Friday, July 20, 2012

Geert Wilders: An Open Letter to Cecilia Malmström

Cecilia Malmström is the European Commissioner for Home Affairs. She used to be a politician for the Liberal Party in Sweden, but moved on to the EU level when she was elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and was later elevated further to serve on the European Commission.

Cecilia MalmströmPart of Ms. Malmström’s job is to oversee immigration policy for the European Union. Like most functionaries in the upper reaches of the EU bureaucracy, she favors the cultural enrichment of Europe through mass Third-World immigration. She and other unelected Eurocrats in Brussels decide how much and what kind of immigration is best for the EU, and then impose their diktats on the member states.

As mentioned here the other day, Geert Wilders and his PVV party are running for election in the Netherlands on a platform calling for Dutch withdrawal from the European Union. Today Mr. Wilders wrote an open letter in Swedish to Cecilia Malmström about the interference by the European Commission in what properly should be the Netherlands’ internal affairs.

Many thanks to Ted Ekeroth for the translation:

Cecilia Malmström,

The ties between the Netherlands and Sweden go way back. For centuries we traded cereal crops with each other, Dutchmen helped establish Göteborg, and older Dutchmen remember, with warm feelings, “the white bread” from Sweden that marked the end of the long, dark “hunger winter” of 1944-1945 in Holland.

Up until now, we haven’t had any reason to look at Sweden in any other way than with appreciation.

And yet it seems that we now have to view this beautiful country with different eyes. You want EU-domination where others want freedom. Not one single Dutchmen has voted for you. We don’t know who you are. We don’t know you, but you force your ideas on our people.

Your interview with [the French newspaper] Le Monde shows that you brand people who are critical of mass immigration and Islam as xenophobic and populists. That is apparently what you think about large parts of the Dutch population. You also have high regard for the “world of academia”. Let me make the point that these highly educated people do not represent anyone other than themselves.

I urge you not to confuse your naïve multicultural dream with reality. Maybe you should become acquainted with what mass immigration means to millions of Dutchmen: more criminality, welfare dependency, alienation, problems in education, etc.

Maybe it would be a good idea for you to move to an Islamized area. Not for a brief visit of a few hours, after which you get picked up by a chauffeured car, but permanently. Islamized areas such as Kanaleneiland (Utrecht), Transvalal (The Hague) or Rotterdam-South would be excellent for this purpose. Can we assist in finding you an apartment? We will gladly help with that. You speak of “cultural enrichment”? You shouldn’t deny that to yourself any longer.

The dominance of the EU is in contradiction to our ancient struggle for freedom and independence. De Partij voor de Vrijheid, the Party for Freedom, thinks that the people of the Netherlands must be able to decide about their own borders and their own immigration policy. We are suffering from your absurd refusal to allow us to make even the slightest limitation of policies for entering our country. You don’t even want to limit the number of partners that one is allowed to bring into the Netherlands!

Your involvement does not fit in with the freedom and independence of the Dutch. Therefore, we urge you to cease these activities and resign! That would make the time that the Netherlands still need to free itself from the European Union somewhat more bearable.

An answer would be appreciated.

With kind regards,

Geert Wilders


Anonymous said...

So just what is so wrong about being a Populist?
-- Robert Pinkerton

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Geert Wilders is highly educated as well. I went to one of the best universities in the world and so should, of course, agree with Silly Cecilia; but I don't because being highly educated doesn't mean that you have abandoned every shred of common sense, although so many of these so-called highly educated people have. There are two types of intelligence and it is practical intelligence, that of the ordinary man in the street, that is the sort that contains logic and common sense. Could it not be that highly educated people like Cecilia are actually pretty stupid but have read a lot of books and regurgitated the contents? I have much more respect for a skilled artisan than for an Oxford academic who has just had the time to and the luxury of being able to read a lot. Because they are really stupid, people like Cecilia are incapable of recognising the practical intelligence of those who never went to university so they think they are superior. Well, they are not, in many ways they are inferior, although Joe Public may not be as articulate. Thankfully, though, we have men like Geert Wilders who are articulate, as I am and can demolish these puffed up nobodys who undemocratically hold us prisoners in our own countries. The history of the last 50 years in Europe has been one of the theft of democracy by these people just us the bankers have stolen our money and our pensions and left us all bankrupt. Good luck Geert. The people at the bottom who have been sat on by these arrogant Marxist nobodys depend on the likes of you to have the courage to save them and begin the bottom-up revolution. That was a brilliant letter. Go for it Geert and get us all out of this bloody Marxist EU Marxist multicultural borderless hell. I just wish there was somebody with your courage in England. Unfortunately, the English need a leader and their so-called leaders at the moment are all leading us down the road to destruction.

Anonymous said...

Just reading that feels like breathing again after a long period of suffocation.

Henrik R Clausen said...

So just what is so wrong about being a Populist?

Well, more genuine populists could cause some embarrassment for the Bilderbergers so prevalent among our top politicians...

Swedish ex socialist said...

Only 52 % of the Swedes voted yes to EU
in the referendum 1994

I bet they regret that now

Did You know that there is translations of
Swedish news at
They allow comments

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that there are still sane politicians in this world. Although not a Dutch national, I wish Geert and his party every success. Maybe if the UK observe the benefits of withdrawing from the EU with a good leader at the helm, they will be motivated to vote in one of their own parties with similar policies.

Anonymous said...

Her name should be Maelstrom, because that's what her insane immigration policy is unleashing on the EU member states.

Anonymous said...


About time we started challenging the multicultists as he did here - "You believe in multiculturalism? Don't deny yourself any longer. Move to an Islamic area right now."

How many of them would do it?


Which tells you all you need to know.

But it's a great way to put them on the spot - make them explain why they personally choose not to live in an Islamic area.

Anonymous said...

"Multi-cultural" is a fraud. It is a manifestation of self-loathing liberal elites. Their real definition of to the word is "any EXCEPT a light skinned person of Conservative and especially Christian beliefs."

For a continent that fought several wars almost to the death (of millions) in order to retain nation and cultural identity, to allow masses of people into your countries who, as a whole, have no desire to adopt, let alone preserve, your cultures and values, is sheer madness. It is suicide in the most passive way yet devised, by self-delusion.

When the average man on the street wakes up, his reaction and the resulting social tensions will not be pretty. Sadly, it will cost the lives of many.

Anonymous said...

Malmstrom is a traitor to her country and to Europe as a whole.

I mean to actively work for the cultural and ethnic destruction of your homeland is so low she belongs in the 7th ring of Hell. You can't reason with creatures like that. You treat them like mortal enemies because that's what they are.

And yes, her mindset is a result of years of ingesting Marxist Politically correct and Multicultural conditioning along with absorbing rants from professors about how evil the West is and must be destroyed.

And it's common among the White liberal elite. Years back when I was a Dailykos reader, I read page after page vile comments by so-called tolerant progressives and Lefies and their hatred of Whites and Western civ.

You think Muzzies are bad, they can take lessons from the college educate Whites who truly embody a hatred of their country, ethnicity and civilization.

The sad thing is though, they've created a time bomb which will blow up in their pasty pampered faces one day. Too many people are on to them and their agenda.

Da Capo said...

Did anybody in the USA write her a letter?

Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, was lecturing at Harvard University's Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies Boston, 30 April 2012, about the challenges of building a European migration and asylum policy.

Said Cecilia Malmstöm: "I am delighted to be here with you and meet such a sophisticated audience to talk about a number of key challenges facing the European Union. I am really impressed by the great attention paid to Europe at Harvard and am especially happy to be part of the Kokkalis program working so closely with the Centre of European Studies. Socrates Kokkalis's vision of helping new generations foster a peaceful and democratic future as well as develop open and prosperous societies, appeals to me greatly.

Today, I would like to focus on 3 key challenges for the EU:
(1) The first is how to respond to the Arab Spring. Following the historic developments in the Arab world, the EU will need to bring about a serious change in its policies towards its Mediterranean neighbours.
(2) The second challenge is the need for a common European migration policy. The EU is facing a declining labour force and needs to attract the rights skills and talent.
(3) The third challenge is the need for a common European asylum policy. The EU must ensure equal treatment of asylum seekers no matter where they apply and make sure all Member States shoulder their share of responsibility. I will look at the possibilities of meeting these challenges in our globalizing world, amidst serious socio-economic circumstances and in a difficult political climate in Europe with increasing populism and rising nationalism."
Read it all!

Asylum policy: Less talk, more solidarity

Said Cecilia Malmsträm Brussels, 2 December 2011 – "Today, the European Commission is proposing to reinforce solidarity between Member States in the field of asylum and to make sure protection is guaranteed for people in need of shelter."
Read it all!

chainmail said...

I have emailed this Arabhorny 'batik-witch' several times and questioned her loyalties. Either she is completely ignorant of the consequences of "arabized" immigration, or she is driven by a pathological hatred of her own - I have my suspicions about that. No matter what, she is 'Liberal Party' which you certainly never should forget, on the contrary this should be called to attention and reminded at every opportunity. You can never trust any Liberal party member, their loyalties lie invariably on everything else than on the indigenous Swedish population. Suck on the names: Ullenhag, Westerberg, Olsson, Hamilton, Sabuni, Leissner, etc. You will know what I mean...

Malmstrom is of course wonderful to have in her present position for the EU-politruks who really controls the Europian Union. All crap she can find out targets the focus away from all the madness that they themselves are implementing and planning.

Anonymous said...

#2 Anonymous,
I do fully agree!Here is an anecdote illustrating the mindset of those spoilt brats from my own experience:
as a student in Berlin in the early 70ies, I shared a flat with two girls from a wealthy background(hardcore lefties), myself beeing from more humble origins. When my mother died prematurely, I was left an amount about 15.000 Euros worth. As we (they) had agreed to share everything in a brotherly/sisterly fashion, they asked me to do so.Whereupon I kindly invited them to go to a notary and sign the same procedure for their inheritance to be in the future i.e. condo in Sardegna ect.
They both decided to reconsider their policy.Well, first I purchased a convertible....which again raised the chances with the other sex.

Anonymous said...

Multi-culti is a tropical disease like dengue fever.

Anonymous said...

Here is her twitter feed, for anyone who wants to tweet at her:

Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders' letter is a result of a blog by Ivan Rioufol, the commentator of Le Figaro, who was baffled by Malmstroms interview. See <a href= ">My Title<c/a>

Vince said...

Off topic: been reading all the varying blog sites, and I'm surprised at how Many Brits post. There is a real undercurrent of resentment building. But for the record we have got some leaders out there In different forms and different views. Nigel farage and also Paul Weston.

Personally I really love ukip.......

Anonymous said...

People like Geert Wilders and Morten Messerschmidt from Denmark come across like real fighters, not to mention Marine Le Pen. Sadly the only equivalent we have in Britain is Nigel Farage. Nigel is very bright with a withering sense of irony but perhaps he comes across as too much of a joker and bon viveur to be taken seriously. Of the other parties "of the right", Nick Griffin may be an Oxbridge graduate but he comes across as sleazy and a bit untrustworthy and not somebody you would want to come across on a dark night. The others are a bit too weak and gentlemanly. I am speaking of Paul Weston and Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats. It is a shame that since we are dealing with a pan-european problem we cannot have a european party, the European Freedom Party. Whether people in Britain would take fright at the tag European or warm to Geert Wilders for his immense courage and quiet dignity is another matter. Perhaps a comparison could be made with Pieter the Dutch boy sticking his finger in the dyke!! I have spoken in the past of Europeans and European Civilisation going under but perhaps we should use the word "white" for it is white civilisation we are talking about in a white continent and whites who are piling up their own funeral pyre despite the fact that the other races have outbred them threefold in the last 50 years. I don't think that many whites are aware of what a minority they have become in that time and now they have virtually thrown in the towel. An example of what we are facing is the arrest today of three members of the EDL on racially aggravated public order offences against muslims. State sponsored genocide of the white race by its own continues despite our dwindling numbers and the promotion as superior of any race/culture/religion is now the policy of most white countries. Can you imagine if this was happening to Africans, doubtless Europeans/Whites would be moving heaven and earth to ensure their survival as we keep doing every time they begin to starve due to overbreeding.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" Mark Anthony writing. Whilst I agree with Geert Wilders regarding Islam, I don't think that there will be a political solution to the problem of Islamisation in the world.

Islam and the West will be at war very soon. Iran keeps provoking Israel and the West with terrorist attacks, uncooperativeness at the nuclear disarmament meetings and, now, the threat to enrich uranium to 56% if the West goes on pressurising Iran.

Iran is about to go into hyperinflation of its riall so that the regime must attack Israel soon or face a "French revolution" from its people, I suggest.

The West versus Islam war will result in an unknown post-war situation but I believe that there will be many, many less Muslims alive to immigrate to a totally resistant West.

So, why not just wait? Why get exhausted by writing (uselessly in my opinion) to this commissioner or that political leader?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the true "multicultists" actually loath their own countries, but instead are using this whole fantasy to destroy their own countries SO THEY CAN STAND ATOP THE RUBBLE.

What they say they are trying to construct can never be constructed - it's never happened in the history of mankind, and it never will. No way on earth will (for example) Muslims hold hands with Jews and sing Kumba-ya.

Evil does not create, it destroys. And these people are intent on destroying everything that our ancestors have fought for, have given their lives for, so that there is nothing left to challenge the rule of the elite - and they want to be part of that elite, oh so badly.

That's the real name of the game.

Dymphna said...

@ Last Anon-

You're right: the name of the game is still King of the Hill.

The rules were well-articulated by Hobbes. When sovereign states stick to the PRE-AGREED rules, it works well. But when it becomes all against all in a battle based on fictional scarcity & its fears, anarchy descends like a dark curtain. Not only does scarcity become reality, but it worsens exponentially.

The elites are no more foolish than the average person, they just have more power and are foolish enough to think this will permit their escape. In reality, this illusion makes their muddled mistakes that much more harmful for all, including themselves.

Whatever comes will be awful in one sense or another...we have been lulled by a generation or two of mayhem and blood done out of our sight, lulled into thinking these are normal times and all the bloody mayhem happening elsewhere is an aberration; no concern of ours. That's why they don't want to teach History in schools. An informed polity is harder to mess over or mislead.

Soon we may be back to the lives our forefathers knew only too well and our children will experience what Hobbes warned about.
BTW, whoever recommended the online Swedish news, The Local - thanks. I read it fairly frequently, especially comments on stories. That's where the real news is.

Among other things, The Local reports on studies that purport to show men are dumber than women. I do hope they aren't passing this harmful misinformation onto their daughters.

Anonymous said...

Mark Anthony: This "King of the Hill" of rubble doesn't make any sense to me. If the multicultis are destroying their own countries, then they are, by definition, loathing their countries.

If you ruin, even destroy, another person or where they live, then you are hating them.

Furthermore, how can a person be a king if their kingdom does not exist. A pile of rubble is a non-existence and not a kingdom, so how can such a person be King of non-existence as far as human beings are concerned.

They are not trying to construct but to destroy and, in doing so, are hostile to mankind in their relgious hatred, particularly, of the kaffir.

They will have to be fought to the destruction of this 7th century delusion, which will mean many of them will die.

Nick said...

Aye, that was me Dymphna. I'm thinking nowadays that the super-elite are doing what the Nazis did after Adolf got out of jail.

They're taking over by legitimate means, using the law of the land to gain power legitimately - even when they have to re-write it, or overwrite it.

And they're establishing an alternative state (an unelected power structure comprising of themselves, an all-powerful oligarchy) at the same time.

That's exactly what the Nazis did. The old order is being de-fanged, slowly at first and now and in the near future with increasing rapidity and boldness.

The eventual goal is for the rabble throughout Europe (common people) to be living in a situation similar to the one described by the Baron in that other post (Germany post-Versailles) so that they can step forward and say, look the old order is not working. That pesky democracy, what a waste of time (as the Nazis did.)

What needs to happen is we now need to assume final control.

And they will, with the consent of the uneducated, ignorant masses.

Anonymous said...

Mark Anthony: Nick, I think that there is one important ingredient omitted in your comparison with the Nazis. That is: hyperinflation.

Without the hyperinflation taking off in the mid-1920s, Hitler would not have won the vote that made him Chancellor.

Hyperinflation had destroyed the wealth of the German middle-class (and others) so that they were left bewildered, lost and with no sense of the future. Hitler spoke to them in dreams about the future, which he would bring into reality.

I am sure that there is no way out for the total world economy except through hyperinflation of all national currencies, especially the dollar. The global middle class will feel lost UNLESS they are engaged in a world war against Islam.

Then, they will unite behind their current leaders without being bewildered and with a great sense of purpose, namely to defeat Islam.

If this happens, then the likelihood of a Nazi-type takeover of Europe fades away to non-existence, I suggest.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that people will unite under their current leaders for the purpose of defeating Islam.

Because those leaders will never, ever take that stance. Never have, never will.

The only thing those politicians want people uniting behind them about is this multicultist nonsense, the premises of which they twist about to justify their own existence; and the need for everyone to shut up and not "offend" anyone else, i.e. to remain silent and learn to ignore those terribly inconvenient intrusions of reality into the fantasy world they want us all to believe in.

You know, things like some young man blowing himself up in the middle of a shopping centre while yelling out the takbir.

Anonymous said...

What we are experiencing is the battle between two ways of doing politics. The first is consensual democracy, in which political legitimacy comes from the "consent of the governed". In the second, legitimacy comes from being right. (How they know they are right is never addressed, they just assume that it is obvious.) The second form has gone by various names throughout history, one of the more recent being "divine right of kings". The second form also has most of the smart academics supporting it, while the first form has the best results. But what do I know? I live in Alabama, own guns and work for a living.

laine said...

" it is white civilisation we are talking about in a white continent and whites who are piling up their own funeral pyre despite the fact that the other races have outbred them threefold in the last 50 years. I don't think that many whites are aware of what a minority they have become in that time and now they have virtually thrown in the towel".

No other race has the equivalent of white liberals, people who denigrate their own race and promote other races. It is a very strange phenomenon indeed. Blacks, East Indians, Hispanics, Asians, are all very proud of themselves, despite their lousy real world results both past and present. Only Eurochristian whites, who engineered a pinnacle of development that the world has never seen before in Europe and North America of the highest standard of living and decency for the greatest number of people and shared the resulting bounty with the less able have been willing to don a hair shirt of guilt for past ancestral sins on their way to the pinnacle (learning from their mistakes and steadily improving) and letting themselves now be lectured by the losers of the world, all of whom have the same sins (e.g. slavery) on their record, but no counterbalancing achievements. They can't even feed themselves half the time. The white Left is insane for its suicidal groveling in front of the 3rd world but how have whites in general spawned this insane branch and then let the loonies run the asylum? Any white of any sense at all who speaks up against leftist insanity gets buried in an avalanche of lying idiotic accusations of racism. Blacks should be proud and keep an entire continent for their personal use but whites should be ashamed to be born and be diluted out of existence by other races? Who accepts this double standard insanity?

Anonymous said...

Mark Anthony: I am baffled that you should think that the leaders of the democracies would NOT declare war on Islam if Islam attacked Israel and the West.

They have certainly shown a great interest in sanctions against Iran with clear evidence of a build-up of military muscle in the Persian Gulf. Why shouldn't they use this hardware if Islam attacks Israel and terrorists attack within the democracies? Of course, they will!

It is true that they never have had to go to war against Islam, but then Islam has not yet gone to war, ie war between national governments, with the West. Because they haven't done this does not mean that they won't do this. That's illogical!

The leaders want their countries to survive so that they can continue to lead them democratically or as tyrants.

Anon at 4.19pm says that, in a democracy, political legitimacy comes from the governed. No, it doesn't! Political legitimacy comes from the democratically elected representives of the governed.

Look at the power that the Constitutional Court in Germany has over the Chancellor Angela Merkel. That court consists of judges who represent the law already passed by previous representatives of the governed.

These judges also represent the governed as they apply the law to stop political leaders selling Germany into foolishness, as Hitler did.

But these judges don't consult the governed before they make a decision. They don't pester the governed with referendum after referendum to discover what the governed want done. No, they decide as lawyers what the existing law says in regard to the Chancellor's conduct.

The governed are always governed, whether by a king or dictator or a leader controlled by parliament and the law. If this wasn't true, they wouldn't be "the governed" because they would be the governors in some terrifying anarchy.

Uncle Vladdi said...

"Multiculturalism" IS "Racism!"

For instance, ALL the so-called islamic countries are at the exact BOTTOM of all the developmental indexes.

So, there's only two possible explanations for this: it's either nurture ('culture'), or nature (genetics/'race').

Yet the shallow liberals prefer to pretend that all indoctrinating cultures are equal, and so they all have the exact same effects on their respective populaces. Which leaves only race.

Then they further clinch their own prejudices, by blaming only the White, Western folks for "propping up" all the non-White genocidal dictators in the world (as if only White Westerners were INTELLIGENT enough to manipulate the poor innocent but mentally inferior savages) and as if, without Whites, there would be no non-White dictatorial madmen in the world.

But history and current events prove that all races ARE the same, and so of course the vast majority of dictatorial madmen in the world have been non-Whites (Muhammad, Ghenghis Khan, Attilla, Mao, Pol Pot, Taylor and Kony, Bobby Mugabe) - because their races outnumber Whites in exact proportion to their respective numbers of dictators, which (in all reality, and despite the liberals racism,) only leaves nurture or "culture" to explain islam's failures.

And it's quite simple, really: our "Western culture" is based on Confucius' (wholly Eastern,) Chinese morality, on the Golden Rule of Law (basically: Do Not Attack First! and on "THOU SHALT NOT KILL!") and so we enjoy trust, progress and civilization.

Islam, however, is based on the exact opposite - on the immoral, brazen rule of chaos, (basically: "It's our holy right and duty to always attack all 'the others' first!" and on "THOU SHALT KILL!") and so they suffer from distrust, stagnation, and barbarism.


Mark Wright said...

I looked at the full speech linked by Da Capo and it is truly frightening. The policy, in a nutshell is as follows:

1. We think the Arab Spring is a fantastic move to democracy but to make sure everything turns out fine we are going to transfer massive amounts of money and other favours to the Arab countries involved.

2. The EU has an ageing population and a lack of "skilled and talented" workers, which together means the EU will eventually collapse unless we invite millions of Arabs to emigrate to the EU, especially those from the 'Arab spring' countries.

This buffoon (and presumably the entire Western leftist elite) fail to see the obvious contradiction/paradox in the above two policies. For more see:

Anonymous said...

Cecilia Malström is to chicken to move to Rinkeby or tensta in Sweden!

She loves immigrants BUT NOT at HER frontdoor!

Oldman said...

The religious fervour which seems to enslave millions of Muslims seems to be stronger in those who have very little to call their own.
The male dominated religion replaces common sense which by their own standard God possesses and then gave us.
I am a white Gentile and do not fear the Muslims, I fear their ecstatic zeal for being wrong. I believe that my research has shown that their abiding mistake is in not following the blood of Mohammed but his seed which joined with woman and separated into conflicting directions. The struggle to try and rejoin with that original concept is now an ongoing battle between rival factions to prove they are the true way and path while in fact they are as divided as the rest.

Anonymous said...

It so sad to read all this comments, since when did people become so resentful and hateful to there fellow mankind.Thank god I live australia, where multiculture has been embraced,although we may have our problems, we dont have people like Geert kicking up chaos and try to divide people by creating a fear thats made up of paronia in order to gain power. Ok say for example if netherlands was islamic and ethnic free do you seriously believe all of the countrys problems will be solved? I dont think so,So people should stop pointing fingers and blaming everything on the minority, and for your information OLDMAN islam is not male dominent, in your research did you find out, that "in islam heaven is said to be under your mothers feet" meaning if your mother isnt pleased with you as son it will be hard for you to enter heaven, You see I respect everyones opinion but I dont appreciate accusation about my faith, to conclude to my point oldman women play a big role in islam and they are just if not more,value in the islamic faith. Overall men like geert will never win and achieve there goal to eradicate islam, because the fact is islam is the fastest growing religion and the general public are not to stupid enough to be sold the same idea HItler had,yes thats right, geert can only be described as a modernised hitler whos only ambition is to create fear and hate in communitys around the world. I truly hope people do there research on this much criticized religion.