Friday, October 12, 2012

The Islamization of Germany

In this report from CBN, Erick Stakelbeck talks about the new Cologne mosque, which will be the largest mosque in Europe when completed.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from accompanying article from CBN:

Turkish Mega Mosque in Germany Sparks Controversy

COLOGNE, Germany -- There was a time when the Turkish-led Ottoman Empire ruled over a large chunk of Europe. Now some believe the Turks want to bring back those old glory days.

The Turkish government has embarked on a mosque-building campaign throughout Germany.

One new Turkish mega-mosque, the Cologne Central Mosque, has Germans on edge.

When construction on the facility is completed, it will be Germany’s largest Muslim house of worship - and one of the largest mosques in all of Europe.
It’s so big that it stops passersby in their tracks. The structure’s 100-foot-high-plus minarets tower over the local landscape and can be seen from blocks away.

The $40 million-plus facility will hold at least 1,200 worshippers and include a restaurant, a prayer room, a library, and more.

Germany is home to some 4.3 million Muslims, including 125,000 who live in Cologne. The large majority are Turkish.

Although Cologne already has some 30 mosques, one German Muslim activist told CBN News the new facility is needed.

“You had for years, for decades, you had very, very ugly places in the poorest parts of Cologne, underground,” Muslim activist Ibrahim el-Zayat said.

“And so now, to have something which is visible, which is quite in the midst of the society, is something which is indeed a great need for the city itself, for the Muslims, and for the society,” he continued.

El-Zayat helps support mosque projects throughout Europe. His critics have said he’s a radical Islamist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He denied the charge, saying he’s only trying to help Muslims take their rightful place in German society.

“If you compare it by percentage to the total population of Muslims and compare it, for example, to churches for the total population of Christians, then you should have in Germany not 3,000 prayer places but 15,000,” he said...

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Anonymous said...

Why do we allow these monstrosities to be built? Koln is a lovely city, with a huge cathedral which somehow remained intact during WW11.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Well, it is ...

'a force for integration, simultaneously advances aspects of both integration and segregation.'

Hah-hah-hah-hah, how it sounds? I think it is a very hilarious joke.

Actually it is quote from one sosiological journal :)