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OSCE Warsaw: The ICLA Side Event

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This is the thirteenth in a series of posts on this week’s OSCE “Human Dimension Implementation” meeting in Warsaw. More will be coming later this week. See the list of links at the bottom of this post for previous articles.

Last night the ICLA delegation hosted a “side event” as part of the OSCE Human Dimension meeting. Side events allow participating organizations to present material that is not included in the main OSCE event.

Based on reports from people who were there, some of the Muslims who attended the ICLA event were visibly upset with the presentation of the Brussels Declaration, which calls on Western governments to reaffirm their commitment to traditional civil liberties, and refuse to impose any “human rights” derived from the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam.

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ICLA Holds Side Event At OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting — Brussels Process

The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) held a well attended side event at the OSCE conference in Warsaw yesterday. The main focus of the event was the 2012 Brussels Process and the 2012 Brussels Declaration To Safeguard Individual Liberties and Human Rights with which regular visitors to our site will be familiar. The OSCE site includes the Declaration on its site in PDF form in both English and German.

The Brussels Process is the antidote to the anti-free speech and anti freedom initiatives that Governments are increasingly resorting to. The trend in the direction of tyranny often comes in the form of attempts to enforce sharia compliance. The Brussels Process is a framework to protect human rights:

The Brussels Process aims to:

1. Educate and inform the public to ensure that laws that undermine our freedoms are repeals and laws that enhance it are enacted.
2. Demonstrate that sharia compliance is against human rights and should not be embraced when human rights decisions are being made.
3. Encourage human rights practitioners to consider rulings such as that made by the European Court of Human Rights in 2003 which said that Sharia is incompatible with democracy.
4. Create a framework for individuals and organisations to stand up and protect liberty from the sharia threat.

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