Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Endgame for the Egyptian Economy

David Goldman, a.k.a. Spengler, talks to Ezra Levant about the rapid deterioration of the Egyptian economy in the wake of the “Arab Spring”, and the famine and chaos that lie ahead.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

The poorer Muslim nations have been able to schlep by for decades without investing in infrastructure or technology, thanks in large part to the largesse of the West, which they hate. The upcoming grain shortage, coupled with probable further deterioration in the global economy, will provide a much-needed reality check for their current irresponsibility. I wonder how much their wealthier "brothers" in the oil-rich Muslim states will help them when this occurs? If past experience is any indicator, not much.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to invest and plan wisely. We're going to see a perfect global demonstration of the parable of the hard-working ants and the shiftless grasshopper in the not-too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, now we will have floods of Egyptians into the West all demanding welfare and Sharia in the same breath.

Not good.

The End. said...

Never fear, the stupid infidels will bail them out.

wheatington said...

Muslims are world class at mayhem and destruction. At any thing else, they're world class failures. No one who knows Islam expected anything less than complete FUBAR.