Friday, July 27, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/27/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/27/2012When police asked a burka-clad woman to show her ID in the southern French city of Marseille, she and her fellow Muslims reacted with anger, and a brawl with police ensued. One policeman was reportedly bitten, and the woman and several other people were arrested. They were released later without being charged, however, in a gesture to honor the holy month of Ramadan.

In other news, seven children were killed by an explosive booby trap in Ghor province in Afghanistan. The bomb’s intended target was said to have been the Afghan police. Elsewhere in Afghanistan, two Coalition servicemen were killed by a roadside bomb.

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James Boom said...


Butch Anderson said...

Wow! Those Frenchies are tough. Muslims assault their cops and they let them off because it is Ramadan. Do you suppose Christians could assault the police during lent and get away Scot Free?

goethechosemercy said...

John Esposito:
Michele Bachmann has stirred up a storm.

If there was nothing there, then the storm would not have been stirred up.
Where the subject reacts with anger, suspicion should be doubled, more questions should be asked.
A storm, Mr. Esposito?
Where there are storms, there will be more suspicion.

goethechosemercy said...

Forty-two religious and secular organizations united on Thursday in condemning conservative lawmakers’ allegations that Muslim-American individuals connected to the U.S. government may be trying to spread the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Condemnation is not argument.
One would think that Catholic bishops would be able to distinguish between the two.

Anonymous said...

Or do you suppose an English bloke could confront some Muslims burning poppies on remembrance day and get away with it ... oh wait we know the answer to that one already.

Anonymous said...

Many so-called Christian denominations and the RCC are either cowards or ignore the threat Islam poses to them.

Plus years of infiltration by liberals, Gays and feminists have made many denominations gutless and PC. They are more likely to attack a critic of gay marriage than to say anything about honor killings and murder of Christians.

Don't ever look to these groups for anything except to feather their own nests. Jesus had a good name for them "Nest of Vipers" or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Don't we call it the 'islamic holy month' not just the 'holy month'? It's so easy to slip into the general media's bad habits...

Anonymous said...

@James Boom.
Good point.