Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweden: Open Arms for Illegal Immigrants

Here’s another news brief from the backlog that accumulated while I was in Brussels. It’s from our Swedish correspondent PMP, and concerns a recent decision by the Swedish government to extend “free” health care to all illegal immigrants.

As with similar decisions by the American government concerning “undocumented” migrants from Latin America, the ruling renders the distinction between legal and illegal immigration all but meaningless.

This summary was drawn from Swedish media outlets, and thus has no links to any Internet sources:

Free health care in Sweden to illegal immigrants

In a recent press conference, the Swedish government announced that they had reached an internal agreement regarding health care and the situation of illegal immigrants. Quoting the report from the government, the following was reached:

Individuals who hide to avoid being expelled, and those who hide without having applied for citizenship, shall acquire the right to health care. Included is the following:

Individuals under 18 years who are illegally living in Sweden shall be given:

  • Right to full healthcare
  • Full dental care
  • Medicine and drugs

Adults who are illegally living in Sweden shall be given:

  • Relevant healthcare
  • Health examinations and appointments
  • Relevant dental care
  • Medicine and drugs which are deemed necessary in relation to the first point

Maria Ferm, responsible for questions of migration within the Environmental Party, stated: “Fair and just healthcare is a human right, so we are very pleased to have reached this agreement.”

Decision taken and signed on the 28th of June, 2012.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Every day you wake up to a new level of madness, so it seems these days. The "legal" citizens of Sweden aren't even entitled to free dental care.

Anonymous said...

So all I have to do if I need some medical care is go to Sweden and squat in defiance of Swedish law? Or does being an American Christian disqualify me from free illegal immigrant health care for foreign law breakers?


Anonymous said...

Didn't they let one enricher steal their crown jewels recently?
Are the sane people in that country a minority? Remember they vote for this nonsense.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Let us hope SD gets more votes and can put and end to this madness.

Anonymous said...

The traitors work against the people of Sweden! Insane.

wheatington said...

Why don't millions of tourists just overstay and claim those benefits? In fact, perhaps my country, Canada, could send seniors there and save the expense of looking after them.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Sweden a number of times. Never have I been to a country more dhimmified, more moronic, more determined to destroy itself by its own hand. And coming from the UK, that's saying something...

Big Bill said...

The "Environmental Party" referred to in the article is what we in America call "the Green Party".

Maria Ferm is the Migration Minister for the Green Party n Sweden. On her [Google translated] weblog she cites this as a Green Party goal for the near future:

"A green world is a world without borders where people are able to work wherever they wish. It is a world where everyone has an opportunity to move, but where no one is forced to flee. We are unfortunately not there yet."

Judenlieber said...

I'm having more and more trouble finding any sympathy for the suicidal people of Europe. If any of you who visit this website know of any hidden evidence suggesting that the people of Sweden(and Norway,Germany, France, etc) actually want to survive, please tell me about it. I have been encouraged recently by the stirrings of self-preservation that are happening in Britain and the Netherlands, but other than the EDL,the British Freedom Party, and Geert Wilders, it almost seems like they are already dead. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

US citizens, why go for Obama care?

A return ticket on Aerosvit airlines JFK to ARN Stockholm will cost you less than two days of hospitalisation. (1584 USD)
This is a golden opportunity to take the Swedish government to it's word and bankrupt the commies in the same time.
Since I mandatorily pay for Israel health fund (too much for the quality BTW), but have no dental, I should consider a travel to beautiful Sweden so I could visit friends there, and get myself a nice "grille".

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just cut to the chase and start putting ethnic swedes in concentration camps?
It would save everybody a lot of work, wouldn't it?

There's no good news coming from Sweden anymore. It's like talking about how dead a zombie can be.

Anonymous said...

A parliamentary committee has just decreed that the UK border agency has a backlog of 250,000 illegal immigrants, foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers that it must round up and deport whilst realising that this might take years. If it will take years to deport 250,000 what will happen when we realise that unless we round up and deport or encourage to leave millions of people we will be a minority in our own country by the middle of the century? It is now becoming obvious that some form of violent confrontation is inevitable in nearly every advanced European country, just as the sainted Enoch Powell predicted but then a prophet is not without honour etc.
Left-wing liberal intelligentsia is now engaged in a grotesque dance of death with multiculturalism which ultimately will destroy them and us. They have some sort of sexually masochistic yearning to be done in by less advanced or intelligent races and cultures but the rest of us don't. These stupid naive and childish people are like moths around a flame of the teeming masses rushing in from beyond Europe's shores which will ultimately result in their self-immolation. I would be very suprised if the Olympic flame in London on Friday is not lit by a black athelete as the people in power seem to be drawn to such people with an obsession which is undoubtedly sexual in nature.

Anonymous said...

Have just read the comment from the Swedish green party about a world of open borders. It struck me that that could have been said by the non-executive director or Goldman Sachs who just happens to be the UN commissioner for world migration. He is acting on behalf of money power, the banks, big corporations etc behind globalization. The Green Party are however presumably meant to be those people's sworn enemies. Are they just strange bedfellows or are the Greens, Marxists et al just useful idiots who don't seem to care that they are doing the devil's bidding as that is how they want the world to be as well.

justicia2012 said...

I like anon's term grotesque dance of death,is it not? It is grotesque because formerly sane citizens of Europe fought in WW2 with We the Free World, to save you, which we did. And now, the political Brits and Euro snakes, who have reaped what we American, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis won for you with our blood sweat and tears, and a generation of OUR YOUNG MEN, have turned against FREEDOM. Admit it. You have allowed with generous monies, your taxpayers, to buy off any problems from generations of people who hate you. And get generous pensions. We will never forgive you for that. You have forsaken FREEDOM to buy what you think is peace, but it really is dhimmitude. You , my Euro friends, have bought yourself slavery for that's what being a dhimmi is. A slave. To Political Correctness. To Islam. Enjoy it in the UK, which you apparently do, but dammit, I call on my American friends to fight it every bit of the way. I know my Canadian friends will be fighting. But Swedes, MEN, are there any among you that have not been wussified? Swedish Men, I call on you to defend your women. I call on your thousands of years of raging. You were crazed wild men of the |Seas. Surely, 50 years of political correctness has not silenced your manhood? Sweden has more rapes of your young blonde women by immigrants than any other European country. Calling all Swedish men. Will you protect your women? Will you stand up? Will you be men? 50 years of political correctness cannot match thousands of years of Swedish heritage, men being brave and protecting their women. I beseech every Swedish Man, Stand Up. Now. Stand up today. Defend your women. Defend FREEDOM. Or you could try to make your beloved Sweden just like Malaysia. Is there maybe one man just one in Sweden who would raise his voice? Just one, there must be one man in Sweden. Who has guts and balls to fight what he sees is coming. Or will he leave it to North America again. This time, maybe we won't care enough if you don't. It will be pretty lonely without us, I can assure you.

Anonymous said...

We can understand why people risk everything to find a better life. Africans look to Europe just as South and Central Americans look to North America for opportunity. Europe has an open borders policy within the European Union (EU) that makes it difficult to track anyone once they have entered a European country. Europe’s answer (so far) has been to try to interdict ships at sea and return all illegal aliens they find en flagrante. Switzerland’s reasonable law to deport any foreigner convicted of a serious crime is met with outcries of “human rights” violations. Nonsense! Banishing criminals is justice. A great concern in Europe is the number of Muslims already there who help and protect each other. Islam is now the fastest-growing religion in Europe (and Africa).

Several countries (Italy for Ecuadorians and Spain for Hondurans) have discovered that the tightening economic situation in the United States has caused an influx of South and Central Americans, all of whom require no visas to enter any country of the EU. France is beset with African immigrants, many from its former colony Algeria. Most North Africans are Muslims. France has suffered street violence that has caused an outcry to send all illegals back where they came from. Europe has not found common ground for forging a political solution. Further, of greatest concern is that lacking border checks between member states, Europeans are very opposed to admitting Turkey’s 40 million Muslims to the EU.

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