Thursday, July 19, 2012

TO: Sen. John McCain: STUDY The Muslim Brotherhood

Senator John McCain’s ill-advised and uninformed intrusion into a subject he has failed to examine is alarming in the extreme. Sad to say, this behavior on Senator McCain’s part is an example of the Republican Party at its stumbling worst — rampaging inside the tent instead of performing the due diligence required for our country’s security.

The following is a press release [edited and expanded for the purposes of Gates of Vienna blog post] issued by the Center for Security Policy. Their careful response to McCain’s ill-informed statements needs to be promulgated far and wide. The Senator’s status as a public servant does not protect him from the folly of failing to attend to our safety.

[The emphases below are mine — Dymphna]

July 18, 2012,Washington, D.C.

[Today] Senator John McCain weighed in on an intensifying controversy concerning the influence being exercised within the U.S. government by Muslim Brotherhood-associated individuals and organizations. In his remarks, the Arizona legislator assailed five of his House colleagues — Congressional Representatives Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks, Lynn Westmoreland and Tom Rooney. In addition, he criticized a video curriculum available on line and produced by the Center for Security Policy, The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within.

Unfortunately, in so doing, Sen. McCain made clear that he:

  • had not actually reviewed the curriculum;
  • was unfamiliar with its extensive documentation of a stealthy “civilization jihad” being mounted against this country, its civil society institutions and government;
  • and misrepresented its findings.
By contrast, with the benefit of that resource and their own extensive research, the Representatives [named above] wrote the State Department Inspector General, Ambassador Harold Geisel, making the factual observation that his agency has recently adopted a number of policies that are “enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood and its interests.” They went on to characterize those policies as ones that are “deeply problematic and may even pose security risks for this nation, its people and interests.”

[The five Members of Congress also sent the letter to the Inspectors General of other key agencies: the Department of Justice; the Department of Defense; the Department of Homeland Security; and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.]

The five legislators requested that the Inspector General “conduct a formal investigation or evaluation of the extent to which Muslim Brotherhood-tied individuals and entities have helped achieve the adoption of these State Department actions and policies or are involved in their execution.”

One of those actions brought to Departments’ attention was the Secretary of State’s February 2010 visit to Dar Al-Hekma College in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. On that occasion, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demonstrated her support for the views and achievements of the college’s founder, Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Mrs. Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin.

In the interest of exploring Dr. Abedin’s policy recommendations, the Center for Security Policy today extended to her the attached invitation to participate in a dialogue. A particular focus of this dialogue would be to illuminate attitudes towards shariah espoused by the organization with which Dr. Abedin has long been associated: the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child. She has also been identified as a leader in Saudi Arabia of the Muslim Sisterhood.

The Center for Security Policy President Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. said,

“Congresswoman Bachmann and her colleagues have rendered a tremendous public service by raising an alarm about the dangers posed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘civilization jihad.’ Far from being chastised for doing so, by Sen. McCain or others, they should be applauded and aided in their efforts to have the extent of Brotherhood influence operations properly investigated by Inspectors General and/or congressional committees. We very much hope that a conversation with Dr. Abedin will help inform such deliberations.”
The Center’s invitation letter to Dr. Abedin is available here [pdf].

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To CSP’s press release, let me add:

Senator McCain’s long service to his country is not in question here. What is most troubling is the use of his position to besmirch the efforts of these members of Congress who are performing the due diligence he has so alarmingly failed to carry out in the Senate. At the very least, he could have his staff educate themselves about the rate of takeover of our bureaucracy and our cultural institutions by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Surely the Senator did not have some of the best years of his life stolen away by a totalitarian Communist regime only to hand it over to another totalitarian supremacist ideology?

This cannot stand.


Anonymous said...

McCain won't read squat unless there is a sack of money involved. Look this guy is one the biggest apologists for the status quo around, he pushed welfare for bankers, is pro globalization and open borders. He was the guy who for years openly insulted the border security crowd and pushed TARP bailout when people were opposing it 300-1.

When he ran for Preznit, he refused to go after Obama's shady connections and past. It is no surprise he's protecting Hillary's Muslim girlfriend/lover.

40 years ago she would have been kicked out of government in a NY second for treason.

Anonymous said...

Two words: term limits.

Dymphna said...

I had qualms about letting this comment stand.

You make serious allegations re our Secretary of State and her aide. I would ask that such charges be backed up with reliable sources, otherwise it is simply character assassination, which is a Leftist ploy.

I would agree that Clinton's close association and her work with the OIC borders on the treasonous. Yes, 40 years ago NO state dept official would have been so openly un-American, but for generations Foggy Bottom's fetid air has seemed to breed this kind of attitude in those who go to work there.It's juat more blatant now. [It is my fervent prayer that should Romney be elected he appoint John Bolton to begin the generations-long task of cleaning those Augean stables].

Clinton's close alliance with the OIC is truly disturbing. She is working from the inside to bring us down

...I'm wondering when they'll shove another weaponized white boy onto center stage so they can begin to sound the drumbeat about "speech having consequences".

If that specious phrase turns out to have feet (meant to kick our First Amendment rights down the stairs) then Obama is in deep doodoo for the consequences of his amazingly hateful utterances of the past ten years or so. Not to mention the statements issuing from his Attorney General and his wife.

Anyway, please cite your source for Mrs. Clinton's relationship with her aide. I think it's ideological not sexual. It does our work a disservice to make such claims without backup.

Anonymous said...

Bachmann has performed a great public service by smoking out all the Republican Muslim Brotherhood enablers. These are people we are supposed to protect us from existential attack. Thank you Michele.

James Boom said...

re: Michele Bachmann
I hope John McCain does not damage the republican election campaign. His comments make me wonder if McCain is infected or just plain ignorant. What is he up to and what does he have to gain by denying the truth?.
Michele Bachmann probably received some sharp advice about the kind of reaction she could expect, check this interview out:
I posted the following on some marxist newspapers:
The ignorant continue to defend a totalitarian ideology that intends to destroy and enslave them. They blame the fireman for the fire.
islam is an ideology of lies and conquest. It's sole purpose is to implement sharia on the entire world.
There is no way in hell that anyone can convince me that islam is good for america.
Your ideals of tolerance mean nothing to them, they see it as a weakness to be exploited, and exploit it they do, infiltrating all govt departments and institutions with the eager help of naive and ignorant fools. Look at Europe, the no go areas, the lack of free speech, sharia courts, this is all coming your way, you know it's bad, but you continue to eagerly defend it.
Stop living in denial and start living for freedom.
The MB flat out lie to the American public, to destroy
America from within.


tricky tiqqiy

justicia2012 said...

Don't give a hoot about the sex stuff. I really do care about the WH association with the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm pretty angry with McCain and other Repubs who took after Michelle Bachman. Could they at least look into it? Or is the distraction again, Huma's husband Weiner's weiner?