Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/19/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/19/2012A board member of the European Central Bank says that Eurozone members may need to surrender more of their sovereignty to save the euro. He says the euro bailout fund — the European Stability Mechanism — could form the core of a future centralized Eurozone budgetary authority.

In other news, threats by the Taliban against health workers in the tribal areas of northwestern Pakistan have prevented the vaccination of hundreds of thousands of children against polio.

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Anonymous said...

It is no suprise that nationalism is re-asserting itself in Europe and not merely for financial reasons, although financial deregulation has led to the bankrupcy of so many countries. Those who attributed the carnage of the Second World War to nationalism decided that internationalism should be the way forward. The rise of Hitler was partly financial but also because of the fear of the spread of communism from the east. When the dust settled after the War what did we get, soft communism or Marxism, which held that if all nations, national identity and homogeneous peoples were done away with then a new golden age would emerge. But soft communism has made the same mistake as hard communism, it denied human nature. Nobody asked people if they wanted to be communist, it was imposed on them. Nobody asked people if they wanted soft communism, it was imposed on them and now we are seeing the backlash. What most people in Europe want when the euro collapses is a lose association of homogeneous nation states in some form of free trade area, a recognition of Europe's shared racial and cultural history, neighbours living in one street, not everybody from all over the world living in the same house. The way things are going, this borderless totalitarian Marxist multicultural non-democratic superstate will finish European civilisation for good. The so-called "right-wing" nationalists are merely echoing what the broad masses want and for Europe to return to the continent it was 50 to 60 years ago, in the days of the old EEC, before it is too late and there will be nothing left of Europe or a historical European identity.