Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Street-Fighting Man?

Civil insurrection

Gates of Vienna does not advocate violence as a solution to the problem of Islamization.

Dymphna and I take have taken that position not just to avoid being shut down by Blogger or investigated by the Department of Homeland Security — although such considerations obviously play a role in our strategic thinking — but also because we believe that violence will not provide the most effective solution to the problem.

Violence may indeed come, despite our aversion to it. But we will continue to strive for a non-violent resolution through public debate and the ballot box.

We may well be pursuing a chimera, but we will persist.

When I was in school in England back in the 1960s, one of our teachers was a man who had lived in Germany during the interwar period. He was adamant in his belief that no one who had lived through an extended time of civil unrest would ever wish for such a thing to happen.

Those who argue for violence are in effect hoping for a breakdown of civil order. Germany during the period 1918-1923 — from the Armistice through the Treaty of Versailles to the Inflation — provides an instructive example.

The Freikorps — disillusioned nationalists who had been armed by the war, and then deprived of their monarch — took to the streets to do battle with the Communists. During the same period Anton Drexler founded the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, later the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party, NSDAP) to oppose the international socialism of the Communists. The streets of Berlin ran red with blood nearly every night.

And we all know how that one turned out.

The rule of law is a precious thing, not to be lightly discarded. Yes, I realize that our treasonous leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are dismantling the rule of law even as I write these words. But its total disappearance — warring militias, armed thuggery, heaps of bodies in the streets — is not an alternative to be desired.

I bring all this up because of an email we received earlier today. A reader from outside the UK watched Tommy Robinson’s speech, and was prompted to write to us. He said, “Would you please relay this to Tommy Robinson. I think you would not publish this on your site, but I think he should read it.”

I’ve forwarded his message to Tommy, but I’m also willing to post it here. We allow a variety of opinions at Gates of Vienna, even if we don’t agree with all of them:

I saw Tommy Robinson’s speech. Mr Robinson is wondering why he is harassed?

It’s simple. One Question will reveal it:

What happens if the police move against…

1. Antifascists? Stones, sticks and molotov cocktails are thrown at them. So it is endangering the lives of police officers. So they do not do it.
2. Muslims? One or more parts of the city are on fire, massive danger to local populace and police. So it is endangering the lives of police officers. So they do not do it.
3. Tommy Robinson / EDL / BNP etc? Angry letters and a couple of lawsuits. Nothing more, no threats to the lives of police officers. Easy targets. Let’s harass them!

Ezra Pound: “If a man is not willing to die for his opinion, either he or his opinion are worthless.”

Sooner or later you have to fight for your rights. You pay in blood or lose them.

The antifascists and Muslims are willing to die and kill for their opinion. Therefore the police dare not touch them.

They (police) want to live and spend their money. They don’t believe in England any longer. Replace democracy in Britain with fascism, Islamism or whatever. As long as they have shiny uniforms and some cash they don’t care.

And as long as you are not willing to do the same (kill and die for your cause), don’t scream like a baby if they harass you.

Nice greetings from a Cassandra (= I tell the truth, but nobody believes me).

Our emailer may be quite right. We may eventually face the grim choice he describes.

And, when that time arrives, I hope to remember Jesus’ words:

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Until then, however, I will strive to shore up what remains of the rule of law. If we are ever so unfortunate as to lose it, we shall regret its passing.

As Gavin Boby advised us in his speech in Brussels, in the bad years to come, we should hold the line on the law:

“If you try to short-circuit the law through disorder, you will regret it.

“One day, the law will be applied even-handedly.”

That day may not arrive in our lifetime. It may not arrive in our children’s lifetime. But it will come.


Anonymous said...

"Warring militias, armed thuggery, heaps of bodies on the streets" –ironically enough, that's par for the course in many, if not most Muslim countries today. I wonder why?

As I remember, Ezra Pound was found to be insane, and institutionalized. As with Nietzsche and similar luminaries of the loony bin, I take with a grain of salt advice stemming from a thought process which eventually deposits its owner behind padded walls. There is a certain degree of melodramatic romance associated with the figure of the mad genius, true, but it's only common sense to be wary of advice from someone whose life is even more screwed up than your own.

bilbo said...

"As Gavin Boby advised us in his speech in Brussels, in the bad years to come, we should hold the line on the law:
“One day, the law will be applied even-handedly.”"

it never was and it never will be.
the winner decides what the crimes are, how "justice" will be delivered and what the punishment will be.

when faced with the systemic violence of islam, counter-force may be all that remains.
revolting though it is,to back away from it will be to admit defeat and return to the dark ages, where violence will be a daily occurrence.
just look at the islamic countries today; executing women for being raped, hanging gays from mobile cranes, ritually mutilating women.
no, as with world war two, violence can have a place in defeating violence.

Nemesis said...

'I tell the truth, but nobody believes me'

Not the entire truth though, as there are many coppers who sympathize with Tommy Robinson. I just wonder how many of those in uniform who do sympathize are prepared to do so in public?

And it may be easier to target Tommy because he offers no violence, but it is not due to the reasons given by Cassandra. The orders for such harassment of Tommy come from on high and from places that have a vested interest in seeing the transformation of a once White Britain completed.

Tommy carries a BIG message, that is why he is targetted!

Anonymous said...

The Police are an army, they are
controlled from the top. In the case of UK, the minister/Cameron just gives orders to the zhombified
Police. The government are pro the islamisation of the UK,and the traitor Cameron's name is on the membership list of the fascist anti-fascist group. That's why EDL
will be bullied. But we CAN fight back peacefully. However it will end up with physical confrontation and then get worse. There is no point in being terrified of what may happen.We all know the score. The time for talking is over.

Vince said...

Something which is of paramount concern. Upholding and enforcement of the law and stability of the state. The problem is however the law and legal system is not an independent entity anymore. It seems to have become the enforcement arm of the state and it's beliefs. One only has to look at the two tier system.
As far as violence on the streets, I feel the running
battles between the edl and leftists/Muslim youth, is the
beginning of something more sinister. I fear for this situation to escalate as as we have seen groups within
the edl have attacked random Asian people for just being
Asian. And Muslim youth have attacked people for just
being White. Obviously these groups did weren't doing
what the leaders wanted Or what the leaders advocate.
But when things start to break down, are groups of young men really going to tow the party line so to speak
or are they going to let their frustration and anger.
It should be up to the state to crack down hard on the underlying problems. Lock up or throw out all that would cause us harm. This is why i feel the edls leadership
joining a political party was a smart move. The more
votes parties like ukip or bf take from the mainstream the more they will have to listen

George galloways win in Bradford showed this. Afterwords labour were thinking what went wrong what
can we do to avoid this happening again? The point is the mainstream are career politicians with career parties, they want power at all costs. I mean labour and
conservatives seem indistinguishable at times. Its no coincidence the conservative back benchers are
revolting all the time, as in essence the party is no longer conservative. As ukips Nigel farage said, "someone
should tell them they're in the wrong party.
dont mean to sound like a broken record referring to the
London riots, but it's the only precedent we have. When
law and order broke down, were was the state? Were was the police? And when the police were present did
they contain the disorder? They got outmanoeuvred by children after some nicked reeboks?

If things breakdown who will protect the people? When
things went down in London, the return of tribalism and
basics of community came out. The Sikh men protected
their area and their temple, the Turks their shops, the pakistanis there own. Who was it that stepped up in
enfield? It was the edl. Whilst the Sikhs and turks were
hailed as heros, the lord mayor held that it was "regrettable that edl" turned up in Enfield.
Let me tell you, if you were a frightened family in Enfield, regrettable Is the last word you would use.

I think the uk is the country to watch as an example, because we appear to be ten steps further down the road than the rest of Europe. Those of us ordinary people of this country have really had enough. As I said once before everyone has their red line and for some it's already been crossed, for others not yet. But I feel another highly insulting poppy incident or another terrorist attack, and I think people are going to sit up and say "you know what I'm not going to take it anymore, I've got to help stop this".

In response to your post, the uk feels like the Roman republic. The elite senators ruling over us plebs. Periodically appeasing the mob. As mentioned the mob is the leftists and Muslims. But what happens if the nature of and political persuasion of the mob changes?

But then again This elite really are clueless. The eu is collapsing around their heads and they still sit and smile like everything's ok. So whether these people will ever actually admit the country is heading for disaster is debatable at best. They think Bradford Birmingham and London is like sesame street, when reality......

Anonymous said...

Robinson doesn't believe in England either what is called the English Defence League should really be called the anti "muslim extremism" league.

Robinson insists that any foreigner is an English as those of us whose homeland it really is. This is clealry a ridiculous point of view and one that is also very very recent - what would teh lads who fought in WWII or even teh Falklands said to that? Who about the Hundreds of generations of our forebears , all of the same race , who fought for and built Our Country. The invaders and colonisers of our Land are not us. By also helping to steal the concepts with which we can defend ourselves he deny's our racial and ethnic existence and as such is part of the problem You want hope? Look to the Infidels and the NF

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Baron.

I was thinking about that period in Germany last night (since I'm currently re-reading Shirer's book.)

After he was banged up, Hitler decided no more guns and no revolution by force. He was determined to gain power through legitimate means. And here's the thought I had: The Nazis proceeded to set up two "organisations" - one to challenge the current order, another to establish an alternative "state within a state". The idea being that when the old order collapsed (after they gave it a push) their new order would be right there, all ready to go.

What about the whole European political edifice? Is this not an alternative state, as the Nazis envisioned? They are deliberately and knowingly dismantling individual states & cultures within their reach, all the while doing so, as the Nazis did, within the rule of law. And they are establishing, and obviously have been doing so for a considerable time, an alternative state ready to take over, post-eventual-collapse.

In short: what the European super-politicos are doing is right out of the Nazi playbook.

scherado said...

I am saddened by what has happened to England and the conclusions of the unknown "reader...outside the UK" may be correct, but it is not helpful to surrender outright to English authority on any level: they all must be forced to face legal consequences or the threat of legal consequences.

There are no options after death.

What I do here in America is draft a succintly threatening letter IN LEGAL LANGUAGE with an equally scarrey .CC list. If Mr. Robbinson can do it, then he should begin to surround himself with the most unscrupulous legal counsel: ones who get a thrill out of seeing powerful people sweat. No police or police bosses want to spend ANY time in court--as they tend to despise Judges and Lawyers.

On another personal note, reading F.Neitzsche (English translations) has been very valuable to me over the years and I would recommend making the effort--as it is not easy--to anyone.

The Silent Majority said...

Tommy Robinson may not realise it but he is a very inspiring man. After watching his speech last night I then watched the German movie, "The Lives of Others" set in East Germany before the wall came down. I was disconcerted by the number of times events and actions by the Stasi made me reflect back to Tommys speech and compare. What a sad state of affairs that England has come to this!

Green Infidel said...

In the case of the EDL - not only are they faced with massive opposition from the police - but from the media as well. Would violence help their cause in that aspect - or would it enable them to be even more portrayed as violent thugs?

No, the answer cannot be violence... did Ezra Pound's quote even allude to violence being used? From what I can see, it mentioned being ready to die for one's opinions - not kill for them! Jesus and the early Christians were willing to die for their opinions - but didn't kill in the process.

From what I can see many people (me included) sometimes are hesitant to speak out - what would our managers, or friends, think if we did?!

Could such a fear not be a major hurdle that we face?

England is also an example of a country where an unfashionable movement that, at one time, people thought had no chance, did end up victorious: namely, the movement against the Euro. In 1991, the UK was in the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) and on the way to joining the single currency. Any opposition to this was thought to be held only by a few nutty nationalists. By 1998, not even the new pro-Euro governing party, which just won by a landslide, dared to think of implementing it without a referendum (which was put back indefinitely). By 2012, the idea of Britain joining the Euro is virtually dead - indeed, the abolition of the Euro now looks a more likely prospect.

So what made such a reaction? A willingness to speak out, coupled by support from a few key papers (such as the Daily Mail) meant that eventually, what started out as an unfashionable cause became trendy to speak about. Through polls, people found that there were lots of others against the Euro - even a majority of them. Eventualy the issue became a large one politically. And in the end, the anti-Euro lobby won.

So, folks, it can be done. Without firing a single shot. Sure - Islam is a much more threatening opponent than even the most hardened Eurocrat... but there is plenty of opposition to it. Even among those sheepish Brits. They just have to think it important enough to think and talk about. And, most importantly, form campaign groups to lobby media and politicians against it, and in support of the EDL.

Every media misreprentation of the EDL, every silencing of opponents of Islam or prominent Muslims (such as New Statesman editor Mehdi Hasan) must be called-out and vocally opposed. Journalists must be bombarded, and made to feel that this is an important issue.

Once the media representation changes, and public opinion on the issue has turned in favour of the EDL, not even the police will dare to touch them.

The media is key. And violence is not the way to win them over.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time someone used the law to sue people (name a journalist, any journalist) who continually make untrue remarks about the EDL?

Haul a journo up in court and make him personally defend what he's written about Tommy Robinson.

Look at the hassle and stress they gave to Geert Wilders, using rather dubious hate speech laws, well let's turn it round on them & pick a multicultist mouthpiece and put him or her on the spot.

Isn't it about time we turned the tables on these people & used their own tactics against them?

Anonymous said...

Both the U.S. and England depend on the Welfare state for social stability in our cities and political power. And given that both nations are sick economically and politically.Yes both nations are saddled with two self-destructive political parties as well. And it's just a matter of time before the before the government will default on it's obligations like Argentina did.

People see this coming, hence the skyrocketing sales in guns and ammo. One gun company working 3 shifts 7 days a week can't even keep up with the demand.

Here's the worry, when the welfare state collapses, there go our cities up in flames. Look for decades we kept the peace in our cities with what amounts to bribes(welfare) for the inner city underclass and 3rd world immigrant communities along with aggressive police work. When the money stops the rioting begins. This time law abiding citizen won't tolerate these rioters coming them.

Politically we could salvage things, if the two main corrupt parties were no longer in the way but they aren't. They hold the reigns of power and won't release until it's too late and the country violently balkanizes.

greentara said...

Violence i.e revolution is the last resort and should not be advocated as a solution, however, I do not believe that one can reverse the islamic invasion or get rid of the current elites which, in fact, caused this desaster, in a peaceful way, or indeed through the elections. In fact, with the current structure in place, they cannot be won, that's wishful thinking. This is a tragedy. The only choice remaining therefore is this : fight or submit to your enemy.

Anonymous said...

Where is El Inglès?

I wish there was a way of finding out whether anything is being done, in the event public order does break down..
Are we sitting ducks when and if the police turns on it´s own people if riots break out? Will we be shot at by our own police, or will the authoritis go tot the mattresses and call Undgendfor?
Who exactly is in Ungendfor?
Is that why the EU has opened Migration and Labour offices in Mali, Senegal and Mauretania perhaps?

Anonymous said...

With you Greentara. Although I always hope that we can resolve the current situation through the ballot box, I doubt this will be the case what with all the voting fraud that is rife in Islamic communities in the UK who want to keep pro-immigration parties in power.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think anybody in England is listening to anything that any of the leaders of the three main parties says any more and feeling anything but disgust at what goes on at Westminster by way of political point-scoring whilst the country is falling apart. David Cameron talking about the British winner of the Tour de France was all about winning votes and nothing about the national pride the rest of us feel. As regards multiculturalism/multiracialism, I think a comparison should be made between the 1948 and the 2012 London Olympics. I am sure that the whole country was behind the 1948 Olympics as a homogeneous nation welcomed the world to London. Now the country has been so fragmented by "multiculturalism" that there is no longer a common ethos or feeling of being as one. Plus the games have been billed as being the time when vibrant multicultural London invites the whole world to its party. But the whole world is already here that's why London is so "vibrant and multicultural" so what is the difference? Where is the novelty when you have people of every race culture and religion in what used to be England's capital where the English lived. Enthusiasm for the games is at its lowest ebb in those parts of the country that have not been multiculturalised and where people view multicultural London as having no relevance to them as it has been stolen from them and is indeed now a totally different country. There is a gentleman who adds his comment after online articles from the press and always the same comment "I want my country back". And there is another who styles himself "rare cockney" because whereas 60 years ago London was the cockneys' home now they have been virtually driven out and their accent will be history in 30 years. As already stated, these are not lone voices but just people who dare to speak. I believe Mr Cameron described the EDL as "filth" or something similar. Go and live in Luton David.

Anonymous said...

I noted a comment above where somebody wrote that there are members of the police forces - coppers - in England who agree with Tommy Robinson and wondered why they do not speak up. Perhaps he may recall that in the days of the last Labour government somebody; but it couldn't have been the Labour party could it?; managed to hack into the BNP's membership list and leak it to the press. At least one police officer was forced to resign. Well, there's your answer as to why the police remain silent and are actively engaged, whether they want it or not, in the creation of a police state here, as elsewhere in Europe. Communism ( of the soft or cultural marxist variety ) is alive and well in today's modern Britain and anybody who does not support the creation of a multiracial/multicultural Marxist totalitarian utopia will be liquidated.

Green Infidel said...

"Haul a journo up in court and make him personally defend what he's written about Tommy Robinson."

That's a costly process. And I believe the sheer cost of it was a factor in making the Baron delay taking action against the Guardian's slander about GoV.

And victory in a court case does not guarantee that the public, or other organisations, will think the same way. (for a recent example - see the John Terry "racism" case)

However - there is one method left of getting the message out (at least while the OIC and Obama administration doesn't get its way). It costs a lot less than a court case - and can mean getting the message out to millions at the click of a finger. In short: websites such as this one, presenting well-thought-out arguments. Ideally in a form that's both persuasive and catchy.

Slander in the mainstream media can be countered in text, and in videos.

What's important is that it's there, and that people know about it. If that happens, people will slowly shift their opinions accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Robinson is a white male standing up for his country. That is the only reason cops dare to harass him.

Its the dominating political philosophy which decides who will be prosecuted and who will be heralded.
It has nothing to do with your willingness to commit violence.

The cops fear the aftermath of retaliating against a violent group. We already know what happens to cops if they shoot an immigrant even in selfdefence.

The school of Frankfurt Marxism, the dominating political philosophy in every Western nation must be defeated first.

God Bless Tommy Robinson, and the folks behind this website too.


Anonymous said...

Your point about the cost of going to court is well taken. However if there are however thousands of EDL members, a project could be initiated in which each person could donate a tenner (let's say).

And yes, there are websites such as this, and their lies can be countered with truth. Their irrational fantasies can be countered with logic.

But that's not enough. We're up against a relentless, tireless enemy which will never, ever give up. They're in this to the end, you'd better believe it.

And they'll employ any method, no matter how underhand or dishonest, to smear and try to stop people like Tommy Robinson.

What we need to do, if possible, is let them know that there is going to be a price tag attached, if a journalist (such as that guy in the daily star yesterday) insists on making untrue assertions about the members of the English Defence League.

Do to one of them what they did to Geert Wilders. Put just one of them through that - pour encourage les autres.

laine said...

There are many many strategies that could be tried long before violence and anarchy but they require breaking the leftist shackles of political correctness. This is easier to do with a critical mass of grassroots as individuals can be picked off by ugly opposition like Anti-fas or PC enforcing state machinery. Think of passive resistance a la Gandhi on both an individual and a grand scale. Withdraw the liberals' dopey welcome mat to our colonists. There is the social freeze that polite circles used to use to discourage unwanted interlopers. Nothing overt to attract the attention of leftist human rights commissionaires sniffing for the "crime" of Islamophobia, just the cold shoulder or a stoney look at any hijabbed woman or long bearded man in Muslim mufti communicating:"I know what your dress means, that you are a sharia lover and as such an opponent of our laws". There's refusing to spend money in any Muslim owned establishment (unfortunately this may affect the most hard working among them who are not Welfare parasites, but our situation is too far gone to parse niceties and if they tithe their earned income to their mosques or possibly even jihad, then they are still part of the occupying force). There's going on the offense about offense, complaining firmly but politely about every Muslim dhimmifying move where they try to inflict their habits and preferences on non-Muslims.
Muslim taxi drivers who refuse dog-owners or people carrying alcoholic beverages service should be pointed out as not meeting the requirements of the job. An issue should be made by the customer every time a Muslim cashier refuses to touch certain goods. Again, the take should be that they do not meet the requirements of the job, customer service to non-Muslims. Eating in front of Muslims during their self-imposed fasts should continue as normal, instead of following social or government directives that suggest eating in front of them is somehow rude. In government settings, use the Left and PC brigade's (including putative Conservatives like Cameron) own insistence on secular government against them that they have used to squeeze Christianity out of those same settings. Write hundreds of letters to the editor detailing special privileges given to Muslims that many in a cash strapped nation would resent if they only knew about it e.g. polygamous families on Welfare. Agitate for Workfare in general, since this cannot be as successfully shouted down as racist. Write about the crime figures showing Muslim over-representation, especially for rape. Lament that Muslim men are the ones who must change their attitudes if they want to live in the West, not English women. There's going back to church, and correcting any mushbrained cleric still preaching outreach to the declared enemy of Christendom for centuries. Stiffen the spines of the dhimmic clerics and follow any who get it. Do not cave to any dhimmifying demand of Muslims. Piggy banks stay in banks. Any Muslim prayer services should be disallowed on school premises. Let them leave school to attend their mosque if they must and let lessons continue. If they miss the lesson, so be it. The government school system must not be run according to Muslim prayer services. Neither must there be special times for Muslims in public swimming pools. I'm sure others can brainstorm more tactics. These are just examples from the vast middle ground between bowing to Muslim wishes and extremist solutions.

laine said...

Further peaceful resistance to Muslim colonization and government enabling of them:
To publicize the important stuff, like rape statistics and Muslim gangs grooming young girls, large enough numbers must get out onto the street to attract attention and provide safety in numbers. Again, not in confrontation. Mostly senior citizens expressing concern for their granddaughters would be good in this context to make it clear who the bullies are if young Muslim men harass them. Look to the Baltic experience of throwing off Soviet shackles through peaceful song and passive resistance. A documentary called "The Singing Revolution" is very inspirational in this regard under what seemed a much more hopeless situation( and should be taught in Passive Resistance 101. One striking maneuver was a human chain extending throughout the 3 admittedly small Baltic states, with ordinary people including women holding hands in solidarity for freedom. In quiet unity, there is strength. When the powers that be, even evil powers that be are given visual proof of a people's resistance, sometimes their will is broken.

Dan said...

People who eschew and condemn violence either do so safe and sound behind the protection of
the men referred to by Orwell....
the ones who stand ready to do violence on their behalf. Or they condemn and eschew violence because the violence has not come to them yet and they do not realize that all are potential targets of violence. There is no compromise with Islam, it's them or the rest of the world. They live and the rest die or they die and the rest survive. There is no in between. The same can be said for our inherent rights. Either you are willing to fight for them, kill for them and die for them or you don't have only have privileges, which can be granted or withdrawn on a whim.

Kit Carson said...

Here, there and everywhere, Evil is on the march. It is not generational. Evil survives our breath of life. Evil is the black hole where there is not the Light of God. So here I sit, Irish, French, German, English, and Lenne Lenape. I have this strange yearning to paint my face blue, run into the fire yelling, Go Braugh. On this day, as sure as you pass your birthday it's there. Fear not in the LORD, lads.

Anonymous said...

Of course one of the things we could do is present our MPs with a copy of the Brussels document and demand their position on it.

And tell them that if they get it wrong - no votes.

Anonymous said...

William Wallace for Kit Carson


thehawreturns said...

THe BFF, EDL etc are being strangled at birth by the MSM deliberately ignoring their messages. I visited my Mum and Dad in England this year. They hadn't heard of the BFF at all but Dad recognised the name EDL. They watch TV and read the Express and Mail. When I told them about the BFF they were amazed it existed and said they would definitiely vote for them if they had an MP standing.
We need to write to newspapers and get powerful men to influence editorial control to get the Brits
aware of the Islamification of the West before it is too late. Yes a war is coming.
Thank you for the web site.

Anonymous said...

It would be a very foolish man or woman who believed a single word that David Cameron says. Well done to Nigel Lawson for comparing him to Tony Blair. They are both like slippery eels who slither out of your grasp as soon as you try to lay hands on them and wallow in crocodile tears and sham emotionalism. David Cameron said last year that this is and will remain a Christian country - that will keep those Christian looneys happy and voting for me he thought ( remember that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ). It is a pity that he did not add like Julia Gillard in Australia, and if you don't like it you can piss off. But he wouldn't and has just sent a Happy Ramadhan card to every potential islamic terrorist living in our midst. If this is a Christian country then how come the head of religious broadcasting at the BBC is a muslim? Still why should David worry? I am not the Guardian newspaper's greatest fan but they have just revealed that people like his beloved late departed daddy and his ilk have trillions of pounds stashed away in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands. If
David, George Osborne and all the rest of those millionaires keeping us down don't also then I am a Dutchman en dat is niet waar!!

Worker said...

Seems to me (here in the US but probably true throughout the world) is that we (those of us who take notice of such things) are dealing with the 'true believers' vs. the 'those who either don't care' or 'those who feed off the State'. Both sides are dangerous for the same reason - only difference is the true belivers are willing from the onset to use violence as a viable means to their own ends. The other side (the apethic and takers) only hope that things will continue forever without change.

Anonymous said...

Well,I´m afraid that none of these suggestions here are helpful, if only because they have mostly been tried and did not work.
This is the press we deal with, and these are our politicians, and they are completely useless, if they aren´t outright traitors. They will not act unless we force them, not even when they have started to doubt the official stance, so there is nothing to stop the islamisation of our lands.
Fear, violence and disaster will force a solution, one way or another.