Friday, October 19, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/19/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/19/2012Lofti Naguedh, the leader of a Tunisian political party that staunchly opposes the ruling Salafist party, was beaten to death during a street demonstration involving several different political parties. Some witnesses report that his assailants were members of the ruling party, Ennahdha, and that the police stood by and did nothing until after Mr. Naguedh had been severely beaten.

In other news, the Washington D.C. headquarters of the National Geographic Channel is on high alert after receiving numerous bomb threats from Islamic extremists, who object to NatGeo’s plans to air a movie about the Bin Laden raid early next month.

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Don said...

National Geo has a exhibit of the 1000 (so called/in their dreams) inventions of the Muzzies and then they go for Nat Geo's throat because of this movie. Proves you can't please the bastards so why bother trying.

Anonymous said...

Roma occupy Snow White kindergarten shelter
in Alta, Norway

Where is Alta? A city, way up North, direction North Cape. But...what on earth are the Roma doing up there? It is a very long way from home. And it costs a lot to go there.

In the freezing cold the Roma have moved in with their mattresses to the Snow White kindergarten shelter in the woods, and the children are very disappointed.

The children have not been told however, why they cannot go to the shelter in the forest.

Alta is in Sami-Land, and things could heat up seriously if the Roma mess up too much with the locals.


Clean hands

Anonymous said...

The Zero people, Don;)