Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony Hijacked by Far Left

Paul Weston has uncovered some repugnant background information on the illustrious cultural icons who designed the opening ceremony at the London Olympics.

The following article was published earlier today at the British Freedom website.

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Olympic Opening Ceremony Hijacked by Far Left
by Paul Weston

The shocking details in this article really ought to be headline news around the world, but investigative journalism is not what it used to be. The London Olympics opening ceremony was hijacked by Communist sympathisers working for the main director Danny Boyle.

Labour Party MPs are already boasting that the opening ceremony was a socialist event and the “best advert for the party in years”. Conservative MPs are privately muttering about the very obvious left-wing bias — as well they might.

Danny Boyle worked with one scriptwriter and four selected assistant directors to stage the opening and closing ceremonies. The five are:

  • Frank Cottrell Boyce: Scriptwriter for the opening ceremony and a personal friend of Danny Boyle. Cottrell Boyce started his career writing for the far-left magazine Living Marxism which had initially been launched in 1988 as The Journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party.
  • Stephen Daldry: Theatre and film director, producer, and three-time Academy Award nominated director; his films include Billy Elliott. Daldry was also a member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) at Sheffield University in the 1980s, something he has said gave him a “political education”. The SWP describes itself as Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary.
  • Catherine Ugwu: Creative Director and theatrical producer. Author of Lets Get It on: The Politics of Black Performance and Enigmas of Race, Difference and Desire. Her work is quoted on reading lists centred on Marxism and Black Liberation Theology.

The two remaining assistant directors are Hamish Hamilton, a TV and film expert and Mark Fisher who was responsible for the sets. Both appear politically impartial and were clearly chosen for their necessary skills only.

Many people around the world noted the overt political and multicultural slant of the opening ceremony. Now we know why.

The British government now needs to answer some serious questions. The Olympics are supposed to be politically impartial. Allowing the opening ceremony to be produced by communist sympathisers and a woman with links to black liberation theology is a political scandal of international proportion.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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George Pal said...

Olympic opening ceremony extravaganzas have long looked they'd been produced by a committee of gay dictators. This one did not disappoint.

Hythloday said...

If googling "Hamish Hamilton" led me to the right man, which I assume it did as that's a rather uncommon name, I wouldn't say he's "impartial." He's worked extensively with U2 and Madonna, even directing the later's recent Superbowl performance.

Mark Fisher works with Madonna as well. He designed the sets for her current tour, in which she keeps presenting Marine Le Pen with a swastika. Again, this is not someone whose connections declare impartiality.

I'm rather glad that Boyle produced an event which clearly showed the dystopian vision of the British establishment. Here we have an announcing of the establishment's genocidal wishes broadcast to Europeans and their descendants around the world; surely there must have more than a few decent people alerted to the danger they're facing.

Green Infidel said...

Boris Johnson, the decidedly non-left mayor of London thinks otherwise, and points to the presence of the Queen and her cameo with Mr Bond. The show was definitely spectacular, and Mr Bean's appearance was a masterstroke. And in years gone by, under "Red Ken" Livingstone, Boris' predecessor, would there have even been recitals of "Jerusalem" by a culturally-enriched children's choir - or would there have been purely "ethnic" flavours to the ceremony, celebrating London's minority cultures, and nothing from the majority British one?

Nonetheless, I couldn't help noticing a strange similarity between the workers making the rings and working around the 19th-century chimneys to Soviet propaganda films showing workers forging metal or in the fields. And what was the reason for the presence of the "culturally enriched" rapper with the "London ghetto" accent - coming out of the same subculture which gave birth to last year's London riots?! Well, the Trotskyite background of Danny Boyle's team certainly goes some way towards explaining the above...

Green Infidel said...

As for the ethnic mix of those in the ceremony, a friend today told me of his visit to an East London maternity ward, where his wife will soon be giving birth. The only white male present in a group of around 30... and only one white mother in the rest of the group. On that basis, I'm not sure that minority ethnics were over-represented... perhaps even under-represented?!

babs said...

I watched the opening ceremony and found the National Health segment to be very odd..
I understand that our TV station NBC edited out quite a bit of the ceremony. Especially the tribute to the 7/7 victims. I can only say that from what I have heard because I didn't see it...
Quite a bit of air time was spent watching sick children doing gymnastics on hospital beds. While watching that I wondered what that was all about? Is National Health Service really an integral part of the English culture? Possibly so.
I must say however that the queen's enterence was fantastic. Probably the best piece of theatre I have seen in a long time. What a sport!
Many have said that they don't watch the olympics because they are "corrupt." Probably those at the top that put on the extravaganzas are corrupt but, I don't think the athletes are. They are working their hearts out and I really appreciate watching people that are going all out for their sport and their cause to which they have dedicated themselves for many years. The women's cycling race on Satuday was amazing; crashes, people getting run over and getting up and continuing to compete, I found that truly inspiring.
We all should take a lesson from that.
I guess I love the olympics because of the athletes. I am able to see past those that made a whole lot of money or power and just concentrate on the tremendous efforts of the various teams.

Anonymous said...

2012 London Sharia Games toilets
adjusted to Mecca

Green Infidel said...

A few years, the plan was to have a giant mega-mosque next to the Olympic Park. It was backed by Red Ken, who back then was the mayor. Thanks to protests from the local community, the plans were shelved.

So, folks, that's what it could have been. An opening ceremony right next to a mega-mosque visible from the Moon. Sure, things aren't ideal as they are - but are they as bad as they could have been??

Anonymous said...

cameron called the tory MP who described the ceremony as multicultural crap an idiot.
Just shows how far left the conservative party have lurched under his stewardship.
How is it possible for a supposedly centre right party to have as its leader a left-winger?
Paris Claims

ChrisLA said...

Opening ceremonies are essentially promotions to showcase the host country. In 2008, we saw China's military drill precision and multiple, multiple copies of the same thing. Very Chinese. Great Britain wanted to highlight its major contributions to the world -- industrialization, literature, music, national healthcare for all, and a wry sense of humor. It was very British. As for the diversity, that, too, is British. Before people blast GB about the opening ceremony, they should consider what would have made a better presentation of GB's contributions.

Anonymous said...

I think patriotism has gotten the better of many Brits in this that they cant see that the production is Marxist subversion of British History ala what Howard Zinn did to US History via A People's History of the United States.

What the world saw, was a celebration of workers to pounding drums for half and hour complete with evil white male capitalists exploiting the workers, followed by a progressive women's rights march, an especially weird tribute to socialized medicine finished up with a baby with it's head split open, then a celebration of counter-cultural 60s icons, the finished up with revolutionary messages wrapped in an interacial teen love story complete with homosexual sex, hundreds of young people launching fists singing...

They will not force us...
They will stop degrading us...
They will not control us...
We will be victorious!

Viva la Revolution!

I just want to say that this is clearly a depiction of the Establishment view of History these days and the New Left Zeitgeist that dominates the cultural landscape and Establishment. However that doesnt make it any less Neo-Marxist. Remember these are images that the UK chose to highlight to the world...representing what the UK is about and what it is proud of.

Some of the more radical messages are somewhat hidden and thus indicative of Fabianism.

Then you have standard PC fare of having black skinned people singing and dancing to Abide with Me...even if they couldnt ditch the Christian tune, at least they could get a black person to butcher the song, instead of a traditional Christian Choir (full of white Indigenous Islanders).

PS - I really like Melanie Philips commentary on the opening ceremonies.

Oscars all round for a patriotic feelgood fantasy

God Bless Melanie.


Anonymous said...

Basically this Opening Ceremony was a celebration of the triumph of the Left over Britain.

How anybody could enjoy that, no matter how artfully done, is beyond me. To each his own.


Green Infidel said...

More background information, hidden deep in the lyrics of Dizzee Rascal - the "rudeboy rapper" at the opening ceremony, rapping his song "Bonkers" to the Queen, foreign leaders, war veterans, children and others who may not be so familiar with London's "grime" scene. His lyrics include the line:

"And all I care about is sex and violence..."

You can hear it at 0:20 here... With regular stabbings happening in the capital, and with it being less than a year since the London riots, could there be a more appropriate song to "represent" London as it is today??

Anonymous said...

One can but agree with you EV

"Basically this Opening Ceremony was a celebration of the triumph of the Left over Britain."

PatD said...

In response to Anonymous (1/08 p.m.)

I did not watch the Opening Ceremony, you would have had to be brain dead to not know what was coming. I have seen the 'amusing' bits on later news bulletins - the Queen and 007 was priceless - but maybe you would have to be British. Her popularity at the moment is through the roof.

You quote lines from the song Uprising by Muse. On YouTube (with Baron and Dymphna's permission) there is a video of it you may find gives a different interpretation.

UK Uprising Video (full lyrics)

I got to know about this one from a British website very similar to GOV.

Anonymous said...


"Quite a bit of air time was spent watching sick children doing gymnastics on hospital beds. While watching that I wondered what that was all about? Is National Health Service really an integral part of the English culture?"

GOSH not a celebration of the NHS the left hate the NHS the symbolism was rebirth, note the grotesque giant inflatable baby.

Look with your eyes the Queen did not parachute from the helicopter it was a man in womens clothes - a usurping transvestite.

Can't you see he's fooled you...

Jolie Rouge

PatD said...

Jolie Rouge 10.57 - The parachutist was a sky diver from Oxford with the name of Gary CONNERY. They stitched a copy of the Queen's dress on to him. He asked if he could keep it as a souvenir but they would not let him - which I thought was a bit mean.