Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Are You Doing to Further Integration?

This is the final installment in a five-part series of articles from the German news site Bild based on excerpts from Heinz Buschkowsky’s new book, Neukölln ist Überall (“Neukölln is everywhere”), and interviews with the author.

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Part 5 was translated by Hermes.

Neukölln: Muslim women mourners

What Are You Doing to Further Integration?

Part 5

The book written by the mayor of Neukölln is being discussed in Germany. What are you doing to further integration, Mr. Buschkowsky?

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BILD:Your chauffeur is Turkish. Coincidence?
Buschkowsky:I do not pay attention to the passport when looking for a chauffeur. But his cultural competences help us in this or that situation, for sure. And also that he is 1.95 metres (6'5") tall.
BILD:Is it a problem if a town hall employee wears a headscarf?
Buschkowsky:There is no female employee in the town hall of Neukölln who wears a head scarf. What’s more, I find that these kind of symbols have no place in public institutions. The state must remain neutral
BILD:You denounce many deplorable situations. Some accuse you of not having done anything as mayor…
Buschkowsky:It’s OK if people who don’t know the competences of a district mayor say this. It’s annoying when people say that they know the political system. We cannot decide here over the size of a group of children.
BILD:So what do you yourself do in favor of integration?
Buschkowsky:I hope you’ve got a thick pad!

We have since 2006 trained 70 immigrants as administration staff, which is 40% of our trainees.

The Rüttli school, the most infamous one in Germany, has been changed in a way that now 30% of those finishing the 10th class have a recommendation for high school.

Or here’s the example of the “district mothers” — jobless female migrants that we’ve trained in healthy nutrition, what is a childcare center, or how a school works. They go as ambassadors to families lacking proper education.
BILD:What would you do if you could really decide all this?

Buschkowsky:First, I would introduce the compulsory kindergarten from the age of 13 months. Second, every school would be an all-day one. Third, quit investing in family budgets, and start investing in the infrastructure of the families, for example free childcare centers and meals in the schools.
BILD:Is the low level of pressure a reason that there is no considerable advance?
Buschkowsky:Too low? There is no pressure at all! In Berlin, for a long time the authorities have planned to inform the parents by SMS. The thing fails if we have to ask the parents if we are allowed to write them an SMS. We are crazy! And how mad is a society in which child benefits are being paid to somebody who is in prison for having killed another person?
BILD:You are called chatterbox politician by your colleagues — are you really that?
Buschkowsky:We politicians all are fond of chattering. I could recite you a number of people who do not stop blabbering: One could, one should, one had to. But they cannot show anything except a seminar paper.
BILD:Here in the town hall you have already naturalized 6500 new inhabitants of Neukölln? Why is it so important for you to sing the national anthem with them?
Buschkowsky:It causes no loss that the new nationals acquire knowledge at least once of the melody of their new country.
BILD:Which were the reactions to the excerpts from your new book?
Buschkowsky:Criticisms come only occasionally through e-mail. It is something else which upsets me: there is a kind of culture based on remaining silent. There are people who do not dare open their mouths anymore. This is what a teacher from Dortmund has written me just today. There is an atmosphere in which it seems wiser to talk no more. They live in fear.
BILD:People long for politicians who speak openly and clearly. Why is that you never got involved in federal politics?
Buschkowsky:When I wanted to, there were no vacancies. When people talked to me about it, I was too old. One does not begin a career of backbencher. I’ve done well with my fate.


john in cheshire said...

I am unable to express the incredulity I feel and the utter contempt I have for people such as this. do they have no affinity to their own genetic pool? to their own national peoples? What on earth, what by my Christian God, is wrong with these people? I keep saying we are in a time of mass dementia but this kind of report only reinforces my assertions.

john in cheshire said...

I am unable to express the incredulity I feel and the utter contempt I have for people such as this. do they have no affinity to their own genetic pool? to their own national peoples? What on earth, what by my Christian God, is wrong with these people? I keep saying we are in a time of mass dementia but this kind of report only reinforces my assertions.

dymphna said...

13-month old babies in mandatory state care? OMG. Aren't any German psychologists going to tell the man what we have learned about human development and attachment theory?

That's creepy.

Anonymous said...

"...COMPULSORY kindergarten from the age of 13 months."

Ah, Dymphna, this IS the final plan - that the international state - completely unaccountable to any voters - owns, molds, and controls ALL children from birth.

Of course, the state will only allow certain children to live who are genetically fit to be matched with state-needed tasks. In the future, the state will control fertility in a manner that will make China's one child per family policy look downright generous.

Past: The state convinced mothers that work was MORE important than raising children. Conclusion: Strangers may raise children as well as mothers.

Present: The state permits and sanctions homosexual unions with 1) homosexual couples having the same right to adopt children as heterosexual couples, and 2) official state wording being changed from husband and wife to spouse and from father and mother to parent. Conclusion: Children do NOT need mothers.

Future: The state institutes "...COMPULSORY kindergarten from the age of 13 months." Conclusion: Islam is simply a means to an end for evil Marxists who FULLY plan to use Muslims to abuse non-Muslims, and to abrogate all human rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

For all innocents who think that evil Marxists fail to see evil Muslims, please rest assured that both groups have quite actively planned to use the other to act against the best interests of Western Christians in specific and humanity in general.


Anonymous said...

The Left has and is using the Muslims as soldiers for their cause for some time. They tried using the Blacks and they caught on to them. The Blacks just gamed them for freebies now. The same with the Hispanics. The Asians are just too darn smart for them. So they went and got the biggest, murderous and vicious dog in the global community - Muslims.

They think the Muzzies will help them create their global socialist uptopia. Won't happen.

The mistake the Lefties are making is that they think the Muzzies will remain docile once the white working and middle-class are smashed. They're wrong. They will immediately butcher every Leftist, lawyer, gay, atheist, feminist and Jew they can find. And you won't find a single person among these groups that has any sense of what's in store for them. Most are too busy trying to tear down Western civilization.

A lot can happen between now and then though. The U.S. can default and take the EU and the entire socialist police state enacted by the Leftists into the waste bin. This is almost a given, it's just a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

How free is Germany and Angela, to rule Germany? How much attention must she pay to Erdogan (Turkey) and his masters, the Saudis? Erdogan was not long ago given "the Saudi's Nobel Prize", as they call it.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Prize for service to islam

"Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is announced the winner of "King Faisal International Prize" which is considered the "Nobel prize" of the Arab world. " (2010)

Joseph said...

once again, y'all are on a roll.
gay folk can marry - the world will end
gay folk can adopt - the world will end
no affinity for my genetic pool? yours must be very shallow. the water's fine in mine.
compulsory anything? bad idea. in fact - i'd like to see the mandatory removed form all public education.
feel free to propose reasonable (a hard word for you to accept i gather) solutions in response to his wrong way approach. but let's not make the mistake of american politics - both republicans and democrats have some good ideas. why rule out a reasonable solution because of who said it? makes no sense.
so J.I.C., you and your christian god just need to suck it up and accept the reality that everyone who doesn't share your world view is not a commie-pinko- marxist-flag burning-homosexual. i support western civ. i just find it a much larger place than you do. room for lots of things, ideas, and people. plus i'm all for its defense - but not against everyone, you know? i mean except us... er, ahh, you.

Judenlieber said...

Do you have locks on your doors and windows? Do you know what they are for?

Joseph said...


i have and i do. (well, let's be clear. in america where i'm from, i never really lock the doors except at night. and when i lived in wisconson, we never locked the doors)
mostly what i do is get to know my neighbors - the locals, the business people who run the shops. i do not however, go around glaring at people i haven't met. nor will i send the the latest "declaration of war" video to them even if they speak french. (just a thought: what a bunch of spoiled brats)
i'm in germany at the moment, and in the process of moving here permanently. i lock the doors here but it's a larger city (around 350k people). in fact there was violence here recently - drunks broke a door and started a fight with someone. mostly because they were drunk. and drunk people are stupid in any ethnicity.
the real problem (as i see it) is to act out of fear. rarely does this end well. rather, let's look at what has or seems to be working - requirements to learn the language, locate new immigrants in existing small towns, let everyone from hong kong come here who wants to (what fools we were in 1999). these methods allowed our ancestors to blend in nicely (my grandfather is from rome).
ah well, the sun shines and the day has long begun. i'm off to explore. regards.

Judenlieber said...

"Door and Window Locks" were, of course, a metaphor, though certainly a concrete example as well. I am asking you and others who are unconcerned about immigration to consider the plight of the American Indians, who 500 years ago were masters of the Western half of the the world, but who now live mostly in the slums and reservations of North and South America. Anyone who doesn't want our own culture to end up likewise need to take measures to preserve our own nation, our own culture, and our own children. Or if you don't have children and don't care about our own culture you can have another beer and change the channel.