Sunday, July 22, 2012

Violent White Boys

Today is the first anniversary of the massacre at Utøya Island. I’m told there was a huge demonstration in Oslo in observance of the people who died at the hands of their native mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik.

In an inadvertent piece of irony, Gates of Vienna was ‘present’ from almost the opening moment of the massacre, when that truck bomb was detonated by Breivik in Oslo. No one could have guessed he was even then hastening on to Utøya for his real revenge against a group he’d wanted at one time to join. But his step-father made it plain he’d never be good enough.

As Breivik detonated that truck, the Baron and some of the Europeans were discussing current events online. Fjordman mentioned that he’d just heard what he thought was a clap of thunder…or a bomb. He turned on his television to find the beginning of the awful images that would be churned out by the MSM over the coming months.

Oslo Truck Bomb

Of course, everyone — including The New York Times — initially laid the blame at the door of Islamic terrorists. In fact, some terrorist groups rushed to take credit for the death and destruction — was that not their signature statement? Do they not repeatedly claim they love death more than life?

As the truth emerged — with the help of the Norwegian MSM in a helicopter whirling overhead, taking pictures of Breivik strolling along the shoreline finishing off his victims — the struggle to come to terms with the sickening horror was long and difficult.

That incident itself was particularly chilling: the media’s eagerness to take pictures and simply watch children being killed without interfering with Breivik at all was one of the most horrific aspects of that long and awful day.

But that was just the beginning of our education about the Norwegian MSM. Later we would learn that Norway’s media and academia and political elites are entwined in ways that are foreign to Americans. (At times when such behavior has been revealed here, it is jeered at as “fawning” when it comes to, say, the White House Press Corps and their treatment of Obama.)

At any rate, we saw throughout the past year the myriad connections between and among the cultural gatekeepers in Norway. This overt symbiosis was striking to an outsider. It became obvious that the cooperation of the media and academic experts hauled out to parrot the party line served to underscore whatever current version of reality the political elites were espousing. Could this symbiosis be the result of the fact that government financially “supported” media outlets and academic institutions? As we would say here, a “cozy” arrangement indeed. And, as Caroline Glick pointed out, one of the hallmarks of a totalitarian democracy.

Norway is famous for its political and cultural consensus, but I’ve heard from enough Norwegians in the last year to know the sad truth: you’re safe, your job is safe, your medical benefits are safe, as long as you don’t step out of line. Stick with the consensus and the consensus will support you. Step out of line and you’d better have a refuge far from Norway.

Breivik’s trial served as a demonic convergence for all those forces. The circus atmosphere, noticed by the outside world, suited Norwegians just fine. Some bizarre justice was served by the rituals they served up. Here’s a description from a recent Wall Street Journal essay [this link is behind the subscription firewall]. The writer doesn’t seem to notice anything strange about what he observes and describes. To him, it is “moving”, to me it is surreal and creepy:

“A forensic investigator, Superintendent Gøran Dyvesveen, would describe the location on the island where each victim was shot and where the body was found. A forensic pathologist would then detail the injuries suffered by the victim, using a mannequin to demonstrate the trajectory and impact of each bullet. Finally a lawyer for the victim’s family would make a short statement about his or her life accompanied by a photo of the victim.

“Sharidyn Meegan Ngahiwi Svebakk-Boehn was shot near the lover’s path on the island,” Superintendent Dyvesveen summarized in one case. Then his pathologist colleague used a pointer to mark entrance and exit wounds on the gray mannequin representing her body. “The victim suffered two shots,” the pathologist said. “Both entered the left shoulder, then went through the left lung, and penetrated the aorta. One bullet was lodged in the chest, the other passed through the liver.” Then this: “Sharidyn died from these shots, which caused immediate unconsciousness and rapid death.” This victim was 14. She had dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, the court heard from her parents’ statement.

They added, “We are so proud that she chose us to be her parents.”

The emotional presentations did not disrupt the court’s decorum. Yet everyone — including the chief judge, the police investigators and pathologists, even the bailiffs and jaded European reporters sharing the room with me — was affected. Everyone, that is, except the killer himself. A vile smirk would occasionally cross Breivik’s lips when the courtroom camera cut to his profile.

Can you say “manipulative”? In fact, that adjective could be applied to most of the coverage of this drama, which repeated that scene for each and every one of the victims. Perhaps this surreal, repetitive theatrical piece gave the survivors some sense of satisfaction as they participated, but anyone familiar with the normal boundaries of jurisprudence would recoil from the acting-out they witnessed. It simply lacked sufficient gravitas to function as a murder trial. When one of the judges was caught playing solitaire during the proceedings, his evident boredom spoke volumes about the state’s performance.

I can no longer remember my pre-Breivik thoughts about Norway. I do remember thinking that, like Sweden, they’d drunk far too much of the multicultural Kool-Aid to be taken entirely seriously anymore. What I read in their press struck me as somewhat jejune, but that is to be expected of a very small polity with too much money and not enough real-world experience. I knew that ethnic Norwegian girls were being raped — there was an infamous incident several days before Breivik, right on the steps of Parliament… and the security guards watched; they said it wasn’t their job to interfere. For that poor woman, their callous disregard must have been as damaging as the rape itself.

My impressions of Norway post-Breivik aren’t friendly. We’ve received too much intensely descriptive hate mail and witnessed far too many incidents of primitive regression as the media set about scapegoating Fjordman. They seemed determined to create a distraction from the responsibility of the whole culture as everyone fled from recognizing what should have been inescapable: Breivik is theirs.

Breivik emerged from the dark, demonic side of nice, nice Norway, and he terrifies them for that very reason. Not given to much in the way of introspection, they have no clue as to how to prevent another mass murderer from popping up out of the woodwork. The political elites’ refusal to permit a public discussion of Norway’s cultural pressures prevents the larger world from granting them full respect. It also guarantees another murderous breakout by some seriously disturbed soul.

I think it was Bruce Bawer who pointed to the strange extremities of Norway’s anti-Semitism: given the fact that there are so few Jews in the country, it is unlikely that many Norwegians have ever actually encountered a real live Jew. Norway’s government officially supports and condones Hamas (a terrorist organization that most of the rest of the civilized world finds abhorrent) and Hamas, in turn, hates Jews to the point of deeply desiring their obliteration. Thus, many otherwise ‘normal’ Norwegians hate Jews, too, without seriously questioning why. Government says Israel is bad, and government butters the bread. In fact, government doles out the flour for the bread. And that is especially true for the state-owned media and academe.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Norway hardly has the only violent male who commits mass murder in cold blood. America has plenty of them. Here, the kabuki theatrics by the media are different: first, the mad dash to find his connections to conservatism — the Big, Bad RightWingExtremists. No particular conservative has to be demonized, though. There is no special Fjordman slot in America. The closest we come to demonization is finding some connection to that infamously violent hate group, the Tea Party.

It is beside the point that the Tea Party is responsible for zero murders, no mayhem, and doesn’t advocate violence in behalf of its quest for smaller government and fewer taxes. Whatever. “Everyone knows” they’re evil.

Thus, when our latest violent mass killer turned out to have the same name — a very common name — as a member of the Tea Party, some members of the MSM were all over it. Gotcha! Only the fellow turned out to be about thirty years older than the perp. As a matter of inconvenient fact, the Colorado killer had registered as a Democrat at one point. So there goes that narrative.

There will be millions of words expended on this “Joker” wannabe who planned and carried out his murderous spree at the theater the other night. He’s going to turn out to have an unremarkable past — in fact, he’s already been identified as having a normal high school experience, complete with high academics and success at athletics. His advisors in college noted his high IQ and the fact that he captured honors in science before going on to graduate school. A quiet fellow. Didn’t bother anyone, but no one seemed to know him.

Question: does anyone know if James Holmes spent an inordinate amount of time on computer games connected to the film, the one showing in that theatre where he prepared carefully and showed up to kill people randomly?

This is a question I’ve asked forensic psychiatrists about Breivik’s break-out. My query was specific: if an adult man spends a full year doing nothing but playing World of Warcraft while using steroids, could it push him over the edge? One didn’t think so; two were sure it could well have done, but suggested looking at the components of his characterological makeup that would have contributed to his seeing this as something worth doing.

In other words, it’s hard to find the chicken/egg sequence here. What is certain is that a purported adult male’s devotion to that kind of fantasy should be troubling to those around him. If they even know of it.

This particular American mass killer in a Joker costume: how different is he from the Norwegian murderer in his strange Knights Templar get-up? As someone pointed out, Breivik (in his Manifesto) saw himself as Judge Dredd — a comic book character of some renown who was judge, jury and executioner. Let’s see if Dredd shows up in the Colorado killer’s mythological set pieces.

Right now, the Joker sits in jail spitting at the guards. He is in isolation because the other prisoners would kill him and have said so. On the other hand, when he surrendered to the police, he told them his apartment was rigged with explosives, ready to kill anyone who tried to enter. In other words, he appears to mood-alter, given that he changed his mind about letting the police (or perhaps his parents?) walk into a booby-trapped hell.

There are many differences between these two mass murderers. As far as we know, James Holmes was not forced to make accommodations with immigrant bullies in order to survive his high school social experience. Breivik maneuvered his way through that obstacle course, claiming he joined them in some of their criminal behavior as a way to get by. But even if that’s true, he paid for it in terms of his personality integration.

Breivik seemingly fragmented into several personae just to skate by. Holmes was from an intact middle class family; an outstanding scholar with a bright future. Breivik’s family fractured early and his treatment at the hands of his step-father(s) may have contributed to his fragmentation and apparent envy of the group on Utøya whom he could never have hoped to join in his youth.

In sum, there is little comparison as far as we know. But if we find Holmes was immersed in fantasy games, we may have a common thread. We have the stunting of personality that accompanies such immersion. If James Holmes is as brilliant as his professors say, he could have kept up that demanding academic schedule and still escaped into fantasy land.

One of my last jobs before fibromyalgia made working impossible was doing “outreach” with young and middle-aged men who’d experienced a painful psychotic break in their mid-twenties, a break so profound they couldn’t put the pieces back together. All of them were of above-average intelligence. One was in medical school and never accepted his fall from that status to “mental patient”. He simply quit trying. Another was well on the way to a career in business; the break folded him like a piece of paper.

There were lots of others, equally sad. There were also some who made the long journey back from Hell. The saving grace for them was their families who pulled and pulled them out of the mire, never giving up. One of the saddest was a young man with a loving family whose psychotic breaks made him violent. If his father wasn’t home, the family was in danger. At the doctor’s behest, when he suddenly began to mood-alter, the mother locked him out on the porch until his father could get home. But the boy hanged himself before dad arrived.

And it’s not just boys or men. Girls can experience the sudden break, too, though it’s rarer. But their road back is no easier.

Below is a video someone sent me some months ago. I was “saving” it as a kind of memorial to Breivik’s childhood on this anniversary. When I first watched the story, it was he I thought of, wondering if he might have managed better in his situation had a concerned parent helped him. Did all those people die because no one ever properly parented Breivik? On the surface it would appear so, but who knows?

The more I watched it, the more callous the mother seemed. It took her two whole years of her son’s young life to realize finally that she couldn’t sacrifice him on her politically correct altar. Still, you can hear the regret in her voice that life didn’t turn out the way she’d been indoctrinated to believe it should:

I asked several Norwegian men — only one still living there — what they thought of this story. Here are some of the reactions:

  • He’s going to end up in one of those white power groups when he’s older.
  • I experienced something very similar when I was his age. I had to learn to be even more of a bully than the bullies.
  • Self-identification as Christian in liberal [atheist] Norwegian society is far, far worse even than waging violent Jihad.
  • This is how the next generation of anti-Muslims is made. Look for more angry Norwegian boys…
  • Yeah, they’re angry, but they’re not merciless like the immigrants. It would never be a fair fight.
  • As much a “steel mother” as this is, she’s no match at all for Islamist mothers. They will, literally, step on their executed son’s face for any perceived contact with the enemy.

Harsh conclusions, perhaps, but these are mostly from men who left Norway to build a life elsewhere. They all see this mother as typical and one of the reasons “Norwegian women are a turn-off”.

As far as I know, the video is about five years old. In other words, pre-Breivik. I hope they use it in training materials for all the child psychiatrists they will be bringing on board to spot the future Breiviks before they can erupt. I feel so sorry for rambunctious, active little boys in Norway. Far too many of them will end up with the nice, nice doctor who’s going to help them fit in.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For a more current view on the dreaded “populism” in Norway, see this from Spiegel Online. And then there is this oh-so-predictable piece from The Christian Science Monitor. You will be reassured by the latter to know that in Norway, “in the future, new terror laws…would make it illegal for one person to plan an attack”. It didn’t say anything about terrorist groups, though, so I guess Hamas is still clean.


Anonymous said...

Tayside Police warn over 'startling' suicide figures

Scotland's suicide rate - which is almost 80% higher than England and Wales.

Norway and Scotland is there a comparison as feminist dominated matriarchal societies.

Scotland is a sociopolitical feminist fiefdom where young men have but two psychological pressures humiliation or suicide.

Jolie Rouge

Dymphna said...

@jolie rouge--

I would think the tertium quid - taking some of the bastids with you - would be well in keeping with Scotland's young men.

Do you have any stats on homicides?

Or is going into politics in London cnosidered an aspect of same?

Matthew said...

I confess to knowing very little about Norway. I have personally known only three Norwegians. All were men, between 30-60 years old, and were Christians of a rather evangelical cast (or what passes for it in that part of the world). Two were especially fond of beer, all were friendly, generous, and rather liberal and naive when it came to race relations, government, etc. (at least as far as this southern fundamentalist is concerned).

That said, I have a few observations to make about this video, perhaps someone with more knowledge of Norway can comment:

1. Why do we only hear from the mother? Does the father has an opinion? Does he have a say? Is this typical?

2. This women is an atheist, acknowledges that her world view regarding other races, religions, and ethnicities is entirely ethnic. Yet she has some sort of wild fantasy that it is intrinsically good for her son to to "integrate" with a people and culture that she knows nothing about.

3. Follow up from number two: How is it that someone who is so in favor of multi-ethnic communities and lives in a neighborhood that is 45% immigrant has no non-white friends herself?

4.I was particularly struck by her assertion "we have no religious beliefs". First of all, being an atheist is a religious a religious belief. Second, how can a person with so few deep convictions, and none based upon experience, ever relate to people that are ruled by their own convictions?

5. I noticed that she says they have to learn in a multi-ethnic society because it is coming whether they like it or not. Is this how a majority of Norwegians think? Do they realize that Norway is far from Pakistan, the Middle East, and North Africa, and that the only reason Muslims come to Norway is because Norwegians let them?

6. I was pleased that Norwegian TV even aired this video, and the women journalist actually Elias was the object of racism. It is difficult to get the American media to acknowledge that racism against whites exists, so perhaps all hope for Norway is not lost.

I understand of this comment is too long post, but I thought I would give it a shot. I am genuinely curious.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Excellent overview of the Norway massacre, and great tie in to why this problem is not going to go away.

Islam is a religion of exclusion and elitism, its self-absorbed sickness must be dolled out for your children too--and it's your fault for not joining, that's all. And their children are allowed to be cruel to yours, which means they are often encouraged: You are not only inferior humans, you admit as much when you took submission.


The evidence seems to point to

this Colorado "Joker" being an Occupier USA leftist, precisely one of these self-appointed anarchistic "Black Ops Division" losers who go around with bandanas and gas masks and stare paranoidly and try to hide from cameras, while the others screech and foment. Perhaps this guy finally got tired of the mindless screaming and the nihilistic nowhere of it all, and decided to go for the easy big time boom and out fame-heroism (in his mind). Black Ops have been the fantasy violent side of Occupy, until this moment, more fantastic than actual.

Let me know if this is the guy, sure looks like him to me. I'll turn on comment notification.

Before taking many innocent lives, he decided to try to reserve a little chickie action for his future crib, the pen.

The Tea Party, on the other hand, are as dangerous as a group of nuns.

Anonymous said...

Well, I dont have much to add.

However, the thought occurred to me, regarding the episode that Ellas' mother described in the back alley with regards to Ellas' stepping in and claiming that they were Christians, that Ellas' had already gleaned that Muslims see Christians as people of the book, and whilst Christians are treated as second class human beings, they are not despised on the same level as Godless heathens and Atheists, in Muslim eyes.

Smart kid.

Ideologically blinded clueless Leftwing mother.

Also notice that she was distressed to proclaim that Ellas has many non-white friends (after he and she had claimed he didnt have many friends at all)....and that the new school is not all white, and that it was not about white and dark skin, but about Muslims and Non-Muslims.

White flight.

Couldnt have happened to a nicer bunch of sneering condescending Leftwing arsehats.

This is especially on the money descriptor of Norway from the Baron...

"but that is to be expected of a very small polity with too much money and not enough real-world experience. "

Spoiled and naive...and about to learn the hard way, that those Americans werent the evil hobgoblins that they imagined, and neither were the European South Africans for that matter.

PS- Good thing they dont have a daughter to be raped or groomed for sex.



Anonymous said...


Homicide in Scotland, 2010-11

Again the statistics are above those of England and Wales.

What is notable is how socially claustrophobic the homocides are.

Localised rage and quarrels fueled by alcohol and drugs a coward and discouraged society violently turning in on itself.

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

We Shall Overcome

Having Bruce Springsteen sing will fix it!

Springsteen sang this at Sunday's concert in Oslo.

Anonymous said...

- More Democracy!

Did Stoltenberg at any time explain his definition of democracy?

Does he mean that there was not enough democracy in Norway, as in Democracy? Or, did he mean "democracy" as in Egypt, Iran, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and so on?

"More Democracy" = More Sharia

Anonymous said...

Keep feeding the crocodile

One year has passed, and there is nothing new when it comes to understanding the world.

This is a message to those who secretly read GOV wondering what is it they are talking about here,
and why?

Watching the celebrations of the first anniversary after the bomb in Oslo, and the massacre at Utøya,
seeing that those in the media are still sticking to the script of the consensus view of reality, you
cannot help but wonder Why?

Why do they keep repeating the same phrases without a glance at the reality, the real reality? BBC, for one goes on about "his extreme anti-muslim ideology".

Still not getting it, are they?

Why don't they see the facts? How is it possible not to see the facts that are there for all to see? Why are they still sticking their heads into the ..uh.. sand? Why don't they pay attention to what is going on in the world today, and what do they know about

Hitler said he would do it. And he just did. The good people couldn't imagine he would do something so
terrible. But he just did. Like had said he would.

Hitler himself, is no longer there, but today, are there others who keep telling us clearly about their intentions? Yes. They are there, and never do they stop telling the world about their goals and their intentions.

They keep showing us that they are doing just what they say they are going to. Would there be one single reason to think that they will not keep on with their business?

Have certain powers interested in keeping people in total ignorance, succeeded in blocking even the teaching of world history? There is, btw, a new book out in Norway about "the golden era of Spain", that is those 800 years of darkness under the islamic rule, by two leftists, very red. Keeping up the myth building, also in Norwegian.

Where do they want to go by sticking their heads in the sand? What do they want to achieve by blankly refusing to see what is happening where the islamic
ideology is allowed to take the power?

Syria was Christian before mohammedan warlords broke in. Egypt was Christian. Where are these countries today? And not the least, how are the natives doing? What does it feel like becoming a minority under sharia rule?

Many are those who can tell you. All you have to do is get your head up from the sand, and listen to what they have to tell you.

The crocodile does smile at you. But should you feel confident that is has no bad intentions, despite that smile? Will you be safe as long as you feed it?

When you have fed the crocodile, and there is no more food left, what will the crocodile eat next?

Lacoste, anyone? And what is more, even a red one....

Red, the color of blood.

CubuCoko said...

I don't think it was World of Warcraft. Full disclosure: I've been a player for the past seven years. I know dozens of other perfectly normal people who play. One of them is a former sniper using the game to cope with his PTSD. One would think that escaping into a fantasy world would be therapeutic.

My guess is that Breivik snapped under the weight of cognitive dissonance that is modern Norway. But because the only alternative he could envision was post-modernist nihilism, he turned to murder. To me it's a cautionary tale of what might happen elsewhere, as young men revolt against the imposition of Allah, but without the guidance of God.

Anonymous said...

US: "Michelle and I..."
Norway, this week's magazine cover: "That's why I love Ingrid"

Running up to elections..

Coincidence? Or, pure propaganda?

Anonymous said...

This is heart-rending and that idiot of a "mother" should be comited to a mental asylum. Is she going to have the same "we must strive to make this multi-ethnic society work" antic at the expense of her child's hapiness and withdrawal? Moron, don't you see they never strive for anything that involves comitement to the new society? "You must strive" is code-word for "you don't want to think about it".
My god, what will become of that child? What will become of our children for that matter?


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, all she does is spew leftard boilerplate.

Curiously, I just finished re-reading the excellent "The Tiranny of Cliches" by Jonah Goldberg and I remembered his attacks on the "understanding" cliche. Understanding is not going to prevent violence or this kind of social breakdown we're watching. It's usually neighbours who comit the worst attrocities against each other. Those people understand each other all too well.

Same here. The muslim invaders have understood too well that if they show strength, the ethinc peoples will cower, because they have no political strength or cultural identity behind them to fall back on. They totally have their number.

If only they understood each other less...

This is probably what it was like for the earstwhile Christian kingdoms of the Middle East and North Africa to have their identity and sovereignty pulled out from under their feet by the unwelcome invaders. What could they do? The ony thing they can do: resist. Fight back. Tell the enemy there is a line you must not cross. When has tiranny ever been put down with words? Thugs only understand violence, so we must speak their language better.

Anonymous said...

The high rate of suicides in Scotland is nothing knew. Young males are a high risk group.

I recall reading a book during my university days, and there was mention of a book by (I think) Emile Durkheim. The idea was that the suicide rates dropped when a nation went to war.

The ennui experienced by young males (hard wired to be big hairy manly men, fighting & drinking much beer, etc) in today's society is enough to send you either to the bottle, for the long slow suicide which Jack London spoke about in "John Barleycorn".

Or the quick way, down the end of the pier with a sheet of half inch plate strapped to your belt.

But if you have a cause ... if there is something to believe in and to fight for ... life is worth something again, and the whole game changes.

Anonymous said...

Gray Falcon is onto something, with his commentary on nihilism and the lost Christian faith.


Dymphna said...

Ah, Emile Durkheim, in those heady days when they thought atheism would spare us "all that" - superstition ,etc.

Ennui is a spiritual disorder - no I don't mean religious observance will cure it - due to the smothering of the spritual impulse in the young. There are no "age-appropriate" outlets anymore. Witness mommy's horror at her son's wanting to identify with something so he chose accessible concrete Christianity. Heck, give him Greek mythology or Norse gods. SomeTHING is far better than mommy's hubristic noTHING - and she has no clue what her nihilism has cost her or her son.

BTW, WoW is what one makes of it. The kid in Indonesia who died of a literal overdose is one extreme. Breivik on steroids for a year as he. did. nothing. but. play. Wow.-as in zilch else - is another.

But ABB was past the age for developing a psychotic break; not that he ever was a candidate.

This Holmes boy - and "boy" is what he is - could probably feel the changes as they came on, and was terrified. What better escape from the fear than a consuming game? In the Middle Ages it was more likely visions, etc. Those at least had the value of community support and kept those broken minds at least partially together.

WoW is not intrinsically bad. The problem is what happens when these vulnerable psychotics, facing what is probably their first 'break', do with it. Using WoW to stave off the craziness is like pouring petrol on the fire.

Repeat: WoW and other compelling games are not the cause of these breaks. However, for the vulnerable, the super-bright but socially unfit, they become the template for future behavior when the overwhelm comes.

Our - the larger community's - problem is identifying the kids before they blow. I'm not sure it can be done given the way our culture is currently contrived.

BTW, in the old Freudian days, this Norwegian mommy would've been called "schizogenic" - i.e., her cold, unmaternal double-bind behavior would be seen as the center of her son's future problems. Passive, silent dad was part of the template too. It was uncanny to watch that play out in the video. Their son seems the only one with real life left in him.

Mommy hasn't a clue as to the personal price she has paid to fit in with the elites' zeitgeist. She's a sad woman.

Sol Ta Triane said...

About cult parents:

Although atheist, these parents are clearly religious in their psychological functioning.

The parents are also taking part in a religious-like movement, (see Eric Voegelin's well-known explanation of how what we may perceive as non-religious movements function as gnostic religious movements), which has been named in many ways.

These Norwegian parents are ordained by, and have become one with socialist acedemia, the message of whom they clearly have taken as Authority and as Goodness Itself.

With rules in mind they willingly experiment with their own innocent child, becoming insensitive even to the dangers right in front of them.

Further, although the experiment with their child is going poorly, the experiment cannot be compromised! The suffering of the child must be overlooked and the experiment continue: it is for the higher good.

All crazy religions are thus.

How widespread is this "cult parent" phenomena? Probably much bigger than we think.

Unknown said...

I don’t understand why you are coming down so hard on these parents. Isn’t this a pretty good portrait of white middle class westerners and what they have been led to believe?
And isn’t this the only way anybody could ever hope to be allowed to mention anti-white racism in pc-Norway? Naturally it would have had to be a family of civilized believers in multiculturality, or the viewers would have said these were only the hatefilled ramblings of xenofobe racist rednecks, and that life would have been hunky dory for the boy if only his parents hadn’t been such bigots.
And I think this mother has more or less gotten the message, when she says f.i. that you can’t make your children fight a war she never believed would have to be fought: obviously she is still saddened by the revelation, but not stubborn enough to sacrifice her child to her beliefs

Can you really blame people for believing what they have always been taught, for all of their life? Our people have actively been betrayed and lied to, and there wasn’t much in their own experience that could have prepared them for reality. I’m afraid there are very many people like these, all over the west – especially in the middle class..

This woman’s predicament reminds me of the shame and desillusion of good idiotarians and pc-politicians in my own country. They always publicly argued for mixed schools and integration and tried to force other parents to send their kids to a black school in order to “stimulate interaction with the new Netherlanders” while they themselves ended up quietly sending their children to a white school in another neighbourhood.
Of course you can blame westerners for swallowing the pc-brainwash and for actually believing the socialist swill, but as they are all such good, peaceloving, tolerant people they have been totally taken in.

I’m afraid at least half of the population still believes. It is only the little people living in the lesser parts of the cities who stopped believing. After all they were the first beneficiaries of the enriching immigrant experience. They were the first citizens who had to experience the brave new world our policians have in store for us: the elite still live in white peaceful enclaves and pride themselves on having very friendly, very egalitarian relations with their nannies, gardners and housemaids..