Monday, July 30, 2012

The Wearing of the Burka

Alain Wagner is the Chairman of the International Civil Liberties Alliance, and was one of the moderators and speakers at the recent Brussels Conference.

He appeared tonight on Michael Coren’s SUN TV program to talk about the incident last Friday in Marseille (reported here in the news feed a couple of nights ago; see the Telegraph article) in which a group of Muslims brawled with police over the latter’s attempt to enforce the no-burka law. The dénouement of the whole sordid affair came when political pressure forced the Marseille police to release the brawlers in order to appease Muslim sentiment during Ramadan.

Below is Alain’s report from Paris:


Anonymous said...

If the French or anyone else allow
the clear rule about face covering to be flouted routinely, we are going to find that these followers
of the Paedophile Prophet will keep pushing us on every other issue where majority rights would normally be protected. Everyone needs to wake up about this ludicrous situation, or we will find ourselves strangers and
outcasts in our own countries. Just look at poor old Norway, almost certainly destined to be the first Moslem country in Europe, WITHIN TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.

Iftikhar Ahmad said...

“No Shorts, No Barefoot, No Sleeveless, No Low Cut Neckline Allowed in the Store,” declare the English/Spanish signs that appear in stores throughout the Hasidic section of the hipster haven. The retailers do not just serve Jews — they include stores for hardware, clothes and electronics…

“We have our way of life, and this is the way we want everyone to respect that,” said Shalom Cooper, a manager at Glauber’s Cuisine on Division Avenue.

Orthodox men typically wear suits and black hats in public, while women dress in long-sleeved blouses and below-the-knee skirts.

“We’re not concerned about the way women dress in Manhattan — but we are concerned with bringing 42nd Street to this neighborhood,” said Mark Halpern, who is Orthodox and lives in Williamsburg.

It’s a good thing these are Jews rather than Muslims. If they were Muslims, Pam Geller would be screaming about the imposition of Sharia law.

It’s a good thing these are Jews rather than Muslims. If they were Muslims, Pam Geller would be screaming about the imposition of Sharia law.

After many years of a negative portrayal, bias Against Islam and Muslims is deeply rooted in Western minds and it will be very difficult to eliminate it, Spanish journalist Yusuf Fernandez says.

The Islamophobia is a real problem in the Western societies, not only for Muslims but for the whole society because it is a hatred phenomenon, which is harmful for all people. Today, many politicians attack Islam and Muslims just to gain votes and in some countries girls are banned to wear headscarves at high schools or work places. Opening a mosque is also becoming more and more difficult in some countries.

Generally speaking, the image of Muslims in Western media is very negative and poor. When Western journalists speak about any issue, they are supposed to know the issue they are writing about. But this rule is broken when they write about Islam. They can then make claims that have nothing to do with the reality of Islam and Muslims. Muslims are presented as fanatics, terrorists or backwards people. Muslim women are presented as ignorant or submissive. These so-called "experts" ignore that Islam gave many rights to the women much before the Western societies did.

There are extremists in Europe who are staunchly opposed to multiculturalism in the continent and are not afraid of physically removing whoever they deem threatening their ideology for a consolidated Europe free of immigrants and Muslims. The most prominent example was Anders Breivik who massacred 77 people simply because they had voiced support for the people of Palestine in a demonstration.

Wait a minute here. Many restaurants especially in recreation areas impose dress codes on their customers. How is this different from what these folks are doing?