Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/25/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/25/2012Writing in The Irish Examiner, Peter Sutherland and Cecilia Malmström call for EU countries to open their borders and embrace the arrival of immigrants. Mr. Sutherland and Ms. Malmström emphasize the political and social enrichment that the newcomers will bring with them.

In other news, Eurozone analysts now agree that there is no longer any question of whether there will be a Spanish bailout, but only of when it will happen.

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Nick said...

What is "social enrichment"?

Isn't it just people living differently, and believing different things?

Why then do these same people spend so much time and effort enforcing a policy of Gleichshaltung so that everyone believes what they say?

CubuCoko said...

If Alyona takes the HuffPo job, she'll be making a big mistake. The liberal media hate RT because it shows turnabout is fair play - that a Kremlin-funded TV network can cover America better (and with greater concern for American liberties) than the PCMC media here. (Full disclosure: I've been a guest on RT multiple times, commenting on Balkans events). The real Pravda on the Potomac is the "Government is the answer to everything" WaPo.

As for Serbia having a thriving sex-change industry, that's a consequence of a systemic destruction of society by a series of "pro-Western" governments.
The problem isn't the presence of doctors willing and able to do these procedures and charge for them - but the government subsidizing them, while the country is quickly approaching starvation and collapse.

Anonymous said...

Social enrichment is a euphemism for importing impoverished, uneducated and culturally incompatible 3rd World people into your country and who will have to be placed on welfare for the rest of their lives and become a permanent and hostile underclass.

And it's part of the socialist, globalist aim of destroying Europe and the U.S. as we know it. This is also why European and American oligarches are fighting so hard to keep the EU and Wall Street propped up. These are the mechanisms that power globalization and without them the whole rotten edifice of globalization comes tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

We know that Peter Sutherland is the UN commissioner for world migration but is also a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs. Whilst silly Cecilia is a Social Democrat she is obviously an out and out cultural marxist. Is she also in the pay of Goldman Sachs and the other cartel of banks, corporations etc determined to be the plutocracy that rules the world? Probably not directly but 30 years ago I was told that financial interests and the marxists were wittingly or unwittingly working together to create the one world totalitarian state. It sounded a bit far fetched at the time but are the banker and the marxist now to be seen holding hands and walking down the primrose path together with us all following on like lost sheep towards the cliff edge when they step aside and we topple over like the gadarine swine. Peter and Cecilia. It seems like a marriage made in heaven or in hell!!

Anestis Canelidis said...

I hardly called it racists and if fact she just airs the frustration of many Greeks because of the large number of black Africans and others entering their small country illegally. THEY MUST BE FORCEFULLY DEPORTED AND THAT IS THE END OF THE STORY! As Michael Savage would say the Greeks have a right to defend their borders, language and culture from these invaders. As a Greek American it saddens me to see the destruction of my ancestral homeland and the saddest part is their political leaders are allowing it. (see my article on Gates of Vienna titled: Borders, Language and Culture.