Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Referendum on the EU in the Netherlands

A general election is coming up in the Netherlands on September 12.

Geert Wilders’ party, the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) released the following campaign video today. Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A full transcript is below the jump:

0:01 Don't let yourself be hoaxed.
0:02 These elections are about *one* thing only.
0:12 The European Union. Who is the one who acts?
0:15 We must pay billions for Greece.
0:17 They [the Greeks] spend way too much money.
0:20 Falsified statistics. A lot of civil servants.
0:24 Now, Spain needs our help, just as do Portugal and Cyprus,
0:29 and soon maybe Italy.
0:31 Bankrupt banks, bankrupts countries. *You* are called to foot the bill.
0:37 At Amsterdam airport, planeloads of new foreigners arrive.
0:42 Holland has hardly any say left about its own immigration.
0:47 Brussels is the boss of our borders, and PM Rutte supports it.
0:52 There is already too much Islam in Holland.
0:55 Enough is enough.
0:58 Islamisation is growing by the day.
1:00 Thanks to the European Union, which forces us to keep our borders open.
1:05 Mass immigration costs us at least €7 billion per year.
1:11 Kunduz [nickname for the transitional minority government] always follows the Brussels diktat exactly.
1:15 The citizen must pay.
1:18 Our purchasing power is lowered,
1:20 the VAT is raised,
1:22 personal risk is raised,
1:24 taxes are raised.
1:26 Our senior citizens must pay for their walkers.
1:29 And all in order to fatten southern Europe.
1:34 Those taking the car or a train are the losers — commuter tax:
1:39 Hard workers in the queue of cars easily pay several hundred euros per month.
1:44 Thanks a lot, VVD [PM Rutte's party].
1:47 But it gets even worse.
1:51 Brussels also wants to be the boss of our pensions, our mortgage deductions,
1:56 our social benefits. In Brussels, they are very happy with Mark Rutte.
2:01 The unelected eurocrats can always count on him.
2:05 He blindly signs every blank cheque. See, there goes another billion.
2:10 Holland is Europe's biggest net payer.
2:13 Cost: €7 billion euro year.
2:16 But the euro project has now failed grimly.
2:22 The euro is not money; the euro costs us money.
2:28 The European Union is a disaster for Holland.
2:31 We no longer have our own currency,
2:33 nor our own immigration policy,
2:35 nor our independence,
2:37 but still having to pay billions to bankrupt countries and bankrupt banks.
2:43 On 12 September we will vote on Brussels.
2:47 Only the Party for Freedom says: Let's get out of the European Union and the euro.


Anonymous said...

Former MEP Ashley Mote has just written a letter to the London Sunday Telegraph explaining how the EU would make life hell for Britain if we ever tried to leave and the only way would be to repeal in parliament the European Communities Act of 1972 which took us in. Well, Geert does not see a problem so perhaps those parties and newspapers "of the right" should be talking to him and asking him to explain how Holland is to do it. If Holland goes then the other countries of the Protestant north will probably follow, with Denmark first. This is the man whose opposition to islamification caused the last Labour government to bar him from entry to England as a dangerous extremist, not like the dangerous muslim extremists we have living on benefits in London and that the European Court of Human Rights won't allow us to deport to countries that might do them harm, poor things.

Anonymous said...

Europe seemed like such a good idea at the time, perhaps the British shouldn't have abandoned the Empiah and Commonwealth, too late now.

bewick said...

1. I really would celebrate if Holland chose to take the lead and leave. The whole pyramid of cards would likely fall. We Brits are not even given the choice and are subjugated to unelected "commissars" like the communist Barruso. Sound familiar?
2. We, the British, didn't "abandon" the empire. We were bankrupt after 2 world wars; our male young had been killed in large numbers; there was little left.
3. The French, much as I like the French, have totally p***** on us ever since even though we twice rescued them.
4.Empires have limites life. I hope that ours was nearer to the Roman model than Ottoman.

I could comment on the US but shall not. I guess that you would guess that my comments might be less than complimentary but the past is the past as we say.

Anonymous said...

As a Yank I hope Holland does leave. It may cause the whole house of cards that is the EU to tumble into that traitor of the West lap(Merkel).

And the Brits couldn't maintain their empire. WWI killed it, the massive and senseless loss of England's finest young men hurt them badly and they exhausted their treasury. It's what usually does in most empires, one major war too many and they can't recover from it.

The U.S. empire is already dead but the great unwashed masses, politicians and idiot generals don't know it. They ran their military into the ground in the ME like Crassus did to his legions and exhausted the treasury in the process. Problem is we don't have a Hadrian or Washington to withdraw from our foreign ventures and save what we can.

One day we'll end up like Argentina, in a currency default. That's when things will get very violent very fast in the U.S.

Anonymous said...


Actually, it was really the Americans who rescued the French ( and British) in two World Wars.

Of course, the French still p***** all over the Americans, they're French, it's part of their culture.
Machiavelli once observed "Men always resent those to whom they are indebted."

Many young men from from the Empire also died in Britain's defence, particularly in WW1.

@ anon 7/17/12 !0:50

Don't agree with your analogy, the Romans quickly recovered from the defeat at Carrhae and expanded their dominion, and the Western Empire lasted another 450 years. Also, if Hadrian had consolidated Trajan's conquests in what is now Iran and eliminated the Parthian Empire, the later Sassanid Empire would never have existed to threaten and weaken the Romans. Mohammed's barking mad followers would have been squashed like bugs and wouldn't that have been just marvellous--perhaps it occurred in a parallel universe.

The US has outlasted the USSR, the Japanese economic challenge and will probably "bury" China in the long term.

I'm not an American BTW, but "better the devil you know", I'm too old to learn Chinese.