Monday, July 16, 2012

The Mercedes Mendicants

The ongoing story about gypsies in Oslo below reminded me of an old Mother Goose nursery rhyme:

Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark,
The beggars are coming to town;
Some in rags, some in tags,
And some in velvet gown.

In the Norwegian version, however, the beggars are coming to town in a luxury Mercedes.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has composed a report about the Roma conflict in Oslo based on an abbreviated translation of two articles from Aftenposten.

The Observer includes this note:

This event has completely dominated media coverage in Norway lately, and I doubt we’ll see a resolution to the problem in the foreseeable future. I believe that this is going to become a protracted and very embarrassing political headache for the government of Norway.

One witty individual made a remark about how good Norwegians are at resolving conflicts abroad, but how inadequate they are at solving even the tiniest of problems on the home front. How right he was.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. It is also going to be very interesting to see how ordinary Norwegians react when it finally dawns upon them that there are many other groups just like the Roma in Norway, and that they are just as conniving and scheming as the Roma.

And some of them constitute a far greater threat to our way of life and our freedom.

The first article:

Police fear an escalation of Roma conflict

In the last couple of days members of the Roma people and their Norwegian supporters have had to contend with violence and death threats. Police now fear new attacks against the Roma camp in the Årvoll neighbourhood in Oslo.

“We are going to keep a police presence around the camp on Sunday and Monday night and we are constantly monitoring the situation,” says Vidar Pedersen, the leader of operations for the Oslo police.

Four men were arrested early Sunday morning after having set off and directed fireworks at the people inside the Roma camp, which is situated on a private industrial building site in Årvoll. One of the suspects faces additional criminal charges after attempting to run over a police officer with his vehicle.

The four will be questioned by the police on Sunday.


On Sunday afternoon two individuals tried to physically attack Bjønnulv Evenrud and Nikolai Stoika from the organization ‘folk er folk’ [People are People], the group that is responsible for assisting the Roma people in Oslo.

“The two men were about to attack us. They sprinted after us and nearly caught up with us,” says Evenrud to NTB.

“A police patrol intervened and managed to avert the attack,” confirms leader of operations of the Oslo police, Vidar Pedersen.

Evenrud describes the atmosphere inside the camp on Sunday night as calm, and he doesn’t fear any new incidents. He is confident that the police will be able to handle the situation.

“They managed to do so in Sofienberg, and it seems that they will be able to do so here too,” he says.

The second article:
PR expert lambast ‘folk er folk’

“I think the sympathy of ordinary people for the Roma will diminish as a result of this. The intentions are obviously good, but the consequences are quite the opposite,” says PR expert Hans Geelmuyden to

The Roma conflict has dominated the media in Norway for the last week. It all started when 200 members from the Roma people set up camp outside Sofienberg church in Oslo. The police, city council and eventually the church wanted the camp shut down, and last Friday it was relocated to a disputed industrial plot in Årvoll.

Hateful messages against Roma have flourished on various social media sites and both members of the Roma people and Evenrud have been physically assaulted. Evenrud has also received death threats.

The camp has also angered politicians. In an interview with NrK [Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation] on Sunday evening, leader of the Progress Party, Siv Jensen blasted the government and told them to organize buses and send the Roma out of the country

Welfare abuse

Geelmuyden also points out that ‘folk er folk’ is in the process of employing members from the Roma people to sell their street magazine. VG has previously reported that this will secure them access to Norwegian welfare benefits, but the Norwegian Labour Department has since dismissed this claim.

“I think people are furious when ‘folk er folk’ pretends to employ street vendors in order to circumvent the system and encourage people to abuse the Norwegian welfare system. We cannot accept that and it completely ignores the solidarity principle upon which this system is based,” says Geelmuyden.

A disfavour

PR expert Jarle Aabø from the Public relations firm Aabø & Co, believes that ‘folk er folk’ is doing the Roma people a great disservice.

“They have shown no consideration for the concerns of the neighbours and local politicians. This may have started out as a good public relations idea, but the situation has now become unmanageable. They have now lost control of the situation. Someone has done the Roma people a great disservice,” he says, and elaborates:

“The debate about the Roma people has really flared up in Norway in recent days. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would read about Norwegians setting off and aiming fireworks against members of minority group. It is completely absurd. This did not happen last year or the year before that. The way this case has been handled has resulted in a terrible situation.”

Some people have made the Roma people in Norway very visible by putting them in the media spotlight. This has generated a lot of emotions among people in Norway and we now have a debate on social media websites that most of us should be ashamed of, he says.

The Observer adds this afterword:

For those who are interested and understand Norwegian, there’s a clip on the bottom of this page showing the inside of the new camp. Notice that these poor gypsies that have to beg for a living are driving around in nice Mercedes vans.

There is also a lot more room inside a van than there is in a sedan, which means that there is much more room for the loot. Another thing worth keeping in mind is that a lot of stolen cars from western Europe end up in eastern European countries…

There’s also an English-language story about the Roma in News and Views from Norway.


Anonymous said...

The Norwegians should hire a couple of jumbo jets and fly them to Belfast's Aldergrove Airport and fill them full of Ulstermen. The Americans put the Ulstermen on the wild frontier as they surrendered to nobody. Recently the Roma were summarily booted out of Belfast by those same Ulstermen. And the crime in Belfast plumetted!!

Anonymous said...

These gypsies behave as they did in Romania (my country), their country of origin (not historically, but, you know, ...). Let's hope they continue for a time in order for as much westerners as possible to open their eyes and stop accusing us of racism. Pity that will be some who even after that won't change their beliefs...

Anonymous said...

About ten years ago I remember seeing a programme about the Roma in the Czech Republic, stripping the lead off buildings and seemingly immune to the law. I think it was the BBC so the emphasis was probably on how terrible the Czechs were to them.
As regards Scandinavia I have a strange feeling of history being turned on its head. Once the Vikings bore down on Christian Europe. Thankfully in England we did put up a fight but it was not really over until 1066 but then we were conquered by those Danish Vikings turned Frenchmen from Normandy. The monks prayed because it was about all they were capable of doing faced with the Fury of the Northmen. Now the descendants of those Vikings seemed to have turned into the monks and when faced with the fury of less civilised peoples just buckle.

Anonymous said...

Roma folk shock
Midsummer theatre
Something is rotten in the state of Norway

Norwegian natives, this very bad people, is told by their great leader, who emerged on stage
midway in the first act, accusing his people, the natives, of being haters of the Roma, from Romania.

Not really, but actually, Great Leader was telling them to welcome the beggars, stealers, cheaters and liars, with open wallets, and if necessary leave and come back with refilled wallets, so the Roma folk would feel welcome in the country. This is Great Leader's
contribution to solving the problems.

All he can do, is disappear from the scene any time, and be off to Indonesia, to Brasil, or anywhere else and do what he does best, redistribute his taxpayers' money.

Travelling criminals - AMTMs, Automated MoneyTrap Machines

Meanwhile, MSM are talking about active fraud where money cannot be withdrawn from
minibanks in Oslo this summer. Travelling criminals, from Rumania. The money is virtually stuck in the automat, blocked by a device which is glued onto the automat - allegedly with some
sticky mousetrap glue -
until the fraudsters return on stage, to pick up the money,after the unfortunate cardholder has left, that is. Two travelling sisters and their travelling brother, all from Romania, have been convicted of this type of crime, in Bergen earlier this year.

One plague does not come alone..

Plenty of material for the South Park folk here! Go to Oslo, and see for yourself! You couldn't make it up unless you saw it with your own eyes.

Even up under the Midnight Sun
in Bodø, the natives had to ask the Roma to leave this week, as they don't appreciate excr...stuff left around in the city parks.

But then comes the priest, offering the Roma to camp in his own garden.

Anonymous said...

Roma shock 2/2

Just one point of irony... The Oslo church campers have been moved to this shooting practising area, Årvoll. Sure, South Park could do something here.

Local gypsy King Karoli shortly turned up at the Årvoll scene, announcing his will to help his people, talking about Auschwitz. Then elaborating about how these young men are treated worse than animals.

But then..As soon as it turned out he didn't understand a word of their Roma language.

- These are not my people, the gypsy king said. They are Roma.

He allegedly makes it clear to the TV2-journalist that he is a sigøynerkonge, gypsy king. They were not His people, so he turned an cold shoulder.. Thus he had been struck by a Roma folk shock.

This gypsy king's family grave stands out at the cemetery, Vestre Gravlund, where no grave must exceed the norms and must not stand out in size or otherwise.
All, except the Karoli family grave monument. The former Labor PM, Einar Gerhardsen's simple grave stone not far away, is so very modest in comparison, you'd think the Karoli grave monument
would be the PM's.

However, Einar Gerhardsen did return from the concentration camps, from Sachsenhausen, and later became the long time Labor PM, being named Landsfader (father).

Btw, the near entrance of this big cemetery has been decorated with "Arab FMG" in red, whatever that means.

The Rainbow Children...
Coming to a scene near you this summer
(Costumes: First act: Long flowery skirts in all colors imaginable, rags, tags and flowery gowns,
hijabs, Somali long, wide costumes in dark brown and black, Just for a starter. Later, keffieh, leftist boots. And a PLO supporter, on 29 July celebrations at Stiklestad, Hanan Ashrawi!

(Stage: Thrown with roses, any colors, but preferably red)

What if NAV will have to cut the benefits to, let's say, the Somalis, to reroute benefits
to the Roma?

For several days already, the MSM are preparing the roses for the Utøya anniversary on 22 July, and now the whole population are in for another Roma folk shock, as
rumors of the announcement of another hundreds of the same people's arrival is approaching, threatening to take center stage.

And we haven't even finished July. Where are the Roma going to sleep in the cold nights of October, and the even colder nights over the winter?

Anonymous said...

Tolerance and peace

1066, those were the times when Christians and Jews lived in harmony with the muslims, remember?

Anonymous said...

Where do we go from here?

Gypsies, who probably don't know one word of Norwegian, ask the people of Oslo from the City Hall Square on Monday, where to go?

- We want an answer!

With all sorts of rubbish, and whatever they have left what ordinary people put in the toilet, with rats multiplying, and leftovers, they ask the Norwegian people how to run their gypsy lives.

And, the politicians, don't see the problems which would necessarily follow with rats all over the city, so in no hurry to take action?

They were never invited, so I'd say it's time for the gypsies to tidy up, clean up, and leave.