Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hotting up in Walthamstow

Our London correspondent Eastender sends his take on the state of denial among leftists concerning the attitude of British Muslims towards gays (and all other infidels, as well).

His post is based on an anti-Islamophobia opinion piece by Owen Jones in The Independent.

Gay-free zone

Me and Owen Jones… have NOT got a ‘thing’ going on…
by Eastender

Owen Jones, the UK’s (self-appointed) clown prince of left-wing journalism has sided up with the UK’s Muslims against the daily, ferocious attacks they suffer from internet ‘trolls’ as well as the fear and alarm generated amongst them by the activities of the EDL and the BNP. Further, he points to the rise of political parties in Europe who have an anti-Muslim stance.

He explains out that most Muslims are just getting on with life and that they should not be blamed for not taking on the extremists within their midst. Well, some of them do, in a mild way. But the plain fact is that without the one we would not have the other.

He rails about ‘extremist’ groupings amongst the native population. But they are our extremists and we have to deal with them. Why should we have to deal with the extremists of another people?

Like those before him, Jones is stridently sanctimonious, knows theory rather than the practice, and never lets facts get in the way of his assertions. He is part of the commentariat: people with opinions rather than a grounding in journalism. In this he is joined by the now disgraced Johann Hari and Laurie Penny, his fellow commentator in The Independent. At last, a publication that scrapes even further into the bottom of the barrel than The Guardian!

The fact that he can rail away against anti-Muslim prejudice while completely ignoring the impact of the huge increase in the Muslim presence in London on the lives of gay men shows just how one-eyed he is. For Jones is gay.

I wonder if he has done any ‘reporting’ in Bethnal Green, Whitechapel or Spitalfields recently? Nope, not a single sign. He will find out that in such areas the Muslims have their own form of ‘Pinkwashing’ which ensures any resident or visiting gays are scrubbed away from the sight of ‘the faithful’. And, as one Independent journalist — Jerome Taylor — found during the 2010 general election, Muslims do not take kindly to journalists prodding around on ‘their’ territory. But that attack was allowed to enter the dustbin of history and never followed up because it sat rather inconveniently with the ideology of The Independent.

The ‘faithful’ have clearly got their eyes on Walthamstow, for just today I saw Jamaal Uddin being driven in a car — by A WOMAN!!! — on St James Street in Walthamstow. This was the convert clown who pasted up the ‘You are now entering a Sharia controlled zone’ leaflets around Walthamstow last year, and who is now involved with the group who are attempting to put this into practice, as previously posted in Gates of Vienna.

What has not been reported anywhere else were sightings of lead jihadist Anjem Choudary in the southern end of Coppermill Lane early last autumn. Dressed in Western clothes, and carrying a briefcase under his arm, he had been visiting ‘someone’ in the area. Now, Choudary does not make such trips for social reasons. So, it was no surprise to see the increase in jihadist activity in the area. Things are hotting up in time for the EDL’s visit to Walthamstow in August.

— Eastender

The title of this essay is an oblique reference to 1972’s ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ by the American soul singer Billy Paul.


Anonymous said...

I have every confidence the straight Lefties and even some gays will throw their own kind under the Muslim bus when the time comes.

The thing is the Left can't help itself. It's anti-West agenda takes precedent over people, especially minorities whom they don't especially care for except that they provide a lot of money for the Left.

In the end the Lefty elite will even toss other lower class Lefties under the bus as they can use Islam as a weapon against the West.

It's the Marxist way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Choudary was there to agree at date when the muslim enclaves burst open and the native British populace are forced to convert to Islam. On that day the left-wingers at the BBC and the Guardian and Independent will be like the monks of Lindisfarne and won't be capable of putting up much of a fight. If, as is rumoured, many at the BBC are of the same persuasion as Mr Jones then they had better keep away from lamposts on that day.

Anonymous said...

We British have complete faith in our authorities to destroy any form of independent leadership wherever it raises its ugly, horned head.

Antony said...

You must remember, we British have every faith in our authorities to destroy all forms of independent leadership.

bewick said...

You saw Jamal Uddin being driven around? Ginger Ben from Weymouth Dorset? Are you sure? HE was arrested two weeks ago and there has been no news at all about him since. No word that he has been charged; no news that he has been bailed. WTF

Anonymous said...

It isn't just the BBC, The Independent and The Grauniad that promote the islamization of the UK as something good and inevitable. The Economist too loves to publish nonsense about how islam can shower all sorts of blessings, human rights, prosperity and progress on any society willing to wholeheartedly surrender to it. That paper just never explains why no one can find such blessings in a single country where islam rules.

Nemesis said...

When it finally becomes plain to even those who habitually hide their head in the sand (some less polite would use another reference other than sand) about Islams ultimate goal, I wonder how many who have 'come out' will seek to shelter 'back in'!

Anonymous said...

What you are seeing in Owen Jones and other feeble-minded journalists is I think called a 'displacement reaction' in psychiatry. Owen, poor little fart, faces two situations
simultaneously, one very mildly
threatening [EDL/BNP] and the other
very threatening [Islamic aggression]. Owen's mind, just like the minds of all the lefty/liberal wierdos,'chooses' to ignore the greater threat and concentrates on expelling his vitriol on the minor
or non-existant threat. He cannot help himself and lives with this
distorted reality from an early stage in life. However these types
of twisted liberals somehow get themselves installed in positions of minor power and cause trouble for balanced people who don't let their minds accept distortions when in pressure situation.

Anonymous said...

There are no lower class lefties. The British working class are very conservative and that is why the Marxist students who have seized control of the Labour Party since the 1970s hate them so much and want to replace them by vote rigging Pakistani muslims, Somalis etc. The Hampstead intellectual lefties who probably wash their hands after shaking hands with the proletariat have already thrown the working classes to the wolves and let their areas be colonised by the third world and their jobs be taken off them by East Europeans or third worlders. The sad thing is that they should have voted BNP but were made to feel wicked for thinking of it. The BNP are the Labour Party of the 1950s and 60s. So the working classes carry on voting for Milly the Marxist and the other foreign descent left-wingers who have no feeling for England at all. They do not realise that these people hate the British working class with a vengeance and as we see from Ken Livingstone and George Galloway are drifting towards creating a muslim left-wing state over which they think they will rule. Sorry Milly but when that day comes then the sons of Moses will be driven into the sea or worse.