Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/29/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/29/2012Fighting between Philippine soldiers and Abu Sayyaf mujahideen on the island of Basilan in the autonomous Muslim region of Mindanao has left sixteen people dead. Among those killed, twelve are reportedly soldiers.

In other news, Japan racked up a record trade deficit of more than $37 billion during the first half of 2012.

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Anonymous said...

"Four Swedish tourists raped Norwegian woman (19) in Turkey"


- How to decode this message?

Well, the number 4 might already give you an indication.

Would anyone bet that the four Swedish tourists have close relatives who are fluent in Turkish, and even Arabic?

Anonymous said...

Family names of the four "Swedes" are Baryauno, Dikran, Chabo and Toksoy. People with those last names generally carry a Turkish passport. Those kind of names are also very very common in the gang-rape capital of Sweden - Södertälje.

About 6,5% of the population of Södertälje hails from Turkey, Abit more than that from Syria (lokal politicians are panicking currently and want the law changed to stop the expected flood from Syria from comming to their city). The largest group by far is from Iraq.
Malmö is Bad, but Södertälje is worse - it's just a much smaller city.

If four Norwegians came to Sweden and became dual Swedish/Norwegian citizens, then went back to Norway and raped a tourist, would it still be stated that the rapists were Swedish??

Anonymous said...

The photo from Alanya, Turkey
- Avpixlat (

Showing the four rapists

Strong indignation uttered in many comments(422) at Avpixlat, by native Swedes, about the insinuation that the gang rapists are ethnic Swedes.

Anonymous said...

Counter-jihad demonstration
in Stockholm 4 August 2012

"Expert explains" about counter-jihad organisations, and "what they really stand for"

"The conspiracy-theories about the so-called Cultural Marxists’ conscient support of an “islamisation” of Europe at the expense of traditional christian values were not conceived by him alone. Breivik’s context, the anti-muslim “Counterjihad movement”, is a loosely coherent milieu of intellectual bloggers, anti-muslim hooligans and right-wing populist parties throughout Europe. They want to take on the struggle over public opinion, electoral votes – and the streets"

And the "expert" encourages his fellow leftist/muslims to show up at the demonstration

"With a rhetoric and an imagery derived from the crusades of the middle ages, these racists and right wing extremists should be confined to the history books. Let us in unity show the world that we refuse to accept the march of Breivik’s troops in our city."

Anonymous said...

- We're on our way!

Overloaded truck illustrates the heightened prognosis for migration to Sweden this year, as well as the coming year