Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Enriching Experience in the Schwabing Hospital

Cultural Enrichment News

This article from Politically Incorrect about cultural enrichment in a German hospital serves as an apt follow-up to our recent translation of a five-part series of articles from the German news site Bild based on excerpts from Heinz Buschkowsky’s new book about Neukölln (See: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5).

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Neukölln Conditions in Schwabing Hospitals
by Milites Christi

Now that Heinz Buschkowsky’s book about the conditions in Neukölln has caused a sensation, I would like to report on an incident in Munich in June, which affected me personally.

Gebetsraum für Muslime

Following a bicycle accident, my wife, who was seven months pregnant, had to spend a night in the Schwabing hospital. In the next room was an Arab woman who was visited by her five year-old son on the morning after the accident. Despite his young age, he threw walnut-sized stones at my wife and the other, mostly pregnant, patients. He also poured water down on them from a staircase and insulted them. Neither the mother nor the staff of the ward showed any interest in this. Nor when he stole gumdrops from the daughter of the other woman in my wife’s room. When the girl’s mother complained, he said impudently that he was allowed to do that, because he was a boy.

When I arrived at the clinic and visited the ward office, the sister told me that she had tried to stop the little Easterner’s terrorizing, but she could do nothing, because the mother of the perpetrator called her a racist. The sister, by the way, was a Korean — ergo clearly a German national racist with Nazi background. So she chose silence over a necessary, spirited intervention on behalf of pregnant patients. Brave new world!

Apparently word has not yet reached the state capital that — according to people who work there — there are extra security personnel at the clinic Vogtareuth, near Munich, because of its Eastern guests. Since no help was forthcoming and we were on our own here, I took the boy aside and promised him some unsanctioned educational experience if there were any further aggressive actions against my wife. In contrast to the threat of official action, that worked.

When he heard the key word “police,” he grinned and informed me that his father had been punished by the police once, because he had beaten his mother. In view of the boy’s behavior, I was not surprised. I had stopped the attacks against my pregnant wife, but not against the other pregnant patients and the window panes. Without cause, the perpetrator’s mother forbade the daughter of her roommate from entering the room, rather than deal with the disciplining of her son. My offer to speak to the mother for the roommate was refused as useless. Here too was a readiness to wimp out for the sake of false tolerance. Despite my renewed complaints, the clinic staff remained “tolerant” and stood aside with good cheer. Only when the boy started throwing stones into the rooms of the most pregnant patients was it too much for the Korean sister and she openly threatened the mother with the police, who then apparently found the courage to supervise the culprit.

Our day ended with my wife’s discharge from the clinic. Downcast but unharmed, and richer in sad recognition about what Eastern immigration means. At any rate, the Schwabing clinic received mail from us on the same day, for it just cannot be that stone-throwers — large or small — can get away with mischief because of their cultural background.

Unfortunately, the hospital’s answer was couched in the all-too-familiar, meaningless drivel.

O variegated Republic of Germany (Bunte Republik Deutschland*), you give me the cold chills.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

*The title of a song and video by Udo Lindenberg which celebrates the multi-ethnic dilution of the boring. colorless German population with people from all over the world, e.g. jumbo jets arriving full of Eskimos; and a population as lively as New York City’s, etc.

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Anonymous said...

This story really takes the cake! This boy is heading straight for a criminal life and on the way he'll be a bullying terror in the schools he attends.
The staff are truly gutless and asking for trouble. What would have happened if a patient had been seriously harmed by the stone throwing?

Anonymous said...

It is fear masquerading as tolerance. People who dare to speak out against this Islamist outrage in Germany, as elsewhere, pay dearly. One can lose ones job, ones standing in society, etc. It has now become crime to have the ‘wrong’ opinion.
It is not only prominent Europeans such as Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Thilo Sarrazin who suffer for committing the ‘crime’ of voicing an unapproved opinion, but your average person too.

Anonymous said...

The comment about Bunte Republik Deutschland and these people's boredom with their hitherto uniracial, unireligious, unicultural and homogeneous country sums it all up. It reminds me of that dotty woman Shirley Williams of the Liberal Democrats in Britain wanting Britain to be a "rainbow nation", like a South Africa descending into anarchy.

This boredom with homogeneity is the hallmark of the spoilt baby boomer generation who are still longing for their world to be as kaleidoscopic as their one time lsd inspired trips. I live in a part of Britain that is still virtually 100% homogeneously British, much to the politicians' dismay. It not monochrome. It is safe, it is cosy, there is no friction, there is no constant fear of being threatened and displaced. So what is wrong with that?

When I was a teenager in the 1960s my secondary school was almost 100% WASP. The exception was a Jewish boy but we just accepted him. He did not go into school assembly as in those days it was still Christian in nature.

Those days are long gone. Christian assemblies have been banned and the school is now probably one third Pakistani muslim.

The other day on the radio there was a report that in Britain today there are 20,000 racist incidents in schools, both primary and secondary, a year. A very earnest Asian woman was saying that this must be stamped out. You will never do it, sweetheart, if you try till doomsday. That's human nature I'm afraid and try as you will you cannot bend it to suit your socially engineered Marxist utopia.

And guess how many racist incidents there were in British schools 60 years ago - probably none as multiculturalism had not been imposed on a defenceless homogeneous nation. Now which should we prefer?