Sunday, October 28, 2012

“The Murderers of My Son”

Tyrone Woods was a former SEAL who was killed at the “safe house” in Benghazi on the night of September 11th. Recent revelations have shown that not only were his calls for help turned down by the brass, but Tyrone Woods and his fellow CIA operatives were ordered to “stand down”.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods disobeyed orders and died as a result. They went in to the annex to try to help those who were under attack from the mujahideen, and were hit by a mortar shell. According to all accounts they were courageous and heroic, and fought to the end.

Charlie Woods, Tyrone’s father, was interviewed recently by Megyn Kelly on Fox News about what happened to his son in Benghazi. Mr. Woods wants some answers from the Obama administration, and he’s not the only one.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Diana West wrote last Thursday about another interview with Charlie Woods, and the cynical insincerity of President Obama and Secretary Clinton in their dealings with the grieving families of those killed in Benghazi:

Charles Woods, father of fallen ex-SEAL Tyrone Woods, called in to the Lars Larsen radio show yesterday to express his thoughts about the news that Benghazi was known to be a terrorist attack right away, was observed via Drone cameras in real time, and that relief forces remained undeployed from nearby countries.

Tyrone and ex-SEAL Glen Doherty were both killed by a mortar fired at the safe house annex late in the firefight, after Wissam bin Hamid’s Libya Shield Brigade had escorted eight Marines from Tripoli to the safe house.

Charles Woods says: “Someone had to say ‘don’t go rescue them.’ We need to find out who gave that order and why.”

Woods says he’s not angry at anybody but believes “something doesn’t smell right.” He recounted his experience at Andrews Air Force Base on the day that the bodies of the four Americans killed in Benghazi returned home. In a building near the hangar, the four grieving families were arranged in what he described as “pods” and the dignitaries on hand visited each pod separately. The president “kind of mumbled,” Woods said, “totally insincere,” His face was looking at Woods, he said, but his eyes were looking over Woods’ shoulder — “like he couldn’t look me in the eye.” Woods added: “It was like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

Pat Smith, Sean Smith’s mother, has also described the coldness of the commander in chief on this occasion.

Woods also met with Hillary Clinton. He described Clinton as coming over to him, they embraced, shook hands — “she did not appear to be one bit sincere at all” — and then: “She said ... we’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted, that did the video,” Woods said.

The video lie — and to the face of a grieving father. Who created it? Why? This was already September 14. On that same day CIA Director Petraeus, briefing the House Intelligence Committee, also passed along this same lie, blaming the video for a protest that never happened. Two days later, UN Ambassador Susan Rice hit the talk shows with the same lie. On September 25, it was in the president’s message to the world at the UN.

The President, the SecState, the CIA Director, the UN Ambassador have much explaining to do to the American people. None of them defend the First Amendment, but they’ll say absolutely anything for their own ends.


William Stout said...

President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize on nothing more than sentiment. He won an election on nothing more than empty promises. He stood back and placed the leadership of the free world in the hands of the U.N. and NATO. The man has been praised for his veneer and never for his character. The two men that went to the assistance of the Ambassador and his team while they were under fire are heroes of substance.

They have core values that are pristine and untouched by the politics of Washington and the corrupted politicians who thrive there. They disobeyed orders to stand down because they had to in order to save innocent lives. They knew that they would likely not survive the ordeal because they also knew that relief would not be coming for them.

My nation was built by such men, but sadly as time passed we have turned our backs on the men who live by a higher moral code. We ridicule them and say that character does not matter. That duty, honor, and country has no value. The two ex-SEALS who went to the aid of their fellow Americans did not believe that and they gave their lives in service to those ideals and in so doing they saved lives.

That they are heroes is beyond dispute. That the U.S. still has men with the moral character to do what those men did is amazing in the infected and corrupt society in which we now live. The politicians in the White House are responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, of that I am certain. The terrorists may have pulled the trigger, but our own President allowed it to happen as he jetted to Vegas afterward to party.

We need to remember these men and honor them for their sacrifice. We need to remember them for their moral character and we need to remember them as examples of how to live our own lives. Anything less disrespects them and disrespects the principles that guided them. But there must also be justice for these men.

Those who are responsible for ordering the reaction teams to stand down and for covering up the events of Benghazi must be identified and made to answer for their actions and their decisions. The dead demand it as do their grieving families.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his political underlings are to blame for this AND the MSM that is covering up for him in a way that makes them a bunch of treasonous SOB's as well.

What worse according to Fox news contributor Pat Caddell, stated that Obama left the White House while the attack was ongoing to go to Colorado. This is what this freak pot head thinks of American lives - he doesn't.

Joe Kidd said...

I'm posting this here because its comments section has become a repository of related links.

dymphna said...

America's new way of war, via Wretchard at Belmont Club:

War is now effectively made from the White House. This may confuse some in America who know that despite Libya, despite operations across Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Southwest Asia are convinced that the Obama administration is not actually at War, nor has ever started one, since that is a power reserved to Congress, but is only engaged in some piddling ‘kinetic military action’. Still, the Washington Post writes “the concentration of power in one person, who is unelected and unconfirmed by Congress, does not sit well with critics.”


Now, it would seem, everybody wants their own drones, starting with Patraeus.
And one of his commenters has a plausible though amazing tale to tell:

The Story Behind General Ham's Removal from Command of Africom

There's lots of information out there, from places I hadn't seen before. And none of it is good. No wonder the suicide rate in the military is so high. A top-down problem...our servicemen feel as safe under Obama's care as our seniors do with his "health" care.