Blacks and Mexicans - the White Lefties will be too terrified to say anything as they are actually scared of these minorities. Hide under the GLBT label - put out hit pieces on the Tranny community from the Nancy boys. Maybe put out some from CAIR - about the virtues of the Burkha for feminists and why it's beneficial for them to clean toilets.

Affirmative Action is another a rich field for mockery of it's proponents and the logic behind it.

Post-Modernism, Deconconstruction, Derrida and all the intellectual effluvia of the last 80 years is another field ripe for mockery. All they produced was stupid people with worthless degrees.

Feminist and gender studies. Black and Chicano studies.

Then build websites that look Leftist but are really mockery of the Leftist agenda. Be sure to ask for donations.

And Jack Chick style comic strips mocking PC/MC themes. Just get a good cartoonist for the drawings and you're in business. You can reach a lot of people with these. Leave them at restaurants, libraries, any place lots of white people go.

The Left will go nuts.

Anonymous said...

There is always a place for those who mock the axis of evil,ie :the libroid-jihadist alliance.Just remember to be carrying ,when the "brown shits" of whatever style come on their rampage.

Locked and Loaded.

Anonymous said...

"What does Obama have to do for white and once-Christian Harvard PhDs and 140-IQs to get their first clue?"

They've stared into they abyss they've helped create, and it stared back. They have seen what needs to be done to fix the situation, and the sheer terror of that necessity makes them flee to someone who is offering "Hope" but nothing of substance.

Joe Coolstuck
EDL LGBT Division

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me that I - born 1951 - was one of the last generation of white children being born. To suggest that what is happening to the white race is a genocide planned probably since the early years of the last century would be just too surreal to be believable; and that is the problem.

More importantly, if such is the case then who in the entire world would benefit. The Chinese and the Japanese would suffer from our lack of technology and inventiveness. The third world from India to South Africa to South America relies on us. And as for the Jews, if such a plan was hatched by them, then who will defend them bar white Christians when the Muslims take over - certainly not the blacks. How can they consider themselves to have the highest iqs if they would come up with a plan that is so wholly irrational?

Anonymous said...

Takuan Seiyo: "Re: Madonna’s 'Black Muslim' She said it sarcastically."

Actually, Madonna has been dating a Muslim for a while. Madonna knows very well that Obama is a black Muslim - as do all of the devout Muslims in the world who omit to persecute Obama for his taqiyya aka insincere 'conversion' to Black Liberation Theology aka fake Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Obama is not only the worst yet US president, he's also the most dangerous to the entire country. If the US electorate stick him back in it says more about the disconnect in people's minds in US society than anything else. Either
that is the case or there will be monumental electoral fraud. Perhaps there is a side of the human brain we have not discovered which might hold the explanation as to why [great] civilisations suddenly disappear.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:54
Re: Planned genocide

I don't believe that there is or has been any conspiracy to this effect. The evil ones are and have been very few, and never had the power to affect the destiny of the West to such an extent.

Remember, the theme of this piece is not evil but stupidity and insanity. There is some evil at the fringes, including in academia, BHO's government, EU etc., but even that has no overt objective to destroy us but rather to postpone the SHTF denoumenet and the day of reckoning for the ruling elite responsible for it.

In case you think "stupidity/insanity" are too weak a diagnosis, I'll repeat the Robert Heinlein quote from Chapter 4: “Stupidity is the only universal capital crime. The sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

"I don't believe that there is or has been any conspiracy to this effect." Concur, all that banker/Jewish stuff reflect the Nazi/Muslim mindset and is a bit OTT.

@Anon 5:36 PM
Obama being elected saw something unique happen: The worst ever POTUS being succeeded by the worst ever POTUS. Should Obama be re-elected it will be a man caused disaster.

However he is the POTUS for our time. We live in an age where at least in the West the masculine/yang energy has been spent and an unconstrained female/yin energy is running amok. In its purest form yin is Love but even pure Love without Wisdom is blind. In its currently degraded form I don't feel that Love has become Evil, rather it has parterned itself with Falsity and we have those who will not see leading the blind. Falsity has replaced Truth or as Hindu mythology puts it in Kali Yuga 'Thieves will become Kings'. Kali is the female deity who presides over the destruction of worlds.

Bupkiss O'Toole said...

Little Brother explains

"Now suppose we wanted to demoralize...literally break the will and pride of a particular group of people. What strategy could we employ to ensure the greatest chance of success?

Well, let us start by arrogating to ourselves a posture of moral authority; something of a contradiction to be sure, since we are moral relativists at heart.

But bear in mind that assuming this posture, or any posture for that matter, in no way contradicts our flexible, pragmatic value system. And even if it did, we forever stand ready to sacrifice principle for success.

* * *

We begin by instilling a profound sense of guilt into the Target group; psychologically crippling them with a blitzkrieg of truths, half truths and gross exaggerations. Blind-sided and bamboozled.

Next, we'll saturate all media and public institutions with this campaign such that everyone is coerced into accepting it as the norm and anyone who opposes or questions it is considered not quite right in the head....or an evil doer and fair game for demonization.

* * *

Nothing will break down a person's sense of self-worth more profoundly than being summarily convicted in his own mind and having that conviction constantly validated at every turn by the society around him.

Concomitant with the intolerable tension, will be the redirection of personal identification from the guilt-ridden self to a well-crafted image of the long suffering, blameless Other.

Targets will fall all over themselves to offer assistance, praise, excuses, etc. All in the vain hope that expiation will eventually be forthcoming. Of course it never will be.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Other will will enjoy the full support of an Establishment obfuscation strategy as well as virtual carte blanche to run amok and attack the Targets at will. It'll be like punching out a paraplegic!

* * *

This provides ancillary benefits as well. For one, it provides a handy scapegoat for the populace, giving them an outlet for their frustrations. For another, it provides a distraction for other things we are trying to put over on them. And lastly, it solidifies their sense of community.

And what sort of community are we working with? As you well know, we have cobbled together a loose, admittedly rather fragile, confederation of minorities, misfits and assorted losers.

Expendables, you might say. But then, aren't we all really?"

Green Infidel said...

@Takuan Seiyo

Apologies for the late reply. Regarding "The inverse correlation between IQ and common sense", here's some thoughts I had on this subject:

The higher the IQ, the higher the ability to "think".
The more thought, the more likely you are to think through new ideas (including ideas such as abortion, "free love", multiculturalism, gay marriage, uncontrolled immigration, etc).
The more you think through new ideas, the more likely you want to accept them.
Hence the more you "think", the more you're likely to be "progressive" - and think of those unwilling to accept your ideas as "stupid" and "afraid of change".

But is there such a thing as an idea, which works out perfectly in practice?

When doing any scientific experiment, the crucial thing is listing:
1) your assumptions
2) possible sources of error.

Why? Because almost always, your experiment does NOT match up to theory!

Now, back to "progressives" and their "ideas"...

Have they thought through those ideas fully?
Have they taken all factors into consideration?
Do the practical results of their "experiment" match up with their theory?
Have they done so in the case of Marxism, multiculturalism, redistribution etc?

Perhaps progressives are clever - but are they being "too big for their boots"? Have they overestimated their inteligence and ability to get things right?

Meanwhile, the simple worker sticking to the "peasant's reckoning" you mention may have more earthly goals, but may also be more successful in fulfilling them, simply by abiding by the golden rule of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Intelligence does not imply wisdom. Someone with a high IQ may actually, through a tendency to overestimate the correctness of their thoughts, be less likely to possess common sense. As exemplified by Madonna and the Harvard progressives.

I will reply to the other points you raise later.

Anonymous said...

@Green Infidel
Yes, the distinction between smarts and wisdom is a key point in my writings, as is the distinction between intellectual knowing and "gut knowing." I chose my nom de plume deliberately because Zen and its related disciplines, e.g. the true martial arts, contain remedies to the West's obstinate and catastrophic choosing of the wrong turn in almost ever crossroad it has passed in the last 100 years. BTW, in Japan the gut, i.e. the stomach, and not the brain, is considered the source of true knowing, and the seat of the vital life energy, ki. Hundreds of expression convey that too, e.g. whereas we say that someones is "blackhearted" the Japanese say "black stomach."
But there is something else in all this; too much to go into here; will be in Chapter 9.
Takuan Seiyo