Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/31/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/31/2012Today seems to be the day for Twitter crimes at the Olympics. A Swiss soccer player was thrown out of the games for a “racist” tweet about South Koreans. A teenage boy in Weymouth was arrested for sending a malicious tweet about a British platform diver. And Twitter itself alerted the staff of NBC about a newspaper correspondent’s negative tweets about NBC coverage of the Olympics. The Twitter people also explained to NBC about how it could file a complaint.

In other news, the Swiss Central Bank is considering imposing negative interest rates — in effect, charging depositors a fee to park their money in Switzerland — in order to slow the inflow of capital, which is driving the franc up against other currencies.

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Anonymous said...

The Swiss are afraid of making the U.S. and the rest of European currencies look like garbage. Especially the EU.

Look at a 10 year chart of the Swiss Franc vs. the EUR. The last 5 years the EUR has been in a veritable collapse. It's dying, people.

I remember when a dollar = 4 Swiss Francs. But that's when we had a real economy that built things and employed people not one based on unconstrained sociopathy and illegal global trade agreements.

Oh yeah, when we still had a Congress that worked.

The bad news for the EU idiot elites, is that the smart people see the handwriting on the wall
and are taking a flight to safety. It's going to be amusing to watch the EU elites as their political clout evaporates like their currency. Look, do you think for a moment the local pols they have on the payroll are going to stay bought when they see the EU being flushed down the toilet? No, the pols will turn on them and blame them for all their nations ills.

Anonymous said...

Twitter crimes

Only a short time back, you wouldn't think it possible.

goethechosemercy said...

In Islam, it is slander to tell the truth about someone if that person doesn’t like it.

Do not curse the mirror if your face is ugly.

Anonymous said...

Twitter is run by liberals, hence their censoring of anything that is remotely "Conservative".

Yet they will quite happily tolerate hateful people like Spike Lee who twitted the address of Zimmerman to his followers. Basically Lee wanted Zimmerman murdered.

See as a Lefty, you can use all media to support the murder of people you don't like and Twitter is cool with that.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Tony Blair just push off and go and live in the West Indies with all his millions. The man is obviously as thick as two short planks and a raving narcissist as he is incapable of realising how damage he did to this country and how much the people of England and probably the whole of Britain treat him with utter contempt for the lying, cheating, self-enriching bastard he is who made millions out of the misery of the British working classes whom he fraudulently pretended to represent. The fact that he thinks multiculturalism is a great success and let in millions more of the third world hordes to rub the conservative working classes' noses in it shows how he hates us all as much as we hate him and how detached from reality he is. He must be in the pay of the New York satanists to be backing the failed euro experiment which is in danger of bankrupting the whole world. Unfortunately, nearly all of our British politicans since the War have been as unbalanced as him; Harold Wilson was a total paranoic. There are exceptions, like Enoch Powell, whom the unbalanced political classes sought to portray as the looney. The most unbalanced of the lot are the psychologically deranged Marxist students who have seized power and were behind the Marxist "multicultural crap" of the Olympic opening ceremony where they re-wrote history in a multicultural vein as they have been doing for the last 40 years. There were no blacks in the 18th Century English rural idyll. If there were any here then they were black servants in London, Bristol and possibly Liverpool. Even my Guardian reading brother described the event as socialist. We have had enough. We English have had enough.