Friday, July 27, 2012

Hare Ramadan at the Olympics

“Yes, I want my virgins.”

There was a lot of culturally enriched diverse multicultural activity in front of the Olympic Stadium in London today for the opening of the Games. EDL Buck was there with his video camera, and Vlad Tepes has pulled the clips together for your viewing pleasure:


Anonymous said...

Hey judas!

The multikulti left is well documented but the patriotic pluralism of the British right could prove to be far more fatel to the indigenous peoples of the U.K.

Halal pork pie anyone?

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

As posted above, Marxism has been waiting since 1936 for a city and a country stupid enough to allow them to stage a mirror image of the opening ceremony of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Not even the Eastern Bloc would allow these; communist countries were notoriously anti-multicultural despite the dogma. Now they have had it, the biggest Anti-nazi rally in history. But my fellow Englishmen, this is just the beginning, from now on the third world non-European hordes have been given a wonderful symbol of the Cultural Marxist British government's approval of their presence here and its permission for them to sweep through this sceptered isle with its 11,000 years of human history and oust that 11,000 year old dna completely. Welcome to non-white Britain, the empire has fought back and won!! with a little help from the gang of three (Lib/Lab/Con).