Monday, October 22, 2012

The Takedown of the EDL

Ummah Jack

I first learned of the arrest of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll early yesterday morning — after most Americans were in bed, and before most Brits were awake. I held off posting anything (other than a single sketchy MSM report) until I had more information.

And now Paul Weston has also been arrested — events are overtaking us thick and fast.

Before I get into the details (such as I have), let’s take a look at the broad picture: this was obviously a carefully-planned takedown of the English Defence League.

The Powers That Be in the UK have apparently determined that the EDL is weak at the moment. They calculated that a precisely-targeted “short, sharp shock” could destroy it. Put Tommy Robinson behind bars for a long, long time; disrupt Kevin Carroll’s election campaign; and, for good measure, arrest the Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

I think they expect the remnants of the EDL to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. With its leaders incapacitated, and its rank-and-file in disarray, the British authorities assume the movement will fall to pieces and decline into irrelevance, just as the BNP did before it.

So, for any English Defence League supporters who happen to read this: if you want to prove your Masters wrong — if you want to demonstrate that “No Surrender!” is still alive and well in England — you’ll need to pull together, even in the absence of the top leadership, and flex your organizational muscles.

I’m far away, and not a native Englishman, so I can’t offer any advice on the best way to do this. But I know it can be done.

I know the English spirit and the English people — I lived among them during my formative years.

If you put your minds to it, you can surmount this obstacle, just as you have so many others. I have every confidence in you.

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Now on to the news. First, a report from Luton Today about the arrest of Tommy Robinson, who seems to have been stitched up on two separate charges: one for assault, and one for using a false passport to travel to the Freedom Defense Initiative in New York on September 11:

EDL leader arrested over assault

English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon has been arrested over an alleged assault in Luton on Saturday morning.

Tommy Robinson in Luton

It is believed the victim was Saiful Islam, known for preaching his extremist views in Bury Park.

The pair featured in Channel 4 documentary Proud and Prejudiced earlier this year, and a You Tube video of an altercation between the pair in Bury Park last year has been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

A spokesman for Beds Police said a man was assaulted in New Bedford Road at about 10.15am by five men who got out of a black BMW.

He was punched and kicked and lost his mobile phone and keys in the incident, and his injuries are described as “reddening of the left eye”.

Police confirmed a 29-year-old man was being held on suspicion of assault.

Lennon, who calls himself Tommy Robinson, is currently being held by police on suspicion of conspiring to cause a public nuisance after police intercepted a group of 53 EDL members on their way to east London on Saturday.

The English Defence League has released a statement saying everyone arrested on Saturday, apart from Lennon, was bailed yesterday and that he was also being held on suspicion of entering the US illegally following a trip to New York in September.

Also among those understood to have been arrested on Saturday was Kevin Carroll, who is standing in the police and crime commissioner elections for Bedfordshire.

The charges against Kevin Carroll appear much flimsier, and hardly to be taken seriously — this is obviously a ruse to sandbag Kev’s candidacy for PCC in Bedfordshire.

The BBC has this report on Kevin’s arrest:

Bedfordshire PCC candidate Kevin Carroll arrested

A police and crime commissioner candidate for Bedfordshire has been arrested.

British Freedom Party candidate Kevin Carroll was arrested after about 50 English Defence League (EDL) supporters were stopped by police on Saturday, the party said.

Kevin Carroll in Walthamstow, Sept. 1 2012

Police said officers arrested 53 men in connection with an operation in London.

A spokesman for the party said Mr Carroll’s election campaign would be “unaffected”.

The spokesman said: “Following Saturday’s events, we learn directly from Kevin Carroll that he has been bailed until 30 November, which means that his election campaign for Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is unaffected.

‘Planned disturbance’

“We can confirm that Kevin was not among EDL supporters stopped by police… but was arrested later whilst driving to his home.”

The Metropolitan Police said the men were held on the M25 motorway near Heathrow Airport and Uxbridge and on the M3 near Bagshot, Surrey.

The men were heading to a location in east London, but police have not revealed where they were due to gather.

All 53 were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance, the Metropolitan Police said.

They have been bailed until a later date pending further inquiries.

A Met spokesman said: “This was part of an intelligence-led investigation into a planned disturbance in east London on that day [Saturday]”.

One of the bail conditions imposed on the men bans them from entering east London to demonstrate for a stipulated period of time, police said.

The British Freedom website has more about Tommy’s situation:

Tommy Robinson Imprisoned With Hostile Muslims

We have just heard that Tommy Robinson has been incarcerated in London’s Wandsworth Prison, sharing a cell with Muslims on a wing full of Muslims screaming death threats at him.

This is how the authorities react to those who try to warn Britain of the greatest threat to national peace and security since the Second World War.

The British Government is hereby forewarned that should any harm come to Tommy Robinson in prison, they will be held to account.

The Government has a duty of care to all prisoners, not to go out of their way to place them in potential danger for vindictive or political reasons.

British Freedom are actively seeking the advice of lawyers on this matter. Meanwhile, we invite all friends and supporters of Tommy Robinson to write your messages of friendship and support below; we will do our best to convey them to him to strengthen him in this difficult time.

Visit the British Freedom page to donate to the legal defense fund for Tommy, Kevin, Paul, and the other British patriots who are now being rounded up.

Make no mistake about it: there will be more arrests. The crackdown is just beginning.


Ex-Dissident said...

It appears that there is no way to avoid the violence. Best plan ahead.

Anonymous said...

What did you people expect from Socialists? The pukes are complete totalitarians - look at the laws they've passed to suppress free speech.

They're afraid. The Elites are always terrified of populist movements. They're terrified when their lies are seen for what they are.

Now they will make life hell for any person of status in the EDL - they will make a example of those who stand up to the elites and their agenda.

Nemesis said...

Obviously some people in high places are becoming concerned that the EDL and British Freedom are achieving what they hoped would not be achieved, a growing resistance to the Islammization of Britain.

Exhibit A: The growing resistance to mosques being erected.

Exhibit B: Kevin Carroll's run for Police Commissioner.

Exhibit C: The influence of the EDL throughout Britain and now Europe.

Exhibit D: The formation of the British Freedom Party whose spokesman is probably one of the most eloquent and articulate person's to run for office in this modern age.

What I have found surprising is that it has taken the powers to be this long to move on those they consider a threat to their status quo.

Interesting times ahead!100

Whiskey said...

My guess is Britain is doomed. Most really WANT Muslim domination, certainly most British women seem to crave it. Sadly.

I think Weston and company are like the White Rose resistance in Hitler's Germany. Brave. But Doomed. Totally irrelevant. Most (I'd say at least 75%) of the British people WANT to be nothing but third class minorities in their own nation. They'd rather be that, than accept their PC, Globalist, Multicultural dogma that replaced Christianity as their religion be proved false.

Once you understand this is an arrest for Blasphemy (against PC/Multiculturalism) and that most Britons WANT this -- things become clear.

Britain is lost. Without a shot being fired. You can't change people's minds. They'll die for their post-Christian religion (the women most of all -- women are more religious).

Vince said...

Those of us that are wary of believing conspiracy theories or those Brits that still hold faith that although naive the state still has the people's interest at heart, have to really sit back and take notice now.

If it was merely 1 arrest it would be possibly above board. But the fact it would appear the entire leadership has been targeted. Is this a scenerio were political opposition and dissenters get locked up or disappear?

Secondly regarding the assault charge. Seems strange to me that an assault that was recorded and on you tube has led to no charges, whilst this has.

Finally it seems the whole situation is coming to a head much quicker than first thought. It already seemed things were taking a turn for the worse when on Tommys last video, when he pretty much seemed to welcome back those previously kicked out, which from what I heard included some very bad characters (might I add overtly racist). In turn making a clear distinction and separation between the edl and bfp. So in a sense it may not become uncommon to see violence and the edl go hand in hand like in the early days.

Now finally imagine if harm comes to him whilst in prison? What the hell do you think all those that within the edl that have been held back by the leadership, are going to do? This is scary stuff.

I maintain and always do, that vigilantism and group action violence etc is not only wrong but in time escalates into things far more sinister. But the paralysis from our political elite is what has caused this entire problem. Can they not see that the country is heading for an ugly future, or do they simply not care.

bilbo said...

arresting some one for "driving home without commiting an offence" is now an offence!
as is "asking about some one's welfare without prior permission."
the EDL/british freedom party should be able to tear the heads of a few wooden-tops over this.

Columnist said...

This is a good thing. The EDL blocked some really good ideas. Pakistani women should be offered a place in British harems. That will break THEIR resistance. Whiskey can explain why. Four wives is NOT enough.

Anonymous said...

"conspiring to cause a public nuisance"

Oy piggies, I can think of a few more that you can fit up for that! Including yourselves, and our elected dictators.

"solving crimes and protecting people" my mirth overflows

Good luck Tommy!

Anonymous said...

For a few years now, ever since Blair and his wife (who brought in these "human rights" laws), and whose sister, Lauren Booth supports all Islamic terrorism and has converted to Islam.... they've made the UK sharia compliant! It won't be long before the black flag of jihad is flying over most of our establishments....
This government have fought to keep terrorists in this country, who should have been deported YEARS ago, and keep them living in the lap of luxury, with added security.
Any criticism of Islam (including the global jihad) is illegal and warrants a jail sentence! But Muslims are free to call for the death of the infidel, and anyone who insults their religion... even though they insult every other religion quite freely!
It's only going to get worse and now they're imprisoning the only opposition to the jihad, we're doomed!

Anonymous said...

This is happening parallel to the French Elite's demand for dissolution of Génération Identitaire who oppose the erection of a huge mosque in Poitiers.