Thursday, July 19, 2012

“Islamic Actions Speak Louder Than Liberal Words”

After a particularly vile death threat aimed at himself and other critics of Islam, Michael Coren has a few words to say about the erosion of free speech and other civil liberties in the West.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

"people are frightened of being accused of political incorrectness"
I would be outraged and deeply offended if anyone suspected me of political correctness. Call a spade a spade, PC is cultural marxism, and you can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

You are probably safer in Canada or the USA Mr Coren than here in Europe where Jews ( forgive me if I have got that wrong ) are now Islam's main target, in Malmo, Oslo's schools, Luton, Toulouse and now Manchester where a couple from Oldham's vast Pakistani muslim population have been charged with plotting to attack -nay blow up I believe - Mancunian Jews. In England anti-semitism was always there in terms of barring Jews from golf clubs etc but it did not stop us having Disraeli as our prime minister and nobody ever plotted to kill Jews. Hopefully, we can forget Oswald Moseley's silliness. As regards the inability to teach the Holocaust any more, I am aware that this is spreading amongst education authorities here but did not realise it was also happening in Holland. Is not denying the Holocaust an offence in Holland? I do not think it is in England but if it were to be made so then we would have to build an awful lot of prisons to house every Muslim living here but it would put an end to fears of creeping islamification as faced with the prospect of jail then most would probably up sticks and leave!!

Gregory said...

I love this guy. He is smart and crystal clear in his speech and he is one of the "damned few media" who get it. More power to him and I'll listen to everything that he says.

justicia2012 said...

Michael Coren is a very brave man and he is backed by a very brave Quebec company, SUN TV. As is Ezra Levant. Imagine death threats for speaking out and speaking truth. And posting them. As the previous commenter said it must be very difficult in Europe and the US. It is bad enough in Canada with our so called Human Rights Commissions. What has happened to the Free World?! I really truly despair but am thankful for these wee few who keep the lamplight of freedom burning. You know who you are and that surely includes the Baron and Dymphna, whose health we all worry about. Stay strong and Fight For Freedom. Every Day. Courage, mes braves!