Monday, July 23, 2012

A Back Door into the Olympics

The Sun, a British tabloid, has done the kind of investigative reporting that the larger papers can’t seem to manage: it busted a ring of corrupt Pakistani officials who were selling passports and visas that would allow buyers to enter Britain along with Pakistan’s Olympic team, and perhaps even gain access to the Olympic stadium.

As soon as its operative obtained his false passport, the paper turned its information over to MI6.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying article:

Olympic ‘Terror Visas’ Racket

Pakistan passport gang is smashed

A VISA scam giving potential terrorists the chance to sneak into Britain with Pakistan’s Olympic team has been smashed by The Sun.

We infiltrated a crime ring offering false passports, visas — and access to London 2012 as bogus support staff.

We uncovered a ring of corrupt Pakistani officials and travel staff conspiring with a prominent politician to bypass stringent security.

First they provided our undercover investigator with a genuine Pakistani passport in a false name.

Then leading Lahore politician Abid Chodhary spelled out how for around £7,000 he could get our man a two-month visa — and smuggle him into London 2012 as part of Pakistan’s Olympic squad.

The Sun secretly filmed Mr Chodhary as he explained how easy it was to get into the Olympic Village by masquerading as a member of the athletes’ support team.

We were told we could even take part in Friday’s opening ceremony.

At no point did any of the corrupt officials question our reason for wanting to sneak into Britain.

An investigation was under way yesterday after we alerted MI6, the Home Office, the UK Border Agency and the British High Commission in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

One intelligence operative said: “The Sun has unearthed a sophisticated network of corruption. The idea of unknown agents being flown in to the UK to be put up in the Olympic Village beggars belief.

“Terrorists would have the biggest platform to perform their atrocities. A member of al-Qaeda could fly to the UK on a genuine passport in another name and the authorities would be none the wiser.

“For all of our sakes this staggering loophole needs closing fast.”

Our investigation centred on the Lahore-based Dream Land travel agency — prosecuted nine years ago for human trafficking.

We approached one of its staff and a meeting was arranged in Lahore with a fixer called Bobby...

Hat tip: Seneca III.


Anonymous said...

The probability that an Islamic terrorist attack will be attempted on the London 2012 Olympics approaches 100%.

The only quesiton is will the British Intelligence and Policing authorities be able to thwart them all.

Green Infidel said...

The Sun, a British tabloid, has done the kind of investigative reporting that the larger papers can’t seem to manage

It is a large paper already... the largest-selling in England, in fact!

But yes, strange that these investigations seem to be always done by the Sun and not, say, by the ever-so-intellectual Guardian.

Anonymous said...

Cannot see why pakistani terrorists would pay over the odds for visas. Millions of them seem to enter the UK totally unhindered.

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

A very simple message must be given to Muslims in Britain and the world. It will take balls (of which Cameron is of unknown gender) but the message should be

"You cause any deaths on British soil now or in the future and we will start massive deportations"

You don't negotiate with fanatics. We are at war with Islam. No Queensby rules needed.

Anonymous said...

National security courtesy of The Sun almost as farcical as contracting G4S as London2012 security provider.

"The country is a safer place tonight thanks to the Sun." G*d help us!

Pakistan + corruption = Olympic ‘Terror Visas’ Racket, not a difficult sum for even the dimmest MI6 intelligence operative.

The UK Border Agency immigrants waving in immigrants, any serious intelligence agent will most likely be in the midst of a an olympic nervous breakdown right now.

Jolie Rouge

Baron Bodissey said...

G.I. --

Obviously, rather than "larger papers", I should have referred to them as "papers read and taken seriously by the educated elites."

The New York Post plays a similar role in this country -- sensational, derided by the NYT crowd, but does real gumshoe reporting.

Anonymous said...

@1 – 6 of 6,
"The probability that an Islamic terrorist attack will be attempted on the London 2012 Olympics approaches 100%."

Would imagine that a successful pre-Olympics security operation would have been one that did not draw attention to itself and managed its public face of deterrence on its own terms.

Given the stress of the London2012security debacle has the anxiety of terror struck the first blow.

Indeed has the over-bloated and last minute security arrangements inadvertently created a target, not to mention armed forces and police being sucked in to secure Olympic venues leaving other cities and towns accross the U.K. exposed and vulnerable.

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

Here in the North-West of England there's a bit of a kerfuffle because they have reduced the number of midwives through cuts and there has been a massive increase in births in the last ten years. I don't suppose it could have anything to do with the fact that there are an awful lot of Pakistanis living in the North-West of England. Why bother with terror attacks, they are doing very well at outbreeding us at the moment. As regards the Olympics we are just pretending it is not happening and can't wait for it to be over; but no a successful terror attck would not be a surprise. Is it true that the Japanese have been cancelling. Surprised the Yanks haven't as well.

Foregone said...

If there is to be a terrorist attack at the games then the who what and when will have been already settled, which is to say, it will be so irrespective of any Islamic connection.

justicia2012 said...

Anon commenter #4 is right. Any attack on British soil will be looked at by All nations of the Free World, particularly the Anglosphere, as an act of war and massive deportation would begin. Driven by citizens who would finally say they had enough of their politically correct leaders, educators and journalists. But why would the enemy attack? They'd ruin the fertile soil of Freedom to plant seeds of their creeping sharia. It's working well enough, isn't it? Why blow it. It just makes me want to cry, or, rise up again to fight. We'll see, but, let's gird our loins. Whichever way it goes we are in for a fight. Remember Churchill at his most embattled. Never give up. Never ever give up. Never ever ever ever ever give up, probably misquoted. Never give up.

Anonymous said...

No oil = no deportations. Wake up!


Anonymous said...

The difference is that in Churchill's day every muslim would have been imprisoned as an enemy alien. And if those deportations or even repatriations are going to happen then why didn't they happen after the London bombings in 2007.
No, the culprit or culprits may not even be arrested. Either it will be a suicide bombing or if a Mumbai style attack then the SAS or however will kill them in a shoot out. This will be once they have murdered some of the American or Israeli teams. Don't think for a moment that the millions of "ordinary law-abiding moderate" muslim fellow citizens will be subject to any sanction whatsoever. As regards men with balls in Sweden or England either they are well educated gentlemen like Enoch Powell or Frank Field who are just ignored or censured by the Cultural Marxist elite or they are Tommy Robinson and his friends who are subject to all the rigour of the police state and the press side with the latter as part of the corporate European suicide pact.

laine said...

What a farce the Olympics have become, just like the United Nations in track suits, inviting unfit nations to hobnob with and actually outnumber the civilized. The roots of Islamic world terror lie in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan but we are all to pretend these exporters of terror are equal to western democracies, they and every other barbaric swamp in the world and cheer their bloody flags. Is Syria participating while carrying on a civil war at home? It's still a member in good standing at the Unfit Nations, isn't it? It is insane for any western country to host these "hate whitey and glorify failed cultures" festivals. China used the past Olympics as a propaganda exercise while Britain's Olympics are a groveling display of its non-racist bona fides to anti-white failures who are more racist and slavery loving than Britain ever was but lack her achievements. Groveling to their inferiors, that's what western governments do now on behalf of their comatose people bludgeoned by decades of multicult programing into hating themselves and deferring to barbarians or failures.