Thursday, October 18, 2012

Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 1

This is the first part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English.

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Sweden and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

We expect to post the other three parts of this series as soon as the translations are ready. Stay tuned.


00:23 This picture of the Christmas ornaments in the center of the city
00:25 could deceive you a little,
00:27 because everything is so neat and clean.
00:29 There are even policemen around,
00:31 but a few kilometers away,
00:33 in a different area, in the so called no-go zone
00:36 sharia laws rule, and the police almost never come.
00:44 In the last few decades, Europe, as everyone knows, became
00:48 a preferred continent for the millions of Muslims.
00:53 Refugees and work immigrants from the Muslim countries
00:56 are accepted in their multitudes by Europe,
00:59 which may have solved in this way its problem
01:00 of the much needed workforce,
01:02 but created at the same time inside it Muslim ghettoes
01:06 which are isolated, crime-ridden and religiously extreme.
01:09 “Here, look, they ran away. Everyone here is a Mafiosi”
01:11 “Are people carrying guns here?” “Guns!”
01:13 “As in Iraq?”
01:14 “We will never stop, never, never!”
01:16 “Even in prison we gonna do our da’wa (preach Islam)”
01:19 Stop telling us to go home. Where should we go? We were born here
01:21 France is our country. Then respect it !
01:24 We will ruin the cops, those mother****ers…
01:25 The fear of immigrant riots is growing
01:28 in more and more European countries.
01:30 The biggest wave of protests was started
01:33 by the police chase in the immigrant neighborhood
01:35 of a small town near Paris,
01:37 which led to the death of two teenagers.
01:39 Their death ignited riots by the immigrants
01:41 in autumn of 2005.
01:44 They engulfed France and spilled over into
01:45 other European immigrants’ enclaves.
01:48 “It’s like cancer. They are barbarians!”
01:49 I hope we are not in for a civil war.
01:53 It was just a taste of the horror scenario
01:55 for many Europeans.
01:57 “The cops damaged the mosque!”
01:59 There are extremist factions, which wish to rule over
02:03 these people. Let’s call it
02:04 “domination through religion”
02:08 You are invited for a ride through classic Europe,
02:11 where Muslim immigrants’ rage has already broken through
02:14 and places where the fear led to real clashes
02:17 on a daily basis between cultures and civilizations,
02:21 between the East and the West.
02:26 Series by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi
02:31 Producer Yonit Dror
02:35 Editor Alon Wallfeiler Kahati
02:39 Soundtrack Yonatan Bar Giora
02:41 Scenario and directing David Deryi
02:45 Alla Islam — following Europe’s takeover by Islam
02:59 Research Anat Switzki and Lior Zeevi
03:04 Acting producer Carmit Molho
03:06 “Make way! You will not have another chance…”
03:08 “I already told you Zvi, this time you are here from Israel,
03:12 next time you cannot come.”
03:16 What were you thinking at this moment, just before shooting?
03:20 This is the right thing to do.
03:26 This one is called Hebron-Palestinian
03:30 This one is a red Jordanian.
03:35 And this one is a classic-Arafatian
03:39 If I come across as distant and estranged, it will raise questions
03:41 because there is plenty of mistrust in those groups,
03:44 There is no need to push your Arabness.
03:46 It is enough to put this under your coat a bit, a hat…
03:49 I am prepared to change my appearance slightly,
03:51 or maybe… to polish it a bit at the edges.
03:53 Are you going to shave? Let’s leave it as is.
03:56 It may help us.
04:04 I do not come from fear. I say:
04:08 Let’s not be afraid of Europe’s Muslims,
04:10 let’s see what their story is,
04:12 Let’s listen.
04:15 The question is if there really is a new Islam.
04:18 It exists there, has its own agenda,
04:20 it is different, and it breeds a new generation.
04:24 The question is if this hat…
04:29 Does it look too Arab?
04:31 I cannot dress just like them, hello, people, it is not Gaza.
04:35 It is still Europe!
04:39 Part 1 — Isolation
04:45 Malmoe, Sweden
04:49 Don’t forget to start speaking Arabic here.
04:55 Our first stop is a city in Sweden — Malmoe
04:59 Pretty hard landing straight into the winter,
05:01 Temperature is barely above freezing.
05:05 There isn’t a place in Europe I hadn’t visited,
05:09 But no place is like Sweden.
05:13 During the past decade this port city, the third largest in Sweden,
05:16 was transformed into a typical immigrants’ homestead.
05:20 Today one in five residents of Malmoe is a Muslim.
05:23 This fact is a reason for the drastically changed city.
05:28 This trade school is in the city’s center,
05:32 could be the best example of the big change.
05:35 Ten years ago we did not have so many immigrants in Sweden,
05:37 so, I would say, like ten years ago, it would be almost
05:39 all Swedish people here
05:42 But during last three years there have been a lot of Muslims going to the school
05:46 I think it’s about maybe 60 or 70
05:50 You mean 70 percent? They’d say 80.
05:59 Why aren’t you in class? What?
06:01 Why?
06:03 Do you have an ID? Leave me be, it’s none of your business.
06:05 Are you even a student in this school?
06:07 None of your business, leave me alone.
06:08 Do you study here? None of your business.
06:17 Where are you from originally? I am a Palestinian, from Haifa.
06:21 Did you immigrate to Lebanon from Haifa, then come here?
06:24 Yes.
06:25 Where from in Lebanon? Shatila.
06:26 I always say that I am a Palestinian Muslim.
06:29 Do you have a Swedish ID?
06:31 Yes, but I do not recognize it
06:33 Tell me, at home and in your neighbourhood, do you live together in tribes?
06:37 We do not have Swedes in the neighbourhood. There are only Arabs.
06:41 Why? That’s just the way it is.
06:42 What is the name of your hood? Rosengaard.
06:45 Just Arabs live there? Yes, you won’t find a Swede over there
06:49 And what language do you use on the streets there? Only Arabic.
06:51 If we aren’t recognized as Israelis it will be better.
06:57 The students say that it is customary for strangers
07:00 not to enter Rosengaard, the immigrants’ neighbourhood of Malmoe,
07:03 unless accompanied by a local.
07:05 So, what do you say?
07:07 Surprisingly, one of the boys asks his parents for permission
07:09 to accompany us into the neighbourhood.
07:12 Can we come in an hour?
07:14 So, shall we go? Yes, please.
07:17 And what about the teacher? What should we tell her?
07:20 Never mind her, I’ll say that I am sick
07:24 We won’t miss that much, will we?
07:26 Just one lesson. It is not a problem.
07:27 Let’s move? Let’s go.
07:36 When someone asks you: “Where are you from?”
07:38 And you answer him “I am from Rosengaard”, he will be afraid of you.
07:39 So help me God, he will be.
07:44 He’d heard already that this area is full of monsters and cannibals.
07:52 Better stop here and we’ll go upstairs.
07:55 Stop right here.
08:01 Rosengaard , Malmoe
08:07 When you walk about here, meet people,
08:09 you should always be alert. Understand?
08:12 You do not feel safe, cause the person you think of as a friend,
08:16 will be the one to get you in trouble and take you down.
08:20 The Arabs ruin this place all the time.
08:23 They come here at night, smoke hookahs,
08:25 leave the trash around and go away.
08:36 Hey,
08:38 Stop filming.
08:42 Sorry?
08:43 Filming is forbidden.
08:45 What did he say? He said “Do not film.”
08:48 Ahh, OK.
08:52 Why? Is he a fugitive? Yes, he is wanted by the police
08:55 Here in Rosengaard, if stranger comes in,
08:59 he does not dare to look someone in the eyes.
09:03 If he does look at someone,
09:04 Then he’ll be asked, “What are you looking at?”
09:06 They’ll beat him up and run away.
09:09 One time they caught someone and cut his ears off.
09:11 Ruined his car and told him “Get out of here, now”
09:14 He’ll never dare enter this place again.
09:18 He has lived here for hardly a year, but Anuar Matheel Al Sayef
09:21 knows every nook in the neighbourhood,
09:23 sees everything, hears everything.
09:29 Here are the Arabs’ shops and the unemployment offices.
09:40 I told the Swedes that my son, he does not have a visa.
09:44 We all got a visa, but he didn’t.
09:46 What is he talking about? Visa? ID?
09:50 I have been here five years already, me and my family have citizenship.
09:52 And he did not? No
09:58 Why? I don’t know. What is the reason?
10:01 But this is not our role here….
10:03 Man, they came here
10:05 to see the difference in our lives between Iraq and Sweden,
10:08 how our lives are here, what the situation is. Understand?
10:13 Since the Iraq war in 2003,
10:15 more then 200,000 Iraqi asylum seekers
10:17 have been accepted by Sweden.
10:19 Many in this neighbourhood are busy fighting the authorities, who have refused
10:22 for different reasons the entry of their family members into Sweden.
10:27 Where do you live? In the building over there.
10:30 That building? How long do we have to walk?
10:35 Many of Anuar’s family, which had a goldsmith’s business in Iraq,
10:39 were murdered and their property plundered by the terrorist gangs.
10:42 Those who stayed alive, fled and ended up in Rosengaard
10:45 as refugees, penniless.
10:48 Wait a minute.
10:50 Hi mom, they are at the door.
10:52 Are you ready? Do not talk to them about lack of assistance and stuff.
10:55 Not at all? No, just about our situation in Sweden,
10:57 about the difference in our lives in Iraq and Sweden, OK?
11:00 Do not complain.
11:02 Well, should I ask them in? Come, let’s welcome them.
11:06 Please, come in. Hi, Hi.
11:08 Hello, pleased to meet you. How are you? Good, thank God.
11:13 Thank you for agreeing to meet with us.
11:14 Your son is a good boy. Thanks.
11:16 Where to?
11:21 After Egypt and Jordan refused to accept them,
11:23 the family stayed in the refugee camp in Syria,
11:26 there they started to dream of a different future,
11:28 far away from the Middle East and dictatorships,
11:31 to try their luck in Europe and in democratic Sweden.
11:36 Did you come here right after the war? No, just a year ago.
11:38 Ahh, that’s it? Yes, we are newcomers.
11:41 Do you remember the war? Yes, he remembers.
11:44 My husband arrived here just two months ago.
11:47 I applied for family reunion, and they allowed him to enter.
11:50 But there is a problem with my eldest son.
11:52 He was in Sweden for 2.5 years. He arrived before us,
11:55 but his application for a visa was denied and he was deported to Iraq.
11:58 Why was he refused a visa?
11:59 Because they did not buy his story?
12:01 Tara Matheel Al Saif, Anuar’s mother
12:02 What do they want, should he lie?
12:05 This is a shortcoming in Sweden.
12:07 Whoever speaks honestly, tells the truth, is not accepted.
12:10 That’s why there is a need to lie? Yes, you’re right on target. I lied,
12:15 and in 20 days received a visa.
12:17 My son was honest and was denied.
12:20 What’s the conclusion then? You have to… You have to lie. Lie.
12:32 Listen, my head is busy with thoughts of my son all the time.
12:35 I cannot concentrate on anything else.
12:37 because all I am thinking about is my son in Iraq.
12:39 He is alone in Iraq.
12:40 I called the Swedish immigration office and I told them:
12:44 “If my son is kidnapped or murdered,
12:48 I’ll put whole responsibility for that on the Swedes.”
12:51 I told them: “I will burn everything”.
12:54 I told them in these words: “If I lose my son,
12:55 I will burn Sweden if my son is killed there,
12:59 because you sent him back.”
13:05 Allow him to film whatever he wants.
13:09 Everyone has a dish. Yes.
13:12 If you see a building with a dish,
13:14 It’s a sign that Arabs live here. For sure.
13:19 Here in summer we have a good time, really special.
13:22 So when they got here, with so much freedom,
13:24 it caused them to lose their way.
13:26 They were exposed to liberalism and permissiveness,
13:28 I could not rein them in.
13:30 I am telling you, Arabs buy so many cars, they do not care,
13:33 then sell them to the Swedish misers.
13:34 Five times the price.
13:37 So the Arabs here take advantage of the Swedes? Yes.
13:40 How? In everything.
13:47 The Arabs love to loiter and live on the state rolls.
13:49 The state wastes money on them.
13:51 I am, for example, a new refugee here, I got paid 7000 kroner.
13:55 Did you enter Sweden legally?
13:58 No, I was smuggled in.
14:01 Where from?
14:05 We’ll get a passport, brother.
14:06 Until then, all is in God’s hands.
14:09 You wanna go in? -Yes. Yes
14:12 The problem is that this is not just an outer emanation,
14:16 it is also a sign that they belong to a different culture
14:21 which is antithetical to ours.
14:23 The problems of ghettoes, parallel societies,
14:28 these are sort of exterritorial enclaves.
14:32 Lars Hedegaard, historian and socialist
14:35 from the Left in the nearby Denmark,
14:37 found himself recently to be a witness of a frequent
14:39 neighbours’ change in his home’s area.
14:43 This area too, as many others,
14:45 had changed its character beyond recognition.
14:48 If you go to a place called Norwell,
14:50 everyone was either a communist or a socialist
14:53 fifty years ago. Now it is totally one hundred percent
14:57 probably Muslim.
14:58 We are the ones, who do not try to understand them,
14:59 despite them being fair with us.
15:01 We do not try to understand them, do not try to go along
15:03 with their rules, do not do what they ask,
15:06 do not try to integrate into their culture.
15:08 Maybe one in a hundred understands Swedes.
15:12 If there are to be problems between us,
15:14 it will start here, in our community.
15:15 “We are gripped by rage, and I do not talk about rabies.”
15:18 Paris, France
15:19 “Ask anyone,
15:21 Life is a drag, as a friction between heels and the sidewalk”
15:22 “The rage, when our way is blocked,
15:22 rage which accumulated through life, became part of it…”
15:30 If in Sweden the fear of immigrant riots is growing,
15:34 here in the Republic of France, the fermentation
15:38 of the millions of immigrants in isolated communities
15:40 already burst out and challenged the old and familiar ways of life.
15:44 Wait, stay here. It is best if you stay here.
15:47 It is a problem to enter with a camera, all right? Why?
15:51 Because of the problems. There are problems in these communities.
15:55 Ahh, it is dangerous. All right?
15:57 Be careful, there are people here.. These are troubled areas.
16:00 It is really dangerous.
16:01 If you go in this place, there will be people who won’t like it.
16:08 Do you speak Arabic? No, Arabic no.
16:13 You hear more people speaking Arabic on the buses,
16:17 metro, trains, public areas.
16:22 Multiple times I witnessed incidents where immigrants were told
16:25 Prof. Rafael Drey Sociologist and Immigrant culture specialist
16:26 “You are in the public place in France, speak French”.
16:28 Marseille, France
16:36 My friends, Muslims and Muslimas,
16:39 help us to build the mosque.
16:42 It is our duty, nation of Koran!
16:45 Happy New Year. You too. Good luck.
16:51 Thanks, to you too. Bring more babies into the world.
16:53 It is nice to go in the street and kiss the mayor.
16:56 Hello, Happy New Year.
16:58 From people’s point of view I am not a mayor, I am Samia.
17:02 I was born here.
17:04 I grew up here, in this area.
17:06 And today I am a mayor of this place.
17:09 Are you a Muslim? Yes I am.
17:11 My grandparents came here as immigrants from Algeria.
17:15 The first and second generations integrated and worked their way.
17:18 I have to say, to my sorrow, the fourth generation
17:21 Samia Galey, Mayor, District 15,16 Marseille
17:23 has difficulties finding itself, because on one hand the French
17:26 do not consider them to be true Frenchmen, and on the other hand
17:31 they do not belong anymore in their countries of origin.
17:41 Just yesterday this place turned to Gaza.
17:43 Gunshots, as if you are in the middle of the war.
17:52 There is no understanding that these neighbourhoods
17:54 are a ticking atomic bomb.
17:56 It will soon spin out of control.
17:59 Today we have Kalashnikov guns in the communities.
18:02 Everyone is armed. There are guns everywhere in the communities.
18:05 Today they shoot each other.
18:07 Six people we killed this December alone.
18:30 This is not a place to live, too much crime.
18:33 Muhamad Randury, District 14, Marseille
18:35 Whoever stays here, ends up in jail.
18:38 Really? Or he starts dealing drugs.
18:48 There are no cops here.
18:49 There are places no one dares to enter anymore
18:54 Even police do not.
18:57 The police do not come here?
19:00 Into this neighbourhood the police do not enter.
19:06 You see, they turn left.
19:08 Why?
19:09 because…
19:13 Montfermeil, France
19:22 There are almost no native French in Montfermeil.
19:25 The residents are all foreigners, immigrants from 40 countries.
19:29 80 percent of them are Muslims, crowding these streets,
19:33 where theft and robbery rates jumped just during the last year
19:37 by 600 percent.
19:41 But this small town became a symbol
19:43 and maybe a sign of the times to come.
19:45 This is the place where “Immigrants’ Intifada” of 2005 started
19:48 and engulfed France
19:50 and even reached other European immigrant centers.
19:53 It all started with a criminal incident, almost routine,
19:56 but after two local boys
19:57 met their deaths as the result of the police chase,
20:00 the frightening genies were out of the bottle.
20:05 Since then, the residents’ social and Muslim rage
20:08 is turned to one place only.
20:10 Why don’t people like you?
20:14 The question is who exactly does not like me.
20:23 “I live right next to immigrant housing areas.
20:26 Stones were thrown at my house, my children were attacked
20:29 and twice there were attempts to set the house on fire.
20:33 I have guardian angels, keeping me safe” .
20:35 For now the angels succeeded to keep Ksavie Lemuan safe,
20:39 mayor of Montfermeil,
20:40 whom some call “right-wing sheriff”.
20:43 He still manages, strange as it sounds, to stay steadfast
20:47 in what he calls “France’s civil war of cultures”.
20:52 My stand on Islam was widely covered,
20:58 repeated over and over,
21:00 grossly misrepresented
21:02 and blown out of proportion in mosques.
21:04 They say: “ Look, Montfermeil’s mayor is an Islamophobe”.
21:08 All of this area is Montfermeil ?
21:10 Montfermeil
21:11 It is big. Yes it is.
21:16 How many people?pribn27,000.
21:22 Only in your dreams could you implement integration policy here
21:27 if the residents do not speak the language of the country
21:29 which accepted them.
21:31 We put a lot of effort into it. There are many families
21:34 that do not speak French yet,
21:36 and they have been here for 10, 20 or even 25 years.
21:39 Malmoe, Sweden
21:44 How was this cohesion created?
21:47 How did it happen that all Arabs live in one area? Why here?
21:51 It is known that in Rosengaard everyone is Arab, understand?
21:54 Let’s say there is a refugee, they ask him:
21:56 “Where do you want to live ?”
21:58 He will prefer to stay in Rosengaard, ‘cause only Arabs live here.
21:59 He will not choose a Swedish area, where he’ll understand nothing.
22:03 To live with Swedes, how should I put it…
22:05 The Swedes are simply intolerable.
22:10 They are so very different from us,
22:12 so we do not really know them.
22:19 She thinks that they are scary and they wear veils over their heads.
22:25 They think they’ll attack you.
22:27 “Many of the foreigners are living in the same areas
22:30 So that’s a problem because the city is getting split that way,
22:35 they do not meet Swedes, and we do not meet ‘them’,
22:39 So when you come to that areas
22:41 You feel like a foreigner in your own country.”
22:45 There are Swedes who challenge the Arabs.
22:48 It’s as if there is a line and they cross this line against Arabs.
22:52 They do that, so people will get the impression that we are bad,
22:55 that we are the reason for destruction everywhere.
22:58 So that other people will think that something is wrong with us.
23:03 Are there fights sometimes between you and them?
23:06 They definitely stare at the people with black hair,
23:09 but they are also afraid.
23:10 Are they afraid of you? Yes.
23:12 They stare,
23:14 but if you look straight back at them,
23:16 it may lead to a fight. You start shaking.
23:19 I am telling you, the Swedes envy us. Why?
23:22 Let’s say you are from Ramallah or Jerusalem.
23:25 A stranger comes to your city, from another country,
23:28 as long as you and he have same situation, you’ll respect him.
23:32 But when his status improves and becomes better than yours,
23:35 you start envying him.
23:37 That’s what is happening here with Swedes.
23:38 It happens every year,
23:40 The Danish mafia attacks the Rosengaard mafia,
23:45 there is fighting and then the police come.
23:48 Denmark’s Muslim mafia ? Yes.
23:51 Comes here? Comes here.
23:53 What does the mafia do here? Everything.
23:56 Smoke hashish, do drugs, sell in schools, everything.
24:00 Did you see them? I saw it all.
24:04 If a Swedish girl knows I have hashish,
24:08 she’ll be all over me right away.
24:10 I can let her smoke hashish, and she’ll have sex with me all night.
24:13 That’s why I do not connect to many people here.
24:15 They may sell hashish or drugs
24:17 and then offer me a chance to go out with them,
24:19 rape girls and stuff like that,
24:22 and then I’ll be in trouble.
24:25 What do you mean “rape girls”?
24:27 Here in Rosengaard someone raped a girl…
24:37 At night, the behavioral code of the place changes
24:39 and the neighbourhood is forced to place itself under a curfew.
24:45 Under the cover of darkness, the place becomes an immigrant jungle:
24:48 arson, break-ins, arrests and violent street fights are routine.
24:56 The car got to the neighbourhood’s end and wanted to turn around,
25:00 someone pulled a gun and shot at it.
25:03 Gun? Gun.
25:04 People carry guns here? Yes
25:06 Just like in Iraq.
25:08 If you stop someone here and search him,
25:09 you will find a gun. I swear!
25:11 Look, they ran away. They are all mafia.
25:14 The policeman are running too?
25:15 The police, if a riot breaks here,
25:19 they do not get involved.
25:22 They stay outside and only come in after the riot is over,
25:23 because they are afraid to confront the gangs.
25:25 I don’t know of any other community
25:29 that would pelt the police or the fire brigades
25:33 with stones and rocks when they come to the community to save them.
25:38 Policeman can’t go inside, to give out a ticket or to arrest someone?
25:42 Not unless they have strong backup.
25:46 Training session, Malmoe Police
25:49 Following the criticism, the Swedish police made a statement,
25:52 announcing an increase in the number of policemen
25:54 and the number of operational training sessions.
25:58 Hi. Hello, welcome.
26:00 But at five in the afternoon, the head of the crime prevention
26:03 division of Malmoe, Henrich Stairenblood,
26:06 finds himself almost alone in the police station.
26:09 “Those riots were quite serious.
26:14 It required a lot of time for us to sort things out
26:19 But we have increased police presence greatly since then.”
26:21 It is true, he admits,
26:22 there is not always a connection between isolationism and the crime rate
26:25 in Rosengaard or all of Malmoe and its Muslim population.
26:29 This is the way it is in a politically correct Europe.
26:32 If you feel insecure when you travel to Rosengaard,
26:34 I am worried.
26:40 It is a problematic area, we have many problematic areas in the city
26:43 and we are working on it.
26:48 It is a problem. As you point out… we don’t see any…
26:52 Magnos Nurel Expert on army and citizen security
26:54 Actually, you’d be hard put to find police anywhere in Sweden.
26:57 It’s a general problem that’s been here for many many years.
27:00 There are not enough police at all.
27:03 We keep track of crimes that are motivated by hate.
27:07 We had the riots,
27:11 Hundreds of people attacking the police,
27:14 attacking rescue services.
27:17 Throwing stones, setting fire to vehicles.
27:22 If you come as a young person and fail to adapt,
27:24 then there is a problem in society.
27:28 They are committing crimes because the Swedish system failed,
27:32 or maybe they are choosing to be a state within the state?
27:36 What we do, when we do the analysis,
27:39 the intelligence analysis, is we look at the individuals.
27:42 And we can see certain criminal networks
27:44 are more ethnically based.
27:47 I think there is a danger in becoming color-blind, if you like.
27:51 If you do that, the flip side of it, if you do that, maybe you look
27:55 too hard on the fact that he or she is from such and such
27:59 ethnic community instead of looking at the crime itself.
28:01 Just because he comes from whatever ethnic community he is from,
28:06 that may not have anything to do with the crime itself.
28:10 Montfermeil, France
28:18 Ahh, the French police.
28:19 Since the riots, French police do not take any chances.
28:23 Any incident in the suburbs reignites the fear
28:25 that the rage and despair volcano will erupt again.
28:29 Any confrontation of the immigrants with the police, however small,
28:32 renews the sense of emergency.
28:35 There is police presence but the guys are not
28:37 agitated because of it.
28:43 The area definitely looks neglected, abandoned.
28:50 Even French police do not dare to come here.
28:53 They cannot enter because this area does not allow them in.
28:56 If them come, stones will be thrown at them.
28:58 Shortly in Montfermeil,
29:00 we encounter a police force raiding the neighbourhood.
29:03 I do not think we can go out with a camera now.
29:05 I am not sure if it’s worth the risk, you see?
29:07 Be ready to run, Mohammad. (sarcasm)
29:14 While policemen are busy arresting suspects, one of the immigrants
29:17 in the ensuing pandemonium sees us as his escape route.
29:21 He has a gun! (whisper)
29:22 He sneaks unexpectedly into our camera vehicle.
29:25 He uses it as a way to disappear from the searching eyes of the police.
29:29 Hi.
29:31 What is it, a stun gun? It is my self-defence weapon.
29:35 Ah?
29:37 What for? If there is a fight, he’ll know how to turn it on.
29:41 It could be a trap. Don’t you trust him?
29:48 Moments later, he leads us, whether we want it or not,
29:51 into the streets of the neighbourhood.
29:53 If someone else got into your car
29:55 and led you to a dangerous alley,
29:57 I do not want to stress you out, but you’d be in trouble.
30:03 He does not tell us why he is running
30:05 and requests that we not ask him.
30:10 Here is a new police station they built.
30:12 As you can see it is quite big.
30:16 His name is Hakim, second generation immigrant from Morocco,
30:20 unemployed, 30 years old,
30:22 it is important to him we film the neglect around his home.
30:25 People live in those flats?
30:27 Not in all of them. There is a building with maybe two people in it.
30:30 Ah, only two people?
30:38 Do you want me to take you to a place where it all started,
30:42 where the children were killed?
30:48 He belongs to the group of the violent protesters
30:50 who took part in the riots years ago
30:52 when his small city was in the headlines.
30:59 They climbed over there and police chased them.
31:01 They tried to fool them.
31:04 They did not know whether they should run or climb to the roof.
31:07 The policeman beat them.
31:09 Where were you that day?
31:13 Run, run ….
31:32 Montfermeil 2005
31:34 The only way we’ll make them listen to us is by throwing stones.
31:37 We exist. We exist, we are here.
31:40 We are not dogs. Exactly.
31:45 I was beaten, my brother.
31:48 I am on fire! I am on fire! I am on fire!
31:53 It gets hot really fast! Mother****ers!
31:57 Our friends did not die for nothing.
32:00 Everything they told us today, stays in our hearts.
32:04 But I have to admit ….
32:05 We will destroy the cops, those mother****ers,
32:07 their cars, we’ll destroy everything.
32:09 The responsibility for the first riots lay on the young, very young,
32:15 who were in shock because of the death of their two friends.
32:23 The confrontation with the police occurred here,
32:27 between Montfermeil and Clichy,
32:28 around immigrant city blocks.
32:34 The death of the youngsters ignited the neighborhood.
32:41 The youths took to the streets and were very violent,
32:48 burned cars.
32:49 We were suspicious from the very beginning.
32:51 We had some concerns about the reasons for the riots.
32:57 The police damaged the mosque!
33:03 Allahu Akhbar!
33:10 All the young Muslims who live in the area
33:13 got out into the streets with their mobile phones and announced:
33:16 “It is a war, it is a war”.
33:18 Their parents let this happen and then it spread to the rest of France.
33:24 You should stop telling us to go home.
33:26 Where should we go? We were born here.
33:27 Our home country is France. Then show some respect for her.
33:30 I respect France, it is you who do not respect it.
33:32 Look at the way you talk, fascist! Aren’t you ashamed?
33:35 “They have the same complexes as their parents,
33:38 inferiority complex, victimhood.
33:40 These youngsters, the moment they face any difficulty,
33:43 tend to identify with their parents
33:46 and say “We too are victims of racism, and we are
33:48 fighting the colonialism inside France”.
33:51 It puts a very ugly face on Islam.
33:54 People say: “Look, the drugs are from Muslims,
33:58 the crime is from Muslims,
34:00 the prisons are for Muslims and the unemployed are Muslims,
34:03 and in addition they want the whole of France.”
34:08 Is this a social rebellion or ethnical-religious rebellion?
34:19 It is difficult.
34:20 This is the biggest question.
34:21 Jan Lui Broyer retired judge, specialist on the war on terror
34:23 The riot of 2005 had no religious basis.
34:26 It is all mixed up here. I won’t lie to you, they’d mixed it all.
34:30 They added to it the Muslim thing as well, mixed in everything.
34:34 Everyone wanted to get their piece.
34:36 But no, Intifada started just because of the dead.
34:39 Against these police.
34:42 If I am to determine the reasons for the riots
34:47 and for the problems in the neighbourhoods,
34:49 I’d say the reasons are ethnic and religious.
34:52 I’d put a wall between me and them and there will be no dialogue.
34:57 There are extreme factions, which want to rule over these people.
35:01 Let’s call it “domination through religion”.
35:06 That’s why, if this population stays in one area,
35:09 it is possible to control them.
35:12 “These riots were a consequence
35:15 of integration mismanagement for years.
35:19 It is a setback.”
35:21 They do not have a job, they failed in school
35:23 and the only place where no one judges them,
35:25 the only place where no demands are made of them
35:27 is a mosque.
35:32 There are more and more women wearing veils over their faces.
35:34 There are more and more men with beards.
35:35 It is true, there are more, it’s a lot.
35:38 It is necessary to fight against any manifestations of extremism
35:41 and against those pushing for religion to rule our lives.
35:48 For example if a woman wears headcover or not,
35:51 they decide what’s allowed and what’s forbidden.
35:53 It exists here , right now.
35:56 They want to force it on us.
35:59 Honestly, even my daughter, if she comes out, will tell you that.
36:02 She says, “Mother, we are in Sweden, but unfortunately
36:05 it is as if we do not live in European country.”
36:09 It is unbearable. There are things we want to do
36:11 But we hesitate.
36:14 We feel that we live in an Arab country.
36:17 Really.
36:19 We give this people huge powerbase and oftentimes
36:23 these representatives, self-appointed representatives
36:28 are pretty conservative, pretty orthodox.
36:31 And they do not represent the best majority of Muslims at all.
36:37 They rule by fear, they rule by violence
36:40 They intimidate
36:42 I mean, if you want to convert from Islam, you’re not allowed.
36:46 You’re a dead man walking or a dead woman walking.
36:50 What do the people gathered here have in common? Yes.
36:54 These people fight Islam.
36:57 Paris, France
36:59 15 km from the city of Montfermeil,
37:01 in Paris’ coffee shops parliaments,
37:04 the outrage of the French over Muslim suburbs
37:07 can be heard.
37:08 76 percent of the French
37:10 think that Islam is growing too fast.
37:12 There is no doubt that France is slow to wake up,
37:14 but better later than never.
37:16 It is just like the fall of the Roman empire.
37:19 The empire was destroyed from the inside by barbarians.
37:22 They will force Islam on Europe.
37:25 It is like cancer. They are barbarians.
37:27 In the meantime, they create Muslim enclaves anywhere possible.
37:32 It looks like our politicians are a bit scared of these people.
37:38 Islam is a dominating and totalitarian religion.
37:41 It is a political-religious principle.
37:44 This thing is not compatible with France at all.
37:46 They want the whole planet,
37:47 it is the policy of Islam.
37:49 It is not just Europe, not just France.
37:51 Belgium does not exist anymore, Germany is overflowing.
37:55 It is not just France, the invasion covers all of Europe.
37:58 Montfermeil, one year after the riots
38:00 They blamed us for 30 years, and today it will be over!
38:04 We are here, we are to stay, we’ll fight to the end, unity!
38:08 The French can already smell the next threat
38:10 and are afraid that the crowds in the neighbourhoods will turn
38:13 into electoral power, enter the political playground
38:15 and demand deep changes in the existing power balance.
38:19 I call for all parents and young with a French citizenship:
38:24 take your voter card,
38:25 because we are talking, we are shouting,
38:28 we are going out to peaceful demonstrations,
38:29 but if we do not start voting, it is worth nothing!
38:32 They have the power, and they do not want to use it.
38:36 When the president they do not like is elected again they’ll
38:40 just whine: “He was elected again,” but they can change it.
38:45 Do you think France should limit the number of immigrants?
38:49 We’re already past the limit
38:51 because there are 7 million Muslims
38:54 which is 10 percent of the French population.
38:56 The biggest problem is already inside France.
38:59 “Get in line in the battalions,
39:02 march, march!”
39:06 The French are cowards, cowards!
39:10 They will raise the white flag.
39:18 All that interests them is a juicy steak on their plate
39:20 and not to see what is going on around them.
39:24 I absolutely disagree with the things she is saying.
39:26 I think the French have not yet had their last say.
39:30 They had a revolution, which lasted 400 years.
39:33 We are secular.
39:34 Our grandfathers fought a hundred years ago to prevent
39:36 the Catholic church from dictating the laws in France,
39:39 They did not fight so that the imams now
39:41 will be allowed to force their laws on us.
39:42 Is there a risk in continuing to place our demands on them?
39:48 Yes, there is a risk.
39:51 We have to acknowledge this.
39:52 But I think if we decide not to confront them,
39:55 then we’ll lose for sure, and fast.
40:00 OK, thank you very much.
40:03 Is this your family? Yes.
40:04 What are your roots, where are you from originally?
40:06 I am a Jew. Really?
40:08 Now are you telling us?
40:15 We are… I do not know.
40:18 We know for sure that
40:20 the segment of Muslims in our country is going to grow.
40:28 By the year 2060, they may constitute
40:34 half of the population of Denmark
40:36 So I think Europe is heading towards a split, a segmentation.
40:44 It will be a weak part of the world,
40:47 And I do not know where it is going to end.
40:52 I hope we are not in for a civil war.
40:56 I totally…
40:59 To be polite I would say I disagree
41:01 but it’s really is a crackpot theory.
41:05 We’ve done that for immigrants for many many years,
41:09 Greeks, Turks, whatever.
41:11 It is a national identity, that is a box you put it in
41:15 and now we have a Muslim box which I think is a huge mistake.
41:19 Integrationwise, you should look at the people as individuals.
41:26 Tell me, what is your dream of the future?
41:30 It is an embarrassing question. Why?
41:32 It is an embarrassing question
41:35 The truth is my wish is to be a Jihad warrior.
41:40 Really? Yes. Where will you be a Jihad warrior?
41:42 Jihad warrior in …
41:44 No, because then your future will be in danger.
41:48 Why be a Jihad fighter?
41:50 For the sake of family members who were killed.
41:51 But it was their fate.
41:54 No, it is a mistake to think so.
41:57 Well, everyone has his own thoughts. No.
41:59 You should look forward, to your future.
42:03 Even though you grieve for those who died,
42:05 maybe you’ve lost people very dear to you, so have I.
42:10 But this is God’s will, our fate, we went through war,
42:13 we do not need to make things worse.
42:16 We need to think about good things and go forward.
42:22 Well.
42:24 It was a pleasure. Thanks. Praise the Lord.
42:26 May God bless you.
42:39 Hey buddy, that’s enough.
42:45 Swear to God, if I stayed in Iraq, it’d be for the best.
42:48 Are you serious? But hundreds of people die there every day.
42:51 I thought this place is heaven,
42:54 but was surprised to see so many Arabs here.
42:56 Really surprised.
42:58 I said: “It cannot be Sweden.”
43:00 It’s a pity if Sweden were to look like this.
43:01 Soon the Swedish flag will come down and instead
43:04 the Arab flag will be raised.
43:07 I’d like to take care of my future,
43:08 I did not come here to cause problems.
43:10 I came here to build my future, to study,
43:12 to get a respectable education.
43:15 I hope I will find my future in a better place,
43:17 God, let it be so…
43:26 In the next part…
43:28 According to the law, women are not allowed to go the street
43:29 with a face veil (niqab).
43:31 Can you recognize her eyes ?
43:32 Freedom of Islam — make a choice.
43:34 It belonged to Osama, may god have mercy on him
43:36 I am the dirt under his fingernails.
43:38 Between fifty and a hundred people every day become Muslim
43:40 This is an incredible number
43:42 Would you repeat after me: I am a witness.. “I am a witness…”
43:45 that there is no god… “there is no god”
43:47 That’s what is left of our old system.
43:49 I can insult the Catholic Church,
43:51 I can insult the Jewish community,
43:54 but you can’t do that in a Moslem community.
43:56 Jehan Subhi Aref
43:58 Her father killed her with 47 knife wounds…
44:04 It is unbelievable!
44:05 We are in Europe. Where is Europe?
44:07 It’s a million percent I won’t die a natural death.

Hat tip: LN.


Anonymous said...

It's very meaningful that it was Israeli TV that had to come out to Europe to do this report properly. Israel knows what they are dealing with, but it seems like Europe does not.

Anonymous said...

It's more than obvious that in places like France and Sweden, there will either be a showdown between populations, or the immigrants will take over, in the sense that law totally breaks down into tribal zones.

The real danger is that the outsiders will intervene in the name of human rights, as Clinton did in Serbia and Bosnia when the Serbian and Muslim enclaves were fighting each other, and the Serbians were winning.

Europe itself is organizing an inter-European military force with loyalty to no particular country. The last refuge of the isolated political elites will be in the towers of Belgium, from which they will direct their forces against the self-defense actions of the old European community.

One of the tragedies of the situation is that most of the immigrants would indeed be better off in their home countries: they would be familiar with the indigenous culture and politics, and the tribal traditions of group identity and protection would eventually assert themselves.

As it is, they themselves are recreating the very worst aspects of their original communities, along with a deep sense of alienation.

The Europeans are still their own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Great work! And, so important.

I agree with you A, saying that Israel knows what they are dealing with.

"It's very meaningful that it was Israeli TV that had to come out to Europe to do this report properly. Israel knows what they are dealing with, but it seems like Europe does not.
10/18/2012 8:37 AM "

Anonymous said...

"Europe itself is organizing an inter-European military force with loyalty to no particular country."

- Mix hijabs and all into this, and what do you get? The national forces don't exsist as such, as long as mohammedans are mixed into the forces.

Anonymous said...

The inter-European force is toothless for the moment. The militaries in it are 3rd rate. Now if Turkey gets into the EU, Merkel and the EU boss class will be able to hire millions of vicious Turks to oppress the Europeans.

Of course Merkel and her associates will sign their death warrant if they do that. Once they're brought aboard they'll take orders from Ankara.

Anonymous said...

I hope the young man who showed him around isn't in danger now.

Anonymous said...

I also hope the young man who showed him around isn't in danger now.

He is very vulnerable and it was unthinking to show his face and that of his mother.

These people are thugs and murderers — the Arabs can't even get on with each other.

Careless and cruel to show him.

Anonymous said...

Please remember, in Vienna Polish King, Jan III Sobieski won the battle with muslims, and gave freedom for Europe.