Friday, July 20, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/20/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/20/2012Early this morning a young man named James Holmes attacked a crowd at a movie theater in Aurora Colorado with an arsenal of weapons, killing twelve people. Early media reports suggested that he might have been a Tea Party supporter motivated by right-wing extremism, but these rumors proved unfounded. The occasion of the shooting was the opening of the new Batman movie, and the shooter is said to have been dressed as the Joker — in other words, he may have attempted to realize a Batman-related fantasy.

In other news, a young man in England assaulted a young female runner carrying the Olympic torch, shouting “Allahu akhbar” as he attempted to grab it away from her. The torch remained in her hands, and the would-be thief is now in police custody.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, the reports of Tea Party connection came care of ABC News reporter Brian Ross, who apparently culled a name out of Tea Party rolls, failing to note that the shooter was 24 yrs of age and the TP member was in his 50's.

There are many reports on how quietly ABC backed away from this defamatory travesty of reportage, but regardless of ABC finally correcting themselves, they showed their bigotry and bias in trumps.

The sanctimonious media and politicos all swore this wouldn't happen again after the tragedy in Tuscon last year....well, hah! The canister smoke had barely cleared the theater when the intrepid Mr. Ross sought to tar those he fears and despises: people who ask for a moderate, Constitution based government, and seek the guarantees of our of which Mr Ross chose to abuse.

The victims and their families in Aurora, and elsewhere in the US, deserve our prayers and sympathies, not to be embroiled in flagrantly self-aggrandizing leftist journalism. Brian Ross owes them all an apology....I would advise they not hold their breath.

Disgustedly and Sorrowfully,

Anonymous said...

So much for the security surrounding the London Olympics. Did I hear that the Japanese have begun to cancel? If a muslim fanatic can attempt to seize the olympic torch then he could just as well have stood next to the bearer and triggered his suicide belt. Well done Britain once again.
It will all be all right on the night - we hope!!