Thursday, July 26, 2012

“Islam Is a Homophobic Religion”

The gay community in Berlin has woken up to the reality of what full Islamization will mean to homosexuals in Germany and the rest of the Western world.

The following open letter to Volker Beck, a German politician from the Green Party, was published on July 10 in the German-language edition of International Business Times. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Open letter from the gay community to Volker Beck: “Islam is a homophobic Religion”

Dear Mr. Beck,

We know and consider you to be a politician and a representative who up until now has campaigned magnificently in favor of the rights and the equal treatment of gays and lesbians in our country. For this reason we’d like to express again our deep gratitude to you.

Nevertheless, it came as a shock to us the news that your party (Bündnis90-Die Grünen) spoke in favor of the acceptance of Islam as the third main religion in Germany.

As a homosexual, you know what that means:

If Islam should gain this acceptance, it should become clear to us gays that everything we have fought for (the recognition of same-sex couples, laws against discrimination, the acceptance of gays and lesbians in society) would disappear again.

That’s why we ask you, a vehement supporter of the rights of homosexuals worldwide, to protest as strongly as possible against this your party’s plan, and to make use of your influence inside your party.

We consider Islam to be a homophobic religion, [because] homosexuality is, according to the Quran, something to be punished by death.

The Muslims’ opinion about homosexuality may be observed day by day in the districts of Berlin where there is a high concentration of Muslims in the population. In districts such as Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Wedding, it is impossible for us to go hand-in-hand in the streets, let alone to kiss each other in public, without facing the risk of being insulted, spit on or even bashed down. “Schwülenbashing” (gay-bashing) has meanwhile become a spare-time activity for Muslim youngsters. Even in the tolerant Nollendorfkiez in Berlin there have been in the past an increasing number of attacks perpetrated by Muslims against gays and lesbians, the outcome of which was, as in the case of a friend, not seldom hospital treatment. By the way, the legal proceeding against the perpetrators was abandoned.

In all countries in which Islam is the state religion (for example Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc…), gays are persecuted and killed. Do you really want to give more rights to this religion in Germany?

Being a professed gay, you surely do not want this. After all, apart from your activities as representative in the German parliament, you are also the curator of the Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation for the rights of the homosexuals worldwide

We thank you for this also, because in countries in which Islam is a state religion, the rights of homosexuals are trampled underfoot on a daily basis. You and your party colleague Claudia Roth have also signed an open letter to the Interior Minister against the deportation of an Iranian homosexual to his homeland.

That’s why we urgently ask you to put all your efforts into stopping this initiative by your party, in order that homosexuals can continue living a freely self-determined life without being exposed to violent attacks.

Yours Sincerely,
Enrico Michael-Konrad & Günter Konrad
in the name of the Gay Community - Berlin


BunBun4life said...

HOMOPHOBIC? Try homohating homowanting-to-execute. They're a helluva lot worse than phobic. They want to KILL ALL GAYS.

I have wracked my brain trying to figure out WHY, WHY, WHY do gays and liberals try to side with and protect MUSLIMS???

How do they reconcile saying they approve of openly homosexuality and gay marriage AND promote helping people who want DEATH to all gay people??


In the meantime in the U.S. Christians are bashed and smashed and screamed at.

TWO (democrats, of course) CITY MAYORS HAVE TRIED TO THREATEN TO SHUT DOWN CHIK-FIL-A sandwich chains because the owner is against GAY MARRIAGE and donates money to churches that are, as well. HIS RIGHT; but at least he doesn't advocate EXECUTION of gays.
Maybe he sees that open door that says "once gays do it" then the pedophiles will come out AND YOU KNOW MUZZIES ARE THE ONES to start the 'we should be allowed to legally marry kids in america' crap and then argue the whole 'well you let sexual deviants get married'.

Why aren't these same mayors threatening HALAL butchers, MOSQUES, etc.?? BECAUSE THEY ARE HYPOCRITE BIASED sacks, who for some reason are hopping on the Christian hate train, letting the devil in the back (islam).

GREAT ARTICLE, glad to hear SOMEBODY is waking up, maybe it won't be too late.

Anonymous said...

This is scary, German authorities are letting a bunch of Muzzie thugs put German citizens in the hospital and they refuse to file charges.

And it looks like the Gay community finally realizes where this is going - IOW systematic murder of Gays. Because once the Muzzies see there are no repercussions from the law. It's katie bar the door time.

Now the $64000 questions is whether or not Mr. Volker throws the Gay community under the Green party bus or stops kissing Muzzie rear end.

goethechosemercy said...

We consider Islam to be a homophobic religion, [because] homosexuality is, according to the Quran, something to be punished by death.

Ami said...

Surely these German homosexuals are not aware of the tolerance that Islam has for lesbians? For while male homosexuals are indeed punished by death under Sharia, females are simple lashed.

goethechosemercy said...

What disgusts me about this utterance from Germany's gay community is that it should have been made twenty-five to thirty years ago.
The Quran hasn't changed in all those years, and if Germans had only read it, they would know the nature of the threat to themselves and their historical culture.
The idea that you can bring in the Turk, Arab and -stani, and expect tolerance from them is their own construction-- the ruse of thieves!
How did the supposedly most educated and refined of Westerners get so stupid?

Foregone said...

You cannot have Islam and non-Islam and peace at the same time: which'll it be?

Anonymous said...

"I have wracked my brain trying to figure out WHY, WHY, WHY do gays and liberals try to side with and protect MUSLIMS??? "

Indeed, but I understand the logic is this: we're oppressed, they're oppressed (supposedly), so we must support them. An incredibly simplistic way of seeing the world, actually, as just black and white, with no shades of grey at all!

Martin Konvicka said...

And so, finally, we will have unavoidable "clash of all the tolerances", which will end up by mutual massacre, the winners being the least scrupulous ones of all the Tolerated...

It had been obvious since the very beginning - obvious and perfectly deducible, using the most elementary logic. It follows, of course, that PCMC are incapable, or unvilling, of elementary logic use.

Where did the gay-activists love affair with islam come from? It is not that hard to decipher, once you accept the fact that the leftists had quit thinking long time ago.

From islamic perspective, being the penetrator is not gay, as far as the penetrated is either prepubescent child, or kuffar. More, the lack of available women, and the disjointement of sex from love so typical for islamic societies, generates perpetual demand for anything f-able, from sheep loins to kuffar butt. Hence the long tradition of western gays travelling to islamic countries to get laid (O. Wilde, Lawrence of Arabia or R. Garaudy just came to mind), and hence the romanticised, almost "pornographic" image of countries such as Morocco or Turkey in the sorry minds of western gayfolk ...

Scary idea indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're finally awake, are you? Welcome to Planet Earth, where gays and leftards are eaten (not a typo) by muslims. Stop feeding the crocodile and start bashing it.