Monday, July 16, 2012

Political Imprisonment in Britain, 2012

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a.k.a. Tommy Robinson, is the joint vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party. The following article, which appeared earlier today at the British Freedom website, describes some of the ongoing official harassment that Mr. Lennon is forced to endure virtually every day.

Brussels 2012: Tommy Robinson #2

Political Imprisonment in Britain, 2012

Following British Freedom’s recent public meeting in Yeovil, party co-Vice Chairman Stephen Lennon was arrested by police for entering a kebab shop. He recounted the sequence of events in his speech at the European Parliament:

[I] came out of the meeting, I was walking, police officer pulled up. “I’m arresting you on suspicion of drunk and disorderly.”

“I’m not drunk. Okay? You can’t arrest me for drunk and disorderly.”

We get down to the police station, I start my breathalyser. I’m not drunk. Eleven o’clock in the morning, the next day comes, they then rearrest me on suspicion of racially-aggravated public order. I’m held for another twelve hours. I said, “Why are you arresting me?”

They said, “Did you go to the Muslim kebab shop? Did you go in that Muslim kebab shop?”

I said, “Yeah. I went in there. My mate was in there”.

“Well, what happened in there?”

“Nothing happened in there.”

“Well, we need to investigate whether something happened in there.”

I said, “So no one’s actually telling you something happened”.

They held me for twelve hours until they could contact the kebab shop owner to see if I’d done anything…. I spent twenty-four hours in the cells. I’m then released.

Maliciously entering a kebab shop? It sounds absurd, but it’s no joking matter when a citizen can be arrested and imprisoned simply for going into a take-away restaurant to greet a friend.

Unfortunately, Stephen routinely has to endure official harassment and intimidation that would break most men. In the last couple of years he has:

  • had the doors of his home kicked down by police
  • been interrogated by Special Branch over £30 worth of damage to a hotel room (the charge was later dropped)
  • been arrested with his wife, in front of their children, on a bogus charge of ‘money laundering’
  • had 15 police descend on his parent’s home
  • had his financial assets frozen
  • seen the seizure of computers and phones from his parents’ home
  • had police question his grandmother and cousin
  • been arrested and incarcerated for entering the abovementioned kebab shop.

As a catalogue of harassment and intimidation by politically motivated police, all this wouldn’t look out of place in a Stasi interrogator’s log book. But it’s happening here, in supposedly democratic Britain, in 2012.

Ummah Jack

Its purpose, of course, is to silence political dissent on the issue of Islamic extremism. Too afraid to deal with the problem itself (for the violent Muslim backlash it might bring) officialdom instead turns its wrath and frustration on the messenger, one who sees clearer than most the danger our society is in.

There is one sure-fire way to stop these abuses, and that is for others to follow Stephen’s courageous example, to get up and speak the truth, whenever and wherever they can. The state can bully one man, or ten, or a hundred, but it cannot bully hundreds of thousands into silence. To quote again from Stephen’s Brussels speech, “… the next generation… will never forgive us if we stand by and do nothing”.

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Anonymous said...

My avatar is Wotan!

I feel there is a paradigm shift happening. The messages are getting out there and concerned citizens of the free world are becoming more vocal. The Sun News Network here in Canada is doing its part and as a result enlightening Canadians and the world in general - as well as websites as this and others Geller, Bell, Spencer et al. This is an imperative and incumbent upon all free loving peoples to speak out and against this evil ideology - before it's too late.

Foxmuldar Blog said...

I agree, we all need to speak out while we still have the freedom to speak.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an Englishman, perhaps the most frightening thing is that this is something that has not happened in England since the English Civil War in the middle of the 17th century except in respect of Irish terrorists. The second most frightening thing is that, just as in the old Soviet Bloc times which used to be so alien to an England that never even needed identity cards until mass immigration, the people of England give their tacit support to the creation of this police state by remaining silent. As in the old Eastern Europe, they must keep their thoughts to themselves and let their political leaders press ahead with their destructive multicultural policies; my fellow citizens seem to just pretend it is not happening and even my wife's attitude seems to be that there is nothing you can do about it so just forget about it. Fear is everywhere. My neighbour, now retired, said he had logged on to the EDL website and I told him to be careful. Had he been working then logging on to it or the BNP website might have been brought to the attention of his employer had he been a teacher or public servant and in the case of a policeman would have meant dismissal. I belong to a party that wants an English parliament to match that of Scotland and have been asked to write to my local paper; but such is the aim of our political class, perhaps at the behest of the EU who wish to divide England into regions and destroy it, to eradicate England, the English and Englishness that I fear to do so would have me branded as a dangerous extremist.

Dymphna said...

@ foxmuldar--

we all need to speak out while we still have the freedom to speak.

Please read the comment following yours and perhaps reassess your idea re our "freedom" to speak...or eat, or play for that matter:

How Political Correctness Is Transforming British Education

Here in the US we are being smothered by out Secretary of State's public collusion with the OIC to shame people into silence.

Among a very long list of disturbing soviet clampdowns, here are just two: Cheshire, a 14-year-old Roman Catholic girl who attends Ellesmere Port Catholic High School was branded a truant by teachers for refusing to dress like a Muslim and visit a mosque.

and this bit from Bizarro Land, where a mum complained that the toy pig was missing fromo the farm set she'd bought for her child:

The pig removal came to public attention after a British mother bought the toy as a present for her daughter's first birthday. Although the set contained a model of a cow, sheep, chicken, horse and dog, there was no pig, despite there being a sty and a button which generated an "oink" sound...

What do you want to bet the pig sty will disappear in the next set and the "oink" will go silent. Probably children won't be permitted to sing "Old MacDonald's Farm" either...

We still have free speech you say?

One of the main reasons Tommy Robinson is a hero to many is that HE has drawn a line in the sand: he WILL say the truth while the rest of us are afraid to even open a website for fear of being caught.

You could lose your children after all. Can't have white people raising haters. That's a job to be entrusted to immigrants only.

Anonymous said...

My view nowadays is this: Life's too short to worry about what some numpty in a suit thinks about you, and it's too short to do anything but say what you think, too.

Having recently had a health issue which could have been very bad indeed, I think my priorities have shifted somewhat.

I recently read a bit of A.N. Wilson's biography of Hitler, and he says that Hitler had learned that people generally dont' want to cause a fuss or get into a shouting match with other people.

So Hitler used that reluctance by flying off the handle & ranting and raving (i.e. acting "offended) and well, we know how that all ended up.

My view now is that if Muslims and their appeasers start "doing a Hitler" and acting all offended and shouting and yelling etc (see beginning of Wafa Sultan's book bts) then what you've just said to set them off is exactly the right thing!

The thing they don't want to hear is the very thing which needs to be said!

So say it again! And again!

Anonymous said...

I've said many times, here and elsewhere, that we need to look out for the authorities in our own countries, the local council types. The kind of people who'd shut down a Bruce Springsteen concert because they'd gone over the council-approved times for concerts, as laid out in the official council documents.

The word "jobsworth" doesn't even begin to describe such people. They will do absolutely anything, if someone higher up than them has told them to do it. Sheep wearing wolves clothing.

And you'd better believe we'll all be on their hit list - and the situation will only get worse as times goes on.

We need to do more than sit and list the many atrocities committed in the name of Islam on different websites. We all know the truth about Islam's history and we know its doctrines by now.

It's time to tackle the real enemy within our own societies.

At the moment, it's like entering a boxing ring with a 56 lb weight tied to your left leg.

Findalis said...

These tactics are not unusual. In fact they were used against Paul Ray aka Lionheart for years. It cost Paul thousands of pounds and years of aggravation before the police were stopped.

Just remember that the police are so indoctrinated into the PC culture that instead of being on the side of patriots, they are aided in the destruction of their nation.

Nemesis said...

While it should be every patriot's duty to speak out to warn other less informed citizens the reality is that the less informed citizen of today, as compared to the better informed citizen of yesterday, is of a brainwashed majority who are content to rely on government for their day to day existence and are, to a large extent, antagonistic to those who they see as trying to end their idea of 'utopia'.

It's not a simple solution to wake up those who have been brainwashed by decades of what to think schooling and have come to rely on a diet of censored media that would make the Kremlin so very proud.

The biggest enemy we face today is IGNORANCE!

Who would have thought that the biggest issue confronting Western civilization in the 21st Century would be the ignorance of its past!

Speak up by all means, but also be prepared to argue your case with logic based on irrefutable facts with those who are prepared to at least listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Only buy middle eastern food from copts/lebanese/greek christians. That's my rule of thumb.

Anonymous said...

To give GOV readers an impression of the impact of hate crime legislation see this report - Hate Crime in Scotland 2011-12

Speaking on the publication of the statistics, the Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, said:

“In the last twelve months there have been a significant number of crimes brought to court arising from an underlying motive of prejudice and it is encouraging to see that many more of those subjected to such offences now have the confidence to report them.

“We would urge the public to report all hate crimes to the police. They can have confidence that all such crimes will be investigated carefully and prosecuted robustly.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach for any such offences and will not tolerate bigotry and prejudice which can have no place in modern Scotland.

“Although not included in these statistics, we have already seen 42 charges reported to COPFS in relation to offences in contravention on the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 since it came into force on 1 March. To date, in all but two the initial decision made was that court proceedings were to be commenced.”

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

The problem in Britain now is that the education system of the last 40to 50 years has produced so few people that are actually aware of their own history or western history in general or just find it plain boring. They seem to be totally detached from politics and world events now and just bent on having a good time and this is what the political elites are depending on. They are like lost sheep with no shepherd and anybody who does go against the government of whatever hue is viewed as dangerous or threatening because they might force them to poke their heads above the parapet and have to work for theirs and the country's salvation. I have heard Nigel Farage described as mad. How can they ever think that the bunch of self-serving, greedy, lying so and sos at Westminster are sane, honest or even bright enough to do what's best for the country?