Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Direct Threat Against the French Identity

The video below is taken from a Russian news report on one of the infamous French Zones Urbaines Sensibles (ZUS), or what is commonly called a “no-go zone” in English. This particular one is the Barbès quarter in Paris.

Many thanks François de Souche for the French-subtitled video, to Michael Laudahn for the translation from the French subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it in English:


00:12 We are in Paris, Barbès quarter,
00:16 a few minutes from the famous Montmartre. Finding a European here is almost a mission impossible.
00:20 In general, the majority of the migrants of Europe live in France.
00:24 It is said that Russia follows the same course.
00:28 Certain Paris streets already remind of an oriental bazaar.
00:36 Standing directly on the ground, they sell pastry,
00:40 counterfeit Swiss watches and Chinese gears.
00:44 Sometimes, police make a raid. Some of them will be captured,
00:48 others manage to flee.
00:56 The gendarme shouts, the caravan moves on.
01:04 During the 1970s, due to its fast growth, the French economy was in need of cheap manpower.
01:08 The V République opened its borders for immigrants originating from the ancient colonies,
01:12 then to their families. They were looking for work and a better life.
01:16 Now, Europe is in crisis, and there is not even work any more for the native French.
01:20 The Paris banlieues, with their social housing,
01:24 have transformed into criminal ghettos where even the police dare not enter. —
01:28 The dealers keep micro-waves on their roofs
01:32 and beds, which they throw at the forces of order.
01:36 They set fire at trash containers to attract fire fighters, then attack them.
01:44 Olivier Dekrock shows us Saint-Ouen and Saint-Denis.
01:48 Here, the real estate is controlled by choufs who keep watch
01:52 on behalf of drug traffickers. Here is one approaching, hitting the cameraman in his face. —
01:56 Let’s beat it!
02:00 Olivier instructs us to leave this quarter. The
02:05 chouf could shoot without a warning. Last year, several ‘guards’ were killed
02:09 during shootouts in Saint-Quentin. They were buried like heroes, blocking the streets of the city.
02:17 In the Arab quarter, it is better not to come with a television camera.
02:21 We go there with a hidden camera, that’s safer.
02:25 Here we see a drug trafficker, busy making his deals, he sells a package of heroine to a client.
02:29 This dealer has noted police officers in the crowd, so he takes the client
02:33 further inside the quarter. If the client is not from this area, he could also be robbed. —
02:37 Wait there for me! —
02:41 There he is back with his merchandise.
02:53 Dmitri de Kochko bought a house at Saint-Ouen, 20 years ago.
02:57 In the course of the years, the town has ceased to evoke the good old France. —
03:01 In the school canteens, often no more pork is served.
03:05 Sometimes, even pressure is exercised on the children,
03:09 who are not necessarily Moslems,
03:17 not to eat pork. In certain towns, special hours
03:25 are reserved at the swimming baths for women,
03:29 and tomorrow, it will maybe be the autobuses
03:33 where men and women will be separated. —
03:37 In all of town,
03:41 only one butchery remains where you can buy non-halal meat.
03:45 The butcher was recently burgled and beaten by migrants. But in the interview,
03:49 he is very tolerant. — We were 7 French, pardon traditional, butchers, because
03:53 if I say French, our mayor will not be content,
03:57 she will simply kill me. —
04:01 Marine le Pen is the president of the Front National,
04:06 a party qualified as racist and fascist. But at the last presidential election,
04:10 almost 20 % of the French
04:14 voted both for her and against immigration. —
04:18 This migration has been wanted, in order to bring the salaries artificially down. Today,
04:22 without doubt, this is a heavy burden for the French economy.
04:26 And, of course, it is a direct threat against the French identity.
04:30 As Vladimir Putin declared lucidly in 1995: ‘In 20 years, France will be a colony of its ancient colonies’.
04:38 As Marine le Pen assures, 12 million migrants have arrived in France,
04:42 which is a quarter of the country’s population.
04:46 Martin le Pen doesn’t evoke ‘deportations’. —
04:50 It serves little to scoop a vessel if there is a hole in the hulk,
04:54 most of all we need to block the way of the water and repair the vessel.
04:58 Then, we must leave the Schengen zone. —
05:06 I was 13 when I was forced to marry a man aged 40,
05:10 which permitted my brother to regularise his situation in Europe. —
05:14 Diarity Ba left then from Guinea for Holland.
05:18 From there, her husband took her to Paris, and
05:22 tried to make her children. In France, generous benefits are being paid for children. —
05:26 I became pregnant twice, but I couldn’t
05:30 make it because my husband beat me incessantly. —
05:34 France is shocked by the habits that the migrants bring with them. —
05:38 Certain Moslems apply the barbarian practice of female gender mutilation. —
05:46 The quarters inherited from immigration are also pockets for radical Islamism.
05:50 Sharazad is a police officer, she works in the service
05:54 fighting terrorism.
05:58 A few years before, she left Pakistan for France. —
06:06 They bring here their habits and customs
06:10 and try to enforce them upon us. They simply do not
06:14 want to integrate.


Nemesis said...

In my opinion, these short but informative video's, have more impact on those 'fence sitters' who have yet to be convinced that when a nation imports the third world it eventually becomes the third world.

Many thanks to Vlad.