Friday, October 26, 2012

Farewell Sofielund

Cultural Enrichment News

Below is an open letter from a politician who left the southern Swedish city of Malmö for the country in order to spare his daughter all the diversity.

No web link is available, since the letter was published in the print version of a Swedish newspaper. Steen, however, has uploaded a scan of the page.

This translation by Michael Laudahn was posted in a slightly different version earlier today at Vlad Tepes:

Farewell Sofielund — here I saw a man being shot dead

Farewell, my old, beloved Sofielund. Farewell, Möllan, where I played as a boy, and where I took my first steps into adult life. Farewell, exciting East Malmö, with all its fine restaurants and other shops offering good prices. I also say farewell to shootings, graffiti and gross damages.

During my fifteen years as a neighbour to Seved [neighbourhood in eastern Malmö, near Rosengård], I became an eyewitness to a man’s final steps in life, after he was shot in the head. My living room window was smashed twice, and I was burgled once. I have heard so many shots fired that I can tell if it was a pistol or a revolver. Additionally, we saw how drug trafficking came ever closer to my street, and then began to occur quite openly in my street, after police introduced CCTV. Only recently, teargas was shot into an apartment, because the festival being celebrated was too noisy.

That my move was less than two months ago feels somewhat surrealistic. After a seven-minute car drive from the Seved chaos, there is a totally different Malmö. I quite understand that other politicians have problems comprehending the problems in Seved, if they live in an area such as the one I live in now.

Of course, you may consider my move a cowardly act, and think I should have stayed, to fight for a better East Malmö. All those who know my political actions also know that I always have fought for lifting up Sofielund and Seved, but none of the politicians responsible listened, and now we harvest the crop. At the same time, I refuse to risk my daughter in order to prove a point. When my beloved daughter was five years old, she could swim 500 metres in one go, but she could not ride a bicycle. Where in this area should we let her ride a bike?

Now we just open the door, and she runs outside like a whirlwind, to visit some of the friends she made here. Thus, farewell to East Malmö. I continue to work for you, but can no longer live inside you.

John Roslund (M)
Deputy, Municipal Council

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Findalis said...

And when this new Haven is overrun, and turned into another slum where will you run to?

Sooner or later the people of Sweden will have to decide:

Keep the Barbarians and see their nation turn into the Hellholes of the Muslim world. Or get rid of the problem and the Nanny state. Become free men and women once more.

The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly how he feels about his child!

Unfortunately, the islamics love to go after folk's kids or threaten to do so, in order that the parents do what the islamics want...submit!

What is needed is for this young fellow to keep talking about his bad experiences and HOW NICE the place used to be!

He needs to make postive suggestions on how the police MUST INCREASE patrols, address security issues and MAKE strong suggestions about identifying and arresting drug pushers and their leaders.

One does not even have to mention islam at all...just the CRIMINAL ISSUES!!

He will be doing a safe thing as far as his child is concerned but working on other community building ideas. A worthy thing in my opinion.

I see no shame in vacating an area in order to LIVE to FIGHT ANOTHER DAY... in fact , General Nathanial Greene of the American Revolution made this a BATTLE MOTTO! And guess what? IT WORKED.

Anonymous said...

YES! The people will have to decide!~ Anarchy and sharia law or real CIVILZATION!!


People of Sweden need to KNOW the truth. Suggest that all this BAD experience can be their experience as well!!

Find others who have similar experiences and try to get them involved.

John and others, You have my prayers and my best wishes.