Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/15/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/15/2012When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Cairo on a visit to Egypt, she was greeted by a hail of shoes and tomatoes from protesters, and was taunted with chants of “Monica, Monica, Monica”. Mrs. Clinton said that the United States will not choose sides in Egypt’s internal political affairs.

In other news, the Spanish government has effectively taken control of the troubled Bank of Valencia. It now owns 90% of the bank’s stock, and has injected €1 billion into it from its bank restructuring fund, in an attempt to keep the Bank of Valencia from going under.

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Anonymous said...

Youths found their way into the
grave chamber at Nidarosdomen

Police let the three in their 20ies go after making sure they understood that they had shown disrespect for the holy Nidaros Cathedral.

Only a few days before, youths had vandalised parts of the glass decorations at the same cathedral.

Anonymous said...

"Not choose sides" eh? That's a polite way of saying to the Egyptian military they get no backing from the U.S.

Get ready for the Caliphate folks. From Tunis to Baghdad to Islamabad it will be a giant crescent of fundie Muslim states.

All it needs for completion is the fall of Syria. Which the bride of Islam(Hillary) is doing everything possible to happen.

It's funny how everyone pooh pooed the notion of Obama being Muslim. But if you look at his foreign policy it is a foreign a covert Muslim of the Muslim Brotherhood would have.

goethechosemercy said...

I've seen some pictures of window damage at Nidaros.
Isn't multiculturalism wonderful?
Why fight your enemies, why contain or shut them out and be safe when you can invite them in to do whatever damage they please and then escape into a crowd!
I take it the Norwegians value their multicultural tolerance more than the Nidaros Cathedral?
When will they respond?
When St. Olaf's bones are out in the street? Because it's only a matter of time, if the recent past is any guide to Norwegian resolve to protect the historic Norwegian identity.

Lawrence said...

"Mrs. Clinton said that the United States will not choose sides in Egypt’s internal political affairs."

Which is a bald faced lie, and the Egyptian people know it.