Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Michael Coren: Of Dogs, Muslims and Cabbies

Last week Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy was refused a ride home from the airport by two cabbies because she had her dog with her.

She went on Michael Coren’s show tonight to discuss the incident. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


felix said...

A simple story, but of huge importance to our culture.

Anonymous said...

I know some Muslims who love dogs.

Obviously, some Muslims do not believe there is a religious basis to the traditional repugnance of Muslims for dogs.

However, there is a large percentage of Muslims who not only believe their religion does not tolerate dogs, but who act on the assumption that they can behave as they please in a job.

The Canadians have allowed enough Muslims to immigrate, that they now are a public pressure group to oppose any action against anyone claiming to act out of Islamic religious motivation. Canada is a semi-socialist economy, with public control over taxi companies, so naturally taxi companies will take no action against Muslim drivers claiming a religious exemption.

Michael Coren is a courageous voice, far more open than any mainstream broadcaster in the US. He and others like him may yet succeed in bringing the issue to a head, and confronting the danger of Islam directly.

Anonymous said...

The solution is so simple, why is this even a problem? Canadians should just choose -- between Islam and dogs. Islam, or dogs (along with everything else Islam does not tolerate, like bacon, beer, wine, Jews, all other religions, and strip clubs -- oh wait, Muslims love those, my mistake).

Anonymous said...

Bathe the dogs, I'd say ...