Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/23/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/23/2012Has there been a coordinated crackdown against Counterjihad activists across the European Union? Besides the takedown of the EDL and British Freedom, four leaders of the Génération Identitaire group that occupied the mosque in Poitiers have been arrested. Meanwhile several leaders of the German group Pro-Köln are being investigated for fraud, and have had their houses searched and their computers confiscated. All of these incidents occurred within the space of three days.

In financial news, the Moody’s ratings agency downgraded the debt of five major Spanish regions — Catalonia, Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, and Murcia — to junk status, below investment grade.

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Hermes said...

This paneuropean counterjihad crackdown and the struggle of the identitarians and other groups reminds one a bit of Lech Walesa's "Solidarnost" movement, or the Prague Spring. By the way, yesterday it was the 65th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against Rákosi's infernal dictatorship and against the soviet occupation here in Hungary. Europeans will probably need that kind of spirit which pervaded the teenagers who dared fighting against tanks and all sorts of heavy soviet weapons by that time, having at their disposal only homemade molotov cocktails and light weapons. A new mentality is needed in Europe in order to survive.

Anonymous said...

It's paradoxical that the most effective allies of the organized Muslim takeover of the West is actually the leaders of the West. This was shown by the massive, vicious attack by Nato forces at the behest of President Clinton against the Serbian armies fighting Bosnian Muslim militia.

Once again, we have a coordinated attack by Western leaders against resistance to Islamic expansion, even though that resistance is currently peaceful and legal.

I have no idea why Western leaders are not only shortsighted, but vicious in suppressing counter-jihad movements. The current leadership might look forward to a luxurious retirement before the chaos of unimpeded Muslim immigration affected them, but such a strategy would surely affect their children. Individuals who ignore the well-being of their children are not destined to survive in an evolutionary sense.

So, while I'm totally perplexed at the mind-set of such people, their actions are by now predictable. By far, the most effective means of countering them is to institute a constitutional guarantee, formally ratified by legislative and popular vote, of freedom of speech and expression. There is a reason that freedom of speech is strongest in the US, although not always taken advantage of by the popular press.

Anonymous said...

The silver spooners like David Cameron have never had a clue what it is like to actually live in Britain.

Britisn politicians are quite willing - especially the tories - to let British citizens live a life of misery and poverty - so long as the elites maintain their lifestyle.

If a genuine reckoning were to take place today, if the truth about islam and what is happening were to be spoken, then it would HAVE to be addressed, leading to untold conflict throughout Britain. This would put the comfortable lifestyles of British politicians at risk.

So they silence anyone who speaks the truth. Maybe they think they'll manage to keep the lid on things until they make their way through their own retirement. And they think their kids will be just as immune to everyday life as they have been - silver spooners like Cameron would laugh at you if you said their children will have to live with the consequences of what they're doing - of course they won't!

In addition to all that, not one British politician has the intellectual and moral integrity required to stand up and speak the truth about anything, let along islam. They're mealy-mouthed careerists - that is who they all are, and that is how they behave.

Anonymous said...

The elites aren't so much upset about counter-jihad/anti-Muslim sentiments as they are about these movements morphing into a political force strong enough to remove them from office and neuter their agendas.

One thing a politico fears more than anything is the threat of removal.

The fact is these anti-Muslim movements can morph quite quickly into a serious political movement, given the right impetus.